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German grammar - gender: is it der, die or das?

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter.

    • 2. German nouns which are always masculine

    • 3. German nouns which are usually masculine

    • 4. German nouns which are always feminine

    • 5. German nouns which are usually feminine

    • 6. German nouns which are always neuter

    • 7. German nouns which are usually neuter

    • 8. What is the gender of Greman compound nouns?

    • 9. What happens to new German nouns?

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About This Class


Are you a German learner and struggling to work out when THE means der, die or das?

Do you remember if the cake is der, die or das Kuchen? (it's der Kuchen)
Are you struggling to work out if the flower is der, die or das Blume? (It's die Blume)
And what about the car? Is it der, die or das Auto, or der, die or das Wagen? (It's das Auto, der Wagen)

Is this really annoying you?

Then this course is going to help you by showing you which nouns are always or usually masculine, always or usually feminine and always or usually neuter. You will also learn how to work out the gender of compound nouns and of new words.

At the end of the course you will have a better understanding of German gender which will make life a lot easier when you learn other German grammar rules.

Want free entry to this course? Take this link: Free German der, die and das ☺

If you enjoyed this class and would now like to know how to form the plural noun endings, check out my German plurals course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter.: are you a German learner who's struck in tow? Work out when the means stadio dust. Do you remember if the cake is there, D or the school? He's struggling to work out of the flower. Is there bloomer de bloomer or dust bloomer? What about the car? Is it there? D or dust out all or even dare D or dust bag? This is really annoying you and isn't making your head spin. Here's some help. This cause will show you, which now owns are always or usually masculine, always or usually feminine, always or usually neuter. It will help you work out Compound now owns and what happens to new notes. I'm Angelica Davey, a native German speaker and qualified teacher, on I'm here to help you make sense off the gender jungle. And at the end of this cause, he will have a far better understanding off the German articles, which in turn will help you when you learn any new grammar rules. Are you ready? Let's go 2. German nouns which are always masculine: in this video, I will tell you about the announce, which are always muscular, for example, people and jobs and animals, where we have a no obvious male version and a female version. So Mel people like Damon there factor there, Uncle Nationalities, where we have a male English person, for example, or a female person. So Der Englander Damn Americana, for example. Mel Jobs, daily era there politica because we also have a female version for those on some of the animals were again. We do have a male version for the animal and a female version, so this doesn't apply to all the animals. But, for example, their hunt, because a female one would be dehu Endon. They're Han, and the femur version would be Does hoon or D Henna. It also applies today's month and the seasons, So more track. Dean Stack Mitt for Donna Stock. Freitag Zam Stock Zantac. The Days Off The Week on the Seasons. The Month story Yeah, Noah fee Boa melts Oppose my uni Uli Al Ghost. September, October, November, December All those are masculine. The seasons there fooling de xoma, perhaps Devonta precipitation and directions. A few examples dash need evident there Llegan, then neighbor there Hard girl, and there are more on the directions. Then northern. Does Ouden divest in their Austin? The same applies to not Western or Zoot Austin or any of the other ones. Names off CASS. A couple of examples here that be invaded for V, therefore to the material is the whole over rover. Add on to whichever you want to add words. Ending in isthmus on that would be the same as in English is, um, as an example, the ego is months, which is egoism up to miss most journalists. Most common isthmus. Other words would be alcoholics. Most angle. It's isthmus antisemitism, us fine. It is most feminists, most cannibal isthmus nationalists, Most pessimists, moose radicalise, most realists, most Vangelis most tune isthmus on. There are probably loads more, which I can't think off at the moment. The times of the day. Technically speaking shouldn't be on this video because there is one which isn't masculine . But there are not many times of the day. So that's well worth remembering. We've got there, Morgan, their form attack! They may attack Dinamo attack there are burned on. The only difference is Dina on the last one is also one that shouldn't really be on this video. But you can safely learn that all alcoholic drinks are masculine as long as you remember the one exception, which is the spear but divine dash companion vodka Dejan. Everything else is masculine, so it's well worth remembering. In the next video, we'll talk about those which are usually muscular. 3. German nouns which are usually masculine: this video I will tell you about announce, which are usually muscle in it doesn't mean that there are some exceptions when you find that a noun is actually feminine or neuter despite the rule. But it is always a safe guess. If you're really stuck, guess for masculine If you come across the following rules words ending in E and teach their student there. Patsy and other words could be there again. The assistant, the Buddhist president. Those words are actually male people, and we've already had. But in the other video that Mel people are always dare the rest of other words as well movement. It's amend its end, but they're also exceptions. Does lament the stock. Ament does element this instrument now it's ending in e Ah, and again we have some male people already are biter up. Nema up! Cinder, Baz Elba. Other words could be apple iga under Spitzer Bhatia Computer. I'm a coffer Kerr per meter, La Jolla vicar. A lot of those are names off objects that perform actions like the computer or the alarm clock. Exceptions could be does our Montoya d fire the spinster him our the motor does Vasa developer also be aware we're not talking about florals here, but florals can also end in E. R. Like D. Boucher de Heloisa decliner, but those are plural in at the moment. We're only looking at singular words now. Owns ending in i g The SS, the Holy the Cave Kerney. But it's That's Heisey Announce ending in O. R. Aligarh, Toe out or core factor. Fluke Simula toe Kenna's Acto Hello corridor medio moderato monitor motor reactor to know against. Some of these are mental people and therefore there automatically masculine. Some exceptions, Dusty Core does more. Does lob or mounts ending in I C h. They're actually all street. They're behind the who. Flirty, fizzy that Zigic Try stretch Tippi Tai. But it's desole now is ending. And I s t the artist Egoist, idealist, journalist Missed optimist, pacifist politest spiritualist. Terrible list. Tourist twist. But it's D Frist de Hinton list. Now it's ending in. I l i N g. They're nailing, leaping Michelle ing noi ling shade ling Fooling Schmidt. Erling Swilling Exceptions are those which come from the English like dust bowling does feeling that's recycling. That's wrestling, currency and most rivers outside Germany, so their oil dead dollar that sinned. But the exception would be desperate for food and, for example, our debt send we already had earlier on with noun ending in E N. T. So again, there are two reasons why send is muscular a couple of rivers, the new Mississippi. I'm a Tunis, but the Thames is de Thames. 4. German nouns which are always feminine: So let's look at announce, which are always feminine female people, jobs and animals. This is the opposite slide to the one which is always muscular in we have female people and jobs now. So dif How d Motor de Tender We have the nationalities the England, Ireland, the Americana and the jobs deliver even to politic of in the animals cats er de Hannah identical to the male version. Well, opposite, obviously, because thes Airil female except there is one exception. But really, it is only the one. It stumps everybody because it's the word for girl when the girl is clearly female. But it is thus, mention well worth remembering because everything else is feminine. When you watch the video about the new turnarounds, you know why meeting is dust, but it's the only one allow other female announce relating to female people Aisle seven names of motorbikes and ships and planes like the Yamaha Harley Davidson Titanic. Any off the Boeing's really and called in the numbers. It's not really used very often, but sometimes, like when you play a board game or anything that this you will saying, Oh, look, it's the one or the four anything. So then you do say d fear. The Heinz did high different and it's always 70 Now we come to lots off now owns with various endings. For example, those and in height h e i t examples could be unreason. Height, blin, tight blue tight dome height Dunkel height foul light Sai'id, Gazoontite Qin tied. Clyde conquered me Hide Show night ambush via tied vice side So fleeting height Now on sending an I e which is often the English equivalent to the Y Ending Academy on a He has total B But the bigamy Shamy democratically broke away in a G fantasy. Photocopy gallery Gil Coffee industry only community then you g salia all those all seven in now ending in the I k Botanic Diagnostic The vortex or break traffic Hectic in for Matic Clinic critic mosaic music panics, music politic, likably. And yet when I did do my research, I actually found one word which ends in Ay que but it isn't feminine, and that's a speak. And to make it even more complicated, the Germans usually used the masculine saying dear speak. And then I found out in Austria there very often used us But if you don't like it, then you don't have to worry about it anyway. I don't announce ending in kite. Ah, thing is tied in this card. Behold some kind. Ellis kind forecloses tied every kite First kite. Pointless tight. Moody's types. Windisch Kind Cline ish Kite cost back. I'd Mac Rudy card. McLeish kind Heart loses Kite Salva Koch Knowledge. Kite shrivels Kite College Kite for shyness. Kind circles kind to ghoulish kite. A big list of words and that's not all of them. But they're all seven. Ng now is ending in shaft Hi chuffed boots left on that's behind shaft app. Shaft horn Shaft is a shaft hair shaft, his privilege of corn shift lunch. Mannschaft meister Shaft. Our chef Viet Shaft Bissinger's. Even if you don't know what some of these words are, it's the Rendon Shaft. You know that they are feminine. Now it's ending in Ted T A R T Neutrality Tate in Austin City state. Flexibility it formally. Tate Identity. Eight Composite eight. Creativity Age. My alloted mentality. Eat normality, productivity, quality. Harry tedx reality spirituality only visited and again, it's often the equivalent to a want ending in English, so any word in English. The answer. Why I got a pretty good guess that it's feminine in German now it's ending. Unkown Ung A Building Cup tie long and all upsetting. Long absent long up was strong baby Now Bettino, but all helped in gliding down Does Your Home? I'm sure some long flat rate on title and many more on all those are seven in a lot of foreign mounds could be feminine. Those of end in a D each, for example, a lot of black artists. Assad Limo Nada Marina Swollen beyond powered. A sugar glider shoe. Blood Father for announce ending in a G. Absecon Gonzaga. Bleh Marja Collage Collage A Charger Frog lager clog Minaj a massage pla gah Sabol Charge of visa nausea for hares. Aga Solo So often they even pronounced like French words. So it's a good guest that they would be for feminine as well. For announced ending in Annan's I Am. Bolan's belongs to stun Zilly guns. It'll Evans relevance. Tolerance. Now these been taken from foreign words and therefore are feminine. There are some exceptions, like their glanced er can step tons, but those are not original foreign rounds. They haven't been taken from the English or fringe. Now ending in ends. E ends it abstinence. It sends existence. Frequents conference. Let's tens residents tendons, Trouble ins Announce ending in ETA discredited cassette Cata muncher to Mario Netto. Paletta pin setters of yet to a letter Vetter cigar cutter and finally announce ending in e no, i n e Rosina Campina Levin Limousine mandolin Mean nectarine? A Rosina who in Sardinha Tobin a villian a cash machine but also announced Ending in e own . I have a big list here again, I read some of those to you. Adopt tune Agra Soon Act tune April. Soon determine Attune to commenter. Tune in regard to your own facts The own Interpol Inter plate up to Monsieur own. Not soon Opportune cause iTunes busy own viz oon Notice something. They will sound very similar to English words. So again, that's nice and easy to remember. Announced Ending in work Agon Tour. I could go on tour picked up toe, Siegel says. U're Ghani Toe Canyon tour called Tour Little tow. Put the door reppetto Sure school temper toe think toe sends word in the next video. We'll look at the ones which are usually family 5. German nouns which are usually feminine: in this video, we look at the announce, which is usually family, most mounds ending in e. R. Feminine and there is a huge list off words. My PDS mentions quite a few our name a few. Now the upper Tekere bitter Dahmer's Decca Ecker ear entered fella Fargo. Finally grand. So Gorka, Massa, Zoi, Hirsche Wow, Tripper and loads more on Daryl are feminine. Some exceptions, though. Their effort does Algar their book, Starbird Us on some Blur the school Muser Day, younger deck easa and lots more as well. So be careful with that. Also beware of now owns, which describe people. The word for the German is dead Deutscher, If it's a man and D. Deutscher if it's a woman and there are a few of those words where just a ginger changes it also, whether you're talking about the man or the woman. Also, lots of plural noun and in e again, remember, at the moment we're only talking about singular words, So if it ends any, it is most likely feminine. If it's floral, then of course, it's completely different words ending in I again there's a list knows biggest e words ending in E one, but up tie Becker I bushe I broke a high mala vanish line of I Segal. I just mentioned a few the high also. Now, if you remember last video numbers, if you're talking about the one or the three always feminine. So Dai is feminine because of those two reasons. A. It's a number and B because it ends any I most foreign rounds ending in Issa Etess on either Johannes Acc Elissa, Melissa Nazism, not Cisar. There is another word for it for Daffodil on which is all stood locker literally translated Easter Bell. And that's also feminine because Graca ends in E. Andi is one of those words which is feminine. Are treated. Discuss treaties, alternative emitter TV. So there are a few of those for announce and they're usually feminine. On most types of flowers and trees, you be a curb or cause an teamer I share Fished it Lelio Linda Magno early and that sister no ca alston blocker holes a tunnel. Did you notice something? They all ended any. Therefore again, that feminine for two reasons. A. Because they belong to the category e d. And they are feminine and be because their flowers and trees. Some of the ones there as well. Ah, deeply moved. It's also feminine, not feminine, are there are on the leader the skin. The bloom kindle a vendor That's fire him. Another word, which isn't feminine, is the word for tree, which is bound on that's masculine, their bone. So if you come across a tree, which is called the whatever the word is tree, then that would end inbound. And that would also make it masculine. As an example, DK show, which is a cherry but a territory is there, cares bomb, and that concludes the video about you announce, which I usually feminine. 6. German nouns which are always neuter: this video covers announce, which are always neuter on the most important rule, and the easiest one to remember isn ounce ending in Shin and Line. Now those endings actually means something little on the 1st 1 I'd like to mention here is this mediation if you remember going back to the announce, which are always feminine, and I told you that a lot female announce our feminine apart from the girl. No, you know why? It's not that the goal is new toe. It's because the noun and tension, that's why it's new toe and it means a little woman. So thus, Bloom. Hian is a little flower. That's pollution is a little bread roll. Does board is the bridge on birch. In is a little bread because I shuntian can engine management in those roll little animals . Other words would be attention. Hoist soon. Now, whole house is that is the house, and hoisin is the cottage. Package is a parcel pack. You is a little parcel. Waas is a sausage verse. Skin is a little sausage, So as soon as you've got the skin on their on the noun, it is new toe. Now again, especially beginners you may come across words which end in Shin, but they're not now owns. So therefore, then you wouldn't have the gender either. It is announced. If the end in Shin they are neuter and the same goes for line. Does four line does Boucher line? Other words could be just men line that specialize in again there Little items. Boot line is a little book. Four Line is the word for Miss that isn't really used in Germany anymore. Unless you're talking to a little girl and you want to make us, you're grown up. Otherwise it's not used, but you will still find it in books. I guess so. It's still no good to know that for line is also new toe names of hotels, Kathy's theaters and also colors now hotels, cafes and theatres is nice and easy to remember because who tell is also new to decile. Tell dusk a fee on Dusty Artur on. If you give them the names quite often, we then don't bother with with the other the word hotel. Yeah, so does Hilton. Everybody knows it means that's hotel religion or this huge in hotel, so that's why they're all new toe on colors. If you wanted to say something, it's all look at that red or that green. Then that will be dazzled. Dusko Nvest, Gabe and also infinitives used as announce. Now those are verbs. Normally you see them as verbs, essence to eat, how often to smoke, zinging to sing. But the eating or sometimes the meal, the smoking, the singing or those as a noun are also always neuter. So those are nice and easy rules to remember, and then the next video covers those which are usually Neutra but not always. 7. German nouns which are usually neuter: So this video covers announce, which are usually neuter. Now it's beginning with G E, and when you look on the pdf, you'll see quite a big list off knowns, beginning with G, which are always knew. Toe. Get Esca, Beck, Go Boyd. A good burger, Good biscuits, Good music and Nick read on It just carries on. And yet the list off exceptions. Take a bow chicka Boudicca board. Take a dunk. A dick. Adorable dig a far bigger Fallon. It's just this big, but there's one little tip. Those which are usually neuter our collective notes, which means they're describing a group off objects The ones have gotten this night, for example, Deskovic. Now one biscuit is Desplechin, but desk a beck means they're several biscuits, possibly cakes, things he would offer in the afternoon. Maybe with your tea or coffee desk. You Buga No. One Mountain but several mountains together. Dusky Mousa the Vegetables. Now that picture shows one harvest from the allotment. It's not one particular vegetables, but lots of them together. Desk Kashia has your cups and plates. Desk Gazette's The law consisting out off. Several individual laws discover it's the seasoning, So if the now begins with G E, and it describes a group off objects. Then you can safely say it's neuter. If it doesn't, then it may not announce ending in this does Agnes McInnis a weakness? Kadek Nescafe, Ignace, Go Highness phase or numbness? Shortness. But there are exceptions, like dll Penis deer, tennis defense Dennis announce ending in ing When you hear them, you realize that you probably know all of them because they usually English words does. Bowling, boxing, doping dressing, meeting, multitasking, networking, rating, recycling, training exception. They're putting daring announce ending and meant this argument. Document element experiment instrument. Medical men's argument supplement temperament. But their moment debts. Emond announce ending in a home or tomb this album, either to aquarium visits. Tom, Kristen Toe down to my control and there are lots more exceptions. Could be their year toe garage toe Announce. Ending in all this out beast will be a whole cello photo Indigo Casino Kilo que no claw control are you the two video, But it is d avocado. Their cappuccino did disco their oil So the tango allow announce like disco, dem or my O. R. Feminine because they're actually short versions off the disco tick Did Imants cartoon DeMaio Ni za also announce ending in March? As in Does a Homa? Asthma Dilemma? Harmer Dogma claim Akama Team A. But we have to fear MMA de UMA most Mitchell's Aluminium Bligh Cut me on comb gold, helium cook for messing Szilvia sink sin. But we have Deep Bonser, also those that end in stuff because stuff is there are always masculine. There's I washed off, which is oxygen there. Cooling stuff, carbon fractions, that usually new toe except for D hafta, but otherwise the startled, US futile, fun, frills extra central geographic Place names. Now most countries are new to, but they used without the gender. We don't normally talk about the Germany destroyed Iceland or the England, but if you did, it would have to be new toe. There are a couple of exceptions on dim those countries. We do use the gender, so we have their of actor Iran. Dish writes on D to Akai and young animal. 10 people dust Baby does. Cooper also does humor now that means it's a young animal. If you remember Danny, humor was an exception on the EU words, which is masculine and it's the boy. And of course, we already had words. And in Hinn, as a lot of animals also intention gets you, Which is your kitten engine? Your little duck hunch in your puppy. So there you have a few now owns which are usually new term, but unfortunately, not always. 8. What is the gender of Greman compound nouns?: compound knowns come pronounce our words formed of two or more announced together in English, there usually written in two or more words. But in German, the written this one. So what happens to the gender off those words, especially if those two words have different gender? Well, it's the last noun that determines a gender. So if you see a word that consists of two or more now owns, have a look at the last one to find out what the gender is. Let me give you some examples. Desh be good. The mirror does I the Yank, and that gives you a mirror IQ. What? No, a Friday, But the Friday in German is called Spiegel I, and because it ends in I, which is thus, it's thus Spiegel I de coach. So far dead fish the table. Put those two together and you end up with their couch. Tish the coffee table de Blumer, the flower their top. The pot on the flower port is dare blumen toff because it ends in top. Dante now in German in Germany, you sometimes get in a glass, so if I add the word dust glass, I end up with dusty glass. But if we adding the word tussle for cup, then we have dead t de tasa. And that gives you DT Tessa. And that shows nicely that it is not the first word that gives you the gender. So it's not t. It's the last one. So it's dusty glass, but DDT Tessa. So basically, you have the two notes together, sometimes more, and the gender is the one off the last now. But you knew there would be a but didn't you? Some towns need to be linked with an e e n e s, n or s. Others may lose some letters. Now when we writing a word together as one, it needs to sound like one word when we're saying it. My foot added de bluer and the word dead tops and set that as one word. It would sound like this. They're bloomer tops. That doesn't sound very good. Having the end in there means I can say it is one word. They're blooming tough. Some words like the height of stellar on deck court off. The first part is actually a verb that's been turned into. Noun would have been halted on coffin again. Try and say that is one word. The heightened Stella there, Cochran top again. It doesn't sound very good, but if we get rid of the e n or the end, we have dehydrator Stella, they're caught off. But most of the time you see words added with an s like big board stocks. Carter another actually has three knowns in there. Dig aboard. Dare talk de Carter first set. That is one word without the Yes, it would be big aboard talk, Carter said With the S in it. Giga Boots Tax Carter. I've added two more words just to show you again that it is not the first word because that those last three words all start with abort and tack. Actually there Stop with the butt stock. But then we have carted, which is d cool one, which is dare So it's dagger board stocks cool. In Cache Inc. Which is dust desk, a boat stacks gushing. So from now on, if you can see really long word, break it up into individual words. Remember, the S may not be part of the word and you probably come work out. What? The word is on, what the gender is 9. What happens to new German nouns?: Sometimes I get asked by my students what I hope it's ingest what happens to new knowns. It says somebody in Germany will sits in his office and all he does is look at these new words on, then decides. Don't have many muscular inwards lately. This new world will we dare? Oh, this one will be D because we haven't seen many D works lately either. Well, luckily, it doesn't work like that. So how does it work? May give you some examples if a new word comes up and it replaces an old word. Often it takes on the gender off that word. The helicopter, for example. Now helicopter. It was a nice German word called Alba, but nowadays, quite often people call it helicopter as well. Now, in this case, actually, we have to rule to you both words and in ER, which makes it nice and easy. That makes them dare. But because hope Sharper is there, therefore, helicopter is also dear. The same goes for computer used to be called their bechina, But I'm done thing anybody calls it that anymore. Both end India, but also dear rationale, so therefore their computer replaces that word and it's also dare slightly different about the statement. One word for a statement in Germany's DIHK lil That's feminine because in ends in bunk. But statement, if you remember, ends in mint, and that makes it a neutral word. So therefore, all those statement replaces the word a clear wrong. It is dust because it ends in meant. Then again, sometimes there are some strange ones as an example, The word for block when the word block came about, Um, in the beginning, it Waas, described as an online diary diary is tag abou. So therefore Blawg waas online Targa ball on because Boo is neuter. It was dust online toggle, although the Germans have caught a well, you've seen all these long words, but we're Justus lazy as everybody else, and we don't really want to talk about the online target ball when the word blawg is already there and it's so much shorter. So we've taken on the word block, but what is it? It replaces online Targa ble. Therefore it will beat us, and that's how it ended up in the dictionary dust bloke. But a lot of people, me including didn't like it when I started writing about block. It didn't flow right and I thought it should be dare block. And gradually I noticed that people were actually using Dare block. I saw it written online and I checked on. I've found that the dictionary, Nell says It's dust block, but Dare block is also used, and it is officially accepted. It's a bit like peer pressure really, isn't it? Dictionary says. That's we were used there and it works. What, sometimes, anyway, I saw a list of nationalities. Not so long ago. It gave was a huge list off along the nationalities in German, with the names for the people who live in these countries and the male version. The female version there was there was some gaps in it, and I noticed they were there because some newly formed countries, their names just didn't allow for the easy e r e r i n form like we have with Englander for the man England looking for the woman on my counter for the man on my counter and for the woman so they've lifted as a gap Onda. There was a list last week to the bottom and it told me that it will stay as a gap until a word has established. So I guess if that country is in the news a lot, then journalists will start talking about the people who live there, and they will choose a word on whichever one sounds the nicest. That's the one that they will use in the end. That shows nicely, really, how language changes and how things evolved and how peer pressure sometimes gets to say as well. And that makes it really interesting, don't you think?