German grammar - gender: is it der, die or das?

Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter.

    • 2. German nouns which are always masculine

    • 3. German nouns which are usually masculine

    • 4. German nouns which are always feminine

    • 5. German nouns which are usually feminine

    • 6. German nouns which are always neuter

    • 7. German nouns which are usually neuter

    • 8. What is the gender of Greman compound nouns?

    • 9. What happens to new German nouns?


About This Class


Are you a German learner and struggling to work out when THE means der, die or das?

Do you remember if the cake is der, die or das Kuchen? (it's der Kuchen)
Are you struggling to work out if the flower is der, die or das Blume? (It's die Blume)
And what about the car? Is it der, die or das Auto, or der, die or das Wagen? (It's das Auto, der Wagen)

Is this really annoying you?

Then this course is going to help you by showing you which nouns are always or usually masculine, always or usually feminine and always or usually neuter. You will also learn how to work out the gender of compound nouns and of new words.

At the end of the course you will have a better understanding of German gender which will make life a lot easier when you learn other German grammar rules.

Want free entry to this course? Take this link: Free German der, die and das ☺

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