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GOALS: Set goals and achieve anything you want

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood, Smartmusicbusiness.com

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Why Goals Work Because they stretch you edited

    • 2. What Is a Goal Edited

    • 3. Prioritizing Your Goals Edited

    • 4. Timelines Edited

    • 5. Write Your Goal Down Edited

    • 6. Strategy Goals Aren't mean to stress you but stretch you Edited

    • 7. Keep Your Goal Setting List Edited

    • 8. Short vs Long Term Goals Edited

    • 9. Multi Tasking Is a Lie Delegation Is Divine Edited

    • 10. Share Your Goals WIth Someone edited

    • 11. Fitness Goals Edited

    • 12. Financial Goals Edited

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About This Class

Goals are not meant to stress you, they are meant to stretch you.

This course will inspire & encourage you to set goals for your life.

"a man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder"

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Christopher Greenwood



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1. Why Goals Work Because they stretch you edited: the problem with most people isn't that they set goals too high and miss it. But they set goals too low and they hit it I want and challenge you and encourage you to set goals for your life. The reason goals work is because it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. You see, when you set goals, you start to become someone greater than you are. You start to rise above mediocrity because when you set a goal, you are giving a plan for your life as opposed to just letting whatever happens happens just going along by getting along and just living the life push you around all right. By setting goals that gives you focus, it gives you a purpose by setting even life goals, it can reset your body clock. It can give you something to aim for something to achieve for get you moving as human beings, as men, as women, we love to conquer stuff. We love to overcome stuff, goals give us that purpose. They give us that focus to achieve and say, Hey, this is what I'm gonna work on. This is what I'm working on. I know about you. But I've sat in front of my computer before and sometimes been just like you know, What am I going to do today? What am I gonna focus on? Especially being an entrepreneur, not having a boss. That's just, you know, always doing stuff for me and just telling me what to do. I have to sometimes sit down here like Okay, what is it? I'm gonna dio. Well, I look at my goals list, I say, Okay, this is what I wrote down. This is what I want to achieve this year. This is what I want to achieve this month. That's why goals work is because it's an awesome reminder of what we wanted to get accomplished. What we want to achieve. I said this before. You're gonna trade your life for either a big dream, a small dream or no dream. And the cost is gonna be the same. The cost is going to be your life. We are all going to trade our life in one day. Time is going to keep going. Why not set goals for our life so that we can bring our life into focus and trade it for a big dream. Trade it for something awesome. Give back to this world more than just whatever. Why not achieve something great by setting goals I've seen? It brings success in my life. In my relationships, in my finances, in my health, so many different areas in my family. It can work for you. I've used it to lose weight. I used to be What was it like 2030 £40 overweight when I was younger and I set goals to say, Hey, I want to lose this amount of weight Started going to the gym, started eating better, started working out, and I set goals to achieve all those things. You know, when I quit my job, I went 30,000 in debt and I set a goal to pay that debt off. I set a goal to pay our mortgage off. And so what did I do? By the end of the year, we paid our mortgage off. We became debt free. I became financially free by setting goals. I would encourage you in this course. Man is gonna be so much inspiration. So much tactical stuff. I encourage you to really look at your life. Look at the areas you want toe improved and that you want tohave success in your life and sickles for those areas. Say, I don't want to step it up a little bit. I want I want to set Raise it up here. I don't want to be down here. I want to be, you know, So that's just so close that I can hit that. It's easy. No, no, no. You want to set your goal, so it's a little harder. So it caused you to stretch because you're trading your life and it's about who you're becoming, you know? And you want to be careful about who you become in search of what you want. So you want to set a goal that's gonna cause you to become someone to become someone great . Maybe a better father may be a better businessman, maybe a better husband or wife. I don't know what it is, but set that goal that's gonna cause you to stretch. And so, hey, maybe you do miss it. Maybe you do miss it, but it cause you to reach up here as opposed toe reach down there. We want to set goals that will take us where we've never been before, so I encourage you write some stuff down. Look at the areas of your life. Maybe it's fitness. Maybe it's financial. Maybe it's family and see where you can set a goal and stretchers. 2. What Is a Goal Edited: goals. Our dreams with deadlines, goals give birth to dreams. Bring the impossible into the possible arena because your goals air specific, they're measurable, and they allow you to attain the seemingly impossible great achiever. Set goals, business people, set goals, Explorer set goals and athletes set goals. What is a goal? A goal of specific. It's measurable. You've got a plan where you can see it. A timetable. Ah, goal is written down so you can actually see it. Here's a good example of a goal. I want to achieve my financial status of $10,000 a month by December 31st. Maybe you're only making $5000 a month, so you want to double it while you're saying by the end of December 31st I want to achieve $10,000 a month by just saying, I just want to make more money. That's not specific. That's not measurable. I can't see that. I don't know what what is more money, but I do know $10,000 a month by making that my new income goal. That is a goal, saying I just want to lose weight is not a goal, saying I want to lose £20 by March 30th 2016. That's a goal. I know a friend. Actually, he was single and he wanted to get married. He wanted to have a girlfriend, so he set a goal by saying, I'm gonna be married by the end of this year and he put a goal on it. But you know what's really cool? He also took action towards that goal, and so he knew he had to go on a certain amount of dates toe achieve that goal. And so that goal didn't stress him. That goal stretched him and he achieved it. And now he's happily married by setting a goal. Whatever area is in your life, you can achieve the seemingly impossible. I know people that never thought they could achieve a certain financial level me personally by sitting goals and saying, I wanna achieve this amount of money by the end of the year that got a fire under my button , got me working and got me seeing it. And let me just say that setting a goal is 80% of its fulfillment done just by writing it down just by writing your gold down is 80% of its fulfillment done. We're gonna pack this course with so much inspiration stories intact, herbal things that you can use to achieve the seemingly impossible in your life. I love setting goals. Let's keep moving on this course and I encourage you right now. Even toe. Take a look at some of your goals. And maybe you've set for this year this month, and maybe they weren't specific enough. Maybe they weren't measurable enough. And already in this first less, you can see the difference between a specific, measurable goal and then just a dream that's just kind of up in the air. So it's not really focused. It's not specific, and this course is gonna help you do that and achieve more than you ever have before. I'm so honored you're here. Let's keep going 3. Prioritizing Your Goals Edited: It's not about how you start, but how you finish. And when it comes to goal setting, we need to not only write them down, but we also have to learn to prioritize them. What do I mean by that? Putting the number one priority goal first and then writing the 2nd 1 down first. And we're putting them in order of which one is the most important to you. Which one is really gonna move the needle? Make the most money is going to make the most impact and really move your business forward or whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Sometimes that takes some time. We just think, and we look at it and we organize it and just put them into order. You might move it around later, but just do the best you can take the 1st 5 or six harmony you've written down and just put them in order of which ones you want to accomplish. And you're gonna attack first. Sometimes it can seem like a huge mountain that we have to climb or this big thing that we have to accomplish. But you know what it's all about just chipping away. It's about chipping away. It's not about getting it done all overnight and stressing yourself out and you suffering from Berna. Now it's about putting them in priority and then working at them. You pick up one goal and you say, Hey, this is the one I'm gonna work on today. Or maybe this is the going when I work on this week or this month, or maybe even this quarter, depending if they're short term goals or long term goals or life goals. You just pick the one up and you focus on that and steadily chip away at it. You know, I love the story of the tortoise and the hare because every time I read that story right here, that story, the tortoise winds because he's just slow and steady. He's just going at it going out. And I've heard this story from billionaires and millionaires that just say, Hey, that's what business is all about. That's what life is all about. It's not a race, it's a marathon, and you're just going at It's not a sprint to burn yourself out entire self out. Enjoy the process. I love writing Golden. I love like seeing what I'm gonna do today and what I'm gonna attack today. And then I checked that sucker off, and that's just the one I work. But if I don't take the time to prioritize it, I'll sit down and I'll be like, Oh, what do I do today? I don't know which. I don't know what is most important because I haven't set what's most important. I haven't told myself what's most important. And again, when it comes to success, the battle is in the mind and getting focused and getting clear minded and just knowing what it is you're supposed to do, knowing and convincing yourself that this is the number one thing I'm supposed to do today that get rids gets rid of doubt, fear, anxiety. Because when you make a decision, a solid decision to say this is what is most important and this is why. And that's why I'm focused because all of a sudden other thoughts of all I need to be working on that I need to be working on that goal. It's like, No, I'm working on this right now because that's the most important one, so I would encourage you right now. Take some time you've written your goals down now prioritized them and put them in an organisational sequence so you can just start chopping Adam and working out and working at it. I believe in you guys. Thanks so much for taking this course. Let's keep going. 4. Timelines Edited: goals are fuel in the furnace of achievement. That's by Brian Tracy and his book Eat that frog. I'm gonna say that again. Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. Whoa, that is powerful. And you're gonna need that when it comes to setting goals and especially setting timelines like I want to discuss here and sitting a timeline and saying, Hey, when is this goal going to be achieved? Okay, and I want to give you an example. If you're emailing somebody needing them to get something done for you, you don't say, Hey, can you get this done ASAP? Don't ever use that again. What does as soon as possible mean that's on a time line that's not measurable. I can't measure as soon as possible. I can't measure at your earliest convenience. When you're emailing someone, you're sitting a goal especially for your life. You set a date. I need you to respond to get this done. By this time, I need you to respond our return the product or get that you know, samples submitted or that artwork done or that product sample done by this time, not at your earliest convenience. As soon as possible. That's why we need timelines, guys. That's why we need measurements for our goals. So it keeps us on track. And if the time starts to slip away, it's like, Well, what? I set the goal to have it done by here. And let's just say it's a goal that is maybe a little bit more personal. Maybe you don't have to report to someone, but you do have to report to yourself, and this is the thing. We're the worst. Sometimes as humans, we might not lie to other people. But we lie to ourselves. We say we're going to get something done, but then we don't follow through. And that's where timelines come in to say, Hey, no, I'm going to get this done By this time, I'm gonna get this done by this date, and I'm gonna measure my progress along that when I see I'm coming close. If I can look on my calendars and just be like, OK, um, I'm getting close to this date. I need to put in some work I need to put in some hours, and that'll, like a fire and the fuel for your achievement of success and in the furnace of your goals to keep those burning and keep you moving along the line, moving along in the timeline and moving you closer to your goal. So I want to challenge you right now. Open up the calendar, put down your dates and set reminders to say, Hey, have I worked on this this week? That's what's great about technologies. We can set reminders in our phones. We can see where right. Make sure you sync it to your computer is well, too, so that you have it on both places so it pops up if you're typing on your laptop or it pops up on your phone to set you as a reminder to say, Hey, I got to get back on that timeline because I'm a little bit off and the date is approaching as soon as a possible is never approaching at your earliest convenience is not approaching . But hey, March 30th that's approaching December 30th there, February 1st or whatever dated is that the you know you've set your timeline or your due date that's coming up. So hey, I hope this is provide value. Let's keep going through this course and let's keep taken action 5. Write Your Goal Down Edited: If you don't design your own life playing, chances are you'll just fall into somebody else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. That's Jim Rohn, and that's why it's so important, guys to write down your goals. I get so excited at the New Year because I get to sit down with my wife and plan out our goals for years, whether their fitness chorale's financial goals, family goals. I just love to dream of the future, and I love to write it down and see where we're gonna go. What are we gonna conquer this year? What are we going to go after? Because if I don't write it down and plan what it is I want, I'm not gonna hit it. And then another year's gonna go by and I'm just gonna like, What did I do with my life? Because life doesn't wait for anyone. Life is not chances. It's choices. And it's making a choice to set a goal for your life, to set multiple goals, to say, Hey, I want achieve this financially. I won't achieve this business wise. I want to get I want to read you know, 50 books by the end of the year. I want to read 20 books. Whatever is but the fact that you set a goal to read and you wrote it down by the end of the year, you can go back and say Hey, look, look what we did we We wrote it down and actually happened. I get blown away every year when I look at my goals because I keep them on my phone. I have a goals list every year, and this year it says Goals 2016 And so I go through it and I always say, OK, what am I working towards and helps give me a big picture of my year and just say Hey and my walking towards the goal or am I walking off it and it keeps me focused, Keeps me a line. Excuse me, gives me my marching orders for the day and for the year for the month because if you haven't written it down and you can't see it, you forget about it and then life happens, and we all know we get distracted very easily. A certain opportunity comes up, but if I get a certain opportunity it might not line up with what I want for my goals. Sure, sometimes there could be a rare opportunity. It's like, Okay, you gotta take it. But a lot of time, some of these opportunities are just disguised as distractions, and that's why we need to set goals and write them down so we can see him. So we can say, Hey, that doesn't line up with my goals. Maybe I'll table that for another time. So I want to challenge you right now to write down your goals. Maybe you write them down in your phone. Maybe you write them down on a big piece of paper. I suggest you even do both. I love having just a big piece of paper on my white board or whatever. I take a big sheet of paper and I write down my goals for the year so I can see it. I can look at it. I can step back and have my coffee or tea in my hand. I just say, OK, that's what I'm going after. Okay, maybe I don't want to go after that. Cross that one out. And what's really cool to is when you write them down. You can check them off as you get em done, and it's amazing when you write them down and you can see him. The more you have checked off, there's just something about us as humans. We love checklists and love to see that we're moving towards something, and I know that's the same with you. You want to move towards something you want change, you want more. Well, why not? Right your goals down so you can see it and you can play in your life Because, like I said earlier, if you don't play in your life, you're gonna fall into somebody else's plan for your life. And guess what they got planned for you? Not much. Let's take action today. 6. Strategy Goals Aren't mean to stress you but stretch you Edited: goals aren't meant to stress you. They're there to stretch you. And, like Les Brown says, you can't shrink into greatness. You've got to stretch. Goals are designed to help you to do what you thought was impossible and make it happen. You know, goals are there to achieve and make something great out of you set a goal to make you beat the impossible. And then once you beat it or you do your best, you would tryingto go even higher, even even higher. But it's not there to stress you out. And the way to avoid stress when it comes to setting goal is to plan your strategy toe, have a strategy for each goal, and you break it down into bite size chunks. Let's just say, for instance, that you want to make you know $10,000 a month, and right now you're only making 50 k So you gotta increase your monthly income by $5000 a month. Well, that works out toe, you know, 12. 50 a week that you've got to raise it. I think my numbers right. They at $1250 a week. Okay, well, that means maybe you gotta make 10 more calls a day. Maybe you got to send out 20 more emails to prospects a day. Maybe you gotta work 10 extra hours a week or whatever it is to raise it up. And you start to write down all your little ideas to hit that goal. Your little action steps to hit that goal. And when you start to break it down, you're like, OK, I'm gonna check that little guy off. I'm gonna check that little guy off, and it doesn't seems stressful when you write it down and then you set your little action steps towards because all sudden you're moving towards the goal. You're moving towards what you want to achieve, someone that maybe wants to lose £50 by the end of the year. That might seem a lot when they just say, OK, you know what? I was gonna lose a pound a week. That's 50 weeks. You know what? There's 52 weeks in a month. I got to two extra weeks. There may be for Thanksgiving and Christmas to go a little bit, you know, eat a little bit more. But you know what? When you break it down a pound a week doesn't seem so stressful now, does. It was like, OK, I can do that. Well, maybe I just gotta change my eating a bit. Maybe I just got to go to the gym a little bit more. Maybe I was gonna walk 30 minutes, do something fun and just get a little bit more exercise. And then it doesn't seem so big and monsters and feel like a big weight on your shoulders by writing it down and setting out your strategy in your plan in your action steps. And you've broken that goal up into pieces. Each one. It's going to pieces with actionable steps. Men. It's just like, Okay, I can handle that. And you just choose one. You say I'm gonna work on that, Then I'm gonna work on that. Then I'm gonna work on that notice, and you just Then you start getting that mo mentum, and when you start to get momentum to a goal, whoa, You're unstoppable. You are unstoppable. And there is nothing you can't achieve. You set a big goal so that you know nothing. You only achieve the goal, but you yourself become a greater person. You yourself raise up to a higher standard of living is so I just encourage you surround yourself with people that are going to stretch you, not stress. You keep taking action and I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. Keep Your Goal Setting List Edited: your goal should be just out of reach, but not out of sight. And I want to encourage you. When you guys have written your goals down. Maybe you write him on a big piece of paper. I like to write mine on a big piece of paper. Sometimes. Sometimes I like to keep him on my journal. Uh, my multiple journals. Sometimes I keep him on my phone, but I don't like to delete them afterwards. I don't just throw it out. I like to go back later and see the goals that I had set. And when I look back like a couple of years, refuses, like, Wow, that was the most important goal in my life at that time. Like that's not even on my radar anymore. I'm just thinking so much bigger now. Like what seemed big back then is like, just so small now and now look with them now. When I compare the old list to the new ones, it's like, Wow, and I like to always look and say, Hey, look that that didn't get achieved. That got achieved 20 that got done, too. And so when I'm discouraged or maybe going through a tough, tiring our feel, like I'm not moving towards success as much as I want to. I haven't achieved some of the life goals I have set for myself. I could remind myself and say No, I got some stuff done. I got some things done. I achieve some things and I like putting dates by it, too, especially when, on journal, when I'm flipping back, because whenever I'm taking courses like this or I'm reading a book, I'm always taking notes and I'm always writing my goals down and I'm going back and looking at things, and that will inspire it. I'll encourage you. And what an amazing gift to pass down to your kids for future generations and onto their Children's Children so they can. Hey, look at Grandma. They're all like a grandfather. Look what look what he achieved and look how he planned his life. And he wrote it down. What amazing gift to pass on to the next generation and also inspire you, so I encourage you. Keep those lists, keep the journals, keep it on your on your phone, even if it's a screenshot printed out. If you're super digital or whatnot, But But keep those things because you know what? It will inspire you and inspire others later on in life. 8. Short vs Long Term Goals Edited: for every sale that you miss because you're too enthusiastic. You'll lose Ah 100 mawr because you're not enthusiastic enough. That's by Zig Ziglar in this lecture. I want to talk about short term goals versus long term goals with short term goals. We're looking at something that you're gonna accomplish within 123 months or three months to a year. A shorter time period. OK, that could be just getting a course finished. That could be may be paying off. Some consumer debt may be increasing your income. Maybe it's losing, you know, £10.15 pounds, something that you can really see within sight that you can hack off each day or at least work towards it each day. When it comes to a long term goal that could be anywhere from a year to three years toe five years. An example might be, you know, a promotion that you're trying to work yourself up in a company. Maybe you're trying to really, you know, 10 X your income. Another one could be with a a short term going like to be payoff. Consumer debt, like a credit card with a long term goal, might be you want to pay off the mortgage and get the mortgage paid off, so it kind of gives you an idea of the differences. I know for me, a long term goal was paying off the mortgage. Maybe a long term goal is raising a family and having a really successful marriage. Maybe buying a cottage one day. That's the long term goal with long term goals. You're really thinking, you know, 10 years down the road of where you're really seeing your life. You're really designing your life in your experience, in what you want around where short term goals are more focused on the now what you really want to achieve now, what you want to get done now. So I hope that gives you perspective of the difference. They're both really important. They both help you to achieve your success, and you just need to focus on them a little different, and you can mix them together a little bit and you're kind of the different. Short term goals might work towards the long term goal, like, for instance, for paying off the mortgage. Maybe you need to hack off the credit card first. Maybe then you got to pay off the Sears card or the You know the other credit cards that you have and that's working you towards your long term goal of being completely debt free. I hope that makes sense. It's the same thing. If you're in college, you're working towards getting your your bachelor's degree. You know, you gotta finish this course. That's a short term gold in this course short term goal, and these are all these short term goals will add up to the long term goal. I hope that gives you guys some value, write down your short term goals and put, you know, the months that it's gonna take to get done or if it's going to get done in a year, put it beside how long you think it's going to take and put some time measurements beside it so you can really watch your progress and then the same thing with your long term goals , put how long and what date you want to see that get done so you can kind of see it, and you kind of work towards you can change it. You can edit it later, but you always want to work with the end in mind and then work backwards towards it and say , OK, I'm gonna have to do this. I don't have to do this and I don't have to view this toe Achieve that long term or short term goal. You guys are awesome. Keep rocking with this course and let's keep moving on. 9. Multi Tasking Is a Lie Delegation Is Divine Edited: you can do two things at once, but you can't focus effectively on two things at once because multi tasking is a lie. If you haven't read the book, The one thing by Gary Keller I really encourage you to pick that up. But it's so true when it comes to multitasking. When you pick one thing up and you're working at it, you can't hold two things at once. I don't know if you've ever tried juggling before. Okay, I can juggle three balls at once. That's the best I can do. And you know, I can't really focus on anything else. Well, because I'll and I'll end up dropping the balls Well, The same thing is when it comes to you trying to do two things at once, you're on the phone. You're talking this person. You're sending an email. Somebody is not getting your full attention. I'm sure you've been on the phone while you're talking to your spouse to your friend, and then they can hear you typing. And they're like, you didn't even just hear what I just said. You're like, Oh, what? What? What can you say that again? Well, the same thing when it comes to you trying to get two jobs done at the same time to tasks done at the same time two goals done at the same time. You're just gonna end up screwing up one of them and not doing as good as you could on the other. So I want to encourage man get rid of the idea of multitasking. It doesn't work. It just stresses you out, and it really weakens your efficiency. It weakens your quality of work. And it's not about quantity. It's about quality. I want to remind you about that. So just again, even back to that tortoise and the hare story, you know, we're not trying to just, you know, sprint through life and get all this stuff done. You know, don't multitask. Focus on the one thing. There's so much power and so much thrust that gets into that and learn to finish. That's the thing to when you start to multi task. You end up missing things and you don't finish in the key. That in our generation these days is we start things. But we don't finish up and you need to learn to finish. It's all done. It's all checked off. I can put that down. I'm not thinking about all Maybe I didn't finish it off. I didn't really check off all the boxes because then it's just gonna come back up. I'm gonna get a phone call. I'm gonna get her email response saying, Oh, you missed this one part and then it's gonna take even more time, so really, that I really save time. I didn't know. I just stress myself out and actually caused myself more work, more pain. And then I didn't even do is good his job as I could for the customer. Now I want to say one thing about multitasking compared to delegation delegation is very, very different. Delegation is getting some and hiring somebody else that has the skills and abilities you have, or maybe even better to do that job. And you hire them to get it done. That is powerful, very, very difference between multitasking, because that's just you trying to do everything where when you delegate, you say, Hey, I'm giving this to you to get done. It's off your plate. It's their job to get it done. Now that comes in tow, you know, different types of skills with managing and what not? But if you want to get more done instead of trying to multi cat multi task try. Delegation delegation is my number. One thing I'm working on this year as far as just the different things I want to implement in my life because I do want to get more done. I do want to grow and I've delegated by hiring designers I delegated behind people on up work or five or just virtual assistance of what not to kind of help me to get things off my plate so I can focus on the things that I do best. So I really hope that helps you out. Think about some of the stuff, you know, even multitasking with it. Maybe try delegating some of it out for somebody else and just be like, You know what? I really don't need to be working on this right now. It's not helping me to achieve the goals and the things I know to get done and put those off and you watch. You're, you know, efficiency rate, go through the roof and getting more done. So I hope this has provided a lot of Valley. It's been a real key to my life and my success and learning to delegate and doing it even more. 10. Share Your Goals WIth Someone edited: set the type of goals that will make something of you to achieve them. I heard it once says, You know, it's not just about setting the goal so you can achieve the goal, but it's what setting the goal will cause you to become the type of person that you need to become to reach that goal, like setting a goal to become a millionaire. Sure, having that $1,000,000 having that financial freedom and what not? But by setting that goal, the type of person you will become by learning new skills, hat falling down and learning lessons of life in just stretching the people, you'll have to set yourself around to become and hit that goal. You will be a different person. I've become a different person by setting goals that are bigger than me. And as I have achieved the success, it's changed. My life has changed the people I hang around, and that's a really good Segway for this lesson is that it's all about who you hang around and I encourage you to share your goals with people that are going to stretch you that Aaron going to encourage you, they're going to keep you accountable and say, Yeah, man. Hey, how's your goals program going this year? How are things going to be set Goals for your life this year? Like I have certain friends that air, you know, a little closer than others and ones that aren't so close and that I can't talk about goal setting or what not. And but I want to set myself around people that are going to stretch me, people that are gonna ask me the tough questions and say like, Okay, cool, Chris, that's that's your goals for this year. Is is that all you're gonna do as opposed to them? Just saying, um as opposed to them saying, Oh, wow, that's awesome and all that's so good. Wow, you're doing that. That's really cool. I don't want them to use to be like wow, like Like that's so amazing. I wish I could do that. I want somebody to say, Oh, that's all you're gonna do, Chris, because I see even more Freeman. I see you, you know, reaching even higher. You want to surround yourself with people with empires in their minds. People that are thinking big on a global scale. Okay, not small Minou. So when you share your goals with people, make sure it's with people that are gonna keep you accountable, keep you on it and stretch you and say, OK, dream bigger, Chris. Dream bigger. You know, Like I said earlier, you know, your goals are meant to be, you know, not just like your goals are not. Your goals are to be just out of reach, but not out of sight. So I encourage you Look at your friends list and say, OK, I'm gonna share my goals with him with her and with him, they're gonna be my accountability partners. Maybe you just have one, just one accountability partner. And if you can't find one, you know, in this course here, write down your goals and put them in this discussion and share. And let's challenge each other to grow and keep going big because we need a support team and as entrepreneurs, a solo preneurs. Just business people thinking sometimes there's not a lot of people that are on this level , and I know, and sometimes it's frustrating not being able find people that are gonna encourage you and stretch you will. Hey, use this course in this community of members and people to encourage you post your goals down there and let's stir each other on. 11. Fitness Goals Edited: when you're thinking about quitting, remember why you first started? And we really need that encouragement when setting fitness goals or health goals just toe really get ourselves in better shape and maybe to lose weight or just us are eating healthier every year. I always put down my health goals, and I always say, I want to work out more. I want to eat better, but I always find the problem is sure. I'm good at setting fitness goals, I'm sure gonna setting health goals. But then it's the follow through and you start to you start off really good. But then, somewhere along the way, you fall off. And that's why I think it's so good to remember why you first started because you want to live for a long time. Because I know I talk about financial goals and business goals, and I'm really into that and stuff. But what's the point of earning all this wealth just to spend it all on fixing your health ? Why not think long term and really make a priority on being in shape and having more energy ? You know, one thing I learned from Brennan Rashard and High Performance Academy was just about, you know, having a really high state of energy, you know, making it a goal toe drink at least a glass of water a day, eating a little bit more vegetables a day, like just sitting. I find, like, daily goals are really important for your fitness in long term health goals. And then you'll start to see the results of the long term effect with it, Like just saying I'm just gonna go to the gym today. I'm gonna make the goal of just walking 30 minutes every day. Let me think a goal of going to the gym just three times a week at least once and just maybe start off small and then expands so that you're not stressed out and you're not feeling overwhelmed. I hope that really encourages you with that and just keep at it and stay out. If you fall off the track on a goal, keep going. I used to be really overweight, and it was a real problem in my life. Wait, wasn't just being healthy, but eventually I said, Enough is enough. I'm setting the goal, and I'm also going to take action on this. So if you're with me on this. I want you to write in the discussion form. And if you don't want to write in the discussion for him, that's fine. You can just write it down for yourself. So you can see and just say, Hey, by this date, I'm gonna lose this amount of weight. And this is what I'm gonna do towards getting that gold done. I'm going to start eating vegetables instead of maybe eating fries, but by the side. When I go to eat, I'm gonna start eating more fruit. Maybe I wanna, you know, eat us drink a smoothie or something like that with a good protein shake in a good vitamin drink or something like that in the morning. And I'm gonna go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day. This is my gold. Lose £20 by December 31st. And these are the action steps I'm gonna take towards achieving that goal. If you're with me on this, write it in. I'm proud of you guys. Don't want encourage. I've fallen off so many times when it comes to gold setting, but the point is to get back up. Yes. You follow down you fall off the track, but you don't stay down. You get up and go again. What I like to say on my podcast is a fighters and somebody never fails. Ah, fighter is someone who never quits. And I know you're a fighter if you're watching this course, so let's keep going and move on to the next lecture. 12. Financial Goals Edited: money doesn't change people. It just allows them to become mawr of what they already are. That's about my hero, Graham Daniels, and it's so true when it comes to making financial goals. You know, you gotta think about who you're becoming as you're achieving it. I love to sit financial goals because I love the idea that finances bring more freedom. That brings more security by my family. It gives me a boost of confidence, knowing that I'm secure, knowing that I'm achieving something and it's a great measuring stick. You know, when you're going out into the market, you're paid by what value you bring to the market. And so I love to set financial goals and to see me increase in sea, me grow and challenge myself to just step up and to beat it. Every time I hit something, I wanna be didn't go higher and go higher and go higher because that's what it's about. As you know, human growth and potential on us is people is going after our dreams. It's to set goals and to achieve it more. I remember I had the goal of sitting. I think there was $10,000 a month in booking shows. One time and and performing and I would always hit it and I would have my spread sheet out and every time I got another sailor, another booking or something, I would put the number in beside. I'd be like Oh, I'm getting closer, I'm getting close and every time I get something else I'd put it closer and then I'd always be amazed at like when I had a checklist and I had something to hit, something to go for. I hit it because I was saving towards something as opposed to just getting up in the morning, just doing what I normally do. When I had a financial goal, it gave me so much focus and I normally hit it. I would hit. I would out do it just the point of writing a number down, saying This is what I want to hit this month. This is what I want to hit this year and then breaking it down and sometimes I find it a little easier to work on it by a month because I feel like I can really take action each day and just smash away at it and make the call. Send the emails and it's just like I'm hungry and I'm going for it. And then, boom, I hit it that month and then I try and hit it again the next month. And then I try and beat it the next month and then beat the next one and really step back and look at what's working with these goals and what's not. And then I look at my maybe my kind of more long term Gore my yearly goal for that financial goal, and I can see I'm hitting it. I'm hitting it because I know if I want to make you know, 100,000 year or a $1,000,000 a year, I need to be cranking out a certain amount of month and maybe some months your business goes up and sometimes it goes down. You have busier seasons, but that's where I gets my brain going to know. OK, well, maybe February or March is a little quieter, so I know if I want to achieve this goal, I'm really gonna have to step up, and I'm gonna have to make a certain list to achieve that goal that month and say, Okay, I got to step up with my marketing here. I got to maybe put in a bit more hours, are gonna make these calls or get these people involved so that I can achieve it that month so that I'm going towards my whole 12 month goal for that. And that's kind of more short term with the financial goals. Maybe you have bigger, longer financial goals. Maybe it is, you know, maybe are only making 50,000 years. So you know, this year is one a double 100,000 but maybe 10 years around, maybe 10 years down the road. You know, you want to be making a 1,000,000 a year, and maybe you want to have some real estate properties, some rental income, and you wanna have, you know, your multiple businesses broke, and that's what you do. You set goals to see. That's where I want to be. And so you know, once I hit this financial goal, I'm gonna buy that business, or I'm gonna buy that rental property. I'm gonna go into business young when investing these stocks are investing this opportunity over here, and then you'll eventually hit your long term goal of being fully financial free, and then maybe your baby. Your goal is to have the opportunity to work or not. You know, that's one of the coolest things that I love about my career and entrepreneurship is. You know, I'm not forced to work. I have the opportunity to work or not that can choose what I want to do, and that's a really awesome place to be in. And if you're not in that place, I encourage you toe, you know, keep keep striving. Keep working towards that goal of being financially independent and not having to rely on the boss man to rely on that on the paycheck and just living paycheck to paycheck. Remember, one of my biggest goals was just to be financially stable, so I wasn't always stressing and and having to worry about trying to pay this week's bill of this month's bill. And so I encourage you to write down some financial goals right down some stuff that you want to achieve by the end of the year, stuff that you want to achieve by each month like a number that you want to hit. That's not let that's realistic. Maybe it's not fully outta sight, but it's just out there a little bit that's gonna cause you to stretch and cause you to grow and cause you to dig in your heels and really go for that. I also want you to dream to. I want you to dream of where you could see yourself in 10 years. Where would you like to be? Where you imagine where you could be. Because you know what goals are going to get you there. And more importantly, you putting action into those goals are really going to get you there. So I hope this provide you some Valium, just inspires you and encourages that you can do this stuff you can do. Is that the fact that you're even investing in yourself and taking this course? You know, you are setting yourself up as the 2% that's really go for it, because 90% of people they don't invest, they don't think about this stuff, they don't, they don't plan their life, and so they wonder why they end up where they are. But, no, you're a planner and you're thinking about your future and your family and where you want to be. It's called lifestyle design. It's called intentional planning by goal setting. So hey, keep going for it. Write those down and and feel free to share what you want to share in the discussion and some success stories that you had.