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[Free Pattern] How to Make Mini Eevee Amigurumi Doll

teacher avatar Joey Kuan, Amigurumi for Creators

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro & Material List

    • 2. Making the Body

    • 3. Making the Ears

    • 4. Making the Neck Fur

    • 5. Adding the Tail

    • 6. Adding the Feet

    • 7. Adding the Details

    • 8. Outro

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About This Class

In this class, students can expect to learn how to make a mini Eevee amigurumi doll!

So, what is “Amigurumi” you asked? Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, usually cute stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.

At the end of the class, students can expect to learn:

  • how to assemble the doll
  • how to assist yourself with the placement of the parts by using what you have 
  • how to make furry details on an amigurumi doll
  • how to embroider details on an amigurumi doll using
    • french knot stitch
    • scallop stitch

For the class project, students shall create their own Eevee doll by referring to the written pattern or use it as a base and make another pokemon similar to Eevee or any character you fancy. The end product can be made into a keychain, fridge magnet, brooch, or even as a decoration on it’s own

Be creative!

This class is great for beginners who are just starting their way in the amigurumi journey. If you are absolutely new to crochet, it's advisable to know some basic stitches before watching this class. Minimum crochet knowledge needed are:

  • Ch (Chain Stitch)
  • Sc (Single Crochet)
  • Inc (Increase)
  • Dec (Decrease)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joey Kuan

Amigurumi for Creators


Oh hello there! My name is Joey and I am an Amigurumi Artist!

A little history about me.
I was first introduced to crochet when I was 15 years old during middle school. It was actually for an art project in one of my classes then in 2007. After fumbling through yarns and crochet hook for a few months, I stopped.

Then came year 2013, where I suddenly felt an urge to pick up my crochet hook again. I don't exactly remember why but I guess it was just out of boredom during my university term break. I started my first Amigurumi project with All About Ami's Spring Rabbits pattern. I thought they were so cute so I had to try it out and the feeling of completing the work is so satisfying even though the product was far from perfect.

I decided to take the plunge and ... See full profile

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1. Intro & Material List: Hello. This is your army crummy teacher for today. My name is Joey, and welcome to my tutorial. Today we're going to make a meany TV Army green. This is the final part of what you can expect to learn to create from this class here. I'm just quickly showing you how the doll wouldn't look like. And these are the things that you need. First Christian Hook. I'm using a two points 85 millimeter crush a hook for this tutorial and then a brown in light brown. For that you're in. These are sports way. You can use any order type or wait a few on two. But be sure to use. Imagine, crush a hook size some dark brown felt cloth. But I embroider you tread and embroidery needle A slick of brush. I got mine from die. So a pair of six millimeter wash eyes mastery in some fabric glue and some five fields. I have written a pattern and the Linkous description below. Please be sure to use that alongside this class 2. Making the Body: So first we're going to make E V s body here. I'm just doing a magic for the instructions. I'm not going to read Truett and the videos. Please follow the pattern that are Fritton. So it's gonna be easy to follow for this video. I'm just going Teoh, fast forward to the part that I will attach everything together and show you how I normally just align everything together. The state note that for this e V tutorial, I'm using the joy around method. Please refer to the other video that I will link up below if you want to know more about that. So in every end of fear rounds I will show you how it would look like. So you know that this what you expect from the pattern and here you Carrie D. C. The curve in round eight from around 90 words were going to do mostly decrease. Please use the invisible decrease method, which I also explain in my other radio so that you would lessen the appearance of holes in your project. - Around 12. You see that one site will be slightly slanting inwards after around 15 stop for a lot to insert your eyes we owe. You can see here. I used magic around us, a reference for the position of the ice I insert in between Roundtree and four. As you can see, make sure the eyes are in the straight line. - We will also begin stuffing here before we continue on to the next round. You don't need to put too much in S. We will stuff more later, since the opening was too small for me to use my fingers. I use atresia to assist myself to put more stuffing in. E Usually stuff into your field at adult. That's not done easily when a squish it between my fingers. But this is just my personal preference. - In order to close the last round, I'll be using an embroidery needle with the left for young. Close the hole. You would need to insert needle into the whole first and then true, the single Christi's teachers. On the last round, I usually do an extra stitch to go back to the first single Kirsch a after out. In this case, we have six teaches, so I would repeat this steps for seven times. Theun offered that holding on tight to close a whole. Finally, some clean up. If you still see some hole you can actually stitch. True a few times. True, the whole I'm doing right now with the embroidery needle. Then finally, true. Any point in the body to finish it. That's it for the body part. 3. Making the Ears: for the next part will be doing the ears. I know trees and grocery and the measure ground is quite the gold to work with, but I have a tip for you after every stitch from around to know what, you can roll the piece around fingers while making sure the right size on the outside. I find it using this rolling method makes the next increase a stitch easier to work with. Okay, string pains are optional, but I highly highly recommend you to get and uses as it's so much easier to realize the position off apart before you actually suit parts together. I've mostly placed a center, my ears on the ground six, as you can see here, and I'm also using the eyes to gauge the position as well. So after a few trials and errors, I'm happy with the positions. So I would start with the suing, - uh , after scoring ears, I will finish by going true value again. Pull the untrue and cut off the excess way. We're done with ears 4. Making the Neck Fur: Now you're going to start to do the neck for if you're fabric glue on hand, I would recommend you to use that instant and skip this part. Meaning you don't need to leave long tail like me here and now for the fun part, use a slicker brush to make it fluffy. Be careful not to brush your own hand and hurt yourself in this process. Trust me, it can hurt a lot. So I would recommend you to use a cruciate hood to hold it in place on the floor or the heart so face and then brush it rigorously again. I will highly recommend you to grow this part, because suing it's not an easy job for this part. And if you do so, make sure you Onley so in and out off the center off thestreet way E. Find a little messy, so I decided to cut off some excess for on the night port. But you can also skip this part. It's totally up Teoh, and that is all for the neck. For part 5. Adding the Tail: And now for the next part, we will make the tail with the light brown for rapid around your fingers. For a few times like this, we would just cut off a few strands for tail. You don't eat as much. Rest me right here. I think treated forests. Fine. Now we do it. A scene for the brown. You are right here. I'm just showing you war in the middle of fertility. Then I start touching with the light brown. Young strengths are used around tree to force friends. Uh, Theun. After that, proceed to a texture brow yard surrounding the light brown part. Stick your slicker brush and brush until fluffy. Here. I'm just using some glue to cover the riches of the tail I think I use has spread to help me shape the till. Any house race, find for the stuff. You could also use fabric glue, but I prefer using has free as it gives them or in natural for look that way You're happy with the shape. Leave it to dry. And now we're almost done 6. Adding the Feet: And now we're going to make the feet waning. The feet. The first change should be at the bottom. Position has shown in this diagram. I'll explain why in a wall. Okay, so I don't have the precise alignment here, but you can always use the ice, gauged the position, or simply find a middle point and then gauge from there. Now, for the swing part, you only need to shoe on the bottom part of the feet, as against the F highlight two. Here in the diagram, you will only need to sue, maybe to a tree Citrus on this part. Okay, so we will have to long tail here from each foot one from the start of the peace and the other one from Dan, I will use longer. Want to sue the feet in and the shorter one? Simply so it true the body, when you're done with it, simply just cut off the excess yarn and we are done with the feet 7. Adding the Details: and now for the final steps, we're going to add in the details for years and also the mouth here. I'm just roughly cutting a small piece of brown felt for ears. I'm using the ears esta template, as you can see here. And then I'm going to slowly cut into a smaller diamond shape way. - When I'm happy with it, I'm using this piece as a template. I cut another one for the other year, then proceed to glue them on E O for the nose and the mouth. I'm going to use an embroidery needle and black embroidery trim. The thickness should be two strings. I'm using the Isis a reference here. I'm going to position the nose in the middle point between and below the eyes. I decided to use the French, not technique, to achieve that small dot look for the nose to give it that extra acuteness for their mouth . I'm just using these scallops stitch technique, which will give the appearance of a small kerf. I'm going through a body a few times in those exact pattern, mostly so that the threat does not come off easily. Make sure the black tread does not show on the body. You can do this by going in and out at the same point 8. Outro: And with that we're done. Please share your project. If you follow my editorial and also feel free to ask me anything if you have any question at all regarding the steps f done for this project, Thanks so much for watching and see you next time.