Flower Arrangement: Easy, Simple, Stunning Flower Arrangement For Any Occasion | Manjula Dhanda | Skillshare

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Flower Arrangement: Easy, Simple, Stunning Flower Arrangement For Any Occasion

teacher avatar Manjula Dhanda, Flower arranging and all things flowers

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)


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About This Class

In this class we will be making an asymmetrical A shape flower arrangement. I will take you through a step by step process on how to assemble a traditional flower arrangement. We will be tackling all the basics from tools to how to choose which flowers to use and how to assemble them. This is perfect for beginners wanting to create a beautiful arrangement for any occasion. 

This class is perfect if you want to learn how to express yourself through flowers and plants. So come along and bring your favourite flowers along with you!

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Manjula Dhanda

Flower arranging and all things flowers


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1. CLASS 1 INTRODUCTION: Hi. Would you like Honda? I'm from Kenya is a tropical country Love last green tea I love flowers. I've been practicing family in minutes for the past six years I have taken part in many of the competition off love arrangements and agreements are the demo busies You can make your home You can give to your family or friends and boyfriends in this class. I'm teaching you the basics off tradition problem amendments starting with the asymmetrical try machine This classes for bigness, So do not feel intimidated. We're all here to learn and next 1,000,000,000 something. You cannot wait to see your affiliations. I hope you will enjoy learning this. 2. CLASS 2 TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: we ate this one off arraignment. We need some tools we require. One. Been off cigs is or cutting the stance that desired height. You can also use a plant dreamer instead off Caesar's. Unlike for stripping off leaves from the stands off flowers will be using annoy sees between form the basis for your lowering when the races should be placed in water. 6 to 7 Allah's before use. Resist the urge to put your fingers in eight. Lastly, container civility, the one I'm using. If you don't have a similar container, you can use victory what it played with some frogs and noises. 3. CLASS 3 THE 3F'S: in this class, I'll be talking about three main components needed for this cloning foliate flowers and fillers. Or, as I like to call it, that yes, off college I'll be using leather phones and 34 However, if you do not have these, you can replace them with any street stand. Please, father flowers. I'll be using roses. I recommend using roses within close. If you do not have roses, you can use carnations or any other flowers on your choice, which has a hard, long step. Populace will be using Davis bed, these air they get and any Mexican touched me. Although if you do not have these, you can use other Phyllis off your choice. These feelings help to cover up the unwanted. Beria's off With this knowledge, we can start with something over. 4. CLASS 4 ASSEMBLY PART 1: I'm going to use this tree in which I'm going to fix the aces for this flower arrangement. If you don't have this trade, you can use any other tree or replayed using this Prague's. We can fix this frog with the help off Blue Death on top of this weekend. Fix our voices. This allows it to be stable. I'm going to cut this choices. According to this tree size, - this is very well fitted in the tree and very stable. I will no show you how to strip off the leaves off the roses. He's gently were the flower below the bard around two inches and the help of a knife. You get slowly stripped off leaves like this. I'm removing the phones as well. I'm cutting this flower at an angle. What design high we need for our arrangement. Okay, in this phone. So the desired height with the Caesar and then stripping off some leaves. I'm using baby's breath as if you look in the way can cut it to the design height. Once our in mint is ready, then we're going to place it 5. CLASS 5 ASSEMBLY PART 2: way to cover the aces in the leather leaves. If you don't have these leather leaves, you can cover up any other way, way, way, way. I'm going to create a structure by cutting the phones. No list at the back of the ways is the next two should be slightly short of them. Using the train funds have created a triangular shape. We can also pointed issue. I'm not going to let the funds statement structure waiting to insert the roses into the structure. As you can see, I have stripped off the leaves. - Finished inspecting? That was Is that a man? There was this in the shot. I'm going to answer the Phyllis into this arrangement. I finished it starting the feelers into the empty places Now that in the discomfort 6. CLASS 6 TIPS AND CONCLUSION: in this class. I'm going to give you a few ticks plus leave, and you get the rosy stick distance in ice cold water to get the box closed. Otherwise, they open up like the roses in this. Secondly, to preserve your flower arrangement. Spring water daily on the flowers and the places. Congratulations on completing your first flower arrangement. I can't wait to see your world. Thank you.