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Fingerpicking Basics for Ukulele

teacher avatar Dee Hannah, Friendly and fun tutor of music

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Course Introduction intro to fingerpicking for ukulele

    • 2. 1st Ukulele Lesson Introduction to fingerpicking

    • 3. 4 4 Patterns

    • 4. Intro to 60bpm

    • 5. 2nd Ukulele Lesson Introduction to fingerpicking continued

    • 6. Drum Loop 100bpm

    • 7. 4 4 patterns 2 hybrid pattern

    • 8. Drum Loop 120 BPM

    • 9. Play Along Rough With The Smooth

    • 10. Congratulations and thank you intro to fingerpicking

    • 11. Hallelujah play though

    • 12. Loving You play though

    • 13. The Joker and The Queen play though

    • 14. Imagine play though

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About This Class

Are you bored with strumming? Do you want to make your ukulele playing more beautiful? Do you want to develop a more sophisticated sound?

Fingerpicking on the ukulele is a very satisfying style to play, and can really show off what a beautiful instrument the ukulele can be. 

This course is designed to help you develop the necessary physical skill to introduce fingerpicking to your repertoire of musical skills.  

  • How to start picking  

  • What does your ‘rhythm’ (strumming) hand have to do  

  • Develop necessary skills in each finger  

  • Learn a few basic patterns  

  • How to apply them to songs you already know.

This course is suitable for ukulele players of all levels. If you have learned a few chords and played a couple of songs, this is a benefit but not necessary. You can start with fingerpicking as a complete newbie if you would like to.

I have been teaching ukulele to players of from age 5-99 all around the Hampshire, for 8 years, from one-to-one coaching to classes of around 60 students. I direct an acoustic band which includes a ukulele section, for which I create suitable arrangements, select music, train members to performance standard and incorporate multi levels of skill.

“Many thanks for all your help Dielle, I really feel I got to grips with the technical stuff” Sue  

"This is a very good beginner course and I am going to implement these fingerpicking styles as I learn more." Susan   

“The tutors are inspirational” Peter, Hayling Ukulele Club

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dee Hannah

Friendly and fun tutor of music


PTTLLS (Preparing To Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector) I am a fun and friendly online coach and genuinely enjoy meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. 

I began teaching conversational English in an overseas placement in 1999, went on to tutor and coach a variety of subjects centred around music and self development back in the UK. My love of music won out and around 10 years ago I founded my own music club for adult learners to meet others and study instruments and singing in a sociable environment. Online resources are now also available including courses here on skillshare. 

I wish you a happy learning experience!

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11. Hallelujah play though : So this is a playthrough of Hallelujah using a down and out pattern. And they seem to over 81, 123456789101112 is one bar. So where you've got G for half a bar, if you've got 123456, and then E minor for half a bar, 789101112. That makes up quite a lot of this song. And then there's one line where we've got you've got 1234567891011. Well, on the day, 123456789101112. And that's the only place that, that cyst alone is in. This, is in all three Vs. That's the only place that happens. So we've got G, E minor, which you can swap for E minor seven if you like. C. D, B minor will be minus seven. I'm going to run a seven because I prefer it. That same bar across onto That's it. We're good to go. One, 2123456. You could call it played on it. Well, it goes like this. We've faced with her beauty. Hi. I gotta body. When it's not cry. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 12. Loving You play though : So this is loving you by many repetition. I'll just go over the chords quickly. So we've got C major seven, minor seven, a minor seven. G major seven. Same chord progression all the way through. And for this one I'm going to use the hybrid pattern, which is 121234. Making love Small with me. Well, we grow because they have retail. Can you stay with me while we go? Because every time every time. 13. The Joker and The Queen play though : Hi, So this is a play through for Joker in the Queen. And we're going to do 1234 as we play through finger picking y's. So that's thumb, index, middle ring on the quaver pattern, 1234, and so called wise. You've got a G major seven. A minor seven, which is all open strings. See me know D, we know E minor seven. And then D sauce for, if you put a D on and then Tukey ring finger over the fret onto the third fret. This is d, this is d sus4. And then D7 is that one. And that's it. So we're going to do that finger picking pattern until we get to the D sauce for when we're gonna do single-strand on the DCIS for single-stranded D7. Then back on this pattern here. When we start the singing star square. So you get 12. How was I to know? It's a crazy okay, So let's do that together. So here we go. One to two. So crazy. I showed me that this was good to know. You said you came to that where they're saying go, good, good. 14. Imagine play though : Hi, So this is a playthrough for imagine this is really nice, played really slowly. So I'm going to use the hybrid pattern, the strum on, on the bait on the crotchets. So you've got 123. I'm gonna do that on the vertices. Then for the chorus day for straight straw. So it's on the vertices. So here we go. 1234. Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try. No, it is. And to do now, to match may say I'm going to change. But I'm not the only one. Sunday. And no one imagined. No need for good. Bro, the magic. Sherry. You may say. But I'm not the one. I hope someday.