Find Your Brand Voice: Personality for Business Success | Andrea Goulet | Skillshare

Find Your Brand Voice: Personality for Business Success

Andrea Goulet, Co-Founder & CEO, Corgibytes

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19 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class!

      Find Your Brand Voice - Resource Guide.pdf
    • 2. What is a brand voice?

    • 3. Borg vs. Borzoi Brands

    • 4. Find Your Brand Voice Sweet Spot

    • 5. Foundational Content: Organization

    • 6. Foundational Content: Audience

    • 7. Foundational Content: Products/Services

    • 8. Facilitating a Group Discussion

    • 9. Complete Your Brand Character Profile

    • 10. Character Traits

    • 11. Writing Techniques

    • 12. Understanding Tone Changes

    • 13. Tone Wheel

      tonewheel blank.png
      tonewheel nonprofit.png
      tonewheel product.png
      tonewheel service.png
    • 14. Write Example Tone Copy

    • 15. Understand the Purpose of a Style Guide

    • 16. Completing Your Style Guide

    • 17. Creating Copies of Your Style Guide

    • 18. Training Your Team

    • 19. Conduct Brand Audits


About This Class

Looking to create a brand that stands out in today's noisy market? You've come to the right place. In this hands-on course, Andrea Goulet Ford will walk you through the same process she's used to engineer the personalities of some of the world's largest brands. Through the videos and a detailed 53-page ebook, you'll create a comprehensive Brand Voice Style Guide for your organization. Here's a peek at what you'll learn:

Brand Voice Benefits

In this section, you'll learn what a brand is and why it's important. You'll see brain research that shows how falling in love with a brand is a lot like falling in love with a human, and how personality matters when it comes to the bottom line. You'll also learn how to find your brand voice sweet spot with the same model Andrea uses for her Fortune 100 clients.

Create Foundational Content

If you want to build a house that stands up to the elements, you need a good foundation. The same is true for your brand. A good foundation will help you weather the storms of a changing marketplace. In this section, you'll build your foundation with a step-by-step process. First, you'll focus on your organizational content: your mission statement, vision statement and core values. Next, you'll learn how to step into the shoes of your audience and create compelling content that makes them fall in love. Finally, you'll learn how to position your product or service in the best light to spark a conversation and spur word of mouth.

Discover Your Personality

Once your foundation is laid, you'll start developing a distinct and engaging personality. Andrea will share her favorite tips, tools, and techniques for facilitating a group discussion. You'll also get access to her popular Brand Character Profile™ to help you find your top six distinguishing brand traits.

Use Your Brand Voice Across an Organization

The best brands give a consistent experience in any department. In this section, we'll look at how your brand voice will change in different situations. Using Andrea's Tone Wheel™, you'll walk through your entire business to ensure everyone is able to use your new brand voice consistently and confidently.

Training Your Team

You'll wrap up the course by learning the best way to roll out your new team. You'll get access to a Brand Voice Style Guide template that you can easily modify and share with your team.