Fantasy Maps in Photoshop Part I: Coastlines

Daniel Hasenbos, Freelance Illustrator

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing Coastlines

    • 3. Coastal Effects

    • 4. Land and Sea

    • 5. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Learn to draw Fantasy Maps in Adobe Photoshop with Daniel Hasenbos from Daniels Maps.

Do you want to improve your Fantasy Cartography skills, or not sure how to get started? In this 17 minute class we are going to explore how to use the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop to create a solid base for your very own Fantasy Map!


I'll assume that you know your away around the basics of Adobe Photoshop and you can follow along with most of the tools without in depth explanations of how they work. Are you not comfortable enough with Adobe Photoshop yet? There's a lot of classes on Skillshare that'll help you familiarize yourself with the program!

What Will You Learn?

  • Drawing Coastlines: In this lesson we'll discuss what tools you can use to draw your coastlines. I'll show you how to make your coastlines look realistic by giving advice on what to do and what not to do. 
  • Coastal Effects: I'll go about a couple of ways to make your coastlines pop out by adding some effects to them. We'll use basic techniques to create an appealing effect and style to help viewers make out what's what.
  • Land & Sea: We'll take a look at how to colour and texture your land and sea to create a solid base for your fantasy map. Again we'll be using basic Photoshop tools and techniques to get the desired results.

Whether you are an illustrator or simply want to create a fantasy map out of personal interest, this class will get you ready to pick up your idea and turn it into something great!

When you've mastered the techniques from this class, continue to my next class in this series: Fantasy Maps in Photoshop Part II: Terrain Features