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Famous Rock Songs To Play On Guitar

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction - Famous Rock Songs To Learn On Guitar

    • 2. How much time will it take to learn guitar?

    • 3. Basic notes on the guitar

    • 4. How to read tabs

    • 5. How to memorize chords easily without learn harmony and theory

    • 6. How To Play White Stripes Seven Nation Army

    • 7. How to play The doors Break On Through

    • 8. How To Play Beatles Twist And Shout

    • 9. How to play Cream Sunshine for your love

    • 10. How to play Jet Are you gonna be my girl

    • 11. How to play Rolling Stones Satisfaction

    • 12. How to play Foo Fighters Big Me

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About This Class

In this course you are going to learn how to play 5 famous songs:

White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

The doors - Break On Through

Beatles - Twist And Shout

Cream - Sunshine for your love

Jet - Are you gonna be my girl

+ how to read tablature, chord box and the most important notes on the instrument.

Basic notes on the guitar

How to read tabs

This class was develop for beginners (Electric and Acoustic Guitar Players). Perfect to improve your speed and accuracy on the instrument.

Meet the teacher

Gabriel Felix

*Music degree at California College of Music;

*Teaching since 2013;

*More than 18.102 on line students;

*More than 1 million views on youtube;

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction - Famous Rock Songs To Learn On Guitar: Hello. My name is Gabriel. Philip. I teach meals. Can Brazil aniline since 2013. And today and want Introduce my new class. This class was developed for beginners. If you just bought your a latte for your acoustic guitar a few months ago Well, learning 345 songs and now are looking for new informations to improve yours cues and Tacchini, this glass is perfect for you. I'm going to teach you how triply five songs. Five famous songs, Otis, that by staff, you need you have fun in developed, speedy and attacking Kony's from Besides that you are going to learn how to read tablature court box and the most important notes on the instrument. In an off this class, you'll be able to play five completely songs and a few solos and melody as well. So tune your guitar. Um, let's practice a little bit. See you later 2. How much time will it take to learn guitar?: When you buy a fancy instrument, you get very happy and excited to learn how to play it. It was the same thing with me. You can only think about learning all the songs you like and having fun with your friends. However, when you try to play, you become very first stated because in the beginning it seems impossible to learn. I have been there just like you had a hard time blame my first Corps and songs. That's why I created this very effective method that has a red have that more than 30000 online students starting from the very beginning to play the acoustic and electric guitar. A method focus on the practical part, where you learn to play the main chords, finger beaking melodies, and read them in a super easy way. Atrophy that I, you introduce in the course. It was developed in chooses specially so that at each glass you become faster. We've marked that unique and much more occurrence on instrument. We're gonna Xunzi improvement with little practice that time. Besides that, I will present you with several famous songs that are very easy to blame. This gives you the motivation to Brex in learning more and more from this, it is important to follow ADA step-by-step. Do not skip class, Okay. Trust me to follow all of the step-by-step. In a few weeks, you'll be playing merge, better, be patients and less bricks. 3. Basic notes on the guitar: c D E f g a n b. Everybody knows our seven notes, right? Uh, however, we now we are going to add a few sharps. Gabriel want the house? A sharp sharp is like this. Okay. Sharp is like a hashtag. Okay, um, now we have 12 notes. Pay attention because between enough and B and C, we don't have sharps. So you have, like, a cycle. A circle. You start with C t sharp. The the sharp e f of shark g g sharp a a sharp and me and start over again. 4. How to read tabs: The first thing that you need to know is how to read court box this show you where to put your fingers on the fingerboard Play courts. The six vertical lines represents their six strings. This string on furnace left is the ticket string. Eat the two lines at the top off the box, representing it the last bone or a metal piece that the strings go through on ahead stock and the rest off. The resulting lines represent the frets. The dots represent the place where you put your left hand fingers, and they are number to show which finger to reduce number. War is the index finger. True is the middle finger tree is the ring finger and far is your pink little finger. If you have played it the piano. Make sure you don't get confused. Piano finger numbering is completely different. It our players generally don't use the left hand terms guitar. That, or dark tablet sure is a way off writing music specifically for a guitar. It's perfect for those that do not read music and in many case offers more information. Them. The writing notation would anyway, Tab has six or resulting lines that represent the six strings on the guitar. The top line is the Dinos String In the lowest line represent the Deka String The numbers that are placed on the lines tell you what frat you play notes You only ever played the strings with numbers on the festering has no number Don't play it The zero means status True, displayed open with no finger pressing down this tree going to France 5. How to memorize chords easily without learn harmony and theory: Now I'd like to give you a very nice shortcut to a latchkey and acoustic guitar. And if you have some issues with chords, there is, you know, kind of blend this type of technique to find, memorize any kind of courts very quickly. For example, let's take our court that everybody knows, probably, you know, as well, right? Let's take major chord as example. If a play D, This sounds like a D major, right? Should play 1.5. Step ahead. It's going to sound like B-sharp. If you play one more step ahead, you're going to sound like e. K is just found the 12 basic notes. You can, you can keep doing things like that. So we have F, F sharp, G, G sharp, a, a sharp and so on. However it, you can find any kind of cords if you apply this type of ID. Okay, Let's take another example. A core support that everybody knows a core. If player 1.5, step ahead, you have a sharpie to play one more half-step ahead, B, C, and so on. So it's very easy to find a course that you need to your son, Ray, Minor Crohn's and the same thing, for example, a minor, a minor, B minor, C minor, and so on. However, you need to be careful with just one thing, open strings. So if you are playing a minor here, if a plane, a half-step, a half, okay? You're going to have a sharp minor. However, when you play this type of chord, usually we pick strengths number 5, 4, 3, 2 array. So string number 5, it's open string. If you play this note, stream number five with a sharp minor is going to sound very weird. Okay? That's why we need to put your finger number one in the frat number one okay, on a string and now the sound correctly. All right, so careful we feel strings because if you are playing a minor chord like this, we need to think if you have a kind of goes, Fred ran here. K, On the other hand, is going to sound very odd. You need to transpose all the nodes step-by-step. That's why we need to put our finger number one, the fret number 1. And you further go into play the other chords. For example, this is a sharp minor, minor, C minor. Keep the batter, okay? You can play the idea with D, E major and minor F type of chord. You already learn, okay, That's wives techniques. So easy because we are going to take the course that we already learned and transpose to another keys. Okay? But sometimes you have a few courts with, with no obvious string. So fizz makes everything easier for us, right? For example, this F major k. So you have F and C. Don't have a piston rings. So you choose transpose, denote f, F sharp, G, G sharp, a sharp, okay, and so on. Most of my students use this type of shortcut when they are going to learn a new song. For example, we say, we're going to learn in maybe read hostilely papers under the bridging C-sharp. And maybe they did not know how to play C sharp. Okay? They apply this type of technique and find the correctly see chart. Okay? So this type of technique is great. You play music by Yuan and you can apply in every single card. 6. How To Play White Stripes Seven Nation Army: So now it's time to learn. White stripes, seven Nation Army Great Sancho Electric E Kousky and base First part is the verse ending true. Check this out. And regrettably, everything in string number five. So, Fred, number 77 again and pan my device for you guys Display with finger number one in four. Okay, so let's work in this in this little part once again, OK? You're completely chauffeuring the number tree as well, but I prefer for it's important to train your fingers. So 77 pan 75 tree. And you I'm going to play very slowly. Tried to play with me. You can change the the speed off this video as well. So it's gonna make everything needs it for you. So let's go. 77 10 75 during and true again. 77 10 75 three. And you All right. So the second part is the Precor owes. So you have G May as Paul Accord and a public corn. So But of course, of really simple singer Number of born fret number, tree string number six, seeing a number number, finger number, tree frat number five, string number five and finger number four Fret number five. String number more. I need your pictures. Tree strings. So string number 654 and the second court. You're going to play exactly the same thing. However, infrared number five. So very simple. Eight times. I want you dream for 5678 again. Eight times wants in again. One to dream. 45678 This is the pre cars. You're going to play this part before the cars and after the cars. Okay, uh, in poor number, trees, the cars. Okay, so there is a very, very simple songs. Very nice on for practice, though. The Carlos You're going to play exactly something as you play in the beginning. So on 11 7 10 75 Dream And June, the next part, we're going to play almost the same thing. So 77 10 75 tree stopping his friend. This is the We have a little change right here. So treat five. Tree and chew. Okay, so we're gonna play it, wants him again. Check this out. The first part is something. And second barge have a a little movement. A new movement. 35 treat you Okay, so Let's play. Just dis spark right here. So 35 dream to dream. 53 June I play with fingers number one entry. Okay, try to keep the same. Right. So we have just three parts in this song. 1st 1 in true inverse second part that ball cord eight times before the cars and after the cars. Okay. And the last part is the Cardoso tried to play with me just for Brexit. No. All right. So, BRACTs. With the song on 40 I cannot play with the original male. Second the visa. All right, But ah, you have enough information for played a song, a band or by yourself? 7. How to play The doors Break On Through: Ah, Uh huh. Doors Brick approved to the artist side A loved this song Very simple song for acoustic and electric guitar. So check this out. I divide his song ng choo parts, uh, guitar riff and chords. So the first part is personal, right? This is the first bark off day tar with so strong number five Frank number 70 might have I display with finger number Tree ok will be much better trebly. So front seven String number 53 and and breath number seven. String number six You can play with finger number, treat or chew your option. I prefer freaking no virtue, but that's okay. Next notice. String number five Fred number five and string number six for a number five things. First part off the guitar riff and a second barked just pretty much I was the same. Check this out. String number five Fred Number seven. String number six, Frat number seven. Blame Watson again. And Pratt, number five, string number five, uh, and Fred number five, string number six away. Alright, so for a sport, 2nd 2nd part to have one more note, you play number seven string number six tries. Okay, and the rhythm is a little bit different. So, uh, I'm gonna play really slowly and you try to play with me, okay? You can change the view speed and make everything is foreplay. Right? So check this out free for and, uh, once again, Yeah, it's time. Um, who isn't it? So you need to practice this riff next four is deep. Our core reasonably tries. So, first of all, we need to learn how to play deep string number five Brad number five to number one. Ah, product number seven, String number four, finger number three. And, um, if you are pinky string number Tree frank, number seven. Finger number four just dreams in a string. Over five for trade. Okay, big history notes. You can put your middle finger right here in string number six. All right, so just make everything these rest right here. So the read immense. All right, So 12 34 trucks play for me. And the next bark is the card is for sure. So court. So it's the same thing here. However, one hold step ahead, So we're going to begin. Ian, Fret number seven number is the same court OK, Paul Accord never changed. Almost never changed. Okay, So modifies in this part. Try just sing the malady of the Carl's. Okay, so it's sometimes it's easier if you've seen in the melons. Oracle is try to sing the Mallon's to play the right here. Rate him. I'm not going to tell you to. Exactly right. Hate him to disorder. Okay, It's gonna be another A music exercise, too. To try to find is reading by yourself. Another important point is I'm not going to teach you the improvisation part because it's improvisation, right? Theme music. The original song has almost streaming it so a lot. When they usually to play life, they had a 56 in position minutes. So I'm not going to teach a dis part, OK, But you have enough information to play with the original song or if your friends and have a lot of fun. Okay, so just remember, we have just two parts riff. Uh huh. Court. I would be very easy to play 8. How To Play Beatles Twist And Shout: now some to play Bitos, tweets and shell. Check this out. Thing is the first port. This court session is very nice. We have D major court eso finger number one frack number. Choose during a number Tree finger number, tree for at number trees during number two in finger number choo for at number two. String number one tries G major finger number four entry frat number treats during number one and chew finger number one for at number Choose stringing or five and finger number to frack number. Tree string number six Twice Mawson again. And now we have a major. So it's singing number one Fret number. Choose string number four, number two for at number Choose String number tree and a finger number Tree Fred number two , String number Choo. You gonna pick five? Four? So you're going to turns for a major chord in yet a major seven. It's a dominant chord, So just remove your finger number two okay. And you have a seven. Right? So it's born to want you four. All right. The rhythm is very simple. Once and again. You can provides a little bit like this. Check this out. Usually I lecturing provides will sign a little bit better. So try to improvise with me. There was a lonely might advising this parching provides very easily e strategising the Malad together. All right, so check this out. And for sure, Treacy's your creative days. Guitar part is during the entire song, when his things wincing This part you need you can play a meter board or a seven. It's optional. Okay, Both course, some very nice. Usually you can play a and a few times in transforming seven. Come back. Well, sounds very nice as well. All right, Candace, some have a little guitar solo, so it's like this. So you have freegan number four. I prefer with finger number four, but you can play with your finger number one entry as well. Frack number five, String number five. You're going to plead Try So fine. Five once and again. More string number four, four and two with your finger number, tree and one. Okay, string number treat. You have. Ah, all right. And if your finger number tree and for you plea for five. String number four and come back. Ok, so it's 454 on. Come back to the beginning. 54 Come back five for come back, Right. In the end of this song, you can play a everything into string number five in the last corn. Okay, so this is the last bars off the song. So you have a major on and there's a chromatic. The guitar lick. It's like zero opens. Drink five. OK, but you dream 455 once and again. Quarter. Right here. Okay. This card, it's a buried court, so you need to do you play with your finger number tree. Okay, so frat number five strings number treat Shubin one finger number one, Frat number four, string over four and finger number two. Frat number five, String number five. Okay, it is very important to play this note right here. Cake. This is the most important note off. Discard. So careful with that, Right. So, down of the sun way. All right. Your complete like this will sound very nice. So this is a very nice song, and I hope you enjoy it. And if you have any kind of doubt, just let me know. All right. Thank you so much. 9. How to play Cream Sunshine for your love: Ah, the first part of this music we just have to parts is the main riff. So check this out. Uh, pentatonic guitarist. So the first note is in Fred number 12 String number four. Are you going to plea to times? The next note is the same string, however, in Fred number 10 and come back to the fret 12 bird sample. The second park is a chromatic guitar lake. You were going to play in this string. Number five Frat number 12 11 in Theo. Really simple. So let's play both parts together in the last part. String number six fret number eight, String number five fret number eight. Uh, your kind of band right here is a have stuff down. Okay, last note is fret Dan in the string number six. So I'm going to plea aber fee. Check this out and BRACTs with me and Ah, and uh huh We're going to play this guitar riff during their inter universe After do sparking are going to play exactly the same thing. One strength down. Ok, so just two times and come back to the beginning, listen to music and try to find the part The minute that he changed and goes Shoe one string down will be very important to develop your years. Okay. And the courts part is so you have a Paul Accord for your number one. Blistering number six for at five. Finger number, tree frog number seven, string number five and your pinky do finger number four. Frat number seven. String number four. You're going to play three times. Okay? And you're going to play tree times and big three times over again. However, I don't play any kind of court in this part. Okay, so it's addressed. I want to treat want to tree. Okay, The less part is Sihpol Accord. So exactly the same thing. However, the frank number eight true times and G Paul Accord the same court shape in the frat number tree. Okay, so let's play everything together. Follow core. It's 16 times. Want you 345678 and come back to the beginning. OK, so record the courts part, you're going to play three times. And after these three times a ed 16 times the a public core. Now it's time to Brax and have fun 10. How to play Jet Are you gonna be my girl: Jets. Are you gonna be my girl? The first part is the bass riff. You're going to show you how triply on a guitar. All right, so first thing, uh, frat number five, String number six, You're going to play six times. Want to dream more fun? Six. The next park is 30 tree. The last note the frack Number Creek were being string number five. Okay, so I want you dream. 456 Great treat. 03 things is the first part off the rift. Second part in spring when the same. But however you you'll not playing the string number five. The last note. The last note is a string number six. So the first part uh huh. Seven part you come back and play the first part. Wants in again and less Booth. So it's true. Number six, fracked number five. Um, Frank Number trees, drinking number five and frank. Number five. String over 55 Once and again. Tree mystery number five. Uh, tree industry number six, um five. Ministering number six and tree in a string number six. So uh huh. Uh huh. Okay, once and again. Uh huh. Uh huh. Um, right So we're gonna play very slowly. Drive to play with me with With with This is a danger. Okay, The next bar, you are going to play E chord. So I used to Just a power cord. So finger number one Frank number five String number six. So finger number. Tree frat number seven. String number five on your pinky Stringing number four Frank number seven eso just three strings sinks. Five on before the rhythm part is personable. 123456123456 Done. And this Tana is one. Okay, so 1234561 Dream. Want to dream for 600? My device in this party is try to true seeing the rhythm before you played Okay, So listen the music and try to sing you But, uh, Bom bom Bom peppered back the bomb You haven't played his rhythm three times, so no way. Come back to the last part off the intro. Okay, The next part will be deep power cord. So you're going to play three times into a kind of slide. Okay. Uh so first let me teach you how to plate deep our core. So the same thing as a power chord. However, ones drink down, you're going to pick String five for dreams is exactly the same thing. One string down. All right, Careful with the string number six. Don't pick this string. OK, so you're going to play three times on, dude, his light. Yeah, all right. Is important. Sound like this? This effect. OK, so your big four times in the sport, the next four, he's a quarrel. So just about a court. So the first part of Quartey's eight you already know how to play this. So I'm not going to tell you again. The second part chord is the same. Good or shape. However you begin. And threat number eight. Okay, So finger number one frank number rates during another six. Finger number. Tree Fred Number tant string number five in your pinky finger number four, Stringing number four. So you just need you to pick a string number six. The last score. The next chord is deep. You complete right here, or you complete ready. I prefer right here. OK, so it's the same thing. The same court shape, however, and it's Fred. Number 10. All right, So you're number one. Fret number 10 ST or six? Um, finger number treat frat number 12. String over five. Any your finger number four. Fret number 12. String number four. So something and come back to eight. So he's a see deep. Come back. See Deep in a Don't forget repeats A OK, so it's a c d. Eat. Okay. Don't forget your repeat e because if you don't repeat, see your your cars will be a big mess. All right, So read, um, the way It's always the same reader as we play before. So from these advice for you guys is listening to the music and try to sing the melody in, Play their rhythm together. Okay. Like it did one minute ago, right? So I'm gonna play it once and again with the reason I'm gonna play Varies Load. OK, try to use your years in this part off our course. Not cool for your years in for your knowledge in music your fate teach you Elect is big one down, one down. One that. Okay, let's play really guitar. So it's important you work your years, OK, so gonna play once and again. Way. Okay, The last part is I think this park, the rhythm is very important and he plays with the drums very tight with the drums, so it's important to turn. But let's learn the court's first You have court, so you never warn Fracked Number seven string over 50 ah Fret number nine finger number Tree string number four and your pinky You're gonna before Frank Number nine String number tree. Same thing right here in the front number nine Samatar shape. This is F sharp bar. Chord in the Last Court is front number 10 G Bal Accord. So it's the same thing. Same guitar shape. Okay, so it's not necessary to think too much is the same court. However, in different positions, you're going to pick eight times, So want to 34567 Okay, so you can pick everything downs. So you're gonna play down, down, down, down, down, down, down J Once and again, Okay. And this is the last part off the cars. Last bar is this guitar solo, and you can play with a little band. 1/2 step band. Okay, so the guitar solo, check this out. So plantation is solid almost every Phoenix drink number. Shoot. So you begin with abandon fracture 12. Okay. Have stopped band and goes to for a tan. So the next part ease fret 15 in come back to then. So Okay, the next part you're going to play did something. But however, instead of play fret 15 you play fret 70 so and come back to tent. Okay, let's play both parts. Part number treats the same thing, but study play frets 17. You play 14 and come back to town. Okay? Just advice. When you play up the band in the front in the front, number 12 goes up, goes down. Okay, So, uh, uh, down this is a very important effect, So try to respect this is banned. Okay, so just 1/2 staff, uh, and down. Okay. So I'm gonna play the only parts together. Check this out. Top down 14. Okay, so trust, respect. Disband. Down, down, down. Okay. It's almost a ban in a release in the next port 12. A band. I have stuff. Band go up, goes down Theun 12 once and again. However, in a string number tree and and your guitar solo in the frac number Tan String number two. OK, so the last refuse pretty much like this, you're going to repeat a few times. So come back to force me. I cannot play with the regional music. How, after you have enough information to play this song with the music or with your friends? 11. How to play Rolling Stones Satisfaction: Now it's time to play satisfaction by Rolling Stones original song. Jeffery should play with electric guitar, and we've had differing 2i. However, the idea here is to teach you how to play. Very simple. So we're going to use our acoustic guitar and play with his done, they're doing. Okay. This is the first bart into first riff. So it's atrophy on his tree number six, and you are going to play 777 wasn't again. Nine in tan. Ok. So one more time. And then x bar is so Dan, Dan, Dan N9. Okay, pretty simple. So let's play together. This is danger and diverse. You sharp playing with another person. And he can play like a B major court. In D Major chord. It's going to sound pretty nice. So B major core, you're going to interplay like this. To bury chord, we shuffled the number tree. Okay. It's trying number for tree and chew. Or can we use your finger number four as well? It's not a problem. Okay. And your finger Number one is Fred number Cimon is string number five. So B major in D major. So these finger number one fret number, chew on a string number tree. Thing, a number tree on a string number, Chu, fret number tree in your finger number to write on a string number one, fret number two. Okay, so big Jess for tree Shubin and one is the same rate and then you play before. The next bar is the diverse. So you're going to play a major Cape. So E Major is finger number two. Only. String number five in the Froude number to pick a number tree warned string down. Kate's, I'm frat, fret number two. And freeing the number warned the fret number one on a string number tree. Okay, you can pick everything. In the last chord is a major. So finger number 12 and treat honest string number four, fret number 2D, tree, Fred number Chu In String Number two, frac number two. Okay? You can take almost atrophy, so 5-4 treats you in one as well. The radians pretty simple. And you can play ever Xing Gao facts. Sure. I guess it is faction and trying to come back to the first bar, alright, so add the random changes a little bit when he goes to breed cars so you can learn his freedom by year our play like this. So you're going to play tries k. So 12, lawn to 121 are incomplete like this. I play once you once and again, however, I peak more three times. But it's open floor improvisation, okay, it's your choice through them. Just to remind you, this is just a version of the original song, RA. I simplify averaging to play easily with acoustic guitar. Let me know if you have any kind of dots. I'm here to help and think of so much. 12. How to play Foo Fighters Big Me: Now it's time to learn. Big me by f2 fires. This song is the verifying Asana and is almost a propaganda. You should've won this need Eclipse, which you see what I'm talking about. So this song's for his simple. We just had a few chords and the first one is C-Major. Okay, just to reminder guys, you can play this song, refocus, garner lots, we get to our k. So the first coordinate is C-Major. Senior number one, frat number one on a string. Number two, figure number Chu, fret number chew on a string and number four and number three fret number tree on a string, number five. You can pick 54321, okay? This is the first quarter. Second quarter is a minor, is very similar to C major, so we just need to take your finger number tree and put on a string number treating a threat number, chew him play 54321. Core number tree is G-Major. So from the number four and treat in the frack number tree on a stream number 12, finger number one, fret number two on a string number five, and finger number Chu fret number tree on a string number six. So you can pick everything. Pretty simple. Is the core number. Next coordinate Z, F Major. Barry court. So Juan Fred, number one, okay. Single number three in four and a frac number, tree monitoring number of 54. And the last note is finger number Chu Froude number chewing is string number tree. You can't be cavern. Let's talk about radon is like this. So it's just five times. Five times. And you've been down, down, up, up, down. You're going to play very slowly. Repeat for yourself. When you played a song. You need to choose, say to yourself, down, down, up, down, down, down, down. Okay, during the entire song, he's going to make you do read them very easy. Alright, this is the first bark danger and diverse. And when he sings big me to talk about it. Icu statue proof, he's going to play E major. So for you number one, fret number one on its string number, treat, finger number tree and chew frat number chew on a string number 45. And you can pick everything. First quarter off the second part, you have F, F major gains second corny, you already learned how to play this card, so I'm not. Go into talking again. May C-major, we already know how to place core as well. And we have our new Quora here, that is C7. C7. You doesn't need to take your pinky and honest tree number treating the fret number three, okay, so yes, C major with your pinky. Okay. So you're gonna play the second Bard. Okay? And you have Dane trauma wartime. This second part is a little bit different. I play F twice, and I don't play C and C7. Eisenstadt off play C and C7 play F and G, K. So you've already learned how to play G core as well. When his, he's gone as you play the intro one more time, it seems diverse and average. Ethene wasn't again in the last part and the second part he placed he's going to sing buddies. Do I felt into okay, so you're going to play C, F, and C, and G. Okay? This is like a kind of bridge of the song. Alright, so just remind c by two. So the tempo is left is 12345, volume down to 123455. Okay. They're going to count 12, ok, just Chu corps members, just corner, Machu and tree. So g and f, alright, there remains pretty much the same. However, might have eyes for you guys is listen to the song because during C-sharp and the less G chord, hip place averaging down. So come back to the first bar is not a good singer. As you can see and cannot see. And unfortunate, cannot put original song in our class just because about copywriting. However, I think if you learn this, destroy parts, this kind of tree parts ray with the bridge and listen to a song very carefully. You can learn this song and play with Dan dominating problem. Okay? Let me know if you have any kind of doubts. I'm here to help finger so much.