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Expressive Watercolor Landscape in 10 minutes

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pep Talk

    • 3. Art Supplies

    • 4. Color Scheme

    • 5. Practice

    • 6. Nature's Paradise

    • 7. Glowing Sunset

    • 8. Monochrome Mountain

    • 9. Stormy Countryside

    • 10. By the Ocean

    • 11. Luminous Sunrise

    • 12. Extra Shots and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

This class acts as a building block for anyone who wants to try the medium watercolors. Consists of all the concepts of watercolor painting like art materials, color palette, perspective, horizon line, sketching and all watercolor techniques. A landscape consists of sky, land and water and there are individual lessons covering each one of them. This class is an enabler to motivate people to paint daily in a time span of 10 minutes only.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello All, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist, instructor, educator & entrepreneur  from Delhi, India.

I am the founder of VibrantParcels where we make hand bound sketchbooks, brush-roll, pouches etc. This is a fairly new initiative as I was searching for good sketchbooks and it was not available readily in the market so just thought to make something of my own. Then wanted to cater to the greater needs of creatives and added brush-roll & Pouches.

I have a monthly membership on Patreon where I teach more about light & shade, landscapes, urban sketching, travelling etc.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my jo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: expressive watercolor landscapes in 10 minutes. I think even the thought of painting in 10 minutes just excite me a lot. What color is a medium? Very need to be patient, but we always don't have so much of time. So I have come up with a class that is dedicated to all the students who want to try the medium watercolors and live upto the orange to paint on a regular ordinary basis. Hey, guys myself through the gun or not, And I am an artist from Getty, India. Ah, landscape painting whose major intent is to focus on natural scenery such as mountains, forests, deserts and ocean. The art is a wonderful creation, from lush green forests to beautiful sea beaches. Throughout history, we have seen that office have found endless inspiration on derive their palate from nature itself, like we will be doing in this class today, where we will walk with monochrome unlimited salad, also learning to detail the elements off a landscape different degree by selecting one focus element in days, you want to learn how to pay nature with watercolors. This class is well suited and can help you get started as it is very informing toe on robust in nature We do That's upon everything. Starting from the materials required importance of practice to color scheme Finally moving on Do the individual landscapes Nature's paradise that IHS time in the ocean. Monochrome mont Ah, glowing sunset in the forest. Stormy countryside by the ocean on a luminous some rice embassy Do remember the paintings. Are your time on? Yes. It will take you around 10 minutes. I'm really excited to meet you all in the next lesson. See you soon, guys. 2. Pep Talk: I'm always excited if someone tells me you can paint in 10 minutes. But before we get started, I want to cover a few points that have bean on eye opener in my journey. The first is the need for practice. This class has focused on the same. Even if you get 10 minutes in a day, you should practice one e six or in a five size painting. You can go for smaller people and try simpler subject gradually moving to tougher subjects . You can absolve the total number of attempts I had before I did release this class. Each of my paintings have Bean attempted twice or more. Never get this heart and always try to focus on the learning. We might not get the perfect painting at the first floor, but if you attempted the next time you are definitely going to improve. We need to always keep in mind. The quarter colors are random on. There might be off you happy accidents without any further delay. Let's start by knowing our art supplies, moving on to practice on then the final six paintings 3. Art Supplies: okay. The favorite part off mine is discussing about the art supplies. The first is the brushes that we would be using. It is Princeton Coffin Inch Wash Brush Harm. The second is my silver Wilbur size six brush. These are the only do brushes we would be using for painting. Then I need one inch deep for keeping down my people. I'm there will be two jars off water. Always keep Joseph Warta one for the fresh supply off water on the 2nd 1 for washing your brush. Next is my pencil, then on it is so hard skill for drawing the horizon line. We will use Winsor and Newton's sketches set, but along with that, I have uttered a few colors that, as my composed blue, the voice black hole from sending Year 100 composed blue isse from Majella Mission. You can make your own palette. You do not need to own up over writing off the colors. If you know the color, we will. You can prepare your colors on use the colors for the painting I would need or issue. This is really important when you want to paint. We need to pick up some colors with the help of the tissue US villas. I need to double my extra pains from the brushes on the issue. Do you even need off color to mix your colors if you own the tubes, if you have us getting set, it comes for two ballots off its phone within the sketch set off instead of mutant, I will be using that ballot itself on will be painting directly from that. The size of the people is 5.2 inch on. It is a square size people. It is arches, cold pressed paper on. You can cut it from a blue part or from the rules that you get. We do need a carport toe tape down our 5.2 inch paper. 4. Color Scheme: what color's comes in many forms, like tubes called bans. Half pans, concentrated liquid watercolors hand more. Many people stick to one grand can only try to advise the same. But for me, you can always go ahead and make your own palette, buying different colors from different brands. Post Here I am comparing the senator. Yellow can go over and say you the colors might give for hope it because off the amount off pigment used how well the pigment was processed, the fillers hand the binders that Assad toe the pains when it is Man Hatcher. To my surprise, I can get most of the colors from a few basic primary sheets like that yellow on blue. This sketches, said from Vincent Newton, is just an option that you can excise. It would help you toe award mixing small amount of colors part for regular basis has we will be doing six paintings. You can sit back, relax, enjoy the spotting process along with it. Just listen to all the information that I'm sharing. This sketches box off Incident. Newton comes in 24 shades. Black Auto Course compose Blue Senate year. Yellow is an addition from my head. I didn't need some green view colors to paint my waters. That's the reason I had it. The plateau cost on compost The Plateau core skills from similiar on the Composed you case from Mitchell Mission Gold. If you know the color will well, you do not need to own up majorly off the shades, - the whole parties, the food passport, the ingredients that it attendings and same should be done for even our base. The pigment started particular being. Users should be the watch out. Just like Winsor Orange might have less conformation compared to French for primary from Winsor and Newton. When we buy face, we look out for the variety off other criteria, like transparency for non transparency, saturated or unsaturated. I'm not going to get into the details off all of this right. I feel when they are big ners or in cousin intermediate artist, we can just go with a brand of colors. That kid is reliable enough, like Winsor and Newton PwC Majella, Mission Goal and many other brands that you find in the market on. Even you can go go for student raped Bates for starting your watercolor journey. - We are watching all the colors that I'm mentioning now sending here yellow when so yellow lemon jello are really winson orange mincer red Grimsson Permanent Dru's when so violet, cerulean blue When So blue French Our committee pollution blue Viridian foreman in SAB green, yellow, taco raw sienna born sienna raw Humber Bond, Humber, Indigo Danes agree I very black campos blue still toys lap time All it green throughout the entire class. We will be only working with these colors. We will be mixing up off you cook off these colors to get another shade has I do not have all the shapes like if I want to have the doctors from like window K brown time, I don't have it, so I might have to call ahead of time. Prepare for deeper tone off ground compared toa the Sketches said, which has born Humber as the deepest shape 5. Practice : I would be teaching. You ate techniques in total. The first is the grated wash grated wash I'm doing with two colors. The one is my sin. Illegal or been sir Yellow on you are yellow polka with it, these two colors blank without any hard edges on. That's how we say that this is a graded wash, starting from lighter value off the yellow going toe, the darker value off yellow local. - Let's practice the brush strokes now. The force brushstroke that I would be applying will be on the dry surface that is the wet on dry technique. I am a blind on. It is a simple, exact manner that I'm applying my brush strokes once you apply and even coat off water on the people on, then apply. These Russia owes you would be able losing how your colors flow smoothly on the surface. Another important stroke that I always feel when I practice. Giving my painting session is can I draw flag Pablo lines with my brush? I that's really very important. This kind of brush strokes really comes handy when you are painting some water, you have to just apply a bit off pressure and Then again, the least of pressure. It takes the shape off a leaf, but when you apply on a wet surface, it could spread a bit hand. It would give rice toe are painting off water, apply for flat, wash off blue from the dark and deep in it when it goes at the bottom. Once you have these two values off the same color, you need to paint your clubs for the clouds. Go ahead with the deeper shade off the same value that is your wins. A blue or plateau. You can start applying the clouds in the way you see the brushstrokes. This will help you to create an atmosphere. I start by applying my compose blue, moving on to win so blue and then adding their voice plateau. By this, I would be able to create more textured water harm. It looks really beautiful, with different shades off greenish blue, toe hard on some more texture. After that twice plateau, you can go head on and it at the bottom. But some indigo that in the group Wilkie or deeper toned when it is in the foreground, whereas the background or when the water is going of it. It is becoming Lytle in values. - If you have a good bag, you can use any sharp object toe. Cut it after you have painted on the blue, moving on to the next page where we would be learning for other techniques, which is required in our current painting. Painting the water first dual graded wash on the grated wash you can do between raw sienna burnt Sienna Rossi, you know, will be on the dog on bond. Sienna at the bottom. You can do it with any two colors. It's just that I they take these two colors. As for my own mood, but you can take the colors off. Do you can make the colors off off, being screen and yellow. You can take any combination off your choice. There's no definite colors that you need to use. All the colors of the sky will get reflected in the water on. You can use any color that you are applying for the sky in the water. Once you have applied the Bonzi and go ahead and take a deeper don't off buoyancy and our horse born number on and you have tow, apply it on this wet surface itself. How do you apply it? You pig the paint on the brush and then just apply a bit of pressure. Who would in battle one off another. Once you go on the top, you need to make shorter and smaller lines compared to when you are on the bottom, where you are making the broader ones apply and even boat off, wash on the paper and then go ahead and apply the bait at an angle. You can take any indigo pollution or any other color off your choice Time. Start applying. It happened. That's the second kind of cloud that we would be painting during our real 10 minutes pending on way. Want to how big your trees now we dont be painting Some big trees are for bait. Please just take any kind of a deeper shade of brown, but it can be born number or it can be even likely brown and start applying it on the people at this exact you just need toe absolve the brush movements that I am doing and how I am breaking the branches. You will see that the tree trunk is always very take, and when it is going into branches, they become thinner and thinner on the door. That's how we will be applying it on the people on. We will go ahead and make this bed directly without rush. If you are not comfortable painting it directly with the brush you can post to draw a rough offline on, then being dead with the color US is spending our coconut trees. You need to just make the trunk off the coconut tree on. I have painted this coconut tree at an I go because it becomes easier toe watcher this week . Go ahead and apply some lemon green on the top off the hook on a tree on, then are gone some deeper. Don't SAR cream like Viridian green or hookers screen on any other green? That is a real bull with you. Apply some dogs. You're on there on the leaves to make it off. But lose on this. We are close to done with our practice session. This practice session is really important when you want to go ahead on paid any real time paintings off 10 minutes or approximately. Any painting in 10 minutes. It's intimidating sometimes if you don't know how to proceed on how well you can do the paintings and how you can name the painting. So this is another way they would practice on, get on top off the game better. 6. Nature's Paradise: This last project focuses on keeping it simple. We will be using only to brush one wash brush and another round brush. I called a beautiful island as paradise on. That's what we are going to paint in our first painting for today. First begin by applying on even court off water on the people on. Once that is done, start applying your pains on the people. We will beat this guy. Let's take some cerulean blue on white paper. The colors will move automatically. I'm painting those guy in an angular motion on that, so you will see I start from the right inside and my brush towards the left inside. It's a simple stroke that I take from the right towards the left and extending it. If you are unable to spread your colors, just try to take your board orbit on. You would be ableto spread your colors well, walking quickly between the layers off the sky is the idea on How do we work with it? Still, the time my sky is wet, I would go ahead and add some more wins. A blue. I have told you that Plateau Blue is another option that you can take if you do not have been so blue on. If you even know not own any plateau blue, you can go ahead on hard art remitting as an option. Concilio is dry. Go ahead and are the horizon line. Take the help off your scale to draw the horizon line. Sketch a rough outline off the foliage on the line area. Hard two or three lines for depicting the coconut trees. Gently apply the compose blue for the water, since I want some more control for the water. Katie huh? I am going ahead with wet on dry technique near the shoreline. Add a mix off French. Our trauma lean on and went so blue. Keeping the strokes really simple. On Easy is the only cried area. Speak some course once you are done painting near the shoreline on, add on the left side off the water body below. The French are trumpeting and mix it well with the other colors that are already there on the people, adding some more indigo on the bottom area. On add some more water, so diluted a bit on gently mix it with though composed blue color that is already there on the people. Sometimes you will absolve that I add some deeper, don't want toe my water. But what I usually do is I take off that extracting that I have on my brush. Dab it off, will on my people on. Then add some more composed blue for my water escape. This helps me door Take off that extra indigo color which you have seen waas there on the water body in the middle off the ocean. Trippy directly. Go ahead and add some green for foliage, but I really do not want my colors to look flat. Therefore, let's first start with some yellow. Then we will go ahead and add some more green toe. The bottom media take some sub green or the green that is available with you for adding the greens. I'm not very particular about the color that you use. We just need appreciates off. Bring for applying it. One would be up yellow or you can have a yellow green if it is available with you. The second would be a lighter shade off green and another would be or deeper shade of green . What I have done is I have gone ahead and make some sky color on adding on toe some green on where to make up me deeper tools. After finishing note off, I will add some coconut trees. Now that's the best part off this painting, because we are focusing on the small island and we're keeping everything very loose on simple. Let us first think the bark off the coconut tree on. We have to take some Bonzi and are some born Humber to paint these dark brown color for the coconut trees. One status done. We will start painting the leaves off the coconut trees. Note that these coconut trees are after distance, and since there are other distance, we will not be detailing a lot on their leaves, on and on the branches or anything. We will just be doing it very lose and simple. You might not be seeing how I'm painting the leaves as the painting is stopped for you, but there is a coconut tree with the side view, so you can now see how I'm painting the lives. First. I'm applying a yellow than a submarine under deep shade of green. Just add some small lines in the star manner for painting I'm going ahead and adding some loose leaves to my fully age. A few more loose leaves for their deeper tones off green on my coconut trees, keep adding some more loosely studio coconut trees that we have in our focus area. Mix some raw sienna and bit off yellow to give more warm to the painting as the blue collar is more on the cool side off the colors, we want the painting to look warm and vibrant. The mood of the painting will be really positive that way. Continue filling up the white spaces on. Add some bone sienna art the bottom to give some deeper tones toe the short light. After adding the buoyancy and not on my shoreline, I would blend it with the water. The most easy way is to wash your brush. Take some clean water on, move it just below the short line so that the edges are really soft, with help off your brush on. Some people values if necessary. But we are close to completing our painting. I have kept the pace off the painting really slow than the regular speed off my own, and still we are able to manage it within 10 minutes. On a few seconds. Speed off the tape on we have on nature's Paradise painting, ready to go on toe our wall while you peel off the deep. Always taken note that your painting is completely dry on, then would be start peeling off your tape at an angle. 7. Glowing Sunset: here is a technique which you will find a very common in all my paintings. I love this technique the most because it does help me to create the soft blue baron. For this glowing some set painting, playing and even got off wash is the first step for this painting. I'm only going ahead and sketching my son. But I do not go on that my graphite months off the sun to be sure. Therefore I raise it before I apply the water in that area. Starting with yellow, you can use any type of yellow. He will go with you for me. I'm using when so yellow you can you send a clear yellow in yellow or any other yellow color during the board of it Because we want our yellow color to move towards the top After you have applied the yellow go ahead and hard some Mensur orange. You can use any type of orange status available, but if you do not have an orange, go ahead. Makes some yellow and red and it would give her for instant. And you can use that color for painting the sky. And gradually we will move to the deeper tones you can use wins a red or crimson to paint. Once you have painted with the crimson, go ahead and use permanent rose on the door and the absolute off area has to be with some depot shades. You have to go ahead with Prussian blue on the mix off When self you with the more amount his off Prussian blue time start Harding It formed the top layer off the sky The brushstrokes that I'm using now toe paint The sky is similar to the brushstroke we used during the practice session To paint the clubs you have to remember that Kedia London E needs to be with. So the complete painting has to be done very quickly. Go ahead, take some purple can had on toe The style has euro solving Now some crimson on your brush hands start applying at him The Cloud Manor You will see that we are coming down in the brush strokes. We will leave one or does most more dogs in between To show the club, it will not take me more than five minutes stooping to the cloud area in case any off you is looking forward to being some clouds and DDO. I have already published a class on seven different types of clouds on you can have a look at it. I really want my son to be glowing on salt on. That's one of the reason why I'm a blind, some clean water right now to me that soft. Let's apply some orange time, some red at the bottom area off my painting. This is to show the forest that I would be painting once the painting is close to dry, but before it dries. If I don't find that the blow off my son his today, I would go ahead and add some more yellow on the outside, off the area around the sun. Keeping our tissue. Handley is always important for any off your watercolor paintings. Whenever you think that you want to pick up some colors just like I'm doing from the sun Alien status and White, I would go ahead on pick up the colors with help off my issue. - Once our painting istan, I would go ahead and start with my Vincent orange near the sun area. We have to show the soft glow off the sun near the sun. You will always find some warm colors off the florist or off the trees that you want to clean. These are simple mind trees that I'm painting right now on. You want Registrar one single line and extended a few strokes on the left hand on the right . After you are done with the Windsor Orange card, some red on the right castle as on the left inside. After you have added the red, go ahead and add some more crimson time. You would be ending it with a much deeper shade on the edges. - Let's take some more in the go hard some pine trees on the bottom, right hand on the bottom left. Whenever you are blending these colors status of Unser orange. Then you're read your crimson on your indigo. You have to be very sure that the colors that you keep adding should be wit. It should not become completely dry. Then they will not blend into each other. I'm pretty happy with the way my painting has stoned out, but I see that my son is not glowing anymore. On it is not white any further. In this case, when you waas troubling toe, not get the white off the paper. Always use a wide wash. Take the white wash on your palate on somebody washed on. You're feeding with the help off your brush hand, then blended hard the bottom with some water. - Don't know in my journey what I've also for watercolor sis, you need some good amount of patients on. You need to practice. If you have the patience to wait also and see how your painting is moving, you would be able to get the exact results that you need. Once you are happy with this painting, you have to remove the tape. Do remember to remove the tape at an angle. If the tape is still not getting removed, you can use your blow dryer hand. Just apply the blow dryer on the corners off the painting, the thief will automatically come out of the people. 8. Monochrome Mountain: Well, now you would have seen have been stressed a lot about the horizon line. This is one of the first and the most important part of any painting. It helps to understand how we want to place our subject. Laugh for this painting Mountain would be our subject in a loose tongue. But first, let's to a rough sketch off the mountain. You would see that I have placed my horizon line cut about 50% off the heart off my people . I, um right now doing the sketch, there will be a small set off bushes that I want to place above my horizon line on. Then there would be reflection off these bushes on my water. The mean major part that we would be painting for this one is my sky, My mountain time My reflections in the water No, Let's place an even coat off. Wash on the paper hand for the mountain. Your you believe it empty. You will see that I have marked one point below my Martin exactly batters to just mark the reflection off the mountain. How I would be basing it on the water way would be working with only one brush on one status. My pain scream. I have a blind faints creek on my sky, Kedia on. Since that is a even port of wash on my sky idea, door pains are spreading automatically. Let's think the water now we have toe. Just apply some, like wash off pains green on. We will see that majorly. I'm growing three ballot lines in the distance. Now. The power lines that I'm growing is always at a distance because I want to show that the water is not absolutely still on. It has a bit of movement. Coste. Go ahead with for like, the tone, and then you can. I can go ahead with a deeper look for the water with the big screen. Stop filling up with the deepest shape off pains. Great Khan, the Bushes area. You have to fill the entire sketching part that we did during the initial sketching off the bushes with the pain screen. When we walk with one single column, the values of the color becomes really important on you will be seeing that I were school between different values off the same color, like for the water. I'm leaving head like Oh, and don't. Whereas for the bushes I'm keeping doctor in donor again for the mountains. I would be taking a lighter, so only that altering the value off one single color I would be able to think of this. Monochrome mountain scape always has a habit. Check the colors that you use on the people before applying it on the final painting. This is a great habit that you can keep for yourself on the chances of going wrong in the final painting, his less doctor. So I help. I have taken a light wash off pain straight, and I'm checking it on the people because I want to see that the color is like when I applied on the final space off my months. It is snowy Mountain on. Hence we will not have the pain scream at each and every part off. No, Mom, once you are done, adding the lighter don't I will go head can start Harding some deeper tones off my pain screen on my mountains on since the like it don't start still wet. You will see the colors bleeding on. The people do remember that we have water. It's not call moving water as such there is only very light makin the water card. Therefore, we need toe. Keep the reflections off the bushes behind the mountains. Inside the water, you have to keep walking on the surface off the water. When it is not very tried, it has to be a bit wet so that the colors flow on hand. There are moved hard edges. We only get the soft edges. Why are you being to the reflections? Do keep in mind that there should be more distance between the bush that is there in the background. That is the actual mountain kinda reflection off the bushes in the water. There should be a small white space in between both of them, so that they can distinctly see in case you can't see your distinctly. Then it is important to always pick up that extra color on, then allow it toe be seen exactly as wide spaces. Let's start with some foreground snow kind for the four runs again, I have to take some pain straight can keep making the bushes in my poor trump's. It's a very simple process. Take the deeper shade off the pain. Straight, hard, hard to simple line using the tip off the brush toe hard. The small, small grasses lines on the simple flat line that we did pain for our foreground bushes. Onda. That's how I will just end the painting. There's not much off any further details that I want to add on to my paintings. You will see that the complete painting it's done in a monochrome. The sky stand in a monochrome on the sky gets reflected in water as I see that the water doesn't have any color off its own, and only the color of the sky does get reflected on your water. The mountains is in pain straight on the same color as being reflected in the water. Once you're happy and satisfied, feel off the deep kind. You're painting, kiss ready. 9. Stormy Countryside: painting the stormy close, this one off the favorite subjects, starting with her off sketch for terrorizing line and then another line below it with 1.5 centimeters face. Because I want to show some land beyond the roads, which gives the painting the feeling that it's on thinking this guys is always tricky because it usually sets the mood of the painting. We will be mixing some colors and pains toe paint the stormy clouds, but first plea and even goto wash on paper for the sky area. Stop with some cereal glue applied on the people, leaving a few areas where we want to show the light. This wash will be very light. Wash off Serena Blue that I am going to apply new. Keep it light because we would be applying one more layer off. Another color that we will be mixing for our stormy clubs way will add some integral crimson when sir or are mixture corpus storming dogs, you need to have about 10% to 5% max, part of inside red and crimson in her indigo. When you apply this mix to the paper, you will see that there isn't under need color, which has a video crimson convince a read on. It helps us to set the atmosphere at a great move for our painting. Stormy clouds will always have a feature off strong tombs and contras. We do not want to have any hard edges. That's one of the reason we are painting where Don't wait, he starting the scholar. But do keep in mind that we do not want to make the entire sky area really dark. Whenever I feel that I have added a lot of things, I dab off that extracting with her both my tissue like I have done. Once we are done with our sky, we have to start with the land. The distant land would be more off yellow. Don't you can go ahead, take some scenario yellow or the winds like yellow card. Once you have parted that yellow, you will go ahead. Take someone's orange on Toronto. The Bagram, after adding the Windsor Orange leave, go ahead, have had some Rossi and if you do not have Rosiana the better option to go ahead with his yellow local, you can add the local just the way time guarding the Rosiana do remember toe hard Dakhil on lighter tones. The lighter tones that I'm Harding years with the help of water on the doctor tones that I'm earning is with help off my face. Do leave some white spaces in between the roads when you are painting the roads. Once we're done with the roads, we will go ahead and pick up someone sienna on our brush and then start adding it fell on. The sides called the sketch for the room that we did paint hiding some Windsor orange with are born humble Time Harding that makes on toe heart people there. We have the sketch comfortable. I'm just deepening the colors that are body applied, take some more want number and applied on the paper along the lines off the road as well. Us. You have to even deep in the values off the background that ISS the place, which is just before our final horizon. Even along the horizon line. Just apply some amount off bond Humber on Make it pop it deeper involved. Once that is done, I will take the same makes off my sky, have had some want number on top off it to make it more people on. Apply the deeper don't do my do Remember, I do not want a single color for my ground because then my textures off the ground will be lost. We will keep Harding. The deeper domes cut only a few places because the light and shadows off the sky do get reflected upon the grounds. And hence we also want to show the contrast off the light and shadows. Quantum. My grounds leave like some more people tones to our background on. Then I think the tree, the tree is absolutely bear. Half dozen top and he leaves. We will just be painting the trunk on the branches of the dream. It is his cause exact motion that you need to paint the dream. We have only practiced how we want to pay the three. During our practice session on, we will be just replicating the same on the people. For the stormy countryside scene, - keep adding the branches off the tree. Still, you are satisfied on Once you're satisfied who hair time complete the finally paying off the bending the final details off the grasses on these small small lines toe defect the track. But we have painted or the road that we have painted on their small, small grass is on the board. We just go ahead on final details on word on, finish off our painting to add some lines here and there it is just to make your roots a bit more prominent. I don't keep adding these grasses, but a long whether you will always absolved that. I keep looking hard the final hole court when I think that I am happy and I am satisfied, I will start removing my date. But before you remove the tape, do let the painting tribal. 10. By the Ocean: this project is all about painting water. Some lose mountains on beach Before we start, we need to force understand what we will be focusing on so that we know what Toby deal when the new projects which are lose on quick within 10 minutes off time, we need to choose one object to focus on on Dhere. The mainly dealing will be on the mountain on Mountain will play that role off being and focus. Let's go ahead and go off Outline, which focuses on the mountain while beach area on to show the perspective off a small help in the background. The water is below 50% of the people hand. It is important to keep a note so that we can place the objects accordingly. All of us are learning hand. We do not need to be perfect. Take her often result scale Wherever you feel the need offer mix some in so blue and apply it on the sky area. The sky idea is really small. So even the direct application off painters fine go with the deeper tones on the right top corner and make it like, oh, with the addition off water, if you do not have Winsor Blue. You can also use plateau blue If you even do not have plateau blue, you can go for any lighter Don't saw flew on. Apply it on the paper. I do feel my first layer is really like Can I'm going with another layer off plateau or when sober? For me? I haven't so Therefore I will go ahead. But when sub not. You need to apply this layer when your people is wet. I'm even picking up some colors where I feel that it has gone a bit taco on top off my vents a blue I'm going ahead and applying some more indigo on the corners on on the top while I come below, I let it be off. Lighter tones, however, makes some more indigo in the winds of blue on add their distinctive. Now this is off the deeper tone on it is absolutely lose. I am not going toe. Make it a lot of detail. I do not want my sky toe get mixed with the background hill, so I will pick up some colors now can make it very light or don't off blue on top off my head I think the ocean is really mother favorite part off this painting. We will be mixing three colors hand The technique is wet on dry. There is composed blue that we are forced applying on the people. Once campos blue is done, take some turquoise teal color if you have. If you do not have no need to worry. Go ahead and apply some French ultramarine kind some indigo to finish it off in the bottom . Yeah, you will see that the order off the color sis lighter to deeper tools. The lighter is my composed blue on the top. Then some portion off the course blue In case you have it adding some French family on the last will be my indigo. Take some more in the go and apply it below the shoreline. I would be moving between the tones off yellow ocher, dark brown toe paint, my mountains for steak, some yellow oko on your brush and other on the people. Then you cannot Some raw sienna. Both the shades are close enough. If you do not own both, just go ahead with anyone and apply it on the mountains. Leave some bite spaces on the mountains to show the effect of the light. The reason for this is when we hit a beach. It has to be upright Sunday. So there sunshine is hitting the mountains on creating textures. I will go ahead and add some deeper tones off Ponsana, now onto my mountains on bond number. Now toe the mountains to get some deeper values, you can use any leap shade off brown that is available for two. No need to go with the same shade card that I am using. Hi. Some born number with Sindical blew off the sky that we heard. Hund then added on the mountains in few places to create the effect off light and shadows. Now let's are this mix, even on the bottom off my mountain, because I want to show that my mountains is separate compared to the beach. Go ahead. Can makes raw sienna yellow, cocoa at night. Car flat. Wash up on the white, signed a deal. It's almost close to the finishing line or for painting, but I will go ahead and add some dry brush technique on toe my mountains before I do. The dry brush technique just had on some more pictures on toe the mountain white spaces. One of the best part off thes small, many paintings is we do not need to or not a lot of Russia's. If you have a few colors on even a one single brush, that should we have full to complete this painting, I'm mixing my own colors. It is my bond number on. I'm going ahead and adding some indigo in it. You might not even create this color. If you already have been dyke a brown, let's try it upon or people. Now this is the dry brush technique that we would be applying onto the mountains. Always apply every technique on or rough paper before you directly apply it on the final thing. Even you can check the shades off the color before you apply it on your final painting. I'm happy and contended with the painting. Now the time is to peel off the tape, can see how are painting has turned out 11. Luminous Sunrise: I have been stressing a lot about the horizon line throughout. Many off my paintings start. We did pain today, but what exactly we mean by horizon line? It is the line dividing the sky, land or water. Another name op arising, Linus high level. It should idling, not be at the center of the composition. Usually it should be above are below. But for the current composition, it stands in the middle by the guys. You should be very happy that we have reached the last thing Importantly on it is all about the sunrise on the beach. The sunrise would be based on a limited pollard dark. We will be using today the fosters a yellow, then some amount of Spencer orange and pain stories of the three colors family that we would be using. The limited palette is a concept that I always love because it uses very less colors. And still, it's very expressive when you think about the pain things that you want to paint with them . Pastime. Taking those any year old oven cereal watching whatever is available with you, you can take any off your choice on start painting around the sun. The sun will have a view off its own on. You need to take the colors on the left as well as on the right. Extended on, then had another. She wound up off the yellow color starting Semenza orange, no on, then go ahead and are the main screen contact off the Windsor College. - Always remember the immensely that would be applying on the dog with half and underneath the blue collar. Now, because of the blue collar, you might be getting some money effects toe a wide. These money affects what you can do it. Take like drones off yellow when you are going on the top 10 hard your paints cryonic. This would help you avoid any money, colors or any any greenish kind of colors that you might get because of the blue that pains three Usually house. - When we go down with the clouds, we will try to take the like atones fourth car, colors off pain screen and start adding to the lower side off the sky. Once a skies done, we need to start off with our water what your water would be. Having good be an exact mirror image of the sky, the water that I'm painting. He's not holding on where. Technique. It's a wet on dry technique. This is to show you that even the clouds can be painted in a wet on dry paper. But the soft effect of the clouds are better when it is wet on wet. We will just had heart pain, say now to the bottom of the painting hand, then had some water so that we can march the colors well, that is our yellow Winsor orange hard mainstream. You can also take a very light wash off Main Street on, then trying, marching it with the colors. We know that we do not want to have any hard edges, so all these colors need to be applied quickly. Now I want my water to have some motion, so I'm going ahead and adding some straight lines on my water. This street line needs to be ordered when your people is with. If your paper is dry, there will not be a soft line like we are getting now on hard paper. Go ahead with the deepest own off pain screen and start Harding short lines. How do you are the short lines you need to just take a rush, put it on the people and press it off. Then extend Hush straight line that again through the same process. We have done these brush strokes when we were doing the practice session. Keep extending the brushstrokes though the top off the painting when you go towards the top off the painting make it small on shorter lines. Compared toa broader lines are important. I would be making on small. I'm short hill above the horizon line. It needs to be soft in nature, so you have to apply the color when your sky is still with. Once this is done, we have to go ahead and me, our son that IHS in the reflection on the water as soft compared to what we currently have , which has hard edges. The best way to apply some soft edges to your painting is just take some water. I just apply it on, then remove it with the tissue. If you try moving it with the tissue, it would start giving you that soft pitch that is exactly required in the water for our son . Reflection. One of the important lessons off my watercolor journey is knowing when my painting is done on leaving a dead, the complete painting is went on with If you work on the people when it destroy, then the chances of spoiling it increases. We need to accept the painting as it appears on the paper. Once the paper is trying, that's all that we have in a lost painting on Meet You in the next lesson for the final thoughts. 12. Extra Shots and Final Thoughts: I have put together all the extra shots which never me do any of the lessons Starting with a big thank you to everyone who made it to the end of the class on give this class a watch . I'm always more than happy to share my skill set with you all In case you want me to cover any further topics you can let me know in the discussion section or teacher to me on my instagram Handy What color illustration Dark later. Do me on your projects. If you are sharing it on instagram on, I would request you toe upload it in the project Calorie It would be off Great pleasure to take a look at all of them. I always feel very happy to hear back from you all in the feedback section on the current class on the improvements that I can bring in in the future classes hope to see you soon. Until then, happy painting guys