Enlightened Management | Dominic Kotarski | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro to Enlightened Management Course

    • 2. Module 1 - What is Management Really

    • 3. Module 2 - Importance of a Strong Vision & Giving Direction

    • 4. Module 3 - The Leadership Challenge

    • 5. Module 4 - Collaborative Approach & Coaching Mindset

    • 6. Module 5 - Expectation Setting & Motivation

    • 7. Module 6 - Staff Developmemnt

    • 8. Module 7 - Staff Selection

    • 9. Module 8 - The Little Things

    • 10. Module 9 - Fearlessness & Risk Taking

    • 11. Module 10 - Final Thoughts & A Big Thank You


About This Class


Times have changed and the world of work has too. This course on Enlightened Management will help you to understand how to be not only an effective manager but and enlightened one.

A manager that knows not just how to connect with their people on all levels but also understands how to create meaningful lifelong relationships based on intelligence and compassion.

We will explore the challenges of managing remote teams and discuss ways to improve connections and keep the human touch.

We will learn how to build on the shoulders of giants and keep the time tested common sense approaches in our management toolbox and learn how to use some simple but effective coaching methodologies in our daily interactions with our team.

 Who is this for?

  • Managers who feel stuck in terms of growth within their organizations.
  • New Managers starting out on their path and finding their feet.
  • People who aspire to be a great manager one day.
  • Managers who want to take a pulse on how they’re getting thing done through their people and possibly get some additional tips and tools to keep growing as leaders in their organizations

So... what are you waiting for? Let's get Started!!





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Dominic Kotarski

Author, Coach and Workshop Facilitator

Dominic Kotarski is a certified master coach who's trained and coached 1000's of salespeople including executives and business owners from around the world. Thirty years of international business experience has allowed him to personally build multi-million dollar sales companies in Australia, England and Holland. During this time he has helped 100s of entrepreneurs in 12 different countries to build their own multi-million dollar sales enterprises. Like every entrepreneur he's had his ups and...

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