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Editing short fashion promo video with DaVinci Resolve

teacher avatar Anton Khumala

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. 01Welcome

    • 2. 02 Promo example

    • 3. 03 Import media TL set up

    • 4. 04Going through the footage

    • 5. 05 Working with the music track

    • 6. 06 Editing 1st section Short inserts technique

    • 7. 07 Editing 2nd section Speed bumps technique

    • 8. 08 Editing 3rd and final sections Jump cuts

    • 9. 09 Sound design for effects and transitions

    • 10. 10 Resume Editing techniques used

    • 11. Class project

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About This Class

Why take this course?

Short promotional commercial video content is becoming more and more popular on social media nowadays.  In this course, we will look at techniques of editing 1 min fashion promo using DaVinci Resolve tools.

You will learn universal concepts behind the commercial editing to make your videos more dynamic and impactful and you can apply them in every editing software to take your editing to the next level.

Who Should Take The course?

  • This course is for everyone who wants to take their editing skills with short commercial promos to the next level
  • This course is for video editors who want to improve their knowledge skills and abilities.

What you'll learn

  • Learn editing techniques that becoming popular for commercial use today
  • Go through step by step breakdown of the edit of real-world commercial job example
  • Learn how to edit short and effective promo content with DaVinci Resolve
  • Universal techniques that can be applied with other NLE programs (Premiere Pro, FCPx, Vegas)

To get the most out of this course you need an understanding of basic tools in editing programs

Meet Your Teacher

Director of photography, video editor and color grader with a background as a broadcast camera operator.

With experience in a wide range of shooting scenarios, I really enjoy working with lighting as a DoP but at the same time, I've had a lot of editing and color grading work over the years of my career.

I'm happy to share my experience, and expertise with lighting for video, editing, and color grading.



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1. 01Welcome: Hello and welcome to this course. Editing short fashion from a video in the Ventures off is this course I show you how I approached editing one minute video becoming moment more popular for Martha Days to use for Instagram promotion. Quick adds what techniques I used to stabilize my additive. Give it more dynamic and we'll go step by step breaking down the real world job example. We'll be using Di Vinci result, which is completely free. And to get the most out of this course, you have to understand how to use basic tools in the Vinci. Nothing more than that, as I will be concentrating more on ideas and techniques. You will alone here, a universal, and you can use them with every editor program. I'm really looking forward to be your instructor and hope to see you in the course. Let's see the example. We were breaking down and dive into it 2. 02 Promo example: 3. 03 Import media TL set up: Okay, here we are in the ventures off Other gold fell thing we need to do. We need to import our footage. I go to the drive where I have my files. I heard the wreck Amand using SSD drives. Nowadays they are very cheap And go to my older on and I am bored. My clips, right. Click at older create beast. I try to stay organized from the very beginning. And you see how fast Devin she imports my footage. They were showed, as you can see in ultra high definition. Um, and other footage is in slow motion. This waas in 60 frames per seconds playing in 30 frames. And I go to my aided tab. I need to create my timeline. I drag any sleep I like on the timeline and it creates timeline for me. Okay, I will be delivering in two k not ultra high definition eso I goto project settings. So muster settings And I said my timeline Resolution toe two K 16 to 9. Double check, timeline frame rage. 30 frames per seconds. He's safe. I would also like to mention that all the footage waas short in long gamma, which is very flat, but for the purposes, off editing tutorials I would like to see contrast pictures. That's why I have my roast settings with contrasting Gummo and Rex seven Alang for color space if you have your files already contrast e and colored. That's also very good. I will be greedy in this little piece, separate course, and I'll show you how approach Color grader. But for editing tutorial, this looks good. Okay? I don't need these piece of footage on my timeline anymore. I want toe Have my timeline in a separate folders are great. I dragon toe master and create right click create and being being four timelines Time lives go to muster and drag my timeline into timelines folder. I would like to rename it, Give it a name, like pre cards or something. Check my settings. 30 frames to K and I have my timeline ready to start editing 4. 04Going through the footage: Okay, We are now ready to go through our footage. For me, music is always a main inspiration. Stores so usually spend many hours before find the right track that make sure mood and pacing that. I like to see my radio. And then I take advantage of every cue that music gives me to make my stronger, more emotional. One thing I try not to use monotonous tracks off book treks. I don't like to edit with them because I'd like my music to have some build. But at this stage, I might not have the right track yet. I'm still waiting for the track from clients. So I need to get myself for me. There is a food which I have on Let's do this. So I grab my first sleep in the stores Morning home. Oh, yeah. Okay. I please reads and I would like to hear I would like to in point here I scrubs through the footage on I think somewhere here will be my outboard it Oh, it mark out and I drag it. Just video. I don't need all your toe off with this type of jobs on the timeline again. As you can see my wife violences beat off, but I'll do with it during my color grading protests. One thing I was I would like to have is, uh, open blacking. I go to timeline output blinking and set it to 2 39 Okay, great. Uh, then I go to my second clip one do we have here? Okay. Plane, she stars. You can't walk. I said my importance, not We're here where I like it to be. And it's probably now I drive it off. The timeline go to next. Clean, great social view on some way. He somewhere here? Yes. Let's heat I licky board. Okay, I think that's that is all. Was these sleep? Rebs, ease. What do we have here scrubbing through my footage? Okay, I can grab something from here. I go through all my clips is his way. Um, let's see what we've got here. Also, white balance is a bit off waiting to all the people on the backgrounds because okay. And somewhere from here, I believe I can set my important playback. Yeah, I like how she tones to heal Left. Yes, Kate is That's probably enough because I will have each off my short on the timeline with, I believe, up to two three seconds length. So I don't need them to be super along by now. Although I try them to be longer than in the final aided because I will have some options. Which part of each clear I will have doing the final edit Que go through some of the clips for you. Uh, okay. A probably I will have my importance nowhere here because I like these parts of it more. Okay. See? Yes. Yes, OK. Just and said my outpoint just somewhere here and drink it all the time line. I usually this just my thing. I leave some spaces between Cleaves. Okay, sometimes for the clips like this one, have you that is driven. All right. Oh, I already have my even all boards. Yes, I like this moment as Wregget on timeline. But see what? God? Yes, probably some way. Here was this clip. I would like to see a couple of options and drink them close to each other. See what we have here. And you see, you know, a media pool. It shows me that I have to selections from just one clip Juan into. I came going through the footage and Dittemore uh, close up many close ups. For example, these one gain we see, which is where you wary orange looking. We have to deal with it. We can also deal with some imperfections during my imperfections off skinny me doing my color grazing course. So, yeah, Okay, let's make it a bit longer, so we'll shorten that Washington needs later on. So some of the shorts, of course, will require beads off the Freemen. So I go to inspector change my why position disease, for example. This way, I go through all my clips, alway clips. Getting familiar is bullish. I have giving myself as many options as possible for the aged. Drinking them all to my Prekaz timeline. I basically ready to begin with my first aid and draft. 5. 05 Working with the music track: Okay. And here what we've got in our pre cards or rough card these portions off the clips I've choosing to use in my ended, I just crept through each All that play, uh, to show you what God's que some nice footage. This one obviously need to be just to be refrained. So I selected Go to Why, Inspector Andi put it up. Just a beat on the Y axis. And I always try to work where it's safe. So I don't want to change this time. I want toe change Another one. So I duplicated Goto edit duplicate clean. And I named these duplicate to my agent Juan or draft one. What? I would like it and I opened it. Okay, for now, it's time to import our audio. We go to media, go to the folder that contains our soundtrack, Uh, on probably the easiest ways to drag it to muster folder. And here we have it. Uh oh. You going to edit Tab? It's or visit our orders, What? If anything, it's much more than just one minute. So let's count it on to suit Allah length first, let's have a marker on our timeline for just one minute, one minutes. So we're here. Keep em. So this hour, marker on. And basically, that is our clip length way have toe feet. Most of these shots, uh, for these length. One minute, promotional. Uh, so let's cut our music to fit all That's very good. Uh, Trek, uh, that's taken Okay, here. I can hear that. I have two rounds off intro before the track finally picks up speed picks up bits away here . So I don't need two rounds because I'm very, uh, restricted in terms off length, so I need to cut it. I like to call it. It's uh oh, my all your track. So I go to some way here. Not exactly somewhere here. Yeah. Here's the second drones stars, so you can easily get somewhere. Here. Let's take a listen. It's probably too much. It starts away here. Uh, okay. Here we have our Star Trek. This intro. That's which way to go field big stops, speed those That means. And I notice that somewhere here, we need to goto our conclusion because, uh, we have our marker one minute marker nearby. So let's hear where we can boot our cards. on. Go to the end part. Yes, I'm way here. You can You can You can hear that. It goes to the next round on. We will have our card here on through the end part off their drag. Yes, I wait here. That's a win. Yeah. Trying to make cars on the beat. So I choose my razor. Uh, I would like to have snip snipping home. So we're here. Uh, on they would like to have the last part of the creep as my end in. Yeah, let her go. Next. Let's make a cart. Also, where the in droves. It's too late somewhere here. Andi, just do leave these parts and see how it looks like. Yeah, not too bad. I might be a bit more precise with my card or can mask it. But the thing is, I need to make just one more cards. Razor blade through the end in some way. Here, um, that seem delete and pods on drugs. These marker to have some good fade out off the music. 00 don't rag being caught to the length off one minute. And now we're ready to move around our sleeps on and be creative with our first draft 6. 06 Editing 1st section Short inserts technique: okay for their first part before that music drag bigs upbeat. It's where we relaxed. And I would like to use some the next shots here. Probably these wild work. Yeah, I don't really need these one. Uh, I would like to use here. Close up. All right, here, but, uh, starting somewhere from here? Yep. Andrean it with and bottom these wake and snap it. Oh, okay. Probably my next short will be this one. Heat and 28 snapping. Uh, what else? Maybe a couple off close ups. Maybe. Is these two shots should walk. Also, remember, I need to end my section, uh, some way here. Let's see what we got. I need to card before these moments with your eyes. Um, I can probably do something like this. Uh, it can start experimenting. Um, I would also like to reframes his shorts so way. So yeah, something like this. Um, I can make it a bit longer. Honestly? Yep. Okay. Some nice shots here. Five shots for the most part. Of course, we need to start with a little frayed in which is wary. Easy to do with their inch. You just drugs, Marco. You know these. Okay, Uh, some light shorts here, but he finally with just like disease. Of course, it's too easy. Two simple editing, and I would like to spice up my edit, give it sound style with shoulds that I didn't use here, Uh, this short and sorts, I would say, like something from these shown, uh, make it very strong. Something like these, uh, and place. It's, for example, somewhere here, where is short sighted? Yeah. Ah. Okay. Let's see what we have here also. Yeah, like these shots off your hand. But I don't want to use these short as a main short. I just want toe make. Is this short insult? Yeah. Where were we? People regulate here and probably put it some way here. Probably with my related to even less exist. Okay, now we have it on. And for the style, of course. I would like to put some effects on these clips and some transitions. You can use anything you feel, Stutes best for the style of work like example, Camera shake on this little pieces. Uh oh. Black and wides. Our GBS pleads, you name it. I will use feeling damage just because I have it, like type feeling, uh, open the fix him damage. Yeah. Uh, okay. Dragons here. I have some good film damage here. You can play with your state ings off course. Always for opening fix. Go to Inspector, open a fix like I can increase my stained density hairs. Anything just on the same I will use. Of course, the same effect. Been damage. The's part on Dragon's Here am I also play with savings. I don't want to use deeper and effects, uh, here and here, but I want to use just a same while I can increase scratches. For example, Just do you believe Jesus? Takings as you like? Um, and I would also like to have some creative transitions. Was his little pieces. You see, it doesn't glade real time, you know, Um, some creative transitions you can use whatever creative transitions you have. Uh, I used, uh, go to two books, video transitions. I have lots of them. I can use my funeral that I have getting because I want to style eyes. These, uh, it doesn't bleed. Riel time. Blame back. Go to Brooksie molds and I heat. What a resolution. And I make sure use optimized media before we switched on. So this way I can walk much fester. Okay? I don't want this transition toe to be here, but rather probably Yeah, on Dhere can use simple to solve something. Uh, soul. Yeah, simple. This old should work. Um, okay. You can play. Of course, with your compositions on. Uh, let's see what we got here. Yes, on, uh, the same here. He's been role. OK, basically what I've done, uh, pulled some creative transitions from these little pieces off footage between main shots. Um, and I put my heavy effects on these little pieces, which creates which which creates some kind off. Surprised for the viewer on it makes my editor much more dynamic. Uh, what I also can do another Treek is just use some Portis with great black between shots, which automatically emphasizes some of my shows that you want to bring attention to. For example, here, I want to bring attention to your close up. So I'm before her first close up. I might want to trade it in on this one to find out. Yep. Some way here. I might do something like this. Okay, Once the game. What? We're down here. We put some little pieces footage like this between our main shots, we put effects on them. Creative effects, like film damage. You can use our GBS, please, or whatever you like on. We used creative transitions to go for these little pieces. Two main shots were also used Some plates to emphasize that close ups that I want to put a patient too. Okay. And now I'm going to the next part. 7. 07 Editing 2nd section Speed bumps technique: OK, moving on. Visa ended on. I want to place these five, uh, clips for the first part. Oh, far music drag when beat into music comes up. So three shots from one sequence and two shots from another sequence to feed thes portion off soundtrack before that middle section off our upbeat music track. Okay, let's join them all together and see how it looks like I need to join these two clips and I have to find a good point to make a cart. So probably Kharrazi's just, uh, sleep and the point when she starts walking on Dhere, take a look. I need to major emotion. She starts walking, starts stepping, whisk your right leg here. I can also wait for the moment for these moments. Yes. Okay, let's make a got here and joined them together. So is this way the flow off the motion is natural. So when you cards very fast, probably nobody would notice if you make a mistake. But I prefer to make my motion because it looks much more natural on Let's join of these two guys. These are the guys. So of course I am, uh, could finally beat Mawr real estate. Wrong Another part of the track. But let's leave it like this for now. On we have five. Let's zoom in and see five treks, five clips story. But if I leave it like these again, it's too simple. Of course, I'm looking for ways to stabilize my I did make it a bit more dynamic. Interesting on I would like to introduce my best friends here. Just time. A weapon I like to create spin bombs. Ah, some of the tricks on some shots as here How it looks like, for example, take a look here There is a music because speed bombs and music should be in some kind of synergy. Um, let's take a listen one more time to be. So take a look at the start of your section. I like how she turns to the came around, but with slow motion. It looks too long for me on the screen, so I'll choose to start the new section off my edit It mawr dynamically. So that's why I introduced my speed bomb here. So let's put our play head here, right click, which is every time car. All right, clear here and choosing time speed, so I'll boot my point over there. Ah, when I need my sleep to return to the normal speed understands and I'll click and drag portion or their free time core. Oh, increasing speed to about about, uh, maybe these We'll be good. Something black sees roughly, roughly something like these again. Take a look. Yeah, Like how she tones more dynamically. And then the sleep, as in the clip? Yeah. Is back to normal. 100% speed. Uh, we have a gap. Of course. Here. Um, let's make it to be longer if we can. Yeah, something like this. It's joins these two guys together and see what? What else can we do with speed bumps? Yeah. Thank you. Here again for me is music track. And I have my beats coming up like, Yes, and I would like to create a speed bomb in the middle of this clean. Ah, Let's, uh yes. I'll wait here. Right. Leak the time core gain. Zoom in a means go to every time. Speed making coins. So I would like to make another point and just increase the speed in the middle. Probably make it. It means longer. This portion. Let's take a look. Yeah, you feel it's more dynamic like a She tones mawr Crestor basically on and beat reason music again. You always can make these cores as most move all, um, busier as busy curves. But I don't want to make it here because I would like it to start. And then the speed bomb very abruptly, ITT's means the style Here again. Let's see what we have here. Let's joins these two guys and create one most big bomb. Uh, yeah. Again, uh, to here, right click every time speed, it's created some way here and innocent Boynes here and again could weaken drag the middle portion. It's probably so. First, let's take a look way we means to beat that drug. It is a ride. Um, because I try to create some synergy Visa music with my speed bomb. Yeah, that's attributed. Beat the left and make it just to be Yes, something legacies works. Um, okay, uh, let's take a look at three speed bombs we created on how they make our entity a bit more dynamic and more interesting. Yeah, and I would like, Is it called to be somewhere on the beans, you see, Once you start doing this, you instantly see how this speaks looks more interesting when he applies the speed bombs. And honestly, it's very hard to go back after these about a word of caution off course as we there every effects using where it's apparently, don't overdo it. One little trick here. Also, you can always caught just little piece, maybe 10 frames, maybe with less, uh, off your main clean up, Go to razor Razor. Cardin's, uh, Goto video effects open If ICS I have gay, they have my feel damage, and I applies the same effect to the end of the clean. Sorry, Probably make it, uh, a bit more stylized. Who's here? Hairston's great shoes and something, and this will be a good transition to the next part, which we will see in the next video. 8. 08 Editing 3rd and final sections Jump cuts: Okay, here we are in the middle, off our up temple section off the music. Drag on. And here's when the farm comes up. Really? Because I noticed I have three similar looking saluted type off kind of shots with your hair toes on. I would like to create some junk cards sequence from them, and I think it's perfect time now. So I like this short. Uh, but I would honest, deep, like, hear, hear to move up and not down. This will create a nice surprise look, in effect for the start off you jump cuts sequence. So probably and I'll clean up some way here and right click change clips bit and reverse speeds. Let's take a look. Yep. Yeah. Okay, let's joins this clip with good parts off another two guys. Probably. This is a good part. I don't need them to be very long, like, probably this is longer than it should be. So it should probably start so way here. Just small pieces for which has joined them together. And they have 1/3 1 Where is the best part for me problems? He's one. Okay, this but onda probably place it somewhere here I hold my common shoot a cultural shift. Place it in the middle. Yeah, just so way here. Okay. It's a nice sequence off three job card shots. Let's take a look. It's not too dynamic. I would like to make to start our motion. My motion off. Your hair's just from here. And I would like these lost sleep to be even a smaller Gail. It's dry 11 time. Join them. Yeah, this looks good. Much better. But I would also like to have my film damage effect applied to visit Middle Clean. Yeah, a look in eyes and I will feel the emphasize these cause he's my sound effects again. I would like to put my funeral transition between that to you. Cart tail end off previous section short to the beginning off my job consequence. Yeah. Good. Okay, the next short. It's a nice, beautiful looking shot off here. Okay, Walk into the camera. But there is no way. Of course, I can use its full banks because it's, ah to so long coast for this type of editing. So again, jump. Kat is one of my best friends, so I'll probably of probably caught the start of the sleep. Like here. Make a god Andi, uh, have somewhere is a widow. Pull you and just use these two parts, these one of these one and cards in the middle. And, uh, again, I am creating jump cuts. I would like to be a bitch Close. It was a camera. So probably I will use section Where? Where she's close it with a camera. Like this section? Yes, a nice jump. Got you. Let's played with music dreck. Yeah, looks nice. I can make it a bit smaller, honestly. And he's one also on. And for that strong beat in music, I would like to place another short. Okay? And I still have some time toe play with Probably healed. Thanks. High heels coming up, Let's and in some way here. And I would like to use he'll close ups. Yes. Let's bring them closer and see. Okay, let's join these guys. And again, the same trick is a meeting. I would like to fly like constant tailed off a small portion off this clip and put something azan effect leads, but, uh, put my film role, transition and film damage effect and start to use the same kind of effects all the time Here. Gain. That's great. Speed bomb every time. Uh, go shoes. Mayer time speak. Probably some way. Here is a good place. Let's see, It's probably too much. Let's bring back my enrolled because it he's got no Yeah, Like coffee. Move your head with the bead of need is the last board. So the next stroke will probably be Is one on I I would like to see your eyes, but I'll take advantage off deliverance into okay s o I go to my inspector and instead, off scale and fits. I choose crop. Reframe it. Yeah, somewhere not in the center. And give some space to to this short before the end off my off this part Let's take a look . It's not so bad. Don't make it longer. And this short, shorter Let's take a look with sound trick. Oh, are jump consequence and play here. Put it on. Okay. And now we approach in the last part off our editing. Okay. Here where we can't our music, it becomes more relaxed. Attention drums. And it allows me to use longer shorts. I don't want to use a name effects or speed bombs off course here a Zoe went through the climax on Bond. Afraid it's on to be just relaxing. So let's put them all together. See how it looks like gay and hear how it looks like who was the last section previous in belated inflows last section. And now it's perfect time to think off sound design and emphasizing what we did with effects and transitions. 9. 09 Sound design for effects and transitions: and now it's perfect time to help our transitions and great effects with some sound design . I won't be die diving deep into sound design. Of course, it's a completely different, very big universe, but it's very hard to overemphasize the importance off sound design and just during very simplistic sounds and helps your editing tremendously on that. I wish to have some sound samples here to make my effects transitions a few more realistic . Um, there are tons off places online. We could buy and download some sound samples. Different quality. I have some library spot for this example. I just went toe free. Sound that organ on. Uh, I don't only three sound samples, correspondent toe What I have in my effects like I have a funeral on. That's why I don't film projectors, food, drop real, drop everything you can find. Guys. Uh, okay, uh, let's see where I can put them. I have a nice transition over there where I would like to put my effect. Uh, this one is big sample, and you can just because these one is big sample on you just try to find the best place, the best sport you want to use. Sometimes you have to be precise with is what's happening on the screen. But honestly, not every time. Sometimes you just need to create feeling off what's happening. So I just click and drag these guy and see, uh, on a separate track off course and see how it feels. Yeah. Just creating the feeling. Maybe beats Loader. Yeah, of course. You probably want to see it in real time. Uh, moving on. Yeah. I have these short transition here that I would also like to, uh, before police my sound. Probably this guy. How? How does it sound? I'm probably not long. Yeah, This should work. Let's try it out. Put it some way here and take a listen. Probably we need to be further. Yes, something like these. I also have another transition. These sequence off three jump cuts that I would like to emphasize go into my long sample here and trying to find the place. The corresponds is what's happening on screen. They playing it or scrubbing. Read. Let's see what we've got here. I need around three disease. Three guys will work. Let's try them, make it a little audio. Yep, More or less walks, you can make transition. It's more. They're just dragging these corners. I have another jump cuts that I would like to the visible. Uh, so I got really drop by drop. Mm. Yeah. Let's use it. Yep. Nice. Okay. Here. You can see that. Sometimes you just need to create a feeling on and your samples support your friends and then is honestly no way back after that. You realize that even if you liked your effects before, you can't imagine them without sound design support. And after you've done your sound design, maybe place to beat mawr samples over there Now it's time to sum up techniques and tricks we used with these editing that you can add. Do your editors like animals? 10. 10 Resume Editing techniques used: congratulations. We went through editing, and although it's well, it's shown and small piece way have seen, it's a lot going on here to make it look stylish and at some dynamic in editing too. Slow motion shots. Uh, let's sum up what techniques we utilized. Just I insulted short pieces footage from the clips we haven't used in the main aided. There's some effects on them. It may ensures. Like these. Uh, let's mean, yeah, we have these short piece on another one here between man shows. Ah, this brings some surprise and dynamic effective main shorts in slow motion seconds. Uh, we used time remapping and speed bombs like here. Uh, time. Remember, it was in slow motion clips to emphasize some movement. Uh, felt we got clipped tails. We concede over there, put some effects on them and used transitions to next main shots. Fourth, we used little pauses, like here between shots with fading to black to emphasize main shows and gain and shots that we like to draw your attention to, like your close up here. Uh huh. Okay. Uh, we created jump cards and jump card sequence. It's no longer shorts. Yes, we created jump cuts, uh, in some longer shorts like here to have the initial and final face off talents movement. And we created three pieces, like little sequence of three pieces with jump cuts to draw your attention to it. And six, um, used some free sound samples, um, in the jump shots on defects to make them and to make them for you and six used freecell symbols, uh, and so designed in the jump cause and effects to make them feel realistic. Once again, I like to remind you that you should use any effects. You lack wits sparingly. That's when they become spicy cool. 11. Class project: thank you for taking this course. If you're also interested in color grading wisdom, injury results on the run. In a separate course, we'll show you how to approach great in these types off work and some techniques I've found useful for color grading. I truly believe that practice is a G two main skills, and I encourage you to dry out and demands his principles. We discussed in the course in your own projects experiment with them and don't forget to have fun. I'll be happy to see what indeed uses these techniques. So please applaud your edits in the class project up. Thank you again for joining me and have a nice day.