Dreamy Watercolor Hydrangeas: A Step by Step Masterclass | Cheryl Sun Ong | Skillshare

Dreamy Watercolor Hydrangeas: A Step by Step Masterclass

Cheryl Sun Ong, Watercolor Artist

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12 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. How to Hold and Control Your Brush

    • 4. Behavior of Watercolor I: Introduction to Watercolor Painting

    • 5. Behavior of Watercolor II: Basic Watercolor Techniques

    • 6. Behavior of Watercolor III: Blending and Negative Painting

    • 7. How To Do A Rough Sketch

    • 8. Dreamy Hydrangeas Step 1: Create the Base Wash

    • 9. Dreamy Hydrangeas Step 2: Defining Shapes and Details

    • 10. Dreamy Hydrangeas Step 3: Painting Leaves and Adding More Details

    • 11. Dreamy Hydrangeas Final Step: Painting the Vase and Finishing Touches

    • 12. Final Thoughts


About This Class


Dreamy Watercolor Hydrangeas: A Step by Step Masterclass

I love painting different kinds of flowers, especially Hydrangeas. And, although they can a bit tricky to paint, they are still one of my favourite subjects. By practicing and learning different watercolor techniques, I have discovered a fun way of painting them that will give the final product a whimsical and dreamy look. I want to share my techniques with you so we can all experience the freedom to enjoy watercolor painting in an intuitive and expressive way without worrying about realistic details.

This step by step watercolor masterclass is aimed at students of all levels. We will tackle supplies, watercolor behavior; watercolor techniques; rough sketching; tips on painting loosely and expressively, and Negative painting techniques, all to prepare you for the final project – painting a dreamy watercolor Hydrangea bouquet.


I’ll teach you how to improve your watercolor skills as well as introduce the concept of painting in an impressionist and abstract style. My aim is for you to let go of control; explore your creativity and imagination, and to just enjoy learning new ways of painting!


This class can be interesting for:

  • Visual Artists
  • Painters
  • Illustrators
  • Designers
  • Hobbyists and everyone who likes to try watercolor painting!

By the end of the class, I hope you have enjoyed the process and learned how to let loose and be free, to be excited about happy accidents, and to just have fun painting hydrangeas and playing with watercolors.


Happy Painting!



Here's the link to my class Outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rYtWRwP33keqQD8t7EuSW-ZxaBypHb2v7UiGGzP9t5Q