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Drawing Chinese Ox - the Symbol of New Year.

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic set of the Materials we need

    • 3. Chinese Buffalo - pencil drawing

    • 4. Training of Ink drawing the Chinese Buffalo's head

    • 5. How to draw the whole Buffalo with the body

    • 6. Buffalo under a willow tree - the composition

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About This Class

A special, Oriental New Year set of two classes if devoted to it's symbol - an Ox. This mighty and kind animal is known for its diligence, reliability, strength and determination. In the East, an Ox or a Water Buffalo is also a symbol of the animal nature in a person and a tamed bull (a bull with a rope in its nose) is a defeated animal in a person, a tamed entity. The main stage in the formation of a person as a Human.

The basic part course describes how a buffalo's head is built, examines the issues of angle, structure of parts. Shows work with a dry brush and a spot, drawing with a line in gray. For this, several lessons are given to exercises.

In the first course, paper with non fluid characteristics is used; there is an opportunity to try and draw on landscape or educational paper.
In the end of the class we will draw a lovely summer picture, with calm and peaceful water buffalo under willow branches

 This is a free of charge class for the beginners taught by Olga Sumarokova.


The second part is for more advanced artists.The first lessens are about special effects. With the help of milk and salt, the desired texture of buffalo's skin and the state of soft swamp mist are achieved.

The second picture is based on the plot of the Chinese artist Li Kezhan. Water Buffalo and Boy.

Two complex enough, but really good art pictures you will get at the end of this complete course. Join us!


The materials you will need:

-Big brush for xe-i universal (goat hair or mixed goat+kolinsky hair) – 5- 7 cm

-Middle universal brush (wolf hair or mixed) - 3- 4 cm

-Paper for xe-i/sumie with non fluid characteristics

-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for Chinees/Japanees painting



Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: Hello. This is the first bot or the very special class devoted to the symbol of gumming Chinese New Year. Using traditional ink painting, we will draw mildly and kind of water buffalo. A basic bot course describes how the Buffalo's head and body is built. For these, several lessons are given to train. We will try to paint on paper with non fluid characteristics that gives more clear results for the beginners. In the end of the class, we will draw alarmist some picture with calm and peaceful water buffalo under willow branches. Next clause is also about oriental bools. They're complex enough, but really good art pictures you will get at the end of this course. Welcome to do the first step with us and had the oriental New Year. 2. Basic set of the Materials we need: Hello. First, a few words about the materials that we will need in less than about baffles. Unique Chinese ink, even the simplest one, you don't need to buy some absolutely unique ink to take your first steps in Go Huang. And you paper. If you're just a beginner, take paper for training with now fluidity. Is it to draw, to make sketches? And the result is clear. If you have an experienced engineers painting, take paper that have met in flower character. It will not flow very much, but has absorbency at the same or some special gift paper, even with golden flux in its structure, it makes you picture the real present. The second thing we need is paint. The colors should be mineral for go qua, not water color. It could be Chinese or Japanese brand. 12 cars should be enough for you. Now, brushes, you need some Marion brushes for these lessons. As lacI picture is going to be as bigger the brush you may use. The brushes can be either brown or mixed. That's takes, absorbs much water. Mind that the brown hair brush may take less water than the width one. I prefer drawing mixed brushes. It is easy and take water as much as you'd like. And small thing brush for outlines and drawing like that. Or small brown one that is easy to dry. It's absorbs less water. And wide fled brush from backgrounds depending on the size of the picture. And of course, a palette to make scholars and ink. And under lading sled met also. And charcoal or a pencil soft enough for sketching. Now, armed with the materials, we start drawing this symbol of the year, the boom. 3. Chinese Buffalo - pencil drawing: The first lesson is the theoretical. A few words about water buffaloes. Cheney's buffalo used for plow and because of their body overheating, often lace to any river, lake or poor to get cooled. This common countries sounds is favourite in Chinese painting. Moreover, buffalo or bool is symbol of current oriental new here. Let's start and do some practice of drawing the buffer. First, I will show you in sketch how it is looking. Let's begin with a head. Look at the intersection of lines. It gives the direction of their head and position of balls, homes, and eyes. It is on two parallel lines. Line four, horns, horns first and the top of the head. Mine the perspective. The horn that close to you is bigger and Buffalo's have very big a town TIF, impressive eyes, eyebrows line. The ears are quite big and park there bolder hormones. I always made graphic to their horns. That lines helps to see their volume and the direction. Be careful with their home graphic. It does necessarily part of your drawing. And that is also important to knock off the Buffalo's knows. In the construction, it has a form of trapeze. Next, leaps and nostrils, all big and effect. Mine, that is much buffalos had turned to us as bigger than those. And I've smaller and close to the nose have to be looking at this. Iss came close, goes like that. The hormone are going down a beat. But for it are always higher than Horace. This position is classical in Chinese painting. So let's draw this and combined with the body. Again, the position of the head and horns first and the size of the head related to the body. I started four of the main lines of the prospective. I can make the very big horns. And the place when their forehead finished than that begins much lower. It may charm them boarded to any direction. I can turn it to the left or to the right. As you want. Mark the places there, the top of buffaloes back. And one more outstanding details is pelvis. Buffalo is massive enough, draw them mass of muscles. The hat, as before, eyes. Big trapeze knows with the nostrils and leaps under. Try to do very light drawing to make your sketch lines less visible on the Inc.. You may do smarter sketch first, not the plain paper. Drove and changing everything. What you'd like. Then place this under your rice paper sheet and just copy the lines. Rice paper is transparent enough to let you see your drone before. This is the first compositional training before we start drawing with ink. 4. Training of Ink drawing the Chinese Buffalo's head: Now let's begin with ink. First, I need to remove extra charcoal from my paper. It may make, in drawing difficult. I pour some inked the smallest part of my pellet and take it to the small brush for lines. Now, I need to be sure that my ink drawing is dry and bright. Always dry the brush using any napkin for this, these dry line is for horse first to do long and confident lines and hold you brush all this vertical. It is the most important basis, the dry graphic. Now look, I drew graphics to their horse, ride too long. This shape or wheat does show how it is rounded and curved to show its form. More black and thick strokes in front. Now both eyes, beak and black. Look next. This single motion to draw nostrils. Very free motion and slightly backwards once more. And the mouth to long delicate line like it is traditional to train these painting. The I, again, very similar to humans. I now the graphic elements are ready. I begin drawing large sports. I make my IntList dams in another part of the planet and use another ligand mixed brush. Therefore, body or the brush is with ink now and add more concentrated to the tip. Begin with ears. Look at the motion with light curve. Now, I need to dry this same big brush. To add some hair. To dry. I draw their hair by this side of the brush. These movements. And there for it, and the whole hat active confidential MOOC. Next lesson, the whole buffalo with the body. 5. How to draw the whole Buffalo with the body: Here we will repeat their hat first with a line brush by black and dry enough ink. I start with the horns. The form all their horns up to your imagination. At some graphic for their corns. According to the form of heat. Then eyes make them bride and expressive. They have to attract attention. Then though, this same movement. And at last morals. Then I change my brush for the ears. You might take Christ, paper was less fluid t, but it is nice when dissolves a little light on the people we use now. Some dry strokes on the ears. Now this same big brush for the other parts of the head. Forefront. Sunlight pots that have left you my paint later. Now start that body to show the form and their construction. Draw this pilot line by very black ink. The neck and Lex spinal line. The tone of buffaloes body is clear for us now. Take your ink less dense and make your drawing along the rounded form or the body. Rise paper with memory fluid enough helps to show this effect. One paper dries. Most old black, we'll get a bit more light. We will see more details. So our buffer lays, laying in water. Further. Let's take known fluid paper and make the picture with a water buffalo onto that. We'll treat. 6. Buffalo under a willow tree - the composition: Let's devote our picture, water buffalo under willow tree to spring rebirth and trainees new here. The body will lay at these diagonal and the branches abode will go from the opposite side, our pride corner. Our composition is going to be beautiful and expressive enough. The place and construction of the most compositional parts do not hesitate to make this size of buffaloes forms large enough. Like this. You can draw more details on your sketch than I did. I'm going to turn the body to another side when in our test it is going to be bulky and heavy. That's an off from my job. Let's talk with ink. Here. I use paper with less fluidity. I may do more graphic details by Inc. more lines. This paper lows to control your ink fluid and keeps more predictable result. I take small brush and very bright, Inc.. I started with horns and eyes as before. Don't forget about graphical on the horns. Black lines becomes more light than try it. The specific goal of this paper. Now the ISE, bigger black. Last Charles. In this picture, I add lines for the forehead and ears. Now, graphic for their head is finished and I change my brush. Now I took less black ink. Okay. Be careful. Very important for this paper to make the main spinal next central lines very black. The main spinal line. Change that tone to less black and draw massive body. Do your strokes along the form. It is massive and rounded. Now my buffalo is in the water and I'd take Ferry it, alight ink for the nose and some graphic for ears. Tried Crick. Now, the willow that is growing above our buffalo, it is black already and we cannot draw the leaves by inc, but we will take non-transparent, concentrated color later. Now, branches still with ink. Branches, you can draw with small or bigger brush. But it is necessary to take it vertically. Not from the central of the page. Tried to show the feeling of wind due they're free and fast job drawing. Show it crossed each other and flexible. Be sure that our Buffalo is dry and take dense tone green paint number May 55 bone pellet. It is very necessary to take non-transparent color, wash the brush, or take one more. Take much paint and draw willow leaves. Take our color for the whole brush. Somewhere less sound where more? Show the motion. And upon the body. This paint Congress Black places. In case your green absorbs into black. You may repeat drawing the same leaf. Use maximum concentrated color. Look at the groups of the leafs. Some groups have to be big, and another groups smaller. Watch your composition non-uniform. Interesting. Some leaves are Commie from the side. It gives more spraying mood. When the composition is ready, find the place for the stamp. But, uh, here, quite difficult composition we have drone. Help you achieve a good result. Waiting for your pictures to discuss.