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Double Chocolate Soufflé

teacher avatar Nadine Thomas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. 01 Intro video

    • 2. 02 Preparing the ramekins and oven

    • 3. 03 Measuring out the ingredients

    • 4. 04 On the stove the chocolate part

    • 5. 05 Meringue and Folding

    • 6. 06 filling the ramekins and baking

    • 7. 08 Removing the Souffle from the oven and finishing touches

    • 8. 9 Final Thoughts

    • 9. 07 Making the Hot Fudge Sauce

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About This Class

Chocolate Soufflé.  Sounds so delicious but they look so hard soufflé to make. 

In this class I will show you how to make a chocolate soufflé.  You will find what you can do ahead of time and what needs to be done right before eating the soufflé.

In this class we will make some double chocolate soufflés with a warm fudge sauce

  • We will be preparing the ramekins and oven for the soufflés.
  • We will measure out the ingredients for the souffles
  • We will make the chocolate part of the batter
  • We will make the meringue for the souffles and fold into the batter
  • We will fill the ramekins with batter and bake one souffle.
  • We will make the fudge sauce
  • We will remove souffle from the oven and pour on the fudge sauce.

This class is for anyone that wants to make a chocolate souffle.  You should know the basics of baking.


Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Nadine.

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1. 01 Intro video: in today's class, we will make a double chocolate souffle throughout this class. I will teach you how to pay the double chocolate Julie on and a hot chocolate way will begin by showing you have a beer with place. Okay. And how to set up your oven preheated way will next show you have a measure around all of the ingredients for about this play and for hotfoot messed, we will move on to making the batter for the souffle. After making the plane, I will show you have filled up the rack and ready to be made. Wow, the souffle is baking. I will show you how to make the hot sauce, which is poured over chocolate, went the souffle and the hot fight. So done, I will show you how to present you. I am a South taunt. Think I have loved baking most of my life? Many years ago, I decided I wanted to do more than just baking for my family. So I studied books, videos, classes to learn how to bake and decorate cakes and other pastries. When my skills, which is the point that I felt I was ready to sell my goods I opened a home big with this whole bakery. I did thanks. At other deserts, they were four waits, retirements, adversaries At other special occasions. I had this business for several years. My husband got a job in New York City and we decided to take it and move to New York City. With this room. I had to close down my home bakery so that we could move across the country to New York City. Now I'm in New York City. I have chosen not to open up another. Instead, I want to share my skills with you on skills. This'll class is aimed at the whole baker that wants to make a play. They can be a bit tricky, But if you follow off my instructions even if you're not that experienced of a baker, you can make skills that you learn in this class will help you to make other place. By the end of this class, you will be able to make a chocolate on ah hot fudge sauce 2. 02 Preparing the ramekins and oven: come in different sizes here. A couple of Ram Akins I own to show you the difference in the size is manikins could also be clear in color. Important thing is whatever dish you use, Ravic and you must make sure that it can withstand heat up to 425. Because that is what we will have our oven temperature start out today. I'm gonna use my smaller ramic in the recipe Says Can it takes 62 flights. That all depends on the size of your Ram Akins. My smaller. So I'm actually going to prepare eight ramic un's jets to make sure. And if I don't use them all, then I'll clean up the ones that I don't use to prepare your Ram Akins. The first thing you need to do is just get a nice vegetable spray and right your ram akin down like that with the ramic in straight. I'm gonna take some sugar and spirit it in there. And then I'm just gonna go along the sites and coat the sides with the sugar so that it looks like that when you're done, I'm gonna continue to do the same with other Ram Akins again. Straight again. And I Sprinkle some sugar. Quickly. Have it going down the sights. I'm gonna go ahead and finish preparing the relic ins to be baked. Now that I have the Ram Akins prepared, I want to start pre heating the oven on the lower side. With the Mac on that setting, I'm gonna now preheat the oven to 425 degrees. 3. 03 Measuring out the ingredients: way Ready to measure out the ingredients for the soup Play the hot fudge sauce. I want both things measured out because I don't want to stop and measure while the souffles cooking. I'm gonna go right from Prince to play in the oven to making the hot fudge sauce so that it will be ready by the time the suit play is good. The first thing we need, Yes, 1/2 a cup of sugar And this is very easy. You just get 1/2 a cup and feeling and then level and I'm gonna keep the sugar writing this cup so I don't dirty another dish. Next, we're gonna measure the flower because we're just doing tablespoons. I want to lighten up this flour before measuring. So with the whisk, I'm just going break at the clumps in the flower. This makes us so that I think it level table students. Now all I need to do is print my tablespoon in there and level it off. As I said, I need three. So I'm gonna do that three times after the flower. We're gonna major the coke. It is also three tablespoons some goodness. Put the table spring in there. Before I take it out of the container, I'm gonna level it with my finger. And I'm gonna do that three times. Salt gets added at the same time as the flower. I'm just going. Teoh picked my 1/8 teaspoon salt into the flower. I'm gonna measure it out and then dump it in our recipe calls for one in the fourth cups. Milk this measuring cup I will feel up to right there. That's the one in the fourth Cup mark. There's the one and the fourth cups. Next, it calls for three ounces of Business Week chocolate. This bar is actually four ounces, so I'm doing it. Thank you. These two off, Although I will be using them in the hot fudge. And this is the three ounces I need to start by breaking them. Were usually break and assessed. Chop the chocolate. So with my knife just going to call this I'm chocolate. Nothing fancy just going close and chopping them smaller. The reason we chop it is because then when we have it, it will melt faster, will be in smaller pieces. And this I'm going to leave right on the bread board until I'm ready to add it to the souffle. Our next ingredient is the vanilla, and we need one teaspoon of vanilla. Just fell up. My taste burnt and dump it in there. Next. It wants one a joke and then six ounces of a whites. I'm gonna start by separating my one a. And if you don't have an egg separator like this, you can go back and forth on the eggshells until you get the eg white and a joke separated . So there I have my a g o my egg white separated. I'm gonna put Diego right in that I don't want to waste a bunch. Thanks. Coming up with six ounces of it. What's so I have to store, but eight once you don't want egg substitute, which is made with what you want actual eight once and with this, I'm gonna measure this up to six ounces, which would be three force cup. You will see its right at 3/4. Come now. When I have everything measured for this to flight part, I'm gonna stick it off to the site and I'm gonna measure the ingredients for the hot fudge sauce. We're ready now to measure out the ingredients for the hot much. I have my stick about the recipe calls for two tablespoons. When you look at this, you can see right there that it marks off the table spoons. What I'm gonna do is I'm just going to open up my better. And lucky at the markings is 12 I'm gonna come right up here, that up there and see right. And there's my two tablespoons about it. Rest of this on one to say I never baking project with my sugar I'm gonna do just like I did scooping out this time I 2/3 cup. Once it's over flowing, I level it off and again, I'm going to keep this ride in the cup with my concho. I'm going to just spin it into the 1/4 cup. Trying to be careful not to spill. It will probably spill some. Our farmer, we need two tablespoons, so I'm just going to one two tablespoons with milk we need So this line right here is the one cut life. Just gonna pour milk it until it gets to the one coupling. Finally, we have our other ounce of bittersweet chocolate Santa like we did on the last one, so that when we started into the hot milk, it will melt. With all the ingredients measured out. We're now ready to start making the chocolate soothe. 4. 04 On the stove the chocolate part: way to start making. The first part of it is done on the stove top, so let's go over to the stove. We're going to turn the heat on this pan to medium high with the pan on medium high. We're going to add the sugar, the flour and the salt and the cocoa, and we just want to mix these together. Once there makes together, we're gonna slowly add the milk. It's a little bit please. Together when I see the dry ingredients all mixed it allow milk, and I want to keep whisking constantly. That's more milk, and we have all of the milk in there. We're gonna whisk this as we bring it to a boil. After comes to a boil. We want to cook it for two minutes. As you remember, we put some flour in there. That flower is going to work as the thickening agent for our battle that we're making and we don't want loves from the flower. And that's where we're constantly risking that this is starting to boil. So now we want to cook it about two minutes. But the two minutes isn't as important this when it thickens up when it starts to thicken up. That's when we're going to stop. And it may not be two minutes, especially since this is a smaller recipe. As you can see, that's getting quite thick. I'm turning the heat off. I'm gonna stir just a little bit more before I have the chocolates. But that is actually quite thick at this point. We want to add the chocolate, all that chopped up bittersweet chocolate with that addict. We're going to continue to risk it until it's smooth. We don't want to see any chocolate lumps, and we want all the chocolate to have melted. Okay, as you can see, that looks really, really once retake the chocolate sauce off of the heat. We dumped it in to this boat. It's a large bowl because we're going to be folding the egg whites into this once. Repeat them up, but this itself needs to come pretty much to room temperature. While the chocolate is coming to room temperature, we're gonna go ahead and beat the way 5. 05 Meringue and Folding: wait this amount of egg whites, I chose not to get out my large stand mixer. I do need to dump the egg whites into the bowl. I want to know, um, as you notice when I bring that out, you can see this are a Whites are now ready. Our chocolate has cooled quite a bit. We needed it to cool so that when we added the a yoke, it would not start cooking. We have never had a joke. And the vanilla, I'm just gonna pour vanilla and Diego Kim And then I want to risk it. We want to make sure tell mixed in. Well, we're now ready to fold that Borane into the chocolate. We want to take about 1/4 of this, so I'm just gonna carefully put 1/4 in and mix well, fold it in. When we fold, we go from the bottom to the top. Gently fold it in because we do not want to deflate that marine. We want to keep us much air in this as possible. Once we get that 1st 4th of the Marine am, we will then put the rest of it him and fold it so that we have a nice light, Harry batter. Okay with that folded in on now, going to take the rest of my egg whites and put it in the boat. I didn't do that. Same thing. Folding thank whites into the chocolate when we're done, that should be a very light bad notice. I'm going some underneath and bringing what's underneath upon top, which then forces the egg wides to get mixed him. We don't want to over mix this. We just want to do it till we do not see anymore. 6. 06 filling the ramekins and baking: No way we're now ready to put this batter. Insure Obama kins faint. Remember about souffles shooting Teoh. Eat them fairly quickly after baking them. But the nice thing about this recipe is you could make the recipe ahead of time, and they do just the trick in part right before you eat it. That doesn't mean the day. That means after you read mill and you're ready to serve the dessert, you're going to cook this. It does creek for 40 minutes, so you wouldn't have to wait till you've eaten the meal. But you want to pick this in the oven to bake as you're sitting down to the mill so that you can pull it out when it's done. After you finished eating and serve it to your guests hot. Right now, I'm just gonna creek one of them so that I can show you the finished project. The rest I will feel, but I will save them for later on. I'll talk about that in a minute, so to feel this, I just want very carefully fill my ramic in and I don't need all way up to the top. But there's a line inside the Ram Akin. And you want to make sure it gets at least to that line. So there's about how awful I feel that I'm now gonna pit this in the ever when that gets in the oven, I will immediately, once doors close turned the oven down from 425 degrees to 350 then it will cook for 40 minutes with that now, in the oven baking, I'm gonna go ahead and fill my other ramic ins with the rest of my soup place that I dished out. I ended up with the total of six, so five more soup plates. So I made the six. Like the recipe said, I can predict these in the fridge for two or three days and they'll be fine. Or if I want to keep him two or three weeks, I can freeze them, and then I can cook them from the freezer to the But either way, before you put them in the fridge or the freezer, we want to cover them with surround map so that they stay fresh. Here are my supplies. I just want to take some surround big enough to cover the top and cover them up. And I'm gonna do that with all the and then I'll show you how to make way. 7. 08 Removing the Souffle from the oven and finishing touches: and play is just about done. So what we're going todo is we're gonna test it before we take it out of the oven to see if it's done. Then I'll show you how to finish it up our time. Just what we're gonna do. You can see the souffle. I want to test it. So I'm gonna poke this to pick in the sun, and it still has a little bit of liquid, so I'm gonna give it about two more minutes. I've stuck the souffle back in for about three minutes, and the timers about ready to go off. We're going to again. Check it with that wooden to pick before we take it out of the and I want to stick it in the side, not the top. That time you'll notice that came out a lot. Figure we're very carefully. Take this out of the oven. Arsu. Play is out of the oven. We haven't on our little display. I'm gonna start this because it's one. But I just want to spoon this over the top and drizzle it down. Yeah, 8. 9 Final Thoughts: wait this class in this class, we learned how to make a double in this class. Import the hot such onto souffle to show you how to do it. When you present your soup playing, you're gonna want to make sure you get this out to table on. Do the gas before the chocolate sauce is poured on it, because once that chocolate sauce is poured on the weight, but the sauce will make the soup plate slowly deflate. So to get the best resident ation, have your guests pour the chocolate sauce on their boat place. You probably noticed in my video that play dropped just a little bit after I bet Sausage it . Also on the lesson. You'll notice that this plane in the middle that was because I forgot one step. Why it's so important. We follow every step. The step that I got was to 10 the radical 23 times on the counter to level out the batter because I forgot to do that. The middle was not at the same level as the others, so we had little effect like this when I think some of the other soup place for dinner, I didn't have that issue because I remember to can the radical. So please, remember to do that. You should play. We'll start to fall as you pour the sauce on it. That's just gravity doing what gravity does in this class. You were taught about someplace I have to prepare the reckons. We moved on to make in the batter and banking the soup plate while the soup Les Waas baking I showed you how to make the hot fudge sauce. I use tricks on how to make the battle ahead of time and have that fresh, lovely play. When you servant, I talked about two different ways to store this. A play batter, one in the freezer, together in the refrigerator. Remember, the refrigerator came for 23 days phrase herbal cape for two weeks. Your project for this class intubate the double chocolate soup plate and the hot fudge sauce. Please remember to post your soup plate on the last page so that we can all see how well you did at making my 9. 07 Making the Hot Fudge Sauce: way to a medium high heat. Really? Because I have gas. I'm just looking for heat that covers the bond with Pam. I'm gonna add to the pan my better And I want the butter to melt. When this butter is mounted, we will add the sugar and the flower and the unsweetened cocoa powder. My brother is pretty much melted. It's now I'm gonna add the sugar, their cocoa and the flower. And I want to whisk this and you're basically going to get a big blocky both. There's haven't started out in the liquid. Get This is kind of like a chocolate room that's gonna help thicken the milk for our chocolates. Us. I want to make sure everything is mixed in No. Before I add the milk, not gonna have the milk slowly, just a little bit. Stir that in. I want to constantly be stirring with that mixed. It can add a little bit more on when you see that that's mixed up at some more and we're gonna keep adding Squali until we get a look in there. Now we want to bring this to a boil. Once a boils, we're gonna cook it for about a minute, but we're not gonna worry about time in it because we're gonna cook until we see it start to thicken up. I am going to risk it the whole time because I don't want the flower separating and I don't want the milk sculpting, so I am constantly risking it, scraping that bottom to make sure nothing is burning on the bottom of the pan. This is getting close to boiling. Now, remember, we're not gonna stop once it gets to boiling. We wanna wait till actually starts thickening up a little bit. I can see it starting to thicken up hasn't come to a boil yet, but it is starting to thicken up. Now you can see it's coming to a boil that's also starting to get thick. So I'm gonna turn the heat off and I'm gonna add my chocolate and we're gonna stir that in . Remember, there's no heat on this right now. I want to stir that chocolate till it's melted and this is what we need to look at it and decide. Is it still thin enough that it's not going to deflate the souffle? Or do I need to add a little bit more milk and to decide that I actually wanted just kind of use a spoon and see. As you can see, that's really a nice syrupy that's how way.