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Doll Making 101: Gathering Tools For Beginner

teacher avatar Mary Konovalova, Crafty Dwarf - toy maker and tankard clinker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. On This Course and Me

    • 2. On Your Project: Building Workspace

    • 3. Tools For Sketching

    • 4. Tools For Sculpting

    • 5. Tools for Working With Fabric And Stuffing

    • 6. Tools For Teddy Making

    • 7. Tools For Painting, Toning and Finishing

    • 8. Gathering & Shopping

    • 9. Admiring

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Are you a brand-new doll or teddy toys maker? Or are you going to make your first doll right away? I bet you want to have all your tools as cheap as possible, and there's a lot of ways to get everything you need and of acceptable quality for low price and even for free!

You'll learn:

  • what tools do you need to work with fabrics (mohair, plush, etc.), stuffing, joints and different types of clay, which are the most common materials for dollmaking
  • how can you substitute pricey professional tools with commonplace analogs
  • how to find most of your tools at home and where to buy those that aren't common
  • how to craft tools like awl by yourself

Advanced doll and toy makers probably won't find anything useful in this short course and I'm feeling a little bit sorry about that.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mary Konovalova

Crafty Dwarf - toy maker and tankard clinker


Hi! I'm a self-taught artist, toy maker and DIY enthusiast from Russia.

My passion is for craft. I can craft almost anything almost anywhere, and I spent my free time talking about craft.

I am a teddy maker for 4 year, polymer clay bender for 3 years, origami folder for over 25 years and I also like making paper and cardboard rockets. I'm a full time artist and self-employed seller of my art so there'll be a lot of my classes on Skillshare soon. Stay tuned please!

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1. On This Course and Me: Hi, I'm married, but you can call me crafted. I'm a self taught artist and maker off one of the kind toys and dolls like these one toys make our life brighter and bring some major intrigue. And yet anyone can be dough maker since tools and materials you're going to use unnecessarily Bryce E all yearning it to start a new project is creativity and determination and the right tools. Craft ease all about tools, and that may be completely overwhelming. As and you be you don't actually know which tools will you need to start in your projects. So in the next two video cell cover, the most basic topics Foreign automaker Which tools do you need to work with different kinds of materials, Where to get those tools and how to craft tools? You contraction by right now because they're too rare to expense. That will be our project to set up your workspace and to fill it with tools. Fast complex on cheap. Sounds good. Okay, let's go and check these in some more detail. Them 2. On Your Project: Building Workspace: you're going to take some easy steps to get and steak on Leonardo making tools Step one defined what you're like to make and what materials you want to work with as a no maker. Step two. What all videos related to your materials of choice and take as my snows as you can. Tidy makers need to watch the details Video to on videos. Catching tools is useful in any case, since every good dough makers catches stack. Three. Play hide and seek with your tools around the house and gather all you can to use for free Step four. Feeling Your Shopping Least and Goes Shopping. If you have any tools left to buy, that is, stop. Five. Organize your tools. Spice up your workspace, take some peaks and share. That's easy, fast and fun. So listen carefully. My fellow dough makers. Since the bombing begins now, 3. Tools For Sketching: sketching your toy Abdulle is crucial. First, you can choose fabrics, colors and textures before you actually go shopping. Second, you can decide about joint size and such stuff, or little so you won't spoil a much heels trying to figuring out when your toys half ready . Third, you contrive different designs and choose the best one, so you need chills first, catching to do it right. Basically, you need two things. Something to draw on and something to draw with. It's best. Here's notebooks to keep all their sketches, so orbit will stay in one place permanently. Shoes and in all books you're like off half. This is my first skate book, you see it's lined. What was I thinking off? Nevertheless, it was perfect for sketching anywhere on down a grandchild for play known boost. Now I like Flat, wants to make more details, catches and small ones to get around in my back. So take any notebook. Your harbor like best paper color, thickness out quality isn't that important for beginner. You're also choose which to Sodrel week. The mist option is common passel with a BB marking it's hard not to last long and soft enough to draw lines off barras thickness. You can also use mechanical pencil if you don't like to shop on wooden Purcell's all the time. That reminds me you need to get a sharpener or a knife to You. Also need a simple a razor to clean off all the lines you don't need. She's a soft one, which removes lions passed an easy, So can't any pencils a razor and pounds your favor? Don't be shocked. Any color will do if you have it in hand. Salt. Basically, you did a notebook, a Russian of paper, pencil and a razor to sketch your choi. If you have more drawing tools, feel free to use them. Let's go on now. 4. Tools For Sculpting: whether you're going to work with air dry or on bake place, you'll need almost the same instruments, and the first thing to do is to protect the surface you're going to be sculpting on. The best option is working, Matt, but those can be Bryce E. You can use laminated cardboard or anything. Plastic sheet. You have look of these boss out of the box. Lead our boss good. And after the job, you also my need are rolling to. I prefer to use a marker or a pencil to put my client flat. That's easier than to buy plastic Corolla tool to sculpt little details like for fingers and claws. You'll need some chills, too. Your finger is usually to be to do the job. So advised. Three instruments Ice cream stick doth speak on brush handle. If you need some texture, you can cut some ice cream sticks to do the job. These tools are more compact and feet better for dough making than commonplace culture in tools. You also needed to Teoh hold all your opinions. Details while curing the Trippi's to make a stand so clear will be suspended in the air. The easiest drying are breaking stand is a false tan. Crumble some foil to take a law, like for boots on toothpicks in it, and you're set. Wet wipes are very handed to your clean your hands with it. You clean your play with it and also your cure your clay surface. Will it get the cheapest bond? But mine's a sand you need to predict your hands to if you are working with considerable mountains off clay or a sculpting longer than 20 minutes. Anise Slim fitting Robert Globes Do Surgical lopes are good, too, so basically, you need a Matt and Mark patrol your play. Those bigs ice cream sticks, a brush inequalities, since you'll need its handle Onley file wet wipes and and use lame feeding gloves. Your kitchen is the best place to collect all of these, but we'll leave hide and seek game for later. Let's go all now 5. Tools for Working With Fabric And Stuffing: three things you can make to fabric while making choice trace on it. Carted Saw it the most green, cheap and fine tool to trace anything on fabric is a soap leftover. It's good for any fabrics except white colored ones. Soap leaves strong and find lines on doesn't leave any traces. When toys ready for white fabrics, you can use a blonde pansa to cut your fabrics. You need shop and strong scissors. Any kind will do. And don't forget to test it on a piece of fabric to see if it's sharp enough for teddy. Makers are advice to invest money in fine pointed Caesar's. It has spawned sharp ends to cut fine details and dream access for on seam allowances. Toy Ondo makers, usually sober hand since seems are more accurate as strong to saw, you'll need assaulted needles on Peens. You can buy cheapest or simply ask your grandma of those. Concussion also comes in handy, and you can use Old Sparky. Stopping your toy may be tricky, but don't worry. You already have a perfect will to do this. If you need to make staffing firm like a teddy bear, use the backside off pan or a marker to do this now, fancy tools at all. So basically, you need a soap leftover strong Caesar's selling needles Pean Pean Caution are a sponsor and the marker such a commonplace Really, Let's go. 6. Tools For Teddy Making: tighty makers. My been tempted with all those pants. It sells market offers. Please don't the only tools you actually need to buy our around knows players to finish off your split pains. And some long don't needles we share going to use to put Teddy's glass eyes in place. Please don't buy special split means to, since it's too soft and is banned in overtime. Oh, is that must have tools, since you need to make a lot of holes in the fabric without cheering thirds part. I use these handmade all instead of stew one, and you can do the same. All you need is a hard Boyd and the bamboos cheek you need to make. It s smooth as possible and you're set told your sleep. Teens in place while stuffing head and paws use annulled eraser. Put it home a split pin and go stopping. So if you're a teddy maker, get players long. No needle wouldn't or still all on the heart. All the razor, That seat, Let's gone 7. Tools For Painting, Toning and Finishing: 18 clay parts and toning Frederick wants require the same tools you use. Flat, dry brush is toe by base color. On the final, toning touches Andi around brushes to paint. Final details. You conduce the cheapest synthetic ones, if you like. Of the main thing is to check if bristle is running smooth. To mix colors, you need a pilot, which can be annualized color on glossy 15. You can't find the same goes for water dish to wash your brushes and sometimes hands, too. If you want to go green, use paper cops. You get in coffee shop with your coffee. God is the most half. If you make toys with both clay and fabric parts like these one hot glue kick seen as soon as it's cooled and it takes seconds, you can get your own glue gun for about a buck on the final cheap. Find a piece of called since crafting is the most business sometimes, and you will do as long as it's clean. So they finished with the lying part. Time for some action now 8. Gathering & Shopping: let's start our request together as much tools as we can for free. Let's check if we can skip some shopping, right john out your kitchen Rose. What can you find there and went to work on that Back of toothpicks and some ice cream sticks, barrel oil, rubber gloves and bamboos? Seeks some paper cups to fill with water, and you can use these leads as a palate and the secret ingredient. A cookie box to put all your tools in. Let's visit the battle. Next I see a pack, a wet wives and all drug as soap. Leftover short point of scissors. It's punch for a concussion. Bracy. Good one more Stop at the desk. Once in there, asserted notebooks and use paper hard and soft. Erie's arms, pencils, pens, strong seizures and the marker ive sewing is your hobby. You'll find some needles, teens inclusion and likely and all, too. That's it. Check all the things you're already have and go shopping. Now, if you don't know where to find some items on the shopping least, just ask Google like buy what I need my hometown's name or a simply go to amazon dot com. See you soon 9. Admiring: so would come to a final stage of your project. Good job. I encourage you to take some piece of your table on two books. Let's look at the bind. For example. I have the simplest workspace imaginable and yet it's very comfortable. I'm at my favorite toolbox and sums place. I put my left up here as I like to work leasing for music and now support of tea. Can you create anything more calls? E show me. And here's my two books. I Lavric 10 Your hate the best you can see my favorite pincushion here on also some materials are used as a staging maker like these. Teddy knows Bush. And how does your workspace look like is it calls the or high tech? Is it bust? Are compact. Please let me Seat uploaded Peak are too. Okay, 10. Final Thoughts: so that's it. But before you actually dive into, don't make you let me ask you for something. Please take a few peaks of your two books or working table and share it here. I'll be most pleased to see. How's it going if you haven't started your project? Even I told you to start right away. It's okay. Dream not too rough and take one small step at a time. At the same time, it's very important to share your projects. All car. Every tour maker is a little bit of blowhard, so it's important to show your work. Even it's very little to share it. You get attention from your classmates and friends. Attention becomes inspiration for a new project on and your mustard don't maker in no time at all and a famous 12 So let your determination guide you and let me know. How's it going? Okay, CIA