Doing Drawing: Draw Like You Never Have Before | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

Doing Drawing: Draw Like You Never Have Before

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Doing Drawing Intro

    • 2. Your Greatest Drawing Discovery

    • 3. Gaining Skills In Drawing

    • 4. Creativity In Drawing Is #1

    • 5. Pencil Paint And Digital

    • 6. Prep-Work For Next Class

    • 7. Daily POWER DRAWING


About This Class


About This Class

Love drawing, illustration, and want to get to the next level?

Hate drawing and illustration and know you should stop avoiding it?

Learn how to bring both extremes all together in this groundbreaking creative development class with global art teacher Ron Mulvey. Ron's Drawing method is now being used in 9 countries worldwide with over 150,000 students.

Lines are powerful communicators in design and illustration — and this class will hone your creative drawing skills like never before.

You'll quickly master drawing skills with Ron's  unique creative method: using the 6 universal lines to draw with, understanding muscle memory to be a key contributor to skill in drawing. Watching your drawing improve in real time as you work with Ron, discovering why drawing was not easy for you in the past, and feeling your skills increase exponentially as you follow this first class to the final project. 

Blending hard work and fun Ron reveals a wholly unique approach to drawing. Key lessons explore:

  • Understanding what we do when we draw
  • How to make your line quality stand out
  • Why your drawing confidence will soar using repetition
  • Achieve your first step towards line mastery

Open to anyone who can hold a pencil and has a deep desire to flex their creativity and experience the real power of drawing.Whether you’re new to drawing or a seasoned artist you'll gain insights and skills into drawing for use again and again.


Once you dive into Ron's creative Drawing Method you’ll never look at drawing the same way again.