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Dog Psychology 101 (5-Day Course)

Bear Heart, Dao of Dog

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Why Take This Course?

    • 2. How To Get The Most Out Of This Course

    • 3. Understanding Pack Mentality

    • 4. Dogs vs Humans – The Similarities & Differences

    • 5. The 3 Ways We Confuse Our Dogs

    • 6. The Primal Struggle

    • 7. The 3 Problem-Solving Mechanisms for Confusion

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About This Class


Embark on an adventure through the mind of a dog so you can learn how they think!

By the end of this exciting video series you will:

  • Understand your dog much better and discover how they process
  • Have actionable takeaways that can help with any confusion you and your dog may be encountering
  • Understand when and what may produce unnecessary confusion
  • Think more like the dog so you can have the best relationship possible, and appreciate them for their natural instincts and behaviors

Please be sure to download the accompanying Workbook PDF for this course in the Projects & Resources section. Here you will find ACTIONABLE STEPS to take to improve your relationship with your dog :)

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