Do Things, Tell People: The Power of Personal Branding | Hamza Khan | Skillshare

Do Things, Tell People: The Power of Personal Branding

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Hamza Khan, Managing Director, Student Life Network

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14 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Great Exhilarator

    • 3. Telling Stories Is Human

    • 4. Action 1: Identify Your Brand Perception

    • 5. Action 2: Discover Your Reason For Being

    • 6. Action 3: Articulate Your Value Proposition

    • 7. Action 4: Select Your Channel Mix

    • 8. Action 5: Complete Your Social Profiles

    • 9. Action 6: Create A Personal Website

    • 10. Action 7: Practice Social Listening

    • 11. Action 8: Engage Meaningfully

    • 12. Action 9: Build Thought Leadership

    • 13. Do Things, Tell People.

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

Publishing your story online and sharing it with the world has never been easier. But lower barriers to access have resulted in more competition for attention. And when it comes to social media, attention is everything. Whether you’re a student entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, building a strong personal brand is essential to succeeding in the modern economy. A strong online presence can create demand, mobilize people, and drive actions—outcomes that are integral to winning in our fast-paced, mobile-first, and largely digital world in which people's’ behaviours and expectations are always changing. In this class, you will learn how to construct the core elements of your personal brand, build and maintain a strong online presence, strategically promote yourself (and your organization) to others, effectively network, and authentically promote yourself without hesitation.

This class is mostly for people who want to discover, articulate, express, and build their personal brands online. But it’s just as valuable for those with relatively well-established presences, as it can serve as a refresher with new ideas and practical advice on how to improve. You’re doing incredible things. But are you telling people? Don’t leave it up to someone else to tell your story.

To complete the class, you'll just need a computer, some paper, and your favourite writing utensil(s).





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Hamza Khan

Managing Director, Student Life Network

Hamza Khan is a multi-award winning marketer & entrepreneur. He’s the Managing Director of Student Life Network, Canada’s most comprehensive resource hub dedicated to helping and empowering millions of students across the country. He co-founded both Splash Effect, a boutique marketing & creative agency, as well as SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company. He is the author of an Amazon bestselling book, “The Burnout Gamble.” From TEDx stages and national conferences t...

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