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Digital watercolor portrait in Procreate

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Importing and using brushes

    • 4. Choosing your picture

    • 5. Drawing

    • 6. First layer: shadows

    • 7. Mouth and more colors

    • 8. More colors and eyes

    • 9. Hair

    • 10. Finishing touches

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make a digital watercolor portrait in Procreate from a picture.


We will first select a picture that will please you, then make the drawing, and add colors in layers. For this I have provided 9 free watercolor brushes for Procreate, that you’ll find in the resources section, with the original picture I used in class, and a watercolor paper for the background.


At the end of the class you’ll be able to take (almost) any picture into a digital watercolor. 

This is perfect for beginners as we will focus on colors and not on the drawing. 

All you need is your IPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate, the technique can also be used in other programs with your own watercolor brushes. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist




I’m Cécile Yadro, a French artist and teacher, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... with gouache, oil painting, digital, markers, pastels, mixed media... art is an endless journey!

My mission is to help you grow as an artist with my beginners friendly classes.


Where to find me:

My website, where you have a weekly gouache newsletter.

My YouTube channel with lots of tips

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Instagram where I post my art and experiments


I post a class per month, mor... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I'm sissy. French artists both digital untraditional. And this last I will show you how to make you want to go out portrayed in pro creates using a picture and a brush sets. What about brushes I gave you? I will show you how to do this from a picture. I will help you to choose your picture and give you tips for a good one, and I will explain everything. Just let's his men for beginners, as you really don't need any growing skills or intermediates. One. Because if you have drumming skills, it's a time to do that. You only Obviously my badge and pro creates basic skills in procreate would be handy but not really necessary. I will show you everything at the end of this last. You have a beautiful watercolor verbal tricks. I'm really happy to see you again. So please join me into class and you soon. Oh, 2. Your project: Thank you for joining me in this class. I'm really happy to see you again. Your project will be to like a watercolor portrait from a picture. Though the first stage is to select the picture. A pen. I will give you websites where to find some ideas if you need so also after that you will post it on the project section. Next, we will trace over the picture so we will have a drawing from which we will add colors on the color will be added by different layers. Using the brushes I gave you. Please don't forget to take snapshots from the work you're doing and post it in your project section. It's always really interesting to see the different processes. So I hope you will enjoy this project on Don't forget to post it on the social media If you use them to attack me so I can report your heart. No are talking. Let's diving 3. Importing and using brushes: in this video, I will show you how to download and use. What can a brush that I gave you? You have different brushes for painting or force much. Let me show you this first thing you want to do is open. Pro creates ound open and you canvass. We will just play with the brushes so the size doesn't really matter will get the screen size. It would be OK for me. Next you go to your browser. I'm using safari. Let's go to the class. Obviously I'm using another one because I'm filming and go to that projects on resource section And here you will find articles. Set brush sets Just click once on it on it should download in a new tab. And here, depending on your iPad. Either you have opening pro creates lyrically or you become more and you can Cappie to procreate should import directly and go to the top of your brush library. And here you have or the brushes I gave you. So let's try them. The 1st 1 is dry ink and I will get a black to get a perfect black. You double click at the very bottom of the sphere the ink. You can use it at capacity at the maximum size, and for the brush size it's about 40%. It's, um, sensitive to pressure. So if you press hard a light, you can very this tide of the line. I like the messy edges. This is why I did it. We will use this for the edges of our drawing. Let's move those a 2nd 1 It's cool. Watch a color line and I will choose something more colorful. I always you've it with capacity is at maximum because if you use this brush is because you need some really fine details and the size will be something about 30% I m. This is also pressure. Sensitive was very sharp hatch at the beginning, and if I press her, it's going wide. Let's move to the 3rd 1 It is called watercolor. Feel on basically has received the brush you'll use the most. So let's change the color and something very blue and you see it's wider. If I push it at the maximum size, it's really very wide brush and oppressive Ge's around 70 percents, so first thing you can just the press ones and use it as a stump. Let's lower the up the size. And if I want to make dots, depending on how hard I press, I will have dots of different wits and see, I don't change my size here. So is this your first use for this one? Second use, obviously, is to paint. So if I press heard a good different colors and you see you have variations inside and if I go back from the same place, my color will be much stronger, darker. And I can at a lot, a lot, a lot of layers in the same place until I have a really dark color. But what also I can do is at another layer on top of the 1st 1 Change my color, Let's say for yellow and I will go here on my color at the edge of the 1st 1 So here you see my pure yellow and little on top of blue, and it gives me a nice color. Of course I can. At other layers on top of it, this is almost never rounding and go back at such a rapid city, right? You've got the idea. Next brush is watercolor liquid, and this one is really mimicking the rial. What? Chocula? I don't like this, but traditional watercolor. Let's say so. If I use it as a stamp pressing hard or nuts, I have, Ah, nice effect. Like in King, floating in the paper and fight press, I can't feel large areas depending on the width here. Sometimes it's useful, and I really like the edges it gives and always the same. You can add layers on top of each other. This one is called pictured, and this one that's hard. This is really pressure sensitive, So if I press very light, the color was will be very saving and fact press heart. They will have a very dark color and next one blotches. So Butch is our Caesar is stumped. Or you can press and make my thoughts everywhere. And the last one here watching colored dots. Let's get another year. It's to give some texture, some details, like a spoon. She would have put in the water cooler and pressed on your paper. This one is really light for fine details. Okay, let's go back to lay a one and the last two blender and smudge only for those one. You will use a smudge tool here on. Go to your water your set and get the blender. This one is the one you will use the most. So what you can do with it is you can soften the edges off something. Let's say here I want my blue to fade in the paper. So I will go to the edge of it and push from the inside of the shape to the outside and did go here and pushing him. And then very likely I can't smooth everything. Now this is giving like a gray agents. But as you notice, my color has faded. So I really add another layer on top. Gil Bates to my water full of feel. Get this color again and Hera can have another piece on smooth the edges again. Basically, we will be working with a lot of layers and this is the idea. You put color on the layer. Then you smudge or nuts. Put another layer smirk or not, etcetera, etcetera. This is interesting. When you want to merge two colors in one go back to my layer on This is the one I will put you know emerged to together and here I don't want to have a niche between the two killers . So let's just press a bit here and there and here I have a smooth transition between the two killers out. The last one is called Smudge. Only on this one has a bit more texture inside. So he just put it at the edge and you will get nice effects to be too large. This is more full backgrounds, right? So I'll let you play with this and I'll see you in the next video where we will choose our picture for a portrait to you. 4. Choosing your picture: in this class, I will show you how to select your picture from which you make your portrait. You have different options. It very have a personal sure someone your family's. When you love someone, you care. All right. You can choose to take a picture off someone you don't know or maybe someone famous. Just as you wish. I will show you different websites where to find pictures. So let's go. You have different ways to find this. The 1st 1 is pics of A This one is interesting because you don't need to pay any royalty fee and you don't need to give credit to the photographer. So picks, obey, or another like this one that you use regularity is okay. You will type poor traits. Well, my name Oh, man, of course. And now I will give you some tips to choose. A good picture of just is the first thing. We want something in color, so we will never get a black and white picture. We also want to close up. So this one would be to wide for on purpose because the faces to smoke and depending on your taste, of course we need something that us? Enough colors inside. What I mean by this it will be watcher color. So maybe it's better if we have something with a lot of variations inside the face so we can play with a particular. For example, this one is a bit too in the same color size. Oh, the sweater, the hair on the face or almost the same color it from Berrier. Very interesting. This one could be interesting. Let me show you that because you have, um, color variations here and flowers in the hair. I would like this one. Maybe, Um, this close up might be interesting. Also, this one is a bit too Messi. Um, this one is It is a nice picture. Um, it could be nice, but whether this technique off watercolor hair is not there really most important thing, we want to have enough picture. We want more of the skin, and the skin has almost always the same tone everywhere. Obviously, this one won't fit. I think I would like this one different color in the hair and a white background. This is easier for us. M we cume have, um that's everywhere for the here. I think I like this one. So let's click own free download and I would advise you to get the maximum size you can get and download it off. Course you need to Ligon or sign up. I will use my Facebook till again. Okay, opening the picture in a new tab and press on hold and save image. Another way to find nice picture is on splash. It's an option countdown over in the APP store M. It is basically the same process you will type. Woman portrayed. It's on. Get the pictures. You won't really. It's a matter of taste, so I let you choose your picture. Another way to find pictures is get shihm sketches of free app. You can download it on the up sort and people are posting their pictures so you can draw them. And this is for free, of course. So there is a search box here, but it requires people to have put keywords in them picture and this is not something people do on the regular basis. So I never use this one. You just will scroll and find a picture that is appealing to you and that much are pretty terriers as I said color and maybe funny. A white background makes things easier, but it's not necessary. Just until you find something that is interesting. This one is nice. Might be The skin is a bit too in the same color. This one has a nice smile. So if you like the person, you can click on her name and you have two tabs wanted for the arts they made. And the other one inspiration is for the pictures they posted. And maybe there is something I can find him, her feed like this one. So you press on it and you can't enlarge it. She's nice, but not smiling enough for me. All those. She really has an interesting head. So here you will have the three dots here, and you can click on safety camera roll. Sometimes when I'm looking for new pictures, I can't get maybe five or town different ones, and I have a folder in my camera roll where I put all my portraits to draw on. Depending on my inspiration, I will pick up one or another one. Now you have chosen your picture, So let's suppose to tens the project section so we can all. See what you're working on and let's move to the next step, which he is drawing the boat trip. So you in the next video. 5. Drawing: way have selected picture I hope you have, so we can all see what we are working on. Now it's time for the drawing. You have two different ways to do it. Either you have drawing abilities on, so just you that makes a drawing or you don't on your beginner. You just want to have fun with color. So let's go and trace over the picture. Let's go. So let's open procreate And here we will set up a new canvas. Maybe you already know what you will do with this portrait, and maybe you don't. So my advice would be to get the larger size. You can get in procreate because you can always lower the size, but you will never be able to increase the size. So if you home, let's say to have it printed on the poster or account us, it's really interesting to have the bigger size you can get. So let's create kissed in size. Let's select and she's and give it a size. If you make it 10 by 10 inches, you can get 55 layers, which is a lot, and you don't need that much. I told you we will use a lot of layers, but we will merge them as long as we go. So something around 12 or 15 layers would be enough for us. What would you get to 20 by 20 inches? As I know, my picture is square off course. Adjust, depending on the size of your picture, 10 layers is Okay, so let's create this. Now I have my canvas. I will lower the size a bit so I can see everything in my working space. How you get on the wrench and at insert a photo. I go to my portrait's to dro folder and get the picture we took over your and she is putting this at the size that is fitting for a better quality. My purpose here is to use this picture as a guide to Dro, so I don't need to have a neck stream large quality, So I will click here on fit to screen. Maybe it's a bit too large because they won't have enough space around. So make sure Magnetics is on and reduce it. Obits. My beer Well offset. It's on the side and I will place it here next. I will no worthy a paucity of this picture and at layer on top of it, get a solid black double cake here and get my dry brush. And now I will trace on top off my picture. I know some of you may think it's cheating if you prefer to draw it directly. It's perfectly OK. My purpose in this class is to show two big unearth that they can achieve a beautiful result without knowing how to dro off course. If you know how to draw praise, use your skills. This is totally okay and you can't even skip to the next video. I will focus on the main parts of the face. You see, I just noticed she has a Jewell coming from the brass let to the finger. I won't draw this as it will. It will be too complicated in my drawing on the same for the chains here. I won't do them. She has a blind side, a ring and for the hair. Obviously I won't draw every strand. I will just make the general outline and off course the facial features. So let's do this. I always begin with eyes. I am really a large size. Now Let me lower a bit more my pictures so you can see. And let's say this is just to place my features so I can add my counters. I bro's are important. Don't forget them. We will add more details. After off course, I don't grow the eyelashes. No need. The shape of the nose is very important. And I will try to draw on Lee when you have a sharp edge. For example here the nose True. I have a sharp it this one also until here. But here there is no sharp edge. This is something very smooth. So I don't need to make line because I will play with colors the same for the inner edge. I don't need a line because there is nothing really sharp on my picture. Let's make the mouth. I won't draw the teeth either. No need for that. I think I see something a bit square, all right. And the cheek. Same here for the chin chin is a niche, but there I will just mark lightly. So I know where to put my color. I think it's a bit too large, so I'm making it of its smaller I know Chase Eltham seen behind the hair? Yeah, the hand. As I said, I won't drove the trouble. Let's like a little breast that here it will add more interest to my drawing. And as I said, I will skip but chains and I will just put some very light indication of the shape. This is not a curate on. It doesn't need to be so they fight height. The picture. I see something that really funny When you trace over pictures, eyes are always too small. So what I do is I use my select to make sure it's free hound. I would get my I select and I will make sure Magnetics is on and I will increase it a bit. That's a 10% more maybe. Okay, same for the other one. And there I will check with my picture below. It just says this is not enough. After roll, the eyes are the most important part in the face. So it's interesting if you increase the size. Ah, well, put back the picture, so I'm sure I still have the exact on go. This one is okay. This one of the big offsets to be too close to the nose. Right? Okay. I think I have enough. Now we have our drawing. Let's move to the next step. Which is girl last. See you. 6. First layer: shadows: way have a growing it's time for color, and obviously this is the most important. But the best. We will begin by the darkest color. Let's call it show, and the idea is to build layers on top of each other. So let's begin with Chris later shadows. Now let's go to the colors. I will hide my drawing for the moment and put back the opacity on the photo and let's study the colors. Obviously, this is a picture with Onley, warm colors around and brown and yellow and peach tones off course. I don't want to make a realistic portrait. It's This is my interpretation. So I need to see what colors are appealing to mean, especially for the shadows shadowed. The one way is to use Brown, of course, and maybe to give more interest. I'd like to use some seeing blue or purple. I will see that. Okay, now I can put back my drawing and I can deletes my photo. I won't need it anymore. Let's put the picture on the left side of my pro creates so I will swipe up and take my camera roll, press on hold and put it on the left as I'm right handed off course. It's easier to put it on the left, but you can just reverse it if you need. So here is my picture here and my painting. Here I will create a new layer rename this one drawing on this one will always be owned. Top off everything. So let's go to my layer here and select the water Caulfield. And for the picture, of course, you can still keep the picture on the separate layers and pick up the colors inside. I don't use it because, um, I think it gives more dull colors than if you just pick them right here. I will begin by the darkest spot of the portrait, so I will get deep Purple. Might be. It's not dork enough. Yes. So let's see what other darkest port in my portraits, obviously here. So let me speed up the process and see you on their side of the music. So under, Counselor, this is very rough on. I'm not trying to be precise. I'm just trying to put the big places for the shadows. And now, as my edges are bit too harsh, I will go to mice much too. And take the blender brush and I will soften the edges. And I try to keep the darkest part of the colors. What? I mean, if if I blend here everything, my car is almost disappearing. So I tried to them only on the edges, and as we did in the first video, just pushing the color from the inside to the outside of the shape. I don't mind to overlap everything or fix up later. I know that places like under the mouth are always darker. So it may do this. I see us, sir. Okay, let me check it out. One way to see the values off a photo is to squint your eyes and you can see that this sport here is the darkest one along with the here and the under hair part actual gods. So let's do this now and of it is very dark. I will make several layers directly on top of each other. This is our first shadow layers. We will off course more as long as we paint. But for now, let's move to the next step, which is the mouth 7. Mouth and more colors: Now that we have made our first shadow layer, we would make more later. It's time to work on special places on the face so you can choose deserve and I or mouth or something else I have chosen to work on the mouth. Don't ask me why. So I would show you this. Now. Now, this is the first step of my shadows. Let's sport another layer on top of this one. If you don't want to get confused, you can't steal. Rename your layers. This one I can call it shadows. And on this layer, Mystere was my watercolor feel. I will add a brownish color on top and you see the face is lighter than the shoulder and the hand and the arm as a different tune from the face also. So basically, you have two different parts. Let's get the color. Um, you have two ways to do this, or you just move your slider here or you can use an existing color and work from it. And don't forget that your color will always be paid. Or so it seems to be cool, but I like to be more vivid and more orange. Yes, correct. layer and that's increase the size They know I have a large place to feel. No, I have filled everything. I will goto my smudge tool and maybe increase the size as I want those overlap ings to disappear So I will soft in everything until I see my shadows under and now looking at the photo I see that my shadow here is too small. It should go. Maybe something around here. So just when I see it, I don't wait. I picked up the purple, go by to the shadows there and more color and soften on You see, my shoulder is already popping out and now I see that I missed also shadow in the front part. So let's do it again. And I have a light here on the shadow. So maybe we'll treat that after I'm going back to my around. Let's rename it orange Now you're if you want to get the previous color, you just click on the color here and press long and you have the prettiest girl are preparing. This is very convenient. And now I see that if I put some orange here, it really removes my shadow. So I won't do that. I'll do this in another way, and maybe this is too around now. So let's lower my color orbits pink. At this stage, you have to trust the process. I'm taking back from my last color on moving the slider until I found something that lips and I really lose the same colorful the chicks here, him a bit around the eyes. Don't be afraid to be bold and brave with colors. We're not looking for perfection, aren't we? Or we would just make for to roofie. And now let's make the mouth so mouth as, um, a lot of different colors in it. Let me, Anorthosis, you have a very pain here, but also very vivid, very pink. And here's something that is darker here and there. Let's make, um, you too large, something a bit more pink. My base. Too much. You have to tests and try. Okay, It might seem a bit too bright, and it is, but I will fix this in a moment. This is my layer. My base there. No, let's put a layer on top of this one. And from my same color, let's go straight down in this fear and I will get something very dark. Um, now I need to lower my size. And as I observed the picture, I see there is the part that is very dark here and also there very, very dark. So I grew several times. Now I can use my razor, and the best is to use the portable. I feel at full capacity and a small size so I can raise. But it's not so harsh, and it will blend everything together on the inside of the mouth. I won't draw each tooth. That's will be very strange. But I think there is a very dark purple here. So let's get from the same color and still go down below. May be a bit on the right to keep a bit of the color, and now I will give my watercolor line and I will do this on another layer at the stage. I keep different layers so I can vary my colors if I need to, and I would merge them when I'm OK with the result. Now it's time to murder three layers together and use a bit of smudging to have the mouth nicely blending in the skin a bit of smudging here and there, and that will be it for the moment. For the math, let's darken this a bit. Let's go back to my article feel, and I still have my very dark one on. If I see that, maybe, let's say here it's a bit too dark. I can still raise on something the edges. And I think I would like to have something really blight here. So lets you the vertical line. Let's get pink, almost white. This is where I will decides that maybe I don't need that line on my drawing. So I go to my drawing and I will raise it, and I think it's better. It was really no, but I have. I put my color. It's better if I don't use the etches anymore. Do you think she has a new, almost straight lip here? Um, I have white edge here, and I think the edge I made is a bit too smudged, so let's make something more precise. No, I think it's bad, so we'll merge everything on rename its mouth. Now it's time to make eyes and to add more layers and more colors. Let's do this 8. More colors and eyes: all right. We have to fall on the different parts of the face and I won't make without a necessity. Order the eyes on the nose and cheeks and everything else. It's a bit mixed that because we are building layers differently on I assure you this about the around. Mick. Put another layer. I will add My Mick tones. Shadows was I have some here. Um, maybe my purple is a bit too dark. Something like this. Let's go back to what it will feel. Onda. Let me at the mid tone shadows and smooch them. I'll be back after from time to time. It's interesting to step back. L look closely to the picture, the reference and your painting. And I want to merge everything. Right? So I know what I want to do is begin to erase what is overlapping in the hair over the fingers. Andi, also maybe smudge of it more. You go to your watercolor sets and you get the water full of film. This way you push the opacity at the maximum. This way you'll get something that is not too sharp on the edges. For the moment, I won't. He raised too much around the hair are We wait to make the her but here I know that the skill is on top of the hair so I can erase everything. Okay, so now you've got the idea. Let me do this. When I see you, the other side e want to smudge the edge of the mouth so it's not like on top of it, but it's blending into the skin and here and there on plunging more. And now guess what? I will add another layer on top of it. Some parts need to be dark in obits, so I select the very same color either with the picker or just with your finger. This is something I have made up to my taste under preference Gesture controls the eyedropper. I have, um that it was just a touch here. I'm adding more shadows here, and they're always the same process. You just paint and smudge to blend the colors together. Maybe if you want to dark in what you can do is go to your layers click in the end and you have different options here. If you click on multiply, This is really dark shadows. See the difference I think they were. Let it on multiply, I said. I wanted to change the tone of the skin here, maybe to be to arrange when I don't get this one against this one. So let's go to the magic wand. Hue, saturation brightness on you will move very slightly. The U slider. This one is a bit more yellow, and I think it's closer. Not that I'm looking for realism, but I tried to get the mood of the picture. So now let's do the eyes. So, as you may know, his clearer is not pure white of your cyber. It's not that arranged. So first I have to be raise bits and I will make the eyes on a separate layer. We'll get maybe this tone for yeah, let me smudge it a bit. What you want to do here is to keep the volume of the eyeball so you have a shadow here, and you will push from the darkest part to the brightest one. And I think that inner part is very dark, yes, and even read. So we get something from the mouth and very slowly. If you want to have a dark color tones Majette. And for the eyes, I will get something very brown, deep brown, almost black, but not exactly so here. The point is to but the car at the maximum capacity. So you have a very talk, brown. What gives life to eyes is, uh, reflection the light. You will put it inside when you make it, just decrease the size. So you see everything. I think there is too much white here, obviously may lower the upper city on. I will make the eyelashes, and for this I will get the watercolor line. I don't like to make individual lashes. I prefer to make a large eyeliner. Let's make the eyebrows for this. You will get back to watercolor feel on you the same color that you had for the luscious smudged the edges. Now it's time for the reflection. For this you will give under the inking brushes something very sharp, like Studio Inc and with almost a pure whites, you make little ducts inside the eye to show the reflection. It has to be very sharp. This is why we are using on thinking brush instead of watercolor brush. Now let's have fun with the hair. I promise it would be fun 9. Hair: now faces almost done so excited to go for the hair. I will show you a technique that will allow you not to paint every Indian robes. Tran on it will be really overwhelming. I will show you this with little dots on blotches and bubbles Just come in the way you want . I will show you this. Now what I will do is get my watercolor feel on, have a first general wash on the color and to skip the same range of cars that will pick you something for the background that's already in this. Kim and I will increase my size. Yeah, maybe it's a bit too right. I don't need to be precise what I want his fixer global shape of the hair. And I will make various strokes lifting up my pencil from time to time. So I have overlapping colors and it will darken the color from place to place. So let's just go and do this very roughly. I wouldn't go on old around the shape and it's a darker brown to make the shadows in the hair. You have to press your tip of the pencil from light to very hard to you have different size and different wit for the dots. Now I think I will make another layer on top of it and get a mid tone more or Angie. So I will cover some dark dots from place to place, and we'll give more depth to the hair. Let's also create another layer on top of it with the lighter color, and this time I till doing some dots, going from one layer to another and switching the colors. So I have basically four layers run toward the base, one for the shadow, one for the mid tone and one for the lighter color. And this is just a back and forth between the different layers and different colors. Now, time to raise the cheek. So it's very sharp because it's on top of the hair. So more adjustments here and there. And I think it's OK for this first stage. So here I am. I have full layers for the hair, the base a darker tone, lighter one and very light, and I think maybe we see the bubbles too much. So let me first get to bays one and sweatshirt to multiply, so it's for the darker and I will merge the four layers together and I will add layer on top of it. Now I will get the water, car texture, brush and a very light. Yo, I want to make the individuals trans that are very light here, and I want you kind of unify everything. So I will get a very light yellow found, push the opacity of it maximum and will make some individual trans, maybe to be two year something lighter. Yes. So I'm looking at the picture at the same moment and trying to very my pressure so I can vary the wit of my brush and trying to have those individuals trends here and there on other like this. Maybe I will add another layer below this one between the base and the light. One, we'll get imagine tone and make sums. Trends also this way of kind of hide a bit. The battles so called battles and I can make the little hair coming out if you notice his brush as a sharp edge at the end at the beginning. So consider this from the inside through the outside, and now I think I have to much models here So let's go back and get my, maybe watercolor. Feel as in the razor, and go back with I text your brush. Yes, I think it's nice thing if you want to add more lights, what you can do with the lightest one you click on the end, and here you select, lighten and you can click on at. Obviously, this is very hard, but you can still lowered the capacity of the layer. I usually go around 30% and that's interesting and I'd be a bit more lights would be cool. Let me press harder. So I have light everywhere. I'm looking at the general shape on I see here. It's too heavy here also. So maybe I will raise a bit with the watercolor field. Just attack. You're in there, maybe emerges Street. The idea is to tap here and there, to incorporate candle the background into the hair. He don't want to have a very harsh anche for the hair, and now I go back to my watercolor feel brush and tap here in there, also to have some deaths going from the hair into the background, the painting is almost finished. Now it's time for more details on more lightness. Maybe. Let's try this 10. Finishing touches: Let's work more on the nose, especially the light on top of the nose on a layer set to add also more shadows and refining the nostrils with almost black color for the cheek. I think they're shadow is really too dark, so I'm putting on top of it. Another color, a lighter one and smudge to incorporate colors on a new layer, said to multiply. I will make the very dark shadow under the chin as well as under the mouth. I want to work on the eyes a bit more. As you see here. There is a large, very large I'll ass, but I'm afraid it will be maybe too hard for this. Let's try this on another layer was what took in a line and get the same color. Some parts need to be enlightened, so let's go on a layer that is on ad at 30% capacity to really fix exactly and with the what how I feel. Let's get Marie light tone because here under the eyebrow, I need to lighten up a bit, softened the edge. Also here it's a bit too dark. During this stage, you will observe very closely the reference picture. And this is why my head is in the middle of the screen. And I'm sorry for this Just because I'm focusing on every detail. I'm trying to see where I need more lights, more shadows. And this is back and forth between the different layers from the ad layer to normal to multiply depending on what I want to do. So this is something that can be really never ending, So I won't show you everything, and I will just show you the final results. I'm considering the jewels rings on breast lit and making some tries. But at the end, I think I don't like it. And I'm quite sure I won't do that breast licked. So I would raise it back to the earring again because I'm trying to do something. And more lights, more shadows. Sometimes I go, I'm urged the layers and a new months. So I always keep something right. Five or eight layers maximum at the same time. Open as it was, I merge my layers and add more shadows. Sometimes I don't need my drawing lines anymore, so I'm raising them as long as I go. If you notice there is no more drawing line on the back and owned the shoulder. This is important just to remove it when you don't need it anymore. Sometimes you have to keep it to have something more focused. Or you can use the watercolor line brush to make fine details. It will be fine also here. I'm still working on the darkest port here. I get some peach from the cheeks to put in the neck also, and on the back and another try at the breast. Let's because I thought it would be interesting to have it, but it would be almost the same skin colors so it wouldn't stand up anyway. And I didn't want to make all the details like there was in the picture. And at the end I will simply erase everything, raised my drawing and just have a bear down. That would be OK for me. Some more details to finish mine painting This can be never ending, so at some point you have to decide that it's over and that you're happy with it or you can spend really hours now. This is where I am. It's almost done. What I want to do is give a water cooler effect I have provided in the resource section that want to come out paper. So please import the picture on top off everything and set this layer to multiply on. This should incorporate the paper inside your painting. And now I think the hair needs more little, very little dots to merge better with the background down. So this is what I'm doing now. Just adding jobs here and there and raising with little dots also. So this is more detained on more natural. Well, that's it. We have finished our painting. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy doing the class for you. Please don't forget to follow me as I'm already working on my next stop which will be held to push your portrait to the next level. See you soon. And thank you for joining