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Digital sketchy portraits with Procreate

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Basics of drawing a face

    • 4. Sketching features

    • 5. Sketching shadows

    • 6. Basics of crosshatching

    • 7. Adding background

    • 8. Coloring eyes

    • 9. Crosshatching

    • 10. Finishing the drawing

    • 11. Bonus: some examples

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About This Class

I’m so happy to explain you how to make a digital sketchy portrait. I’m using Procreate in class, but you can use whatever drawing app to follow along. This style is made of a sketchy drawing, with bold and visible brushstrokes, in wild colors, on a vintage paper background. 

Here are some examples of what you can achieve after following the class:


I have gathered for you a lot of reference photos in my Pinterest board where you can select one or follow along with reference photo used in class (attached in the resource section)

I will explain the basics of drawing a face, in a very easy way


I’ll show you how to place accurately the features and shadows in the face. 
Then we’ll talk about crosshatching, how to place your strokes according to the face 


After that we will select a background to give this vintage feel to our portrait. I have some for you in another Pinterest board.

Then we will make eyes and mouth in a realistic way, I have attached a Procreate brush in the  resource section to achieve the buttery effect of pencils. 




Lastly we will add more and more brushstrokes until we finish our drawing.

I hope you will enjoy this class, it was very fun to do for me! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist



New class available! 

Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter about gouache. 

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love... See full profile

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1. Introduction : mortal who had come to my new class on skill share, and Cecile, a French artist both digital and traditional. Just as is about sketchy Portrait's in procreate. The specific of this tire is a big stage background, while colors on very expressive brushstrokes. I'm using procreating cast, but of course, you can follow along with your favorite up discuss is meant for all levels. Whether you're a complete beginner, I will show you how to roll face, how to place the futures, right, how to cross hatch on how to go wide with colors. Your project would be to make a sketchy bore tricks. Don't forget, post it so we can all see what you're doing. Thank you for joining us, and so let's go. 2. Your project: your project would be to make a sketchy portrait using procreate or another software they use, like maybe for the shop or fresco. As you prefer. You can work from different photos I have gathered for you some inspiration photo in the Pinterest board you have the link into resource section on this Pinterest board is cold inspiration for your portrait. It's, um, this is interesting to look at some good reference for Joe's. First of all, I have decided that I didn't want any glasses or hands showing in my portrait. It's because I don't want to bother with it. On second, you need to have something with a good lights. So what is a good light? Um, this one, for example. I don't have enough shadows. Even if it is, it's a really nice photo, but there is absolutely no shadows, so it wouldn't fit for this particular class. This one would be more interesting because you have a nice shadow on the right side. This one is a bit too over faded. I wouldn't choose it. This one is a big flow er on too much lights. This one might be interesting because it has very dark and strong shadows. Um, what do we have? You can also work from a black and white photo on maybe just invent all the colors you want to put inside. Also, if you are concerned was copyright issues. Please make sure your foot it was coming from a free website like this one is coming from picks. Obey. This one is coming from unspool Ash off course. You can use one of your own personal photos. Um, I think it's more difficult to dro someone you know already, and it's easier with someone you don't know, but just do as you wish. Another good place to find a lot of photos is sketchy. That's catchy up that comes on me on apple and you have hundreds and thousands of people just posting their own personal photos. So maybe you can find something interesting in there. Well, you have different qualities off. It was still maybe you have to scroll for wine before you just find what you really want to drop this one. Very cute, but maybe not enough shadows as well. So ah, lectures crow on selected photo, and then we will begin 3. Basics of drawing a face: before we dive in, we have to look at the anatomy of a face. So I'm not an expert nor a doctor or so I don't know much about muscles or bones under. But what I know is that you can draw face was mainly circles or hips. So this is what I want to show you. Now I'm tracing over the photo just to give you the structure, but later we will drove without tracing. So I think you can fit the face. I'm using our six b pencil. It's in the world on. I like to draw the eyeballs because it's really wide. And also what's very important is the iris. Where is it's? Is it looking straight ahead? Or is it slightly tired? Or words also knows Bold is something that is very specific to people. Now you have two nostrils that can't be made was bulls as well. You have the chin, which is also very round, and you have the cheeks. Yeah, and for the mouth. I'm just placing the corners from the eye. I see this is just at the edge of the people. And then I gave the indication of the mouth is it going this way. This way. Slightly tired. Whenever and then you have one and to hear on. Do you have one and two here? So with just those balls, you can draw a complete face. Let me show you with another one. Maybe I will get a red color with this one. So the face isn't the whole you place the Aibos Iris on. She has a large knows bowl on small nostrils. Basically, this is a proportions between the difference parts that makes someone unique. What about this one? This one is looking on. Decide. She has a small, very small nose bowl, but very large nostrils. Yeah, and maybe our head is two different animals. Yeah, should be good. What about this one? This one is more street, then curved, but to Okay, so you've got the idea. So of course, now it's easy because I'm tracing now. We're going to do this without tracing with just a foot, a reference on the side, and we'll see it. What gives 4. Sketching features: So now we have the basics. Let's try what I showed you. You will, um, making you canvas. The size is really depending on what you plan to do with your drawing. If you want to print, it has to be large enough. If you just want to play in your iPad, maybe it's not necessary to help. So Raj canvas. The only thing is, maybe you'll need something like 10 or 12 layers. So for myself, I will be working with quite a Norge size, which is, if I show you here canvas information. It's, Ah, 4900 pixel with, um 6000 Hate 108 which is quite large on sweet 100 g p. I. I always let it at this. Some size makes me 11 layers, but she's cool. Uncle or profile, I'll just let it other tears on video settings as it is. That's cool for me. So this is my usual size. And now I want to sketch the growing up the face. So for this I will swipe up, get my camera roll, place it on the left, and we'll get the picture. I want to drove. You can move this. I will let it just in the middle because I want my two pages, if I can say so at the same size. But I mean, if if I reduces on the left, my picture will be very small. So I have to get the same size here. Maybe it's easier if I get it and for wit, and I read on gorgeous a bit because I want to, well, simplified my life and have the same hate. So six b is okay, I'm black. Never mind, because I will know where the opacity after. So what I showed you as you make noble. So it's easier when you have to side by side. And for now, I'm not really caring about anything, just the overall shape, and I will place the hi line and the nose as well, and I'm just checking to see the different pace. So, eyeballs, I think she's facing us. So looks like Robert's. For now, this is the bottom of my nose, so my nose bowl should be a bit higher. I'm quite sure it has to be well like this. She has pointed to large. No, they would say, and she has critical cheek um I think the corner of the mouse is just at the edge of the people, and this one is more like here. Andi, you have to maybe exaggerated it. She has a very large under lip and maybe smaller here. And I'm beginning to press a bit more so I can get my correct size. And this is very round, not so hard. So my first stage is to get my features in the right place. So what I see now is maybe the nose is a bit too large and maybe a bit too close of the mouth, so I will get Tau less. What you so like this decrees a bit. Who I said decrees on me Put it up a bit and I want to put the lines of the eyebrows. I'm rose are very important to keep personality. So it's time to make the I. I tend to make the iris always too large. But this is my style and I like it now It's time to I forgot the chin. And maybe the mouth is too large as well. I don't know. See that after So she has crunch of pointy chin on also She has quite nice angle here. Um, no years. Okay, Perfect. So this is going this way. Home? Home is the beginning of the hair on Harris coming here. Um okay, so now well, center this and I can now have a global look. She has a who did. I guess maybe this is a bit exaggerated. Now I see that basic features for now, um, maybe I won't decrease the size of it. So I think to be too large, Um, maybe off center. She will be flying. Okay. And I want to be sure before going further that I'm quite good. I hope so. So what I contra do is get this image and place it here, and I will place it below my drawing, lower the capacity and find a good size. What I'm enjoying is I'm just checking if my features are quite ok. Um well, this is really not, but okay, so if you look at my drawing eyes, nose and mouth are OK, Problem is here. T I have made her very, very large face. So I think I will fix this because it's better If you see that and you fix it, you will always have something that is off. I know my problem is in the hatch off the face for the rest. I will leave it as it is because I don't want to trace. I just want you have my own drawing my own personality. 5. Sketching shadows: once you're happy with yours, catch. It's time to place another layer on top of it. I can remove this. I don't need it. Know where the opacity off? Your first drawing? It will be our base because I don't want to have all those construction line between. And now I will just trace the different parts of the shadows because I need to know where to drove my cross hatching. So I will put it this way. Yeah, this way. So I know my features are right, and this is very important. So let's now place the main shadows. There is a large one here. You can as well fix some mistakes if you see some amusing, very straight line trying as well. And I see that I have to correct the shape of my I'm bro terrorists. Something very dark here. So this is where you really go into details. I see that maybe this one is a bit higher like this, and here I have, I light. But I tend to draw highlights, and this picture is really very well. It's maybe a bit too much. So I have to maybe exaggerate some of them shadows. I want to draw. Main thing is to make too symmetrical eyes. Well, she has a strange look. Now I have to lower this. So I have to know where it as well. - So have two layers now. One is my first catch with the constructions and other one is different places for the shadows. I don't mark everything. Just two main once and the rest will go as long as I'm drawing. So before you think this, let me give you some information about how to cross hatch. 6. Basics of crosshatching : with this technique, I will cross hatched following the Kurth of the face. So I have try to really enlarge my portrait place to layer on top of it on I'm using six billion as well. So it's stop wide enough and you can see what I'm doing. So you have to imagine this is really like leaving face in front of you. Blight is catching some different place. Depending on hold. They are turning around. So what I mean by this, for example, the under nose. I will cross match this way. This part this way. Me and large again. Found two swooned. Nice is so try to be symmetrical on. You can just see the curve under the nose. This is plain so not interesting, Um, side of the nose. This way you have two ways to do the under part of the eye. Number one is your rejecting since the center. Just imagine the center here, but it can be confused with eyelashes. Oh, you can make this way. It really depends on hold. The light is coming and for the cheeks, if you're going one way, you go symmetrical on the other one. Sometimes it's just a size of the shape that will keep you the way to cross hatch and for the mouth. I tend to Raj eight as well. Like this here, it's mainly this way. And then you are just playing between the different angles of the face. Well, she looks nice now. Same here. So we'll go this way here, etcetera. This is just basic rules. Of course, you can adjust depending on your portraits on your mood. After seeing where to place our cross hatching, I will show you different ways to make cross hatching so amusing those catchy pencil that I've provided in the resource section on. But I want to get a Connor. So let's stay cam blue color. You have different ways to do it. Me and large is, let's say this part so you can make very parallel lines on. As you can see, the beginning of the stroke is very sin, and the end is very large, so you can decide which way he wants your large part. This gives a different effect. Also, what you can do is one single stroke. You can very the wits. It gives a different effect. Also, you can change the color on you can go on top on it makes an interesting mics off colors. Maybe it's easier if you do this on another layer, so if you don't like it, you can still hide it. Also, you can make curved. I may get my blue again curved, and if you press hard, you have very wide strokes that that take maybe a light one. Now this is it's You can also make plane parts like four highlights. It's interesting to have ah plane part a swell asked for the eyes. It's better if you just feeling the shapes. So some examples this one is really going crazy. Um, I think this is the most difficult part in this technique is not to be too clean like we are used to grow, and it's really cool. If you kill, just let it go. For example, I have noticed that away I hold my pencil, If I can say so, makes a very, very big difference. I usually when I want to draw clean, I will hold it this way. But if I want to be more lose, I will hold it very differently. See that? Um, of course, it gives you less control, but such a point. You really want to being brave. Another example. Ellen, you have very few brushstrokes, so it really depends on your reference for two. Some totals are really demanding a lot off drawing and other are note. This one was more German trickles strokes, and I liked the contrast between the four lips very detailed on the rough sketches in the background here. The hair is really news on. I was holding my pen just like this, you know, just really gives you something really cool. And I like the contrast with straight lines in the face of one of the very detailed eyes. This one is very bright colors on. My strokes are very lose as well. I kind of like this background paper. And here I have made a strokes in different ways on different layers. So it's really creating nice effects over there. And this one has a very large number off strokes. Um, so this is why I left hair untouched because I thought it waas just enough. Um, my brush strokes are very bold. Just as important as this technique 7. Adding background: I have provided in the resource section a link to my Pinterest board, which is cold backgrounds for digital portrait's. There are actually a certain number off pants, but I add all the times so issues crawl down. You can't find a lot of vintage papers because I think this is what's really fun. Was this graphics tied Andi, as well as different backgrounds that are lower in the board, may be useful for this particular class. So once you have chosen the background you like, let's say I like this one. It's wrinkled. You have a three dots here on you can tap on it and tap on download image on. So it's in your camera roll. If you are concerned with copyright issues, you have to check where is a photo coming from? I have a lot coming from free stock photo picks. Obey peck cells. Don't come unspool, ash. You have a lot off free websites where you can find copyright free photos. So please make sure this is available for you. For example, this one is from and splash and then you go to your camera roll and you have your inmates. You just don't know did. What I'm doing is I'm putting this in a specific album that is cooled background for Portrait's. Um, now we can sit it out, But before we begin to cross hatch, you have to place your background first because the color of your background will really gives you all indication for your cross hatching colors. So you go to your camera roll. I found I had a folder that's cold. Background the French, but never mind Onda. While it's still in the small format, you can present it complacent here and tap on fitness cream. Very cool so you can make different tries. Rotates, fit, just cream. This one is quite interesting. Um, I like this one. No bereavement h feel every background as a different size. Roughly. So now I want to remove the excess white of my canvas. So I will go to the ranch crop and re size and I want to enlarge so I can see where I'm cropping. Okay, Great. This will be my really base, so I can't erase this one. This is my construction lines. I have my background. Let me rename this. I have this one. It's this catch and I want to insert a layer below the sketch on top of the background. This is where I'm going to begin my cross hatching on my sketch. I had to lower words around 70%. Maybe you decide on whole dark. You want your sketch to show off. 8. Coloring eyes: ound now amusing this Catch it themselves that I have provided in the resource section. This is, um, very buttery sketch pencil. And you can press have different wits off course. All right, so let me place mine reference photo here on the left. And now you have to go while Louis colors. So to help you, you can begin with a palette that is already in pro creates on its called flourish. And just in case you have removed it, I haven't closed it into resource section as well. Those this will be my base. And from this off course, I can say other colors. But I like this one to begin because this is what I call crazy colors, meaning that it's not really skin related. What is important is that you So if I look at my reference for two else quenched my eyes, I can't see the darkest part are here, there on the corner of the eye, on this corner, too. This is really the darkest And after I have something that is a bit lighter the edge of the nose, the cheek side of the chin, and after I have made values and I have very highlights and my background us some yellowish color. So maybe it would be fun to get the highlight with this yellow greenish. Is it popping out? Not much. So let me and large my size. About 26 percents. Yeah, I think that would be cool. And what about the darkest? Could be pinkish? Yep. Darker? Yes. So let me places here. Um, what is cool was procreate. Five. Is that you have your chan dust cars. Very convenient. Really? Okay. On my mid values, I would like to have something blue. Yes. So this is my main colors. That mean you're raises? Okay. The first thing I always do in my portraits are the eyes and I tend to make realistic eyes . This is a part of the process you're free to make, then as catchy as you want. But I really like them. Very realistic. So first I think I want to know where my sketch You're about 60 percents. All right and discolor. I have It's really true, right? And to avoid problems, I make the two eyes at the same time. This is my base way . And now I will place a layer on top off my sketch and I'm a gate almost white to make the highlight. And boom, You can see my two eyes are very different. So I will use liquid fight liquefying about 20 percents. We push bits. Oh, sorry. I'm pushing. Nice catch. Yeah, this is a Turk. Okay, so now for the white of the eyes, which is never white, by the way you want it maybe drive a different color from the background to make it pop out . So I'm taking this light around. Might be can be a bit darker. And you see, this part is really Cray, But this is a warm gray. Maybe my skitch is in the middle, so let me go here. You raise a bit just to make some trials until you find the correct one on here. There is own bright pink part. All right, so I see it's a bit pinkish. Maybe you will see it a bit green or a big blue. It's totally fine. We are different people and we are different artists. So we see things differently. So never mind if you see it. Green make green. Maybe it is going just a tunes for the eyelashes. I get the same color than the center of the eye on a separate layer. Okay, let's go back to this layer and I will get beat up this pig here so as well as for the highlight. Maybe you want to draw this on top off this catch so you can cover the lines. You This is really giving life to my eyes. 9. Crosshatching : No, I'm constricting around the eyes, so let's decide, I said, It's his collar. The Doric. I'm making very lose lines trying to follow the shape, the face. Let's go really darker for the knows trills, especially the one and a shadow specials. This part Let's go for I'm Rose trying to very my strokes like the hair is growing. I like to have lose hair. Basically, I would say, if your features are correct on your values are correct, It really doesn't matter what color is your using. This is just a matter of taste. All right, so I said this part also, I think my main shadows are here. Okay, that was an extra chore I want to do was, uh, mouth, um, like the eyes? Maybe it's better if it's a bit realistic. So let's do the mouth. I like to makes a mouth on another layer. So let me rename this mouth. This one is I lights. This one is hair. This one is based, okay? And why I'm making the mouth on a different layer. Because this way, I can really maybe tweak of it the color. I'm talking about color. I will get from the corner of the eye. Here there is a color. I'm quite sure if in the mouth. And also it's very interesting to have the same color in different places off your drawing . It really helps to give unity to your drawing now are needed to be a bit more pink, so this is more filling than cross hatching. I have exaggerated the pink because I want too much my purple into shadow. Well, let me put this here so it's easier to get a match in color. Maybe I can use a bit of a smudging, so let's get the same on silk. Let's smudge. It's a bit so my transitions are better. I think what's disturbing me is, um, dark line here. So never mind you go to your sketch layer on, get the ray, either where the opacity and I will raise obits lines here because in this part it's really fading. And this kin so it's better. Okay, maybe the mouth is a bit too, too realistic. Not sure I like. It's Let me maybe go to mouth. There. I found Raisa Bits because it's really true clean. Okay, that's better. But my main layer and It's time for Blue, I guess. Or maybe we'll take the green from the I. That's interesting. No. Okay, so I want to be sure. So I make another layer hand. I will just do this, Make some arrangement and I will see after If the Conroys okay for me, try like this. So I would go to some magic wand, hue, saturation, brightness. And I will move this until I find color like right? So I'm sure this blue is a case or at Miss Select is blue. Go to my layer Alfa lock and feel layer. This time it's blue. Yeah, it's not, but And don't forget to remove all talk or you can't draw any more. Told me Place some blue. No, too much. Maybe it's time for some highlights. This is a green. Yes. Maybe it will help me to see where I'm going. There is a large highlight here on this one has here. So this one is the other way around 10. Finishing the drawing: Here we are now. I have different layers. One is this couch. Then I have a colors. Number one, number two The mouth, hair and highlights makes all the difference. Can you see that? Interesting. I think Now it's time to go to the hair layer M to dro the hair and the hood. So I will begin with the darkest part of the hair. Um, maybe something like this kind off British. Cocky. So beginning with the darkest part. I'm trying to mimic the way the hair is growing. That's a car a bit lighter on something. Very lights for the hood. I think I will get the color inside the eye. Maybe this dark green, because I don't have it anywhere. Um, I can't really use the photo reference for this. I have to just imagine what's going on in terms of lights. I don't want this to be the same direction than the neck. So do it this way. You just undo and redo just to check if this is a crazy or nights. Not sure this is necessary because it's supposed to be in full sun. So just to be here to suggest the shoulder, I'm Detroit like the her The color. So let's go to learn that your magic Juan hue saturation brightness and I think, what is disturbing. It's warm color. Everything else is cold. So maybe it's better if the hair is cool as well. So it might be around blues like this. Yeah, I think this is much better makes and likes our money. Maybe this purple, maybe again. See if I can change it as well. Yeah, it's better if it's a bit more purple. Also, what I have to fix now, Asus part is to lights. Maybe the growing is too much for me. So I will raise its What is this one don't like? It's no once. It's so crosshatched. Maybe you don't need it anymore, so you can t raise some. Not too much, though, because I like the contrasts, maybe increased bits of throwing. Okay, so go back here. Um, I have to dark in this part, and maybe it's good if I get the green from the hood. I don't know. Let's make this on a new layer. So if I'm not happy, I kills to go back, and now it's under the other one. That's put it on top. Yeah, but our you can have different colors in top of each other. This is fun. So this is a moment I really go crazy. I don't think the pink from the mouth can go here. Maybe big, more pink in the I A swell. As I said, you need to have the same color crossing everything in your drawing. It really helps to unify everything. So now the good time to do this. And she has a lot of Frankel's. So maybe you can make them or not. There is something lighter here. So maybe a bit of this green. I wouldn't make it on the right here. I think something's nothing here. Um, this blue from the hair cold. Maybe a bit in the eye? Yes. So the most difficult part is to know where to stop. I would say it's it's a good moment. So let's go back here and raise this. Okay? I think I would like to make some freckles, so let's make another layer below highlights. On top of this catch, I will get, um, bright pink. You will go to spray pounds and it's cold flicks merits returning French but never mind. You have us pacing here on the first layer, which is stroke path and you can large. It's about 50% I think. And once you have spaced at 50% you real maybe go around 50% as well. Here, just go with one single stroke like this one. Maybe it's better the left side and now you can t raise. But you don't want. Yes, I like kids. I think it's really the final touch. So here we are. No, you will comb the wrench and share as Chief Beck and that is going in your camera. Roll and boom. Here we are. I hope you like this class and please let me know if there is something else you want to run. See you in express. But by 11. Bonus: some examples: Okay.