Digital Photography Basics - What is the f-stop?

Michelle Storm, Fresh photography tutorials

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. What is the F-stop? Easy way to master the f-stop

    • 2. Eye vs Camera: This simple comparison will help you understand what an f-stop is.

    • 3. F-stop Numbering System. How to work our your f-2's from your f-22's.

    • 4. Golf Balls to Eyeballs: It's all about the F-stop

    • 5. F-stop numbers on lenses & camera menus

    • 6. F-stop: Depth of field, bokeh & clarity


About This Class

By comparing the human eye to a camera I will help you understand what f-stops are in a simple easy to understand way. You will learn how to use f-stops correctly. How to decide which f-stop to use for different lighting conditions, and which f-stop to use to create crystal clear images or beautiful blurry backgrounds and foregrounds aka 'bokeh'. You will never be baffled by the f-stop again. I promise!!