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Digital Illustration: Galaxy on Procreate

teacher avatar Christina MacArthur, Created to Create

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction/About Me

    • 2. Gathering Brushes

    • 3. Layers/Creating the Color Palette

    • 4. Creating the Galaxy/What to Use it For

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About This Class


Have you always wanted to maximize your Procreate app without having to spend more money on additional brushes to do projects? Well this is the class for you!

In this class we will be going over the brushes we will need for this project. You will swatch the brushes so when you want to make your own galaxy outside of the class you will know the key brushes you should use.

We will then talk about layers, why they are important, and how to make it. This is a basic tip and only takes a minute. So if you know how to make a layer already you can skip to the next part.

It is super important to make a color palette before you start a project. That way you are not winging it. We are going to go to and find some images we could find color inspiration from and then make a color palette with those images.

Lastly, we will make an actual galaxy illustration.

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Christina MacArthur

Created to Create


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1. Introduction/About Me: Hey, guys. Christina here the artist behind pocket Bold letters Notice how I left it to the broad term artist. Well, that's because I love to do it all. I can't pick one thing I love most study everything from a protest toe watercolor oil painting to ink to color pencils while also doing work digitally. I do things on photos drop illustrator The procreate up that we're gonna be using today, all forms of graphic designs. That's what I love to do. And I love to keep it to the broad so that I don't feel Teoh squished into a box. He will typically find me on my instagram account pocketful letters showing off various ways to create transpire, others to do the same. Welcome to my first skill share classroom be showing you how to create a galaxy on the appropriate up using the brushes that come with the app. All you will need for this class is an iPad, an apple pencil on the appropriate. As long as you have those three things, you can do everything in this class. You don't need to go out and purchase any other brush packs to important. That will be just fine if you follow me on Instagram. You know I love. I love to make watercolor Galaxies spring pink out sees acrylic Galaxies, all former galaxy. I did an alphabet. Siri's where I showed off the album with being of space. So a was astronaut be was Baily's beads on a girls night? I made this fund so obviously working on it galaxy on fabric. I also created a ring for rental rings. That was galaxy redesign Super fun. Some of you guys might have it. So in this clock, So we learning how to make a galaxy and for you, you can use a cellphone background that spot for your lottery. You can print it out and make it a poster in your house. Your uses for this galaxy are endless, and I'll be up to you. But I'm gonna just show you how to make that so welcome. And I'm excited to do this with you guys. 2. Gathering Brushes: Hi, guys. Welcome back. So the first thing I'm gonna want you to do is to open the app. You'll go to your appropriate up. So and hopefully you're familiar enough with the app where you know the basic you is. If not, you're gonna press this plus button at the top right hand corner to open a new project. Procreate provides you with some basic measurements. You have screen size clipboard. You have your say, a four etcetera. Do a poster sized 16 by 20. This will be for any screen, even on your iPhone. You can add it later and clip it. Created custom size and you're gonna switch it to inches right here. So with inches, you're going to do 16 as your width and 20 as your height. You're gonna leave, do the D P I, which is your pixels per inch as 300. Okay, then you're gonna do the standard RGB color because that's the closest to your printing cover. Usually, printing is seem like a but appropriate only offers RGB. I'm not going to go into detail exactly what that means in this class. Those air separate pointers. But for now, this is what you need. You might want to title it Poster. So title it poster. Now your canvas is open. Let's familiarize ourselves in with these brushes that come with the app. So you're gonna click the brush in the top. So on the right hand side top left and we're gonna go Teoh the list. Look, we've got sketchy calligraphy painting all way down to Luminant industrial organic water, etcetera. We're going to separate the pens we need for this class and then swatch them as well. We're gonna learn now how to create a brush file. OK, so open that brush back you have on your app. Left hand side above, sketching, float down. You'll see that plus button. You gonna press that plus button and you're gonna add your new filing for this name? Let's call it galaxy. Awesome. Great job. Once you have created your galaxy pack, you're gonna move the galaxy down underneath water. Just Cuba right there. The first plan we're going to use is under calligraphy. Lots. You hold it a little bit above it's gonna look like it's in water, but it is actually in your galaxy file. Next, we're going to go to artistic. You're gonna take the fresco. It's gonna look like what? Water is blinking, but it is in your galaxy. Turkle elements here we have the clouds and the crystals. We're going to move the clouds over. It's gonna link on the water, remove the crystal. When I say blink, it means look right here. Water is gonna flash, but it is in your galaxy. Come here to clouds. What is the waters in a flash? We're gonna go to spray paint spray. Paints are important. That's where we're gonna find our stars. They won't look like this. I'll show you how to make a more star formed. We're gonna take splatter. Bring it down. Order's gonna flash will be in galaxy Guys. I have no idea why the one above that slashes and the one that you're adding it to does not . It is the weirdest thing, but alas, it still ends up in the galaxy. Decided to squatters. If you do double, you just roll it over and hit. Delete so and take flicks from the flicks over into galaxy. But we're not water. Flash them. Flexes there. Okay. Under Luminous guys were new luminant. Next you've got your nebula and you've got your life ler two very important things. Let's actually have the glimmer too. So we'll add. Never let in there. Go back to luminous and the flair. Flair will be great for the for the stars backed limits and glimmer. You could also add What's that? Some pool slights And there those will be great stars Water will flush Gonna move on to organic Removed the cotton over there That's a great texture brush for the galaxy. Move that And lastly water. We're gonna do the wet. Let's do We're gonna do the wet sponge. It's a move that over into the Galaxies. So now, as you can see, we have all of the brushes we're going to use for our galaxy. Not a ton, but literally. All of these come with procreate. You do not need to buy anything else. Here they are. 123456789 10 11 Awesome! We're going to do now is we're gonna swatch these that way. We have a general idea of how they will react with our galaxy. So we'll just in our minds number at 123456789 10 11. Thought a month. Let's go on, Make it black. We're gonna go to inking, grab a technical pen and number at one through 11. Nothing fancy. We just need a general idea of what these brushes are gonna look like. Okay, let's jump right in. So we're going to do is go to our galaxy. One. Just go up to Let's work from the back down. Let's give our color to a light, bluish color that's associated with the galaxy and do a mid range stroke. We see that for what sponge pulls we see. Posts, Glimmer, Glimmer, flair, Nebula. It's too big. You can lower the size of the pen flicks, splatter clouds, crystals, fresco as well as blotchy. Let's make blotchy a little bit bigger kiss. Awesome. Now we have a general idea of what each brush panel looks like. You're able to reference that in the future when we do our project in the next section, we're gonna learn about layers and how that's important in our project and why you need layers were also going to talk about where to find the galaxy inspiration and where to go from there. So I'll see you in the next class 3. Layers/Creating the Color Palette: Hey, guys. And welcome back in this section, we're going to talk about how to create a layer, where to find a color palette, inspiration and how to create a color palette. If you already know how to create a layer, feel free to skip a couple minutes in first, you will tap the icon that looks like two papers in the top right hand corner. Here you will see your layers. The background color right here is always there. If you do, don't want it to be there or you want your project to be transparent. You click the check mark and it disappears. Layer one is also included. You can rename that layer by clicking down on the title layer, then click rename. Here you can enter swatches. Since this is our swatch layer for the next step of our class, do you want this layer to go away? So we're going to click the check mark to have it go away. Click the plus button in the top of this layers and you will add a new layer For this class . You need to add multiple layers because with the galaxy you need to work with the background to the foreground to create the depth Galaxies have. If you accidentally add a layer you don't want, you can swipe left on it. Click delete, and it will delete the layer. All right, guys, on to our next step how to find inspiration for your color palette, the colors you're going to want to use for your galaxy. The first thing I want you guys to do is to go to nasa dot gov Open up your safari or your chrome or whatever browser you have and head over to NASA doc off. Once you get to nasa dot gov, click the search bar in the top right hand corner type in cosmic clouds. Now, you guys, I have done searches left and right. So I definitely know this is the best search for what we need today. Once the search results pop up, click images above the search far. Here you will see a plethora of galaxy inspiration. We can use four our designs. Click anyone you want and it will bring you to a larger image. Hold down the image of your finger. Thank click save image. It will now be in your photo library to use later. Go back, pick a couple other ones you like and we will use those later. Right here. I'm using Cosmic Winter Wonderland, pressing my finger down and saving the image. What really draws me to this image is the golds that separates it from a lot of other Galaxies. I think we should definitely use the golds in our galaxy today. So click that down and save the image. Let's do one more. I'm liking this pink one now. We won't use all these images today, but I do want you to have them on hand for any future projects you want to dio. Once you say that image, head back over to your procreate up in the top left hand corner, click the tools button. Press the plus button, which has add click, insert a photo and go to your camera roll. Now we're gonna use the second photo we saved because I love the mix of blues, golds and purples. Look at the art work closely. You can see that there's a foreground and background here. We have the purples in the background, the blues and you come out and you get the gold in the black really analyze the peace so that when you draw out, you know exactly what you need to dio now in the top right hand corner, you're going to click the color circle in the bottom right hand corner of that box, click palate and then at the top right hand corner. Click Plus now title your palate. In this case, we're going to title it galaxy and the bottom left hand corner of the palette box click disk that will bring you to your main color disk. Now we're going to zoom in on this image to look at the individual colors we have and select the ones we want. All right, let's start with the whites and move our way out. Hold your finger down on the color you'll see it selects the color white. You'll tap the little circle seller in the right hand corner and click the first box and you'll see your white. Appears their next move to the blue. Do the same thing. Place it in the box, move out to the darker blue Here, add it to the box right next to that lighter blue bam. Now continue to work your way out and you'll continue to add the colors that you need. - Okay , your colors could look different than mine, but they could also look the same, depending on if you followed along perfectly or if you went your own way. Really no pressure. Just do what you want. Here. You'll see that I have all my colors and the others other ones I'm going to use. Now let's head back to our original images to see if there's anything we want to incorporate or we want to have in our galaxy. What I love about this one is the nice cloud formations. You can see the lightness and the darkness that almost comes over it. You've got stars. Now, on this next one, we use this for a color palette inspiration. You can see the cloud formations with the gold. I definitely want to incorporate that into the galaxy. We're going to do today, including the blues here and the purples in the background, you know, and these stars are not perfect, but they all right in In this next image you'll see the purples and again, another cloud formation with the star that's really large in there, with also a cluster of stars I love the cluster really brings out the galaxy. And this next image you have what almost looks like silk to me. You can bring this into your galaxy with a more fluid shape. You have your stars. They're not perfect. But look, I love the screen. Let's actually add this into our color palette. So again, add the image to your procreate file. Zoom out a little bit of difficulty here, zoom out and add that green to your color palette. Once those colors are at it, you can delete those layers that have the galaxy, and we're ready to begin our projects. All right, now that we have those tools, we're gonna go to our next class. We'll do the actual galaxy. I'll see you guys there. 4. Creating the Galaxy/What to Use it For: Alright, guys, we're gonna do it. Our galaxy, Everything you have learned up to now has led us to this very moment. You're ready? Let's jump in. Okay, so you're gonna start with your cloud brush and a light blue. You are going to hear me use the word layer. Often, we're going to work from the background to the foreground and create many layers. However, I'm going to enter up this video recording toe, let you know. It took me 21 minutes to make this galaxy. So for the sake of skill share and the time we have, I'm going to speed up the videos. So for any reason, you need me to slow down, please feel free to pause. Catch up as you need, Teoh. But do you know it did take me 21 minutes and for this segment will need to speed the video up. Alright, guys, I'm going to import my favorite galaxy image that we got from NASA. Second reference it and look at the different cloud formations. I'm not going to copy it. Exactly. It is their image, but I will draw as much inspiration from it as possible Here. I see there are dark clouds with light clouds that shape it so you'll see that I'll add some light colors like the white around the edges or at this light pink first. Then I'll come in with the dark pink and add depth with the dark pink. Each time I'm adding a new color, I am adding a new layer. Why do I want to add a new layer? Well, in case I don't like the place that I have put the colors, for example, I'm doing this pink you're going to see in a second. I'm not gonna really like the pink is under a certain spot, so I'm gonna bring it out right now. I'm adding a frame of the dark colors. I'm not using black. I'm using the darkest purple that we extracted. That way I could go in and adds more black later. The texture you will get from the cloud pen were using again. We're going to use this for the majority of this piece of work because it really does do the exact texture we need. Now you'll see I'm adding black because I will not some more depth of the galaxy that comes in you'll see that galaxy have a ton of color, but the color it has is peeking through a lot of black. So as you're layering, make sure you add some black and then some color peeking out in front of the blacks of here in the bottom left corner. You can see that I added black and I have the light pink peeking out, and then I have the darker pink behind it coming through, so it creates that depth. You can even add a little bit of white. To the tip of that is, you can tell in the top right hand corner, I added some white behind it. If you look at this galaxy, you can see that it's done the same. Try not to have too hard of lines. Make him a little bit softer. To get a thick color, you press down to make it thinner. You light into your touch a little bit so you can tell her press a little bit harder for the darkest. And then I lifted up to get a lighter and the picture of the galaxy we have. You could see pinks and blues peek through that black, so make sure you add that paying from the blues, continually peeking through the black It's okay to zoom out and look at what you want changed here. I wanted to add a little bit more darkness on the left hand corner to make it look more like outer space. To have the stars, you're gonna want to start with the flicks and the background. You're gonna want to make them smaller because stars start out small in the background and become larger when they come out to the foreground. You can merge some of the lower layers so that you don't have Teoh go to each individual one. But as you come out, make sure you add stars that are thicker. Now you're gonna have to go in between the layers to add these stars. So make sure you add a new layer above your already existing players so you don't mess up the layers you have. If you need to, you can merge them down but continue to add them like so. And just like that, it's starting to come together. Take a look back at our original reference photo and we're going to incorporate some of that gold. So start out with that lighter brown and use this fresco brush. It's awesome. It creates that awesome texture. Then move gradually towards the darker colors of the fresco brush, and you're gonna add the black on top of it to create that depth. If you need it to, you can use that blood D penn. It blends right in together to continue to add the death. You continue to use the blender pen with the black on top of it. You can add black spots throughout to create the depth that you need, and it will start to come together like so make the pens dinner and create almost cloud like formations over the informations you had made with your fresco pen. Take a step back at the bloody pen where you need it, and then add a little bit more white to add some depth to the clouds. Like so here, I'm using the fresco pen. You use the bloody pen, the fresco pen or the clouds to create this look underneath the black. Next, let's add a nice flare star. You add it one way and a lot of vertically, and then if you flip the canvas around you can add it horizontally to create this awesome star. Great a big. Create some small get those flares, take a step back and, with the sponge and black, start sponging some texture around the black colors. That way, it's not all perfect minds, and it's more of a blend e bloody. I feel, you know, use your blend brush for that. But right now, since we're only gonna be using the brushes from her pack, use that wet brush. Now, if you want to add some lettering. I just went to the inky tab and got the guests inky Dink and I created different things like thank you over it due to infinity and beyond. You can print it out at the car, the obvious, deeper cue card. If you love someone to Cindy and beyond, I'm stating each one of these, as you can tell, I also did to the moon here I'm drawing just a little moon. You know, I made it super non realistic because I thought it cute with lettering. Or if you don't want to add lettering, you could just keep it like this together. Even lead Leavitt. Horizontal or vertical. The choice is yours. Progress. You did it. You made your galaxy. Now what you can do from here is you can print it out into your house. Make a nice painting. You can add it to your screen as your or add it to your phone as a screen saver. You can dio whatever you want. You can upload it, Teoh. Your Etsy shop. You can put it on Facebook or instagram. Make sure you telling me because I want to see it. Make sure you share your images below. I can't wait to see them. Thanks for joining me. And until next time I see you later.