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Development Environment Machine Setup Screencast

Simon Owen, Freelance Front-End Developer

Development Environment Machine Setup Screencast

Simon Owen, Freelance Front-End Developer

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47 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 00 BONUS quicktime

    • 3. 01 xcode

    • 4. 02 updates

    • 5. 03 xcode license

    • 6. 04 command line tools

    • 7. 05 BONUS screencast keyboard mouse

    • 8. 06 homebrew

    • 9. 07 homebrew git node

    • 10. 08 casks install apps

    • 11. 09 casks install github desktop warnings and errors in terminal

    • 12. 10 apps intro

    • 13. 11 apps alfred

    • 14. 12 terminal

    • 15. 13 BONUS dropbox wallet key

    • 16. 14 bash dotfiles

    • 17. 15 bash prompt

    • 18. 16 bash prompt the dude

    • 19. 17 path

    • 20. 18 BONUS exports

    • 21. 19 aliases

    • 22. 20 functions

    • 23. 21 extra

    • 24. 22 BONUS alfred fix

    • 25. 23 editorconfig

    • 26. 24 gitconfig

    • 27. 25 gitignore

    • 28. 26 macos intro

    • 29. 27 BONUS mysql install geekdom

    • 30. 28 macos ui ux

    • 31. 29 ssd

    • 32. 30 trackpad etc

    • 33. 31 screens

    • 34. 32 finder

    • 35. 33 BONUS photos activity monitor

    • 36. 34 dock dashboard corners

    • 37. 35 safari

    • 38. 36 iterm

    • 39. 37 activity monitor

    • 40. 38 textedit

    • 41. 39 chrome canary opera

    • 42. 40 spectacle

    • 43. 41 macos start finish

    • 44. 42 running dotfiles

    • 45. 43 BONUS rupa z

    • 46. 44 running dotfiles restart

    • 47. 45 after restart

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Simon Owen

Freelance Front-End Developer


Simon Owen is an award winning freelance Front-End Developer with over 10 years’ industry experience.

He's worked for multi million pound e-commerce businesses, celebrities and charities, on a number of successful projects. This year he has ventured into the world of freelancing aiming to help and share the knowledge he has gathered.

Simon is involved in a number of events: McrFRED, a monthly front-end meetup. UpFrontConf, a front-end conference for anyone who makes for the web and digiHike, a hiking group for geeks.

Want to more? Ask a question on Twitter:

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1. Introduction: how to go 20 to Simon. Oh, and I'm a freelance. What developer? From Manchester UK over the years, An increasing. So I'm seeing people get frustrated with setting up maintaining that developments. Environments. This is something I would like to help with over the screen. Cassowaries. I'm gonna be going over the files on how they can help with the Alternations. That's a process. I'm also gonna be looking at the mystifying what actually happens when you run these eternal commands on what impact it has on your machine. I'm also come here going over load tips and tricks that I use in my workflow things such as the APS I use help to make the terminal a nice place to work in a spend sign things like custom aliases. I'm absolutely loaded. Marco s settings They're gonna give you machine superpowers, Lionel, syncing up development. Expect things to change with something that I have missed something you like. It's going to a bit more detail. Looked ahead from you. Please let me know. I looked in the screen cast together for you. It's the 1st 1 Hope you enjoy it. I'm looking forward to him. Feedback on building a point. Thank you very much. 2. 00 BONUS quicktime: all of that. Okay, so I've gone through the initial set up. Sweden's for the map. Andi, I have opened up quick time. So I've done with Quick Sign. Here is of just self for one window, which is the movie guard in just this one here. And then I just got while screen the card in. So that's now according the screen as well. 3. 01 xcode: So what? I've just got going and using Spotlight, which is command space on that from the start. Well, the APP store and then a type two next code on clicked install. So I'm getting this installed first of all because it's quite a big download. It's taking one hour, 30 minutes on my connection at the minute you would want to get started first. Whilst you're doing over bits on this is gonna give us a lot of good stuff, like command line tools on a simulator as well, so that produce, which are going through soon. So I captured back. When this is finished, downloading them, go food that's one of its as well. 4. 02 updates: Okay, now X, Cody's downloaded. Gonna make sure that I'm up to date with everything. Yeah, eso gonna install these dates. So once this is done, I get back the computer refresh on Chemical for that. 5. 03 xcode license: Okay, so now I have downloaded. That's code on. I have made sure dictates so. Today I'm like you're in there. Computer. I restocked. So now I want to do is just you spotlight again with Commander Space on gun open up told. Make sure that's when you know. Okay, Andi. But so accept this. Yeah, wasn't. 6. 04 command line tools: Okay, So back UNIX code again. Andi, I've woken up with first time I've accepted the life since, on it has installed all things. And now what I want to do. You just go through this. Stop here. So answer references and then components and components. We can now see the Mr Simulators, which are available to Susie. You spoke about testing things like my bones I parts. Got that TV watch there as well That could be accessed by yeah, simulator. Yeah, larger in the simulator. You've got hot device and then conceal devices that are available to that. The phone access right. Ways we can put in like you are out on the test. Start violently through the device itself later. When I actually do to tell you is well, where you can use us. Fire actually on. Even another application called those slap it just quite useful in order to get that tools as well. Working with the i. R. S. Super cool. What next? After that, Nothing that I want to do. So I'm gonna open up terminal with first sign. So if you've never used there the terminal before them, one of the ideas of this tutorial sessions is toe frank de mystify some of the things that you do. I know Magnus started using the terminal General because I want it. I knew the end goal of what I wanted. I'm on it said Copy and paste all this stuff into eternal. So I did it with out really be izing What impact it house. And I see this time time again, where developers install things of various different locations and it caused lots of headaches Going followers so on. One of things just want to do First of all, is when a command, which is X code. So what on what that's going to do is show me that the command line tools have also been installed X coat. So that's good. If you run that command and it's not even stole, then you need to go ahead and start isn't start. That's great. So the next thing that I do is I would go to my quickly, go to my doctor, fails repository on, gets hope and closeness the machine on, then add run it so this will automate it. A lot of the things that I'd like today and Johnson two toenails on the night of the few years old Now, so again, one of the things I'd like to accomplish with this video Siri's is Teoh bring us up to date . So rather than me clone this repository and unwanted and automate all the things where I'm actually gonna do is I'm gonna do a major reflective of this and I'm gonna go through all of the stuff that I use on automate and go through it line by line and split it up into different videos. You can confuse the ones that are relevant to you, and then at the end of it, then we'll have a nice, clean people again that I could go forward and ultimate on another machine. 7. 05 BONUS screencast keyboard mouse: okay has of ever screen custom pro tip. So I started originally using the laptops, keyboard and mouse itself. But in doing so get some rather loud clicks. So I'm gonna invite that hopefully for the video's going forwards Antony that absently just added external mouse and keyboard. Now, in doing that, I like my mouse nicer fussed here. It's very slow at the minute, so it's gonna get use in spotlight command space. I'm gonna go mouse, and hopefully that'll in your mouth settings. And then I'm gonna say this tracking speed toe superfast, the Narcan get around a lot quicker. So it's just one. I don't manually there, but again like this would be something that I would automate. So basically, we're going to do over the next few screen casts now is are we going over each one of these steps on doing it manually? Months of going over each that manually injured how I then I will show you how to automate it and bring it all together. Cheers 8. 06 homebrew: Okay, So in this screen custom gonna be going over how it installed APS. So there's various different ways of doing this. You could not say Go to the home page of the particular thing you want it to download. It's not so we wanted to download Note what you spent. We will want We could come to the site itself here. And you could also go to the, uh, up store. And you could search for the thing that you want in here and download it through here. Um, there's also an upstart come online into base that you could use so sure that quickly. No, I'm so you could use this. And that would allow you to use the terminal come online in order to download these. What I'm going to be using the my preferred way of doing it is what's called home group. So says the missing package. My job for us. So you install this by running this command in the terminal shot shell? Do you know? Ah, a little thing to be aware of their Actually, you can see when a double quipped that you see, it's got that the wrapping around here. Um versus if I was to copy and paste this. Now, if a double quick and copied and pasted that answer the terminal and it's got carriage return at the end of this, that's gonna execute that command straight away. That's something to be that whatever So I like to do is generally grew up, um, and select a command like this that way. It's not automated in terms of like that. Come on. Winning. So now I can double check that. I've got that command correct. And then when it. Okay, so, yeah, gonna need my password. And that will now install home brewed with some more information on this here. I'm going through how you use it now to install APS. So one thing to be aware about is that nice little pro tip shark got here by its in the finder. If you do command space, it's like command shift G. I am. You get this. Ondo, are you two and folder Now, if you do this, that's going to bring you to the path off the common user father machine. So if I do that, we can see here. It's got sister calling past Now. This is where I am. In fact, if I open up and you turn the window, the people you do present working directory, you can see that box. Is this as well? So I can I must say, if I did this and this is the directory that this will go to. And this is the common user that I'm not in us for this machine right now. Now, if I think that again Afghanistan do on both slash applications well, it can't found. Actually not it doesn't exist yet, but you can see that it something does exist over here. Quick on. That's then what's going on here Now? If you command look and it's been here, this shows you where you are. So actually, this is the applications route. So fires Teoh, come back and see these CD and the present again. So now I'm on three. I think they ls minus L. A. That's gonna show me everything that's in there so you could see that the application's folder is in that you can see the into that again. Spaceman Insulate! See what's inside of that. We could see that I got all of the deep ball APs there now in this path here is this is the root of occasions. This is these are all maps that will be a global to this machine. Now, if you're managing certain, Sheena has various that use that you might want different users. Spirits have access to different applications. So in order to do this, what we can do is go back to our, um yeah, okay. So back that And so let me just say that out of smile, so I can't see. So yeah, this applications folder house. And after being created yet, what we can do is create this applications boulder within this common user on Then make sure that those applications just available to that user. So I am finding fault with, um, through this interesting that starts tomorrow, not stuff here. So I wait for these finish downloaded, but then I'll show you a thing called cask, which is used within a group to install applications 9. 07 homebrew git node: Okay, that's finished downloading that homebrew. How much have you noticed this? The lost screen caps there, man. Notice this is actually downloading the command line tool. So this is something that we did A za manual step X code. But it looks like homebrewers actually going ahead and automated this parts, which is nice. So and when I come back to do that, the recap of automating all of this will see if that one that works and we don't need toe do that step good. So, yeah, we've now got a homebrew on some of the things that I like to do straight away is install certain things, one of which is get such common these days. So if I do get dash dash version and this shows me what vision I've got off, get on Also, I do get I believe in second, which gets all right, get okay. That shows me where I get is when you from. So we've got the directly without the use of been get now that's installed by a default. Believe on the Mac. So what I want to do is I want to be able to control get going forwards on update it. So I'm gonna use brute in order to do that. So I can do this through install, get okay? And that's gonna know. Go and find. Get for me by brute. Uninstall it on the machine. Now what? When this is finished, what they do when these commands again And see if we have got a new version. Where? The directory. Now it's OK. So still get dash dash version again. Okay, so we can see that we do have the same directory. So it the same version. And now let's see. Quality. Um, the path. Right. Okay, so now the path we can see has changed. So previously use have been gets. And now we've got user local bin get So this is now changed. This so that this is now get is now running through brut. So that means that I can now data manage it through debris, which is my preference. Okay, Now I've installed get another thing that wants Winstar's node. So again, this is one where I've seen various different people's machines people tripping up with various issues within the development because you might go to an open source project and it says go to no de estar on downloaded. So so I might download it from here. Someone might download it through. Ah, command line. Come on. Oh, to the through. So then these can all, like end up in different places on the machine and it gets confusing. Could you not sure which one is being used Where? Okay, so Yet, let's go ahead and install Note. Bruins still note. So, yes, I'm going through these sort of terminal commands here. But the minute these air welcome arms that we're gonna ABT eventually to doc files re poll on all of these will be automated. So it's just awesome when when you get that stockpiles the repo finished when not one of the excusable scripts to execute all of it. And it's just incredible to have a brewing in new machines also by Okay, So now so if I would explode would probably come online tools. Let's go. We have got home group. Now we are now we have installed gets I'm node and make sure that when you Rick So now that that's all of them within the next thing that I do is then when the commands which would automate the installation of all of the applications that I like to use, so use this. We re which is called Cask. 10. 08 casks install apps: okay. Just did a quick research, then on brew install CASC on it. Looks like that in a 10.7 secs. Does not create that uses applications folder. So that's why we couldn't see it on here. There's a discussion regarding where the default path should be, whether it should be. The roots are the user s. So what I'm gonna do is as this machine is just for me, I'm just using it. I want to install everything globally. I'm gonna do a brooch, uh, Kaskey installed item to, and I'm gonna allow that to stall, and then we will see where that has concert. So it looks like it has, um, quantity, the main one. So it looks like this this one had, so we can just double check that back on to They're not the user, but the act of you applications from which is here, in fact, C five terms it is. Okay, So this is what's happened. So by before it installs to the main route applications fault that which is what? What we want. So going in style. Some of the apse now through here. So other things that I want to installed here, Alfred. Is that similar? Teoh Spotlight will go a bit. Not like some super powers. No. Okay, You can see as well now that because I've added the password wants doesn't require it going forwards. I'm also when it comes to automate in this in the doctor files will when a similar command so that it asks for the sudo. Well, first, and we could give it the password, and then it can use that well, going forward. So it doesn't have to keep constant asking for help. Um, some of the things that I like to install, but the protest pin it certainly compressed up and down. And that will go probably very stiff in commands that have just been using so true cost install spectacle. So the one I like armed again, I automate the system preferences for this. So spectacle allows you to do window management. So, for example, if I wanted this to be the screen is that have happened to do this manually concept a shark , which enables me to do this on full screen on very different sides. Really nice. And another thing going to install this flying test. I think about him buying collapsed in. A lot of people recently moved in over. It's a visual gold enough played around with it, but I'm still very comfortable in sublime sex, so I'm gonna be using that for the duration of the screen costs and changes some of the packages that I also use that. 11. 09 casks install github desktop warnings and errors in terminal: Okay, So what happened that I waas It looked like it looks like the get off desktop was in fact, being renamed to get hopes up, then brewed Caspian style Get hub caps now installed Now on that note when I first started , but in command in a terminal quite a lot of the time. You see, like arrows, warnings and things like that on at the start. I was like, Well, what is it that I'm doing wrong? Why am I getting this thes errors on the years of Spaniards? I'm in the terminal. This is just a thing that happens quite regularly. So I think that starts when you first go into it can be quite straight in and fuse in on what's going on, but quite a lot of the time, if you just simply search so far, three ever. Hopefully you'll get something that's very useful. A Google search. So here, like, quite quickly, I found this useful. Get comment here when someone else is reported the same issue on what the fixes. I try and make a a point. If I do a search for a never wanting the isn't documented that I go ahead documents it. So I asked the repository owner I'll set up a blood post regarding it. Hopefully tell all the people going forwards on my future. Okay, so get up. That stuff is now installed. Awesome on, then. Going to start. So my father's so people. So come back when I've been stalled, All the rest of things on, I will add a list. Some of it will be in the repository, actually it when we finished that of all the applications that have been stalled but 12. 10 apps intro: Okay, So we last being cast social and how I use cask help prove to install all maps that which I've gone through now done loves you can see in the cast crew, which is within the use of local. Um, all of the patients have been installed. You can see that that now. And the roots applications folder. So I'm gonna quickly go through some of these caffeine. This is an up clips were useful far. When you doing talks and present presenting with you, Mac and things like that. If you click this on and that's going to stop these green excuse me, the screen saver coming on, it's quite useful. Um, next I got dropbox, So I I use this to sync files across machines. I got five bucks there. Like to test off my websites in different houses and had also see what other, like depths als of any chapter, the browsers. From time to time, you get hope. Just stop. This is far that my repositories. So I don't have in the bed and I'll show you might get workflow and high use. That's there is optimism. Really nice application should drop her images into it, and it will save some file space for you. Um, look, I turn going over I used instead of the terminal, you know? So you got here Oprah from one box of you use what's happened? Bows different other applications, like linked in Google hangouts and things like this. This is an application that collects all of those scale this up court. Like using the thoughts. Um, sketch, stay slack Spectacor briefly mentioned We're going over that in a bit more detail. Spotify to the center Music Sublime text Do knock Iva and I used within virtual box. Andi When im downloading testing for Internet Explorer. I used virtual box and then you download the operating system with browser in. But Mike soft on, then you need this application. Do not cave to an archive. Those, uh, transmit I used for, like, actively when I need to do that, try and use ssh these days by the terminal. But every now and then, you need to use actually peace less useful on PLC fell. Should movies and things like that 13. 11 apps alfred: Okay, so let's go through some of the apse I use. Start with Alfred. So after it's similar to a spotlight, I'm saying that some of you spotlight to get offered up because these little hot appears here. Um, it's let it go. This is outfits exceeds quite similar to the spot. Like, um, this is the application itself. So it's gonna launch lugging, which I'd like on that you cannot load different features to it. So I really like this one. You can do this by a spotlight, and in fact, that's what like to go a lot better than it used to be. But there's still some things within Alfred I particularly like, So I use this on. You can do terminal shell commands as well via outfit if you'd like. In this, there's a whole host of different work clothes that you can set up with the power pack as well. I'm something. Go for tea, Doc. I I really like him, Doc. Themes that I know a lot easier on the eyes. Something go. But that's happened down here as well. In options, you can clam. I got hot. So we've got a bit more room the I was gonna hide that, uh, I cannot pay because they're the only dunce. I think that's pretty much it for Alfred, huh? Except this, you know, close. Yeah, that's what. Quit looking advanced. Um, yeah. I'm gonna touch into this right now, but there's a whole host of different extra advanced settings in here as well. If you want to play around with that, if you're interested. Courts last outfit. 14. 12 terminal: Howdy. Okay, so in this screen cast, I'm gonna go over some of my a terminal preferences. So thistle is the default terminal up. Now? I have used Castle to install I am for it. I'm going to launch up items. So here we go. I'm gonna check. But that's automatically now. Currently, we've got the default theme here, so I want things that dues change that. So at preferences, co files cause Duncan changes to, like, summarized Doc again. That could be automated. We're going through that some point. So, um, let's comb grub and you every let's go to get up. I see about getting positive from okay, it's got this one's This is the front end of my my site so scrapped that I can go see what we are. Yeah, Okay, so way. Yeah, some in my current use up, and I'm gonna do us much. Eladio, see what we've got. Now I have a normally I would ultimate this again. So I've created a, uh, directory. They're m k d. I r got Sykes on, then within sights. That's generally where a part of my sites So they get cologne on the rebo. That's gonna hopefully pull across their bows. Okay, Now, if you look at the colors here so fairly the same, it's quite hard. Teoh, Look at this and distinguish from departures. What's different? Because it's all the same. So one of things that we're looking to do is improve this. Another thing is that being on a, uh, are within a repo itself. Yeah. Um, you get status again. It's difficult. Process this quickly. There's no information here. It's got the name of the machine, the public chairman. But it doesn't tell me, Like what Bryant Jim on all things like that. So that's really useful information toe am. So it's gonna go and grab that and I'll come back when, uh, after that I should have done. 15. 13 BONUS dropbox wallet key: Okay, So before we properly dive into, uh, stance in it with dot files as one thing that I've done here. So why should do that? I installed drop box eso here. I'm sinking across some items. Now, on one of those things is my database for an application called Wallet. Now, this unfortunately, is for me, it's links to an older apple I d account. So this one has to do it manually by logging into apple, Um, on a different account of manual installing this, which is a bit frustrating. So we're gonna get rid of what? Let's, um, moved, Teoh that something like 11 password, our last bus to manage my passwords going forwards. But for now, this is why I'm using eso. This is what I'm using, too. Store keys in and things like that as well. So, for example, with the supplying text in the minute, this is registered. So I'm gonna grab that license key for this application to do that as a manual step. But I'm sure grandfather's we can look ultimatum 16. 14 bash dotfiles: heavy books. Let's get stuck into duck finals. That so the 1st 1 is going to be looking at Are these three Marshall see, profile on prompt on these. We're gonna hope we helped cause it was a nice stuff to work with in lights, too. So we did you present making doctor. So you can see that? I mean that the user directory here on, um, we do civil space stock that's going to open these files and sublime, like, have done here, then I actually later lately. Is this so? It's just simply s He was quite a lot. So men, um, sublime sex tape of these three files created and secrecy. Like they got that duct before them. A system that's miles Andi. Let's get going. So when I opened a new terminal here, you can see you that it's is executing. Then it's winning some whales, but and I want to make sure that I present confident in knowing which of these files around and also a charter. So to do this, you might be familiar with this kid code. No, I expect to. Well, this is going to output this string of this file so have simply just written up here what the name of this file is. So let's go ahead. Now those saved to go back to item two and you can see that nothing has changed here. And that's because in order to and out of items, so understand, to see these changes that we made, we need to invoke in you to not session so I could do that with Come on net. Okay, so what we've got, we've got duct bash profile. So what we can see now is that it's hitting this file, So that's good. What we can do on top of that is one day. This bit here on what this will do now is get this fail and then this bio is gonna look at all these other files that use. So we use path going over in a minute. Onda was being gassed. Then the bash prompts, which is what we're after for this one exports areas, his functions and extra when I'd be going off. But these essentially just different doctor filed dot files which will be included, then the repository and will be using to automate the development machine set up. And that makes him is going boats. Okay, so now say that again Across here. You can see here that we now have a bash profile on the fashion front, but still nothing to do with Bash House. See, yet now this one's a little bit weird, but complicated. But everybody is when we're in terminal here. When we first set it up and it's not active, I believe there might be better to find out and let you know. But we're the dash r c Violet gets run when it's an interactive shell. So one of the ways that we contest for those by simply winning the command batch to batch and you can see here that that this bash out see file is red. But what if this file is red and we need their commands with these files? Typically, what you'd see is something like this, man, this might look a bit complicated, but essentially what this is doing is saying that it dispatched see filers round, then please go over and pulse of one bash profile. Then we're gonna bust profile on. We should get these files as well. So let's give that I go now, so it's starting. You tell him No bash on. There we go. This is exactly what we want. So Bashar See? And we also get bussed profile from the Bosch prompts. Cool. So that's that's a really good state that we're in here on doing another screen casting alto. See where we go from here. 17. 15 bash prompt: Howdy. So we are now set up with a few dots miles for a bash out. See? Battered by on that front. Them. So first, Erdogan's ak elite bash prompt. So check around here. Okay, so in my sights on, uh, this is the repository for my website on. Let's do get states this. Okay, so you could see, like, all the text is the same. Call it here and it's gonna get critical to read stuff in this part. So it would be nice if we got a bit more information on some defining colors as well to help. So again, this will be available on the dock files every boat. So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna set some next colors up, so that gets magic. So sure about Andi. Define those causes. So now with that file saved, you can't broken you terminal. Uh huh. Now, look what we got. We got some different things here. So already this is a lot nicer, a lot more readable. And let's go check out. Yeah, let's go. Not sites. Repository gun. Yeah. Now, this isn't really nice. So look what we've got here. So we've got the full path that where we are nice. And it also says on mustard. So actually getting some gets information from from this as well. Brilliant. And you can also get federal help is so First look at this. Yeah, Project to change him stuff. Here, get states now, Court, We can see that this file has been changed and again spent nicer here. And we'll be going further into this, uh, making this a bit nicer as well. But also, you can see here that this is quite useful. So we have different characters now after this bit here, and it's gonna help us out. So we know that that's something has changed and I do gets resets. It's gone again. So it's nice and clean. So it's nice Little help us see where we'll see with Project. So that one is the bash 18. 16 bash prompt the dude: so dishing you himself. The brush. Dr Miles, the batch prompt. There's one thing that I miss stuff, but I like to change as well. Eso Normally you'll see this little dollar sign on. You'll see this in very step in tutorials that commands that typically run in the terminal . So I like to change that on. I changed that to this. So if we start, stop, but that this is my little do on and helps me from day today with total commands. So I know a lot of people first open the terminal. I like Oh my God, it's the terminal act and panic. But it's OK, You can change this. So whatever you want trying to change it, I think something. That's when you stuck out something I thought again frustrated. Some like a friendly face that's gonna help you. It's just a personal preference of my 19. 17 path: but it looks so the next time I'm gonna be blown over is the doctor. Don't spy now. Generally got few options. This one A similar to the extra file. And I don't commit these ones into the public repository because it might create contain sensitive information. I don't want everyone else copy now. Um, like, data admits regarding just me specifically. So then let's say, you know, it might be committing us make rather than suffer, you know? You know. So, um yeah, the bath file is kept separate, and then you can either bring these across from bit bucket if you got private repository that get repository are dropbox or something? Something. It's private. And all the people can't access that you could pulling separately. So let's go ahead and try this while, Okay, So that again, I'm just gonna just double check. No, this Saif file and in sublime sex. That's not to say that the self is a plain text. If you do command ship symptoms previously set this to crash get me since expand its in there on then similarly to before we're gonna tow suffering you terminal to make sure respects pulled in. You can see that That's getting pulled in. That so great. So what is Puff? So you might be familiar with this command or No, it's command. Andi, I've seen quite a lot of people get tripped up by this. So everyone this on then the sea this over at the end. No such file or directory. Now, this is a Ryan Mack. Haven't much yet, so this should be OK, right? So when I see people do this sort of thing way, come across to find the economy's in that command shift G Shark Head. Scott's this folder pace They're not okay on. Then they were to paste in all of these paths. CIA. I think we'll actually find out. They are just about us. Go ahead and do this and we could see what's coming out here as well. So I've got lots of different different commands here that we can want that will be able to be. Excuse it. You go on this one. Okay, go. So you see, like, got all these different things in here Can my run so I could things about useful Sometimes if yet Internet goes down, you can have being the websites to see? No, the late Cincy They're on brackets, drops and things like that. So sometimes I use this in order to log this for a day. And then they would give me the percentage of packet loss secrecy, that How about the particular Internet is that I'm using that particular place. Um, Recife don't about that's under the But while guest, that is everything was working here. So why don't we get in the server on The reason is is because just by writing out this command, it's gonna actually train from this. Now, this isn't a command was getting confused. It's trying to come out. So what you actually want to do when using falter like you want to echo? No, I don't want to Echo. Sorry. This drink path Iran to tackle the it's up. And I obviously did that deliberately to show you that if you ever do that, that's the correct way of doing it. Is what? So here we go. So you could see that these air, all of the paths now about written into the path variable on but get that determines now will understand. So, for example, if I took away all of these and I tried to run something like get Come on. And it wouldn't because it doesn't know that exists By adding these in it not knows, these different commands exist. Now, as use out of your development machine is potentially gonna be very ones that aren't available in the past. And you have to Up to now, this is where I see it, quite a lot in and both stepping up in South Pole Jacks, art projects that you wanted and suggested from way using different places for you to at that are nice. Just just one this command on when you just want that command, it might install it toe to the wrong place because you might not have that pops up as per that on such a report. So what's I like to do it? This is a big boat. If I would suggest Is that anywhere where it's anything to do with pap from the command line? Keep it in this one file and they accept nice inside you. Can people get a lot easier? So that's the doctor path chips 20. 18 BONUS exports: read books. So now we've got the passable and Brody tackled bash front. That's when you look at his exports. Now, um, what can we do in this one American export? Your default editor to be them. Got some extra node settings. The python. I'm other covering Note price on and these sorts of things in later screen cast. From now on, this purposes of this repository in this machine, I'm actually gonna use this one. But if I do find that it's necessary later on, I will add it in later. But if we have a lock yourselves and other in any of these that you might find useful for yourselves. So not much going on in this one really again. Just create that file, save it on on the next boat Appropriate. Seminal it. Well, it will be executed. So, you know, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click this on going. Okay, So that's exports 21. 19 aliases: Howdy, folks. So next up, we're gonna be going over the doctor. Aliases by This is one of the favorites. So in here we can set a lot of aliases up. They're gonna help us. I wouldn't know what from day to day say it was lots of time. So an apartment it out. Some of the more complicated ones for now in this tutorial was gonna go over some of the basic ones. So you might be familiar with CD. You can see the around various different places and then come back up. Then you do something like this. Come back one. All this to come on to rather than there in that e could simply just do best comeback while 23 Boss, it's a lot easier than having toe do this seedy. So to do that ball straight back, that that's a nice one. Here's some simple. If you are quotes to South to past, I'd go to quite a lot. So, for example, date waiting, Dropbox There on, I get locked. So by the time today, something like this. He was doing this? No. Today we get just Jake, um then in the swing, customs and things like this. So space months away to show you how the files that in a certain path it's now up some nice 100 sharp boats here. So it's one. This is what I will give you. L I stay directory. Plus So Donald, pretty honey and have gone over everything that I'm gonna walk date yet for the development machine. So you can see here that this is doing some root stuff which have have gone over, but it's also doing something to do with 10 p.m. onto gems here just to do with me be so I'll tackle those in another swing cast. But the just that this one here is basically that you can do what date? And it's gonna what day? All of your software, a new of markets gonna They are open to do it through that you've got installed at 2 p.m. That you've got installed cetra, but I got through that one in a bit more detail on another screen cast. I've got some information here. Got in my peas, would like to find out my Chinese information. You know we know is gonna get rid of all you don't DS stores on a around on the machine. Empty trash. This one. You need to be really careful. If one in some of these, um, just by the commands itself are m minus. I ref is so not so obvious one, especially if you're in the root directory because that's gonna delete your everything on your computer. Be careful with that one on. What this is gonna do is it's gonna safely actually remove the, uh, anything in, um, the trash on mounted hard drives. Then it's going to also looks here threesome, logs and some references and things like that. Okay, so next we have show and hide hidden folders. So, Miles, So getting one of the previous toots oils by default, you don't see the doc files in the finder. So again, like I say right now, we're going over this manually book what becomes ultimately steps. Then we could we'll have the straightaway starts useful. And one of this week, actually, I'll show you that back. Obviously said conceiving this file so well, I do anyway weaken because that's it. I love you back. I hadn't showed that stop. So it was mentioned in a comment here This is useful bar presenting. So what? It's like Davis on your desktop. You might have a very stupid folders and icons that get put it there all the time. So by using this height, just stop. It was gonna kill you. A nice background that you got on disabled spotlight on this, but and what this is gonna do to prevent spotlight from that seems to see it. But the indexing is disabled, so hopefully that will save some system of sauces to use white. What's if you do? I made these f k generally what I do and actually descended screen cast is set. Burn. What leaks? Sort of, but not the bottom. Right. So bottom left is the stop button, right? Is screensaver. So one of the reasons But me personally, why it's with the important to set a screen saver raise for security worked businesses where skillets people according to do audits on they've seen a machine which wasn't locked and sit down straight away. And then they get a warning for that. So one way you do that here is using the Commander K. Mitchell. Do it are outside show you in another swing customers. That's in it to bottom. Might you set a screen saver and then it will need your password. You know, it's activating. She get, um, path. I went over briefly with the pack. That's while so I showed you how we can do. Yes, it's the Copa yet. So get this bastard Past means within now it is not serious, which just makes it easier to read that each new white. So that's the aliases stuff. I'll awesome. 22. 20 functions: Okay. How do folks? So we've now been over the aliases file at the next one. I'm gonna go over Is the doctor functions file so similar to before I have had it? This is the tac toe. Echo this to make sure that we're gonna grab this file. So you contest that by setting up in you. So, you know, I can see that's coming in school on functions, surprising enough. Hasam functions in it. On it is a nice little helpers this one particular like and use quite a lot. So, uh, in a previous video killed Deacon dio em que de ir in order to create a direct race. That's great on. And quite often, what I want to do is be in night director as well. So you have commensurate like this. What m k d is does is you do m k d Do you NYT new director on only has it created, but you can see where we're in that path now as well. So that's super useful. That when he's ill all the time and in a previous video also showed you can do civil space stop and I'll open have a current parts in Yeah, sublime text. So you can use that a lot as well. So that's a reason to s with dysfunction. Um and so you've got one for then sound when she opens it up in Finder. So very useful. Use those correct frequently. And this one here is interesting. So I don't treatments. Let's go ahead and start. So tree will give us some Basquiat view off a directory. Let's go to something else. Those found no tea tree on. You can see that it's throughout this the folder structure here that's quite useful. And now with this one TRT, it brings up found, uh, slightly different. So let me see here. Currency Agnos Ni, get directory If you've got one of those missing directors first so similar to treat but just a different sort out part of that you could see her as well. We've got there to go on. This means that were in them, he asked cuter crowd. That's the functions 23. 21 extra: howdy, folks. So the next one is the dots extra file, and this is the one that I don't commit to the public repo. Um, so let's create that. In fact, I would have and so great that I've done us before echoing out this to make sure that way that's coming in court on walked on here is I've just put an example on it. So, uh, line five on eight. Your date, all the others can stays variable CSE Just what day this dignity Uncle rockets in a popular e mail in that on. Then that's gonna have your get credentials that global for your machines, pretty hungry. And that's pretty much with the extra one. I've seen other people who start like adding and thrown things in here. So, for example, if you wanted Teoh clone my repo exactly about those bits that you wanted to override, you could do that here, for example. And then if I have dated things and you want it, those bringing those updates as well, you could just basically updates everything apart from you. Don't extra fire. So that's about it for the extra file. Cool 24. 22 BONUS alfred fix: He urged the quick on it. I had an issue with when an outfit for the first time, it wasn't finding my application. So I was doing space toe poking a profit and are searching for that sex that it wasn't coming up. Try to the applications. And they weren't showing either. No, it's fixed. This I came through to the Alfred Preferences here, advanced and quick. This rebuild the Mac os meta data. I came up with a warning saying that this is gonna take a court can take over an hour. It's look like a second Onda. Um, yeah, and run this command. So in case anyone get stuck open helps. 25. 23 editorconfig: I go. So going over the majority of the doctor hands now began in the terminal. Not gonna be going over the other ones. So let's start with the duct. Edits a convict while this is really use well and popular bar there open source projects and cooperation so that sweetness upset. So it's conflict helps developers define maintain consistent coding styles between different editors like the Aedes. So this is great. And you can imagine that if people using different immunization styles and things like that , then when you come to dio emerging market conflicts because there's very different white spaces ships which are that relevant. So by finding the samples here, it means that everyone cooperating on the project will use the same groups so quick, one as well. Side point about supplying text is that nowadays you are install. When you do that for the first time, I've just done it, so can't you, But you'll be able to download package manager for it's plan text. Then once you've done that, you can install a package and then from that you can choose their the package that you'd like toe down up again Just on this, Sir so I got it downloaded. Yet it's conflict that on. Of course, I'll be doing it for $2 to how you can ultimate down all these packages s oh, yes, you get at its conflict. Downloaded. Um, Um, Now, if you notice like, for example, if I say that's here Outs on the extra and the blind here. So that's useful. Oh, so that's about it. By the its conflict, there's a lot more extra sense that you can use their very useful file found generally would include it in most of the positive, just on to the next one. 26. 24 gitconfig: hi votes. So next up is the duct gets conflict. Violence, as you can imagine, that's father configuration are get I like the thought aliases file myself. My services. So, for example, jet jet get is, uh, G um, here we grow up. Excellent. So, for example, if I do G space l that's not gonna run disc amount here. I've got a few of the ones here as well. Now, some pretty complicated get stuff in here. So it's up to you whether you want to just take that was out of you. Not familiar with what? The other one of the things that I found. Quite interesting. Actually, I don't let it. This people originally and went through all of these on and start doing really stunned. I use a lot of them were. Then, as I got more familiar with gear, I actually came back and found that some of these were a lot more useful. Asai saw Diagne a bit more and to get so, um, talk to you that on how you want to deal with that one as female as well going down here. And this was interesting, actually. So when I first opened this file. It was already here on the's were added in. I think it's potentially when when I get home desktop and I did it these details in. So it's gonna be interesting when I delete all the sun when they well, being across the files again, see these get generated or not. So don't think we really need that, because I think that will be pulled Environment doctor extra file anyway. But that was interesting. One to see. So that's the doctor gets conflict file chest. 27. 25 gitignore: that evokes. So the next one up is doctor gets ignore about a simple one. So respect, popular than most repositories that you'll have a ducks gets ignore within that local local to that repository on it will do what I think it's gonna talk. Get to ignore certain different types of files here. You never seen this before. This is was called a wild card, which is the stars. It means that anything here dot p y c. Is gonna make sure that those compiled Python files don't get downloaded for you. Really? With Python using python on projects. And these are some sort of files that get added by Mac OS, which I know. I definitely don't want to contribute to any repository. So these certain globally, far for the whole machine. So anything to do with the's files, I'm going to get out it Teoh under repository on your machine, which is super useful. And if there's extra things that you don't want Teoh, including there. So, for example, if you're doing them using sass, for example, to CSS pre pre process when you don't see assess that you wouldn't do that here. You do that in the get ignore file that was local to that repository. And so there were things as well. Super. You salts have this one at the top level. Cool, Just 28. 26 macos intro: how'd evokes. So the next file is the dot Mac os file a k A. I used to be called the dots OS X file eyes to call it the dots os sexy file because it is awesome. This is probably my favorite file on this. Sets up loads of light system preference type stuff and stop that. Really like to do with customizing Mac OS. So it's pretty big. And right now, looking 100 picked two lines there, and so I'm gonna break it down. I'm gonna also do a bit of research, actually, because I haven't looked at this in a while. Quite lots changed recently. So I'm gonna do a bit of research first and then come back and hopefully will jewell down into a bit more detail, this line by line. And, uh, yeah, she did all the awesome stuff. This park, It 29. 27 BONUS mysql install geekdom: Okay, So don't mock os X file now visible. You'll see this stuff. So I'm just gonna do a better side here. So this isn't And I actually saw Matias de on asked him about it. So you need to ask you out with this. Understand what's going on here? We don't have my ask. You also. Of course, we'll through install this. I'm still my skewer on when you've done this. I think what we do is we Once we've installed my SQL, we want it on. Then you want select with, uh, this code So I'll come back when this is installed. Okay, so that finished. I tried to win it. You can't win it this for you need to start it up so I don disc amount here to start now. My SQL is money. You can men on this 12 against my SQL. So now we have that open. If I what this code here do select on the go. You see that? This is actually yeah, that's 10 WN. And so my face is on that you go. So I think that's just could sees a complete geek. Really? And I'm sick. So Yeah, well side they're on you my SQL getting my ask You installed on how and why you see these used in the doctor files there. 30. 28 macos ui ux: it evokes. So next part off the duck Macro s, um Bilal. What net cycle here is on the general. You are you exchanges. So, um, I'm just gonna run through each one of these Wyatt so like them and waits, I'll find them in some ways, which we can run these commands to actually see. Like what? What you do whether you want them or not on house, but so aside, discussed in the my SQL side video discussed this one s Oh, this is to set the stunned by delays 24 hours. So the default is just one that so, so explain. She just changes at 24. And this one, I'm not sure if it works. Tried very stupid ones, actually, with this in the past on some of them being a bit hit, miss. But I find it useful to disable the sound effects on boots squished. Like if you're in a confidence, something like that and you need to restart your machine, then simply Wally sound. If you've been familiar with it, not be sound. It's to turn off. Um, always shows quote, boss. Okay. So, um, we could see him in the and the finder by default. Now, if I school things comes at the school bar comes into view. I actually like to have that school by that gives you, like, an indication of how much. How much is it? Constant isn't in that particular window again. This is personal preference. So what I can do here is quite useful here. Actually, we have in the comments, the different simple values. So Michael Acosta, item and then run this command. Um, we can see and find a It's done Nothing. So why is that? It's because we need to reload the finder on. You could do that with control option, right? Click on the finder here, and then we can relaunch it. There is a A terminal commanders what you could want here. Okay, so now we can see that we have this, uh, this quote, Bob I set all the time. That's quite like that on this one. I'm not actually sure where this one, it's over the top focusing animation. If it knows where that one is, please let me know. Why not get it so dated? Uh, expand safe panel. But but this is a really good officer. So Mr. If I go to save something, sometimes in various applications opened open for the first time or whatever you get this view which isn't very helpful, much prefer this view. So that's what I understand. Similar further the print could go to print panel. You get some extra extractions. That which I was want to see this one actually notice when I first started doing this in custody tutorials saved to the iCloud. And they're not slight sinking across the whole of my machines. Eso I don't want that to happen. So we just said that simply false. Um, all of these, by the way that that bills are doing, See it again. You can just set if you don't resets to true, simply change this to our two false. That was behavior that he was after when that command again. And this one. So it's quite useful. So generally, when I printed something I don't need d print Teoh that open anymore. So it's gonna chase up, down Um, this is sometimes you get this, uh, to do it's cured, etc. And things like that issue. You want to open suffocation generally? Yes, I I'm opening the application I know that I am doing so Yeah, I said it. Also, it disciples that dialogue when popping up and this one sometimes, uh, and that might become inactive. But I don't want it to automatically terminate that because it might just need a bit more time, so rather help A bit more time to complete. And it's Do you want it to terminate out update himself and this one of your freezes? It's gonna be startup never actually up. Theis. I don't know if this works or not. I know a few freeze locally buys useful. Yes, it is. It does. It's gonna we start forming at the notification center that cysts thing here personally, not fun of it. Don't use it. Don't like it. Don't like all the pop ups that come up find them distracting. And so its able in you cannot you eat Is this low shot that you can click on a colt on Click on this little I come here and the grays are now disabled lot for you. Um, also it says here in the comments, yet it removes the icon the Barton student, the menu by Icahn This bit here. I'm not sure, actually does. I think there's an application you can get to remove that. We're not sure that doesn't find out going forwards. And OK, and then hiss. Finally, some useful stuff, especially like you just said. Good development machine in your writing code at some of the automatic and capitalisation spell checking things like auto correct here. I'm very useful. So we can test this out. Sex that it, for example. So if I go this who was second while you're on this, actually, sexpots. Let's try it then. There you go. So you see, like, things like this? No. First write some code or would have reason no one of being control of the cat capitalization. So again. Okay, Wells, try again in, say that spots now, so it doesn't feel like a few little things there. So that's the majority of if that first section there hope you enjoyed that one. Next one we're going to look at is the SST specific tweaks 31. 29 ssd: Can I vote? Just start one here and duck back in the dark Mac os file on, Um, this is the s s d. A solid state drive specific tweaks. So what we do in here is to say, when this thing called hibernation on this speeds up when we go into a sleep mode, And then what we also do here is we removed the existing sleep image file that it's gonna create that that's going to say it was a lot disk space. I would create a zero byte file there instead. So by basically what I mean, that is, it creates a file with which has nothing in it on. Then we make sure that that can't be written, not file, and then we're gonna keep keep that just a several bites. It might be that you want, like that hibernation mode. You like that? Personally, I don't the speed rather than and they actually disk space book. But yeah, like Teoh, use that 32. 30 trackpad etc: my folks back to conduct Mac OS pile on. This time, I'll be discussing only track pad, mouse keyboard, Bluetooth accessories on input. So, Braniff all the track pad you still have to click into it on, you know, in order to initiate click. Much expects. But what I'd like is this also an option where you can just lightly tap it s Oh, this is useful. So it doesn't It's not as much sound and things like screen costs. If I d use my truck, so that's cool. And this one's that's bottom right off the track pad to be like, right click. So you get those extra options require them this one. And so if I do this for lunch, do the launchpad pinch thinking it can get quite frustrating if you sort of just slide your fingers over there and you didn't need me to do it. So I just had no use it so disabled and this one of her dinner for ages, but don't actually know why the they would decrease the sound quality Bluetooth headphones by default. But hey Oh, this hopefully a bruise that, um Okay, this one I can't quite remember if anyone knows about that, Please let me know. And this was really cool, especially for doing like screen casts and showing people something. So you you hold down control on you use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and it will basically zoom into where the what focuses. So I really like that one. This one is quite funny. Get some people. Use my computer every now and then. And I have this blazingly fast keyboard of people. So what this is is if you like, left here, excuse because I want to three. It's quite slow. So what this does is when this is initialized, it is going to set quick as you can be. My quicker. Yeah. So that's that's it for this one. 33. 31 screens: so I'm gonna go over some of the things we could do with screen. I am within that that Mark arrest file. So here, first of all, we're going Teoh, make sure that if the computers in sleep are the screen saver begins that we're going to ask for the password again. Very good for security. And this one by default ticket here. It saves this to the crowd. Dr. That's up is supposed to the local one for this machine, which is what I'd like. So does that for me. Just make sure by default. These days it is p and deep. Some of these corruption is that gonna change that up on a change going forwards and as well, it comes up with this. Sounds like drop shadow around here. So, uh, this one gets rid of that. Uh, Then if you're on a non apple LCD, this will improve the front Mandarin on this one will finally enable high DP I display modes. You've got one of those 34. 32 finder: that evokes. Now we're gonna be going over some of the sentence that used for the finder. So by the fall, if I do come and queue here unless it happens, So what this one does is that enabled you to, um, use Come on cue. And then that's gonna close all of these tops. It won't go quite useful. It's also going to hide the desktop I icons as well. So you got a nice clean dusts up. Um, so if you dio be right, click on this open Yeah, and oh, the command. I can see there was this automation. I don't really care about that. So get into that. And this one. Yes. If you do find the do command and by default, I gets a recent on it to be the dust up. I'm not the I called just stopped actual local machine desks up, so that's what that one's doing. And this one is going to make sure that the icons shown as well I believe that when the dust up, So if you connected servers, are you like a USB hard drive and not something you can see that white folk, the desktop. Um as we mentioned. Like in the initial sets up, we want to be able to view hidden files that's gonna hunt a lot close a zealous the extensions on files. States aspire. Uh, I think we're fine. Yeah, that So it's just this, but but seems quite useful. Jr How many files of in that particular directory? Um, and how much disk space you've got available there and how many selected, if you selected, want to pull it up, so it's quite useful information and pasta. Yeah, that's this. But here it can actually click insert into this, but it's she can click into that as well. It's just quite useful if you whether in to be ableto see whereabouts. You are so like that allowed sex selection and quick look. So I believe that if I did this in a minute, calm. It's just dragging. That's tocumen around. It's not to your army slept that I want you to do that, huh? Spring gloating for directors tried to do this, so I'm not sure exactly how this this one works. I believe spring loading is where you like, rather than having to open up in you find it and then drag and drop files around. You can meet different things around. I don't know. So we have something to do to do with that and making that buster when you, uh, moving May I found that I've been able to use. So you moved directories around by default. Maybe at some point you couldn't do that. And so that will enable you to do that and also removed the delays. It's nice and quick. Also do not DS store files. You might see these knocking around on you and you find it. And it's got, like, extra information of how you set that particular a directory up. But we probably don't want those on network Williams not make sure those don't get created on those. Um, sometimes when put in like a USB, a hard drive or something like that, it's gonna ask you, Do you want to verify it? I don't care about that thing. Well, I'm confident that, you know, plugging something in that Yes, I want to use it. Um, that's a mosque. Open it, and you finally know So when I put em again and you volume in that is going to open up, find the window for me with the disk image that's mildly useful. Um, this is going to set some nice things for the desktop. So things like making sure this info or information next to that desktop icon it's going to set the information to the right of the icon. That gun enable snaps grid good space in and set the size off those icons as well. Um, used list of U. S. Oh, there's different views, you know? Well, within Finder actually like the column view. So that's the list view. That's a default. You got this This one as well. So I'm gonna set this one. So com's have got the different options here. So that and with this one by default, when you go to delete the trash, what's done here is gonna give you a warning. So it's just disables that one. And I'm okay with that. Um enable drop over Ethan at. So with some max winning on all the operating system lion, you don't get a drop. So this just make sure is enabled and you can use it with those old about Isis and by default. Dropbox has thesis green. I comes don't really like that Don't meet that. So this just removes. I compile. They don't show. I can see if there's like sinking. All things going on a Dropbox appear so I couldn't see that finally. So like a showed before With info pain on those extra options, Wells is going to make sure that rather having so quickly things each sign that these ones are going to be opened by foot slab. Cool. So that ends Finder. 35. 33 BONUS photos activity monitor: pages that a little side here. So as I was doing previous screen Custer the funds startling quite a lot on my mark. So all right. See what that WAAS. So I went to activity monitor and I found that this photos agent was right. That's up here and it was hammering there, the CPU. So, like, well, what's photos doing? Because I haven't told it to do anything, so I actually found out waas I looked as well at the disc space here, Mrs Our video. I looked like almost 200 gig. So what was going on was, if you go to photos references, um, this is, uh, activated by default. So why done was actually he was going to grab all of my photos. Now, that's pretty cool, but for me, I don't want it to do that. Um, I wanna concentrate on building over machine. If I do want Teoh bring in the cycle out photos than I much prefer to be ableto tell it to do that on to do to do that amount of time that I would like to do so Basically, if I could find out a way toe ultimate, this with a doctor. That would be amazing if anyone knows how to do that. If I didn't find that out out in a screen Custer like, Well, this pickle, just about them, the activity monitor have as well. So you know, you fans do start going. Sometimes you can de book and find out what's what's going on here and in this case did. Then it's very useful, yes. 36. 34 dock dashboard corners: typical on CFO, the duck dashboard and hot corners within the duct. Mac os fire eso this one here, you can change this value would like that's gonna change it thes size of these icons with duck. Um, half run some of these. So this one, basically by the phone photos seeing it. But you guys, so just in and out type animation, so changes it to scale. Says it looks like this now, so find that slightly quicker. And if you notice here as well in the duck, a lot of the icons have now gone. So that's Bible in this command. It's gonna remove the gulf both in the default APs there. Andi else we got, um we have removed the animation as well. When you open in the closing applications from the dock. Mission Control used to be called expose. That's basically yeah, this thing. So that's gonna speed that animation up. If you do command option on date that hides and shows the duck also fire, uh, move the mouse down and keep, uh, keep going down. It's gonna bring it up again on I'd show it. No, it's quite slow. That so that speeds off out Um, this one by default. I just added this son as well, which restarts the ducks. It takes effect on what this one does is it adds thes. Let's not spaces in here. So in their later sweetgrass, you'll see like how except Murdoch. And that sort of used these spaces toe categorize sin missile applications. You like that one? The's air, the hot corners which really go. So if you're not familiar, you can basically go to the different partners of the screen and have different things. Activate. So here are all the different things you can have activated. So my and have bottom left shows me the desktop top right will activate disabled the mission Control the bottom right will start screen saver. So if you want Teoh do left one, for example, you could about this code here change their see out, sir. T ell what's left. And then you change this value to which one you'd like here. So everyone starts going to say, for example, five. Cool. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed that on my own 37. 35 safari: Hey, folks, Another shot when I just spoke safari and pretty self explanatory these runs. So gonna make sure that we don't send search queries to Apple. We set the home page to about Blanca. What this does is it enables toe spire. It's a load up slightly quicker. Um, I should have a case. That's these business here. No, let's get out. Uh, sometimes when you, uh, open files again, I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm still gonna leave this one on just in case. And it would automatically open the file on the on it to do that. So the staple up. Make sure that we can go back. Yes. So, currently, if I had backspace, that's not going back. So I definitely want that on. Also is gonna disable the thumbnail cash. So it's not storing extra things on the computer that we don't meet 38. 36 iterm: a quick one for my turn to. So in a previous screen cost a shit that I use item two instead of the default. A terminal application with Denmark. US. So what used today actually was I would have to say otherwise. Dark theme within my doctor fails, and I'm quoting over and then so item to use it. But by default, it's actually in item now, So I'm just gonna put to do here toe automate that that change over. Another thing is, if you have things going on here, you do command, keep get this prompt. So this is just gonna automate the removal removal of that prompts so I can actually quit item. 39. 37 activity monitor: analysts manage for activity monitor here. So I must have shown in another screen custom that I've found that photos the application hoped, started doing various different things. And I was able to do that by a activity monitor. So here we're just gonna make sure that the default main window is activated by fault. Then we're going to visualize the CPU usage, which is find the most the important thing have monitored out in the dark icon, which is nice show all processes on. Also, make sure that the results are ordered by CPU by phone, so yeah, go. 40. 38 textedit: folks. Super simple, quick one here, but very useful. So you texted it quite bit. Now, by default, it will come up like this on if you say that's going to say it was a rich text document. Um So, like sometimes you can get issues with this like you're copying and paste in into a CMS, for example, you could get extra mounted characters and things like that. So in text, that itself do command, shift, see economic, and so utf a plain text. So I I like it to be like that all the time and by default, so we learn these commands and that that will do that. 41. 39 chrome canary opera: next up. Here's some of the commands that I used for the Google chrome on also, canary, if you're not familiar with what can areas it's a version of Google chrome, but it allows you to see the latest and greatest basically what's coming on, What the Googlers are working on that's gonna landing chrome. I find it really good to see what's coming next. And also you can provide the useful feedback as well to the crime team toe. If you find an issues are anything you think could be improved, Don't you like him? You can feed that back to the Google counting. And so what we got here? Yeah, So if using track pardon Magic mouser, which do finally swipe is very sensitive. So it's gonna go back in the browser history, So disable those and then I also, uh, like a similar default. Come on, for the Marcos is that I like to see all of the that put the print dialog so we don't quit that little arrows. This is gonna show that on also, what this is gonna do is make sure that we're using that system native one as well, rather than the default. Cromartie quickly took John Operas well, so up here, we just doing the same thing against make sure that's that's using the print I'll grab. 42. 40 spectacle: that evokes. So we've reached the end of the dock Mac OS pile on a lasting of light school versus deposit up. Got spectacle. Now, this really helps with window Monday. So rather than in tow, drag these windows around, which is quite time consuming rapidly. This app allows us to do that with Shaq cots. Now, I show you the default references Here. I get this, and you can set your own custom shark cots, which I don't are on. Um, I reached out to Eric, who created the up to see if there's a way of automating. My preferred shortcuts are super helpful. Eso he wrote a up? Yeah, and then you with the app, do the keyboard truck up and it's gonna give you stopped cold here, and you can pop into the corresponding preference that you would like it to apply to win spectacle. Mascius being Nelson person, he is He took this age that further post a link to this. You wrote a, uh, that script on what script does is it actually takes it looks, art. It looks at what you've set here and just exports the whole thing out. So that super helpful so thanks for starting. That's out. Acela's. That's two extra things I would like to automate. That's want, which is to launch this wagon on another one. Hidden in here is one. This is a background application. Um, that's just gonna make hi that I come that as well. So what? What? I actually have ended up with it. Something like this. Something? Sure. So this is using Eriks up. I'm not sure Mattison's cold comes out a bit different, but it's just does the job for May. I'm under just bits. And then it was too good to use their certified by now how to do them. I will eat them. 43. 41 macos start finish: So we've gone over the whole off the doc Mac os fire. Well, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed their necks, so I want to quickly go over the top pair on the end. So what's up? What we're gonna do is gonna make sure the system preferences is closed so that we definitely apply these changes that we want. Another thing is gonna ask for the password once, and then you can run everything in pseudo so that all of these are gonna take effect. That's what this stuff it's we're gonna win all of the commands that are painful. Then finally, we want to make sure that all of the ups being closed um, last of all, we are going to get a helpful reminder. So this is just make sure that we look out. It actually recommend restarting the machine to make sure that all of these take effect. Absolutely. Love. Just wanting this file on them were not restart coming toe machine with all these lovely, lovely sex things that we have set up. Eso thanks very much for watching this. And if you've got any other things that you think can help I've missed. Please let me know. I short of all of them are is anything that can go over in a bit more detail again. Please let me know and I will screen custom According Thanks very much, folks. 44. 42 running dotfiles: So I've got my doctor. I was already school. Now I'm gonna treat this as if it's a new machine. So first of all we do is done the next code now previously of showing you how to do this by the upstart. You can actually do this via come online this Welsh critical. Next of all, I'm gonna want to go over, download mine, quote even my repository. So I'm gonna go to my get up directory, and then I'm gonna go get cologne. I'm calling my files and then once a cloned that, I'm gonna go into it, and then I'm gonna win this command here saw Speak, strap. Shh. What this is going to do is sure that on this file here, what it's gonna do is it's gonna take the files from here, which is currently, um, in my use and then get hope on. Then it's gonna bring them across to the everywhere we want Mint. Okay, so that's why not coming with one in yeah, is it's gonna this may over my existing files in your home directory. So always be careful that you definitely know that you and I want to do this Okay, So the next thing that I do is big across Mother Duck files. So you want to do that via, like, Dropbox are bit. Look it however you do that. So it must have discussed in previous videos and then, like, the extra dark path, So bring those across. Uh Then next, what we want to do is get homebrew installed. So I'll do that. And then I'm gonna run this through files through. I must mention two camps gonna bring in all of my app. So I'm gonna, like, update getting bring in that nice tree. The asset showed you how to do it. I haven't done of any office that, actually. Yeah, but I will do Andi then yet all of the apse. So let's give give that one to go. So I'm gonna go back toe my Yeah, Andi. Hopefully that Okay, make sure that prove I'm in the right place. Um, yeah. There we go. Okay. So it's trying up so through that s h fingers crossed. This one might take a while because it's gonna going download a load of stuff. So I'll see you back when it's all finished. Updating gate. So wealthy brew Dice H is willing and getting off those absent stalled I'm going on the Mac OS file as well. So on. And that's going to apply all of the settings that went over. So I just run the Mac OS file actually came up with the warning. So one of the things that I like to do is get rid of this sleep image because it can save a bit of space on your hard drive. So I see what happened. The, um did me to do a restart. This is still going. So I've come back when all of this has finished downloading on Give it restart on. We can see what's what's going on. You know? You see here that the doc has changed. Oh, my, what corners and I work in his Welsh Great. Um, you can see that the, uh, this has changed as well. So cool 45. 43 BONUS rupa z: howdy, folks going to show you repairs set as something that Paul I've assured me many years go be using ever since. And you may notice him adopt files that I actually made him a note here. Eso it can be installed by homebrew on obviously throughout screens customer service. I've bean homebrew a lot to install different things. I did actually give it a go, but I didn't get it work. If I do get it to work by a group, I will update this video. In the meantime, I'm going back to the way I used to do it on. That's by simply cloning the repository So you couldn't repository along with Ali vel the doctor's files in the root and then you ch mother. And if you're not familiar with ch mod, that's to do with permissions. His an example of ones you can set the reader. I execute permissions on you get either number are letters and these dashes here that the notes what the accesses you'll notice as well do the alias El which of self by the aliases thoughts filed. You can see those permission there as well. So once that set up. But I want you add a new terminal top reinitiated That one extra thing you'll need to do actually is in a dark bash profile here. Just sauce that. So initialize is so it knows where is now what we can do. This is super cool. So what it does is it uses this singled free free Cincy? I think so. It's a combination off frequency and recency on what it allows you to do then is just take that you Is that on then a small string of the thing that you want to get Teoh And it also learned those paths that you go to more frequently. So, for example, here just got a few examples showing that I'm going to get hope. So now if I just do G I was gonna bring me to get hope in the same way that science and sites So I said, This gets really useful once you got lots of different paths on on your machine and it's just a a big time saver, So I hope you enjoy the on just 46. 44 running dotfiles restart: Okay, so the homebrew has finished. It's like the operation freed up 1.1 gigabytes disk space as well. Just go. It looks like everything's going ahead. OK there with the Mac OS one. Like losing an issue with the sleep image. So I'll try and figure out what happened with that. I'm now gonna take a restart, so we start the machine and I will see what happened. 47. 45 after restart: So run the heat that files and recycled machine on. You could see that some things have changed already. So the duck is a bit smaller now. The outcomes gone. Um, this icon is very nice in my size, and it's got the information on which is useful. Um, hot Connors were working s I'm gonna quit to go over some stuff. I'm gonna make a note for some of things that didn't I haven't one that I would I would like to in the future. So one of the ones I know it was I wanted to delete something from the trash, so I'm normally, like a right click. But that wasn't working. So Smit, I know of that here in the finder. You can see that I've got the breadcrumb type thing that's I like to on and they're not going to do is just go over and south My duck ever got me the machine. So gonna just replicate that. So where there is just one of the optional bruise installed them, and once you don't not you can right click and go Options keeping duck. So have a crow, and, uh, do all of these I just give you, give you an idea, but, um, get some, uh, government browsers together. First of all, then my any size and software APS for, uh, coding If you notice as well got the law little spaces in that as well, which can with a command and open at 11. No hopes that or not, I want to keep any duck. Yeah, it's like I'm sublime text. Yeah, uh, did it get slapped? Get that s So, uh yeah, go through and installed my the rest of my app. So go to applications that consumers that following you start here just where we want them . That's great, but save so much time rather than having to go to every single site. Um, another thing I like to do is just have some favorites here, so I have typically desktop. I called this. Took enough. Um, it's ah. Where is what's best? He goes home. There you go. Um, that's what I'm not the work that's out there. Be interesting. See, back in there. Automate this by don't files Anyone know salted it out That amazing not their screen cast so messed up. Donna, it's science. When you get you get the idea. So change those toe like common paths that I use on. I think, like pretty much like now, like you just it's just incorrect. Elevate. Mom saved, like just so much. So I imagine like it's carrying my journal. Like if I was gonna go through and do all of this manually takes so long to say, Like, how can I meet today to go through and do steer yourself manually and you just have this automated to be ableto wait few minutes for everything to download and come back to it and pretty much everything set up the way you want. It was just absolutely amazing. Especially like cover stipulating it seems. And, you know, you got new people coming in all time, then, you know, just run this command and get the machines that follow them straight away. Lots of other. It's a kid, like a week which have seen previous years of previous businesses Get someone open one in straight away very quickly. So, yeah, I love it. I hope you enjoyed all this. Uh, thanks very much for watch in. If there is anything that I can help with so honest and I'm not really explained to clear any feedback. Any ways that I can improve it further than I'd love to hear from me. Thanks very much. Just