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DevOps Project: CI/CD with Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes on AWS

teacher avatar AR Shankar

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

41 Lessons (5h 19m)
    • 1. L1 - Introduction to Simple DevOps Project

    • 2. L2 - What do we cover

    • 3. L3 - What is CI and CD

    • 4. L4 - Resources to Setup Simple CI/CD Pipeline

    • 5. L5 - Jenkins Installation

    • 6. L6 - Run Frist Jenkins Job

    • 7. L7 - Git Setup

    • 8. L8 - Maven Setup

    • 9. L9 - Create first Maven job

    • 10. L10 - Tomcat Server setup

    • 11. L11 - Deploy a war file on Tomcat VM using Jenkins

    • 12. L12 - Deploy on VM through PollSCM

    • 13. L13 - Docker Setup

    • 14. L14 - Latest tomcat image issue

    • 15. L15 - Integrating Docker with Jenkins

    • 16. L16 - Jenkins Job to copy artifacts on to DockerHost

    • 17. L17 - Create a Dockerfile

    • 18. L18 - Deploy on Docker container

    • 19. L19 - Setup Ansible

    • 20. L20 - Integrate Ansible with Jenkins

    • 21. L21 - Creating an Ansible playbook

    • 22. L22 - Issues faced

    • 23. L23 - Run Ansible playbooks from Jenkins

    • 24. L24 - Update Ansible Playbooks to delete and create containers

    • 25. L25 - DockerHub Integration with Ansible

    • 26. L26 - Tagging Using Ansible playbooks

    • 27. L27 - Jenkins job to Deploy on Container through Dockerhub

    • 28. L28 - CICD using Ansible playbooks

    • 29. L29 - Introduction to Kubernetes Section

    • 30. L30 - Setup Kubernetes Part 1 Setup Ubuntu Server

    • 31. L31 - Setup Kubernetes Part 2 Setup Cluster on AWS

    • 32. L32 - Create Deployment and Service using Kubectl commands

    • 33. L33 - Create Deployment and Service using YAML files

    • 34. L34 - Integrate Kubernetes with Ansible

    • 35. L35 - Create Deployment and Service using Ansible playbook

    • 36. L36 - Jenkins CD job to deploy on Kubernetes

    • 37. L37 - Jenkins CI job to create an Docker image

    • 38. L38 - Integrating Jenknis CI CD jobs to deploy on Kubernetes

    • 39. L39 - Automate Deployment on Kubernetes with CI CD Job

    • 40. L40 - Setup CICD for Kubernetes - Full lab

    • 41. L41 - Conclusion Section

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About This Class

Do you want to build a CI/CD pipeline tools using various DevOps tools? then you are at right place.

Here you can see a CI/CD pipeline by using tools using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes. This gives some light on how the IT industry uses DevOps.

I have over 9+ year of experience in DevOps and have a deep understanding of this domain. So, I will be teaching you in detail with the step-by-step demonstration.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to build CI/CD pipeline tools on Various DevOps tools

  • Anyone who wants to Enhance their skills in this domain

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to know how DevOps does work, who completed DevOps training and want to do a project hands-on project


















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AR Shankar


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1. L1 - Introduction to Simple DevOps Project: Hello, folks. If you know various develops tools like get Jenkins and simple Docker on Cooper Nitties are not sure How collaboratively does it work are you would like to set up your CSE reply Planned using the Web stools are you want to see how they entered the wops? Florida as it were Then you are at the right place. Welcome to simple Develops Project Training program from Biloxi Technologies before diving into What do I cover in this training? Let me introduce myself. My name is Air Shankar I how our own the 90 yourself i d experience. Currently I am working as a develops consultant in your leading 80 companies. I have also worked rivet the AWS and some of the UNIX flavours. Let's see, what tools do we cover in this program? I'm going to use get adds Our source scored management Jenkins to create CSE Reply plans Mavin as a bill little answerable for configuration management under deployment. Dr. As a target environmental to host over applications Cuban it is to manage our docker containers under all this environment, I'm going to set it up on a jobless. No. Let's see how these tools get fits in our their works floor. Usually, developers dollop there court on the dollop record, they push it into get repository get is a source scored management system. Whenever court is available in, get Jenkins pulled that court under do the build. Once a building is completed, it generates article. This artifact should be get deployed into target environment, target environment. Maybe a VM docker container arc. Overnight is cluster, so we should house some tool which helps to get this deployed onto target environment. In our case, we are going to use answerable as their deployment service. It would deploy Sonya Docker container are kubernetes cluster By end off this training, you could able to set up this serious theory pipeline. I hope this has given your fate idea off. What do we cover in this training on? I will share more details about this program in our next video on building by. See you there 2. L2 - What do we cover: Hello, folks. Welcome back to simple develops project training in this section. I'm going to discuss more details about the topics were too weak over in the introduction section. We cover introduction to see a serie under tools used to set up their walks flow. Next set up. See a CD pipeline with the Jenkins. Get Mavin under Tomcat. In this first, we set up Jenkins dinner, a new test job to make sure that our Jenkins is fine. We set up and configure Mavin and get aren't set up Tomcat server. Install additional required plug ins if necessary. Integrating. Get Marinin Jenkins Job, Siri job by end. Off this section, we could able to deploy our artifact on the easy to instance which runs with Tom occurred. Next section is about to docker. First we set up your doctor environment Man is doctor with danceable Dr Hub Repository. All right. Here, Dr Fine Under learn your job. By this time, we could able to deploy on your doctor container. Next we talk about danceable. First we set up and civilian government integrating, answerable with Jenkins. Alrighty. Answerable playbook to deploy on your container. But on your job by this time we could able to deploy on your docker container by using answerable on the last section is about Cooper Nitties. First we set up kubernetes environment right to deployment on service files, but only a job. Don't deploy any kubernetes cluster. By this time, we could able to set up your complete she a Serie pipeline. Deploy any apart veterans and kubernetes cluster Hope this has given you detailed information about what do we cover in this program? The next video we'll talk about What is she, a Serie until that by see you there. 3. L3 - What is CI and CD: Hello, folks, Welcome back in this video I'm going to talk about what is continues. Integration continues Delivery under continues deployment. This team is goose and overview off continuous integration delivery Under deployment in continuous integration, Dollop was pushed their court onto source code management system. In our case, it is getting one score is available in the source code management system. They were ch teau. Could ableto agent play and pull the court out of medically are UN build under Unity's Here we are using Jenkins as our ch teau are the end off successful continuous integration process. We could able to get an artifact deploying this artifact on your target in government Nothing but stays ing. We called as it continues delivering in the continuous delivery process. Artifact which was generated in the continuous integration process, get deployed automatically under next available environment in the staging environment performance distinct and functional testings happen once it is looks fine. It gets a deployed onto production environment with the manual intervention, whereas in the continous deployment, once it is successfully tested on the stressing environment, it automatically gator de place into the production environment without any manual intervention. The difference between the continues delivery into deployment is there is a man will intervention to deploy onto next to available involvement, whereas in continues deployment, it is also automated. If we can me the same thing toe our environment which we are going to set up didn't until the stairs were artifact that generates it comes under two continues integration. Nothing but court Get pulled from get on build Arctic Jenkins. In this days we get young artifact No, in continues delivery artifact to get to deployed onto target environment. So this week all does it continues delivery. Now this enter process happens Harto medically. Then we called. That continues deployment. I hope this has given an ideal What is C and the city? With that, we are going to start set up to see a serie pipeline from next video Until then. Bye. See you there. 4. L4 - Resources to Setup Simple CI/CD Pipeline: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this real I'm going to discuss about required resource is to set up simple develops project. Let's go on, Take it off. I have created a separate Get her back on for this tutorial. There are two repositories that is Hello world under simple develops project Hello World is a job for the best application which contains server, web, upper doctor bombed out Examine These are the resources which is required to build a work or we are not focusing more about on the court because it is not our primary goal. We are going to focus more about how we can set up that develops environment. Let's go back again. Another repositories Simple day works project If we go insert, there are few holders. Each folder has documentation How you can set up the particular tool This is going to useful for you. We'll following our videos. Please forget these two repositories with you were account to proceed further. Another thing which is required for this training is terribly is free their account I hope you might. How young near the blue zakone if you have that is well and good. If you don't help Please go through with the aws. Not imagine dot com on the create one. We are going to set up our enter develops environment in your ugliest club. The develops project, which we are going to set up is going toe condom irritably s free. Terry searches most of the cases. That's where you may not get charged extra. So please be relieved to aws free Tera con as well s. You get her back on by forking this to report it recently were account. Thanks for watching this lecture. See you in the next lecture. 5. L5 - Jenkins Installation: Hello. Folks will come back in this section. I'm going to show you how we can deploy I an easy to container by using their warps pipeline for this purpose. We should have your dollar prick ord in the get hub repository. Then our Jenkins can ableto pull their court on the build under our Jenkins. Also use it as a deployment tool. It would replace on your target environment. In this section, we are going to see any C two instance which is running with Tom Care as our target in government. So as we discussed in the outlier section, our court is available in our way ankles account, every project recalled. Hello, world. I will just show you that this is our way and kill account. Here we have your hello world repository as well as simple develops project report It rips Hello. World is a job based web application going inside. We can see us. Sarver Overbear per doctor filed bomb dot XML read me file. These are the contents off our hello world repository. But I'm not much interested about this court because the purpose off this training is how we can take this quarter build writing this court is the dollar purse work. We are going to use this court toe build under deployed again. Come back to overflow. No, we don't have. Jenkins are very it. And also, we don't have Tomcat server. We are going to set it up this true taste to this deployment with that. Let's go on. Install Jenkins Jenkins. Insulation pro Caesar also operated in over Repository. We have documents. Report it. Recall the simple develops project in the same so simple. The works project go inside. So this you can find your folder called Jenkins. Under Jenkins. We have you file called Jenkins installation. It has all the instructions how to install Jenkins. I will quickly run through it so that we know what steps we should follow. Initially, we need an easy two instance. We haven't created it. It on da secretly group of each open sport number a jury, Jiro because Jenkins runs on port number eijiro eijiro. Then install java. Because this is the prerequisites after Java installation, we need to set up home pot off our Java. I will show you how to do that. Well, once it is done, we can install Jenkins Jenkins packages we can Don't learn from this, you oral. Even we can google it toe, get the Seaworld. But just for reference I have given here. Once a Jenkins has been installed successfully, we can start Jenkin service on Daxing it from the browser because this sport we are going toe open heart security group level. Once it is accessible, we should log in and change the password apartment. Why? Because it comes with other default password once logged in tow. Jenkins console. We should set up the Jerry cape part as well. Nothing. But where exactly? Java has been installed on our Jenkin server. Then for testing purpose Weekend. Rainier. My first job just to see that Jenkins is functioning fine with that, Let's jump into our ear oblivious console on the creating. An easy two instance Services select. Easy to instance, we can launch an instance in this program. I'm going to use our Major Lennox for most off our they were up stools installation because it is pretty easy to manage on, and I would recommend you toe use the same operating system so that you don't end Contrave eight. Any new issues well, following our videos hence and select eating. I'm a generally next. It is a Tito micro. I'm not changing anything over here. Discuss Eyes is fine Name I'm giving it as a Jenkin server. Jenkin server Security group. I'm going toe create a new security group secretly group name. I will give you the wops. Understood Project Security group. I'm going to add one more route because Jenkins runs on port number Eijiro Eijiro. We must open port number Eijiro, eijiro and the description also I'm going to give the same Launch it now We should choose a keep here I How in existing Keeper called a works project. If you don't have one, you can create yet keep it under Don't know that. Keep it to log into over server So choose the existing Keep it in our case on the lunch it because I have this Keep it It takes couple off minutesto get it launched I will wait until it comes up. Let me refresh the screen. Alright, Surgeries running state Let me take the public ap off the server. I'm using a tool called a more by external to log in tow over server. We can also use Pootie toe connect over servers. But I would recommend you to use more by extreme because you don't need to convert. He will keep her from Pimco PPK. If you want to connect, I can use my pinky directly to connect over servers. I have choose sensation. Then s is hit. Provided the remote host i p address on DA use. Private key. This is the works project that Pym I'm using a pinky and user easy to minus user. All right, I hope connected to my server. I'm increasing foreign. Say's let's become your route because we are doing installations. We must help root privileges as they discussed the first we need to install Java before installing Java. We'll check the job over shit because amazingly, next by default comes with the job. Abortion Wonder seven. I would recommend you to removed a wondered seven on use. Wondered it to remove. Wondered. Seven. Washing from the server you can use, um remove job minus wondered $7 to Jiro start because after this whatever is there, you can remove it. Okay, I have removed if we check for Java Washam No, nothing is there. Let's install Java one about it Clear the screen. Young install job minus wondered. Eight Start it installs Java were not eight on our Jenkin server. Yes, to install. No installation is completed after Java installation. We need to sit home part of our job over for that We should find wherever Jerry exist. We held this command in our document We can just search for Java Wonder Day to start by using find command It gives us very our Jeriome are jar file available? This is the actual part off our J r E. We can see that by using your less miners. L SLUss Jerry, You can see it is available under this part. I'm giving control. See? We need to set this one as our part. Let's set the home pot Let clear this screen so to set home. But under our home directory, we can use Siri killed. So we are going toe home Directory off Our user are nothing but root user now v a dark bash under square profile. Under this, we should provide over job a whole But so I will you here Java under square home is the cold of ah J r e I thought and Also, we need to add it to part John, uh, under square home. So this world, that's it. We have set up our Java home pot. Now echo gore dollar java under square home. Me, Craig, you. It doesn't show you the full pot way because we need to log off on the large in tow. Get it? Effect. So let's log off again. I really large in as here route. No, let me execute the same command. Now you can see the latest, but this is how you can set up home. But now let's install Jenkins. If you tried to install, um, install Jenkins directly, it doesn't work because it doesn't have the report it. Reese toe pulling the court for that purpose. Let's jump into browser search for Jenkins. Down Lord, Faster Link itself Tells about Jenkins. Start. I was last don't, Lord. This is the official website where we condone Lord Jenkins. We have long term support abortion under weekly release, it is always best practice to use long term support abortion because it is tested one. And if we scroll down, we have you Red hat Fedora sent ways of major clinics supports for the swim. So click over here and you can see the instructions. What? You need to do this? To use this reported rerun The following comments. We must run these comments to set up Jenkins repository in our server. So I'm learning this command first. Next to go back, take the commander toe are key. I'm marrying key as well. Once it is done, let me executive Jenkins in sole command once again. Young, install Jenkins. All right. Now we can ableto find the Jenkins software and we are installing it. May take you well. Alright, Jenkins. Installation is successful. No. Let's see the Jenkin Service Service Jenkins status. It isn't. Stop. It stood. Let me start it. I helped start our Jenkins against you. The status it's working. No. Will try to access our Jenkins application from the browser for there to take the public AP off our Jenkins server. Goto browser Jenkins. Run, son. Port number eijiro eijiro access for the website. So it is getting ready. We need to wait for your Well, here you go. So it's asking us to provide the password to login by departure. You can find a password in this location. Let's go back on the cactus. Well, you can see the art of generator. Password. Go back. Probably this password. Continue Whenever you initially log in, they were drinking, sir, or after set up it to suggest toe install, few plug ins. But we are not installing any plug ins right now. We install later point off. Time depends upon the necessity. For time being, I'm skipping the step. Now. Our Jenkins is ready. Start using Jenkins. All right, This is our fresh Jenkins council. I have just logged in as a discussed. We need to change our passport to change our password. Nothing, but I mean password. We need to goto user called art mean Here. We How? Con Figure on DA. Here. You have your option called password. I'm changing my password. Reentering the seam A plea Su. I have successfully changing my password. That's where I got locked up. Let me browse the web site again on the religion, Our men on my glass or okay, now I have changed my default password. Next thing is we need to set up our job. A home pot for that. The easier option called man is Jenkins. We should go here to manage our Jenkins most of the time. Let's go inside to manage Jenkins. There is a option called drinkin Stool conflagration. This is the option. We should choose to configure our configure Our Jerry G. So far, we haven't added anything, so our Jerry k I will give java underscore oil home on the job. A home part. Let me grab it from here. Echo dollar, Java underscored home. This is our job home part. Go back again. And if you give any type O it immediately says that it is not right, but so Okay, it looks good right now. I'll play seven. Okay. With that, I can say that our initial checkup off Jenkins is done in next video, we will run our Foster Jenkins job until then by suited. 6. L6 - Run Frist Jenkins Job: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this video I will show you how we can turn our Pasta Jenkins job. In previous video, we have seen how to set up your Jenkins over currently how logged in and I'm out homepage. We can create the jobs by going into new item. If it is a fresh face, you can see here to create your job. Let's go to new item here. We should provide our Jenkins job name. I will give my first job. It is a freestyle project here. You can provide the description. I'm going to you my first job. Then underserved scored management. We can choose only none for now because we haven't installed any plug ins which are related toe source code management, like a gato big bucket are Israel so no options are going to show right now. Next one, we are going to use build in this job. We hope couple off options over here mostly will see execute windows Bash Command if you were target system is windows on the one put on some comment are we can choose execution if target system is Lennox. You never kiss. We are going toe. Choose. Execute shell Because our target system is Lennox. I'm going to give just echo. Welcome to there were hopes Project. Okay, I'll play this. See you. And once it it saved you can build this job. This is the option toe. Build your job if you want to modify it again. Goto configure Now I'm executing building. No. Whenever you excluded, it creates a build job over here. So this is our faster build. You can see a blue ball here means it is successful Usually if it is your blue ball, that means that our job is success. In case if it is read, our job is failed. Sometimes it may be in orange color nothing but partiality. Success. You can see the console output by clicking over here. This job executor by admin user That is what it is showing here. Next we have executive the A commander Col vehicle So what is the output off that common? Same you can see in the output Then this job finished successfully. This is how we can create a Jenkins job and run it in next video We are going to see how to set up on install Get plug in on building by suited 7. L7 - Git Setup: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this lecture we are going to see how to install and set up. Get required information is already updated in over Get herb repository called a simple develops project which is there in our wearing gym. Sock on. Let's go and have your look. So here we have simple the works project. Go inside to Jenkins folder here we have get plug in installed. It is very simple to set up. Get You can see here. Prerequisites. We need your Jenkins server which is already available and I have already logged in. Yes, your foster step. We should install. Get on over Jenkin server for that. Let's log into our Jenkins for better naming convention on changing host Name off the server as Jenkins So that it would be easy for us toward interpret I'm giving it. Does it host name as a Jenkins? So I have logged in because toe take it effect. It is temporary toe Take it Effect. You need to lie. Organize the route So it is a Jenkin sorrow. Next install get on Jenkins Server. After that, we should like into Jenkins. Console and install get her plug in and configure Get part how we have set up for our job. Let's do this. Um, Install it. Minus way. Where meantime, accepting to install. Go back to cancel. This is our Jenkins Council. Now we should install your plug in whenever we were configuring Jenkins. Initially, we haven't installed any plug ins. If you want to install, play against manually go to manage Jenkins under manage jinkins Manus plug ins Artery Moved . Begins our Brit This talks about If you have already installed some plug ins, any latest Watson's has been released for those against, it will show up here we can install latest watchin if necessary. But so far we haven't installed anything, so there is no option to see here available all the available plug ins we can install on this Jenkins server Can you can find here installed so far? If you installed any plug ins that will show up here. But we haven't installed anything. I'm going toe available now. I'm trying to install my first to plug in. That is, get help such forget help. Okay, now, if I scroll down, I can see option called Get help selected this plug in installed without restored we are in selling one. Dig it up for no, because our Cody's available get help repository toe pull that court from could help the Jenkins We must need this plug in Depends upon the what sort scored management tool. You should install it Respect to plug in like pickpocket rsv and are something else. And also, if we observed we are trying to install Get her Berta, there are so many plug ins are getting install. These are a lot of dependence IPL agains So all the necessary plug ins are getting installed during this. Get plug in insulation. Okay. Our installation is successful. Go back toe our Jenkins home pace. Next thing is we need toe set up Give the in the global tool configuration so go to manage jinkins global tool configuration. If you remember earlier, we don't have this option while setting up our Java. Now we have installed Get plug in. That's where you could able to see but get it can ableto take up or directly because it is a installations off here. That's way we no need to provide any full pot. I'll play the changes. Serve it. So far we have set up our get in next real. We are going to see how toe integrate Mavin with Jenkins until then. Bye. See you there. 8. L8 - Maven Setup: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this video, I will show you how to set up Mavin on our Jenkins server procedure to install. Mavin is also operated in over Documentation Repository. Let's go there. Select a simple develops project. Go inside so that there is a folder called Jenkins. Then we have your file called Mavin insulation. This is the procedure we should follow to install Maren on Jenkins. We can download Mavin from the several. Once it is downloaded. We need toe set up the home partof mavin. Then we can check the MAV in Washington. Once it is done in the Jenkins server, we should jump into Jenkins console. Install Marinin worker on the Mavin integration plug in next. We need to configure Maren under global tool configuration. All right. It's quite simple how we have done for get similar way. Let's jump into Jenkins under Do this. So this is my Jenkins server. Clear the scream. So set up Mavin. We need toe. Don't lure Mavin. Bruiser, don't lured Maren. Initial link itself shows the Apache that words this last don't lord dot c g a. If you scroll down here here, you can see the binary washing off over Apache Mavin, we can take this link. Tar daughter geezer. Copy the link address. Go back to our server. Currently I'm under route. Let's goto a pity. Will install underwater pity under or pity we have your direct recording. A laborious because it is a debris a server. Let's don't load it. The blue get our Maren binaries link so it don't lords mavin undead. It star minus X region deaths star minus six Ridgedale off Apache. So darn hard on da Now, the folder name is Apache Mavin. $3 extort one. But for better naming convention, I'm going to move this one to just Mavin folder so that it is easy to you our part. So I'm insert Mavin. Peter bluey slash will pity Mavin. And if I do? Ls you can see that been directly over here. This is the actual folder. We should set it apart for Mavin. We need to set up a part for two variables. That is him to underscore home on the m toe. They aim to underscore home nothing Birth Mavin parties slash will PT Mavin and ah, just for the m two. We should give slash Were pretty mavin slash been. Let's go on to do that one and we are going to do it under route to use their bash. Underscore profile. So for that v eight killed killed nothing but goto Root home directory under that opening a file called a Dark bash and Oscar profile. So where we have set up our job, our home but same location we need to set up. So I'm going toe dough below to Java. There are two variables we need to set up. That is him to underscore. Home is recalled slash Will PT Mavin then I am too. It is ah slash hope et Maren slash bean rich. So we have set up the part for both variables. W Q. Now you can see echo dollar am tow. It doesn't show anything way because we need to lock up on the login. So exit Sodo ASU minus again. I'm liking as a route. Now you can see echo dollar M two. All right, So it is showing up the part if I given to understand home here also, it is fun. Clear now. Let's check the Mavin wash in minus minus. Worship center. Oops! Command missing seems we have missed with something in our bash. Underscore Profile. Let's Sorry, not this file. It is a bash. Underscore Profile. We a tilde dark bash. Underscore profile. Okay, good point. And off the file. Goto part location. Yes. Here. If you see, we missed toe are the pot at it? That is dollar em to colon dollar. Um, toe underscored home. So we Mr Toe Export This one. I have done it now exit again. Three Larkin, then the M V n minus Manners Worship Hall. Right now you could be able to find the Mavin. We have set up Apache Mavin $3. 61. Next thing, Jumper back to our Jenkins console. We are in the dashboard here. We should install Mavin plug ins to install plug ins again. Goto manage Jenkins Man is begins available here. Such for Maren. So we must install Mavin integration. Are the mavin in worker installed without restart even It also requires some dependencies. But it's already installed while we were installing. Get her. So it takes here when we'll wait. Cool. Mavin and selection has been completed. Go back to Jenkins. No. We need to set up Mavin pot for that man is Jenkins. Global tool configuration. This time we can see the Mavin. Okay. Even not clear it was there, and we have already installed. So no need to install automatically. No. Um 200 square home. I will give you this is slash war, PT marriage. So where exactly? Our marinus day? If I give slash been, it doesn't accept the because until Mavin home directly would be sufficient. Our place. All right. Our Maren set up is completed in next video. We are going to create a job to build with Mavin. 9. L9 - Create first Maven job: Hello, folks. So far we have installed Jenkins. After that, we set up Get on Mavin Now we are going to create a new job toe Execute your Maren build further to let's create a new item under this If you remember initially we could ableto see only priest trail after installation off Navin, you could CDA Mavin Project build option as well So let me name it as a my first my program build We are just going toe Do build Onda, select a Mavin project OK now go build it Mavin We should have sort scored If you remember We have so scored available in other way ankles A cone the repository name called Hello World Let's go back and grab that one So go back toe wearing killed Hello world And here you can see Cloner Don't Lord, this is the You were really unit toe copy and go back to our Jenkins home pays description . My real name it as their plus two Maren Maren boomed next under source scored management See here we have installed Get plug indoors where you could see the option to choose Get on the well choosing get You need to provide the repository you world Nothing but where exactly the core does exist. In our case, the court is exist under way and killed second and provide the credentials. It is a public repositories So no need to provide any cred in cells. If it is a private repository, we must to provide credit sales toe proper credentials. Even we must add it under Jenkins, I will show you in the little associations how we can add crude insults for other purpose. Onda Branch, we are pulling this court from the master branch. If we go toe over, get Herb Repository You can see the branches. The Master, We're pulling the court from Master Branch. Then we have you build well building. Mavin should request your palm Read XML. This bombed out XML also should be available in the repository. If you see here there is a file called a palm dot XML. This while is nearer to build using marriage and ah, golds and options. I hope you know there are various goals to build with Mavin But in our case, we stripped with 18 install Pakis. Okay. These are the goals I'm using after build. We're not choosing anything because we are just going toe test. How build is goingto happen. True. Mavin up Lee Su. Now we can execute our job by choosing option Called the building. No. If you want to change your job, go to configure only irritable job. Here you can change it. Nothing to edit. In my case, go back, build the job on the building history you can see here, and this is our fast to build. Let's open the consular. Put. If you are doing build a faster time, then it takes a little longer time because it has two. Don't know all the dependencies. Let's wait until this job good completes because it has few test cases as well. You can see here it's processing over test cases. Usually test cases are written by the dollar purse. Alright, so our buildings success. No issues so far. In case off any failures, you can refer to this output so that they were going to get the information. Go back to overbuild. It is bluebell. Nothing, but it is successful. If you see here, you can find your folder called workspace. Over here. Whenever you run any job, Jenkins, copy your court under workspace directory on the build, even the outcomes up that build also keeps under this location. If you see here, here we have that some of the files on. And if you go back, they were. Hello, World Repository. You can see the same content over here. Nothing but it copied into workspace directory. Under this, you can see rebel under targets usually under targets. The outcome off our build can be stored. So here you can see where Beppe doctor where? Because it is a republication. So it's created a of our file whenever we build it. All right, you can see the same thing from me. Were Jenkins sincerely as well? Goatee were drinking server on DA Usually it will be available. Underclass, verily live Jenkins workspace. This is the default party. Forgive ls So far we have ran two jobs. You can see my post jobs my first mavin build. If I go inside toe this, you can see the same content. Docker file is their beach. We're going to use in the later classes palm dot xml read on the goto, then target. Consider web app dot There. Now we have you Careful, but we don't have any target environmental to host this rebel. That where? So in the next video, we are going to set up your Tomcat server to host this web app. That where, until then Bye, see you there. 10. L10 - Tomcat Server setup: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this video I will show you how to set up Tomcat Server as they discussed in the previous video we need your target in were meant to host. Over where? File for that we are setting up. Your tomcats are worth. I have objectively a document under our documents. Repository how to set up your tomcats are were Let's go there. This is about simple develops project. Here we have your folder called a Tomcat. Go inside toe this open Tom Kurt installation Fine. Here we have instructions how to install Tom Kitt. So it's quite simple. We need to set up your new easy to instance to install overtime kit. We can download it from the time get official website. Once it is downloaded, Go and say to Tomcat bin Directory to start to Tom, get services so that you can access the application from the browser. For your information, even Tomcat runs on port number Eijiro, eijiro, Howard, drink instruments. But in our case, this tour to different star wars. That's why it won't create any conflict. But if you are running both in a single system, then you must change the port numbers. We have other procedure over here. How to change port numbers in Tomcat server, you can follow the same procedure if you want to change. And the next thing is we should create users way because we are going to host over where file under Tomcats or what? So Tomcats are were has toe alot our Jenkins or what? To authenticate to host of River fell for that purpose. We should create a couple of rules and a couple of users. I will show you how we can do that one. Let's go toe over AWS console creating user work to set up our Tom gets over. I'm jumping back toe mayor ablaze console just to to refresh refreshing the page. Okay, whatever I have dominated it. Car disappeared. Let's launch a new system even here also. I'm going with a mission the next 2018. Tito micro Nothing to change next and in bags. I'm giving name as it Tomcat server Security group will use the same secret group because we have already will burn the port number Eijiro Eijiro What? They're next lunch. Lunch it. We will wait until it comes up. All right, Our surgeries in running state. Let's take the public AP off this system. Shish in This is church and the Lord over. Keep it, you user as easy to menace. User increase the fiancee's clear the screen pseudo to root. No, we need to donor Tom care packages toe Set it up over here. Go back to your counsel. This is Mavin. Let me close it. The perch it, Tom. Curto don't Lord years. Okay? The initial page itself will take us toe. Tom. Kurt eight. Software download pays. Okay, we help Tom get nine as well. But we go with Tom, get date through. Jenkins, we can deploy on Tom. Get eight server so you can see the washing off. Eight. Point fired out for three. Here. We can ableto don't lower tar dark desert. Copy the link address. I just copied it. Go back. Okay. This is our tomcats are work. Let me rename the host. Name was to name Tom Care. Okay, It's name does it? I'm get right. No. And I'm going toe inside War pity on w gate. However you world so don't Lord Tom Kitt all right? It has been downloaded extracted perm minus X regenerative so a couple of things. Nothing but on Japan. Dunder, we're doing with single common again for better naming convention. Let me rename it is it just took Tomcat. Unless going say to Tom Kurt, we can see the contrail been filed. Okay, under bean nothing but of binary. You can see a lot of files here. You can see start up daughters hits shut down dot Is it started about a city is to start Our tomcats are over. And sure don't Artis hits to stop or Tom Kitt. So I have started over Tom Care And also port number 80 injuries already enabled in our security group So we could able to access this one from the browser eijiro a digital. That's it. It's quite simple. OK, we could able to access our tomcats that were from the browser, but let me try to log in until manager app. It is not allowing me to log in way because by default, ever tomcats are over follows from your local system toe address This issue we need to update one off the configuration file called context Dr Acceptable. They only use that can able to log in tow our manager application from outside of Tomcat server. So let's go and find this file. Find a slash minus name context. Doctor examined. You can see here. Three files are there, but we don't consider this one. We need to considerable files which are under rebel. Let me read it. Burn the Here you can see a line which starts with the value Class name. If you try to understand the entry off of value class name, it is allowing the I P address, which starts with 1 27 This is actually a Lubeck address. Our local host address. So nothing but it all those who only from the local system. But we want to access it from outside as well. So if we comment it out, it our lows from outsiders will go to insert more to edit this file. Toe comment Airline in Tom get it starts with less than escalate remark Manus Manus. And also and here with minus minus close. That's it. No, we need to do same thing on other file as well. Let's open it. Go here. Context, value, class name. So comments started comment in there. So the fund, if we Marty for you. Any conflagration in Tom get we must to restart Tom Guard Services. Stop it. Sure don't. Artists hitch then started talking. We have repressed over Tomcat services. No, Let's reload this one. Okay, on the man. Is it up this time? It is not throwing any error. It is asking for the user name and password, but I don't know any user name and password, So we should set up some of the users under rules to access it from the browser. For that, I have updated Lee, stop the users in our document just to use these. If you understand this one properly, we are adding some rules. Manager juei Nothing but to log in from the G way managed script tweaks Good Some scripts Manager J makes like that. Two different rules are there on if you see a user called the Dip lawyer, he's a group off manager script. Nothing better to execute. Some of those groups are copy some friends from the server We New Year manager script rule . So we are going to create a user called a deep lawyer with password Iplayer under part off manager Scriptural Group. This user, we're going to use to copy were killed from the Jenkins at the same bill. We have your user called Tom Care. And with possible secret under part off manager Juei Group. This user is used to access it. Where? Our Tomcat application from the browser. But it is just for testing purposes only. This user would be sufficient for us. Let me copy this one. And one more thing is we need to abduct this one under Tom. Care to users start XML under contradictory. So let's go back. Currently, I'm under Bill directly One step back again. If I do. Peter bloody I'm under Tom Kurt folder here. You have yet contradictory. Did the file called Tom care to user Start xml goto end. You must our users under Tomcat. He was That's context. So all the lanes are commented out under Tomcat. You that so? I'm going to insert more here. Onda copy. You were use it so there may be a chance that sometimes some special characters make it added because I have encountered this issue. So let me remove the spaces again. Under addict. All right, now save this file again. We need to refresh it to refresh. We need to go back. Tobin, if you don't want to do If you don't want to restart your application from the BIN directory, you can create a link, will. But I'm using limiter period of time. So I'm doing you to directly from the been so sure? Don't doubt it's hitch. Then start up. That s it. These are self script. So gorgeous and sweet. The doctor Shit. Okay, now let's go. Here, Cancel it again. Refresh it. No, Tom. Character on possibilities Secret. Here you go. You could able to log in tow, Tom. Care to have application Manager G way. Nothing. But whatever changes we have done, all are working perfectly fine with that. I'm stopping over here. And in the next video, we are going to deploy our where file under Tom gets our work from the browser. We should be able to access it. We'll see how we can do that in the next video. 11. L11 - Deploy a war file on Tomcat VM using Jenkins: Hello Folks will come back So far, we have set up this environment. Nothing better. All settled. Deploy any Veum we have so score available in Gate Onda, We have Jenkins server which successfully ableto build over sore scored on We have target in government called Tomcat Server which is readily available now let's integrate. Our tomcats are with the Jenkins so that we can never to deploy on Tomcats are were I'm on my Jenkins a dashboard to install on your William We should have you additional plug in called deploy toe container. So far we haven't installed that plug in So let's go on the install dirt Go to manage Jinkins manage begins available Soto reply on any William we should have deployed to container even though it is er another application server So I'm installing deployed toe container Plug in right it's installed successfully Go back to Jenkins home pace. Now we are going to create a new job to deploy on our Veum. I'm going to name it as ah deploy on Tomcat server. So deploy on your time kids There were This is a Mavin project. OK, I'm doing deploy on William. I'm giving description as deeply on Veum. We should provide a repository world Go back! Hello world Copy the repository World under No Nieto Proper credentials Master Branch Nothing to change. Do you mean installed back is next Once Billy successful, we want to deploy it for that post build accents. You can see a option called Deploy. Where are our two year container? If you don't install deploy toe container plugging, You cannot see this option now Here. Asking for the where file click on question marks so that it provides some information. Okay, We should provide the var file information. Usually it stores under the workspace with this name. So under that, whatever Where file is there? We want to pick it up. In our case, our valuable name is way back, Doctor, where? If you are not clear about your river file name, you can just to provide the start. Start slash started out where? So that it picks up whatever we're failed. Its creates under this folder. So nobody's let it be started out. Where next are broken? Dinner. If you see the options over here, you can deploy up to maximum Tomcat. Eight. That is the reason I have installed a Tomcat eight instead of Tom Kurt nine. So let's take this one. No credentials to deploy on Our Tomcats are world Tomcats are worse Would accept Jenkins authentication If you remember, we have created a couple off users from those We are going to use a user called Deploy there. So let's go back to our Tom gets or work. Here we have your file called cart slash War PT Tom Kurt con Tom Curtis is a start. XML if you remember, we have other couple off users over here. We are going to use a user called or deploy there. So let's copy it and possible Altered a player. He is added to year old called manager script. So add Jenkins. User name and password Also seem I really a bilge. You deploy a user description, Use it toe deploy on Tom. Kurt Veum hard and we are choosing this user under Tom Qwerty Wirral Our surgery is this one. This is our time cards. Sorry, Worrell, Go back here and property. So no, I'll play the changes. Save it. No. We helped created your job called the Deploy on Tomcat Server. Whenever we exclude this job. It is going toe copy where file onto target tankers are work on the well doing that when it authenticates by using deploy a user. So everything is said under on Tomcats that we're usually leader deep. All to location is rebel. Let's go on to see that. So go inside to slash PT. Tom, Kurt. Here we have you directly called were perhaps on the ls Manus. Ellie, Peg, you here. We have defaulted Tomcat application. So that is what we are accessing from the browser. Now, whenever we run that job, it is going toe copy of our fell into this location. Okay, so let's go on the execute our job, build a No. Hopefully it gets success. Open the council or put, we'll wait until it gets completely cool. It got completed successfully. Only if you see here. It has deployed on the target in war. Mental tomcat, A dart eggs. Let's go and see. I'm giving ls minus. L Yep. You can see Aware File Where? Back, Doctor. Where? Now we want to access this application to access this application we need to give. Ah, you were careful. Name in the browser. Let's go. Apache Tomcat. Er if I refresh it, it's working on da slash rebel to access our application. Here you go. You can see here. Hello. Welcome to simple develops project. This is how you can ableto deploy a var fell Anya Veum in next video I'm going to show you How can you build happens automatically Whenever there is a change in the court, It looks a little interesting. See you there. 12. L12 - Deploy on VM through PollSCM: Hello. Folks will come back in this video. I'm going to show you how we can ableto billy a job. Whenever there is new change in the court to experiment this one, I'm going to use our existing job. It's help. That is the play on Tomcat server. Let's open it. I'm mortifying the existing configuration here. If he scrawled on a little bit, you can see building triggers under build it regards. We have multiple options. Currently we are building by executing the bill job. Apart from this, we can build a jobs by triggering remotely building after other projects are built. Build periodically under build periodical. You need to specific run job so that the job get executes. Are that particular period after next to get her book on policy? Um, I'm talking about the option called Police IAM under Pulis him also we should provide the cruncher in policy. Um, according to crown job, it will go and fetch the information off your repository. In our case of repositories Hello world. So are that particular period of time. If there is any changes in the repository, it is going toe build that job. If it didn't find any changes. It wanted to go to that job. So let's go do it. I'm giving all starts. Nothing Bird. Every minute, every hour, every day, every month and every week it should get exude. If you want to execute one senior day, you can specify that. Okay. Are on the 12 0 clock every day. Want to execute? This is how you can different the crunch up. But we want to see how policy um does it work? So we are going to specify all stars Nothing but every minute. The job should get eggs screwed. A play you can see here. It is also saying that it gets executive every minute. Yes, I knew toe executed every minute I have saved. It seems there is a change in the court. That's why this job is triggered anyway. Let it run. And if you go on the refresh your job I don't think so. You can see any change because this is first time. That's what it is executing now what I will do, I will pull this court and do some modifications again. Push it back toe, get help Then whenever it finds changes, it should rebuild our court. Let's go on to do that one. This is my Jenkin server. I have already cloned our get hub repository. If you want to do this one you can do get clone and followed by Get hub Repository World. You can get that from the world. Get her select a clone under down Lord. There you can find a link. Copy that link underpowered here so that it get close. But I have already cloned it, so I canceled it. If you want to get latest cord into your system, get so that it pulls the latest court, it may be anything it's not. It doesn't mean that you should pull into Jenkins that were wherever we want Omar defray. You can do my knees a window slept up so that I can not ableto don't let it locally. I'm using Jenkins or as a development system. For time being, we are going toe Marty for your filed called index Dark tsp. That is available Underwear bear source. Main rebel up under this location, we have your file called Index started. Jsp whatever content you are so this file it displaced in the browser. Even you can see the same content is available here. Now let's Marty for yet v a indexed or two jsp. I'm adding hitched to nothing but herder toe deploying on you, Veum. So we are deploying it on William on the close, it get status. We help Marty for your file. So good status tells you that if there is any changes in the court, get come it minus him. Maar deferred index dot jsp so I'm adding it to local repository. So come into usually are see what changes to local repository. Then we need to push it into remote repository. So sorry. First we should add it. Get ad, then get commit. We should do. And if you see here, if we see an over to get hurt, I'm just a refreshing it. So far, we have eight commits. Once we push the other court, it should get updated to nine toe. Push it into get hub repository. We should do get push. Howdy, John Master. Okay, so it is going to push our court master branch. Okay, It's done. Now it placed Get status. There is no changes. Whatever changes we have done, we pushed into Master Branch on good herb repository. So no ninth commit. It came. And if I open the file, you have bet reverb and extract jsp It has modified. So far, we haven't done any modifications. So lost job exuded at 12. 56. Now we a new build is going to trigger right now because we have modified our court. It waits for the next minute. Andi exuded. Yep. You can see here it's trigger your new build because it found change in our court will wait until it gets completely No. Let's go back to over Tomcat server. Let me see. Will go inside toe or pity Tom Kitt Rebel. Let me become your route, Seeley to over, perhaps directly. You're less Manus Ltro, if you see here did it. Yep. Latest careful has been deployed on Defy God and refresh our peace. This job is successful on the refresh our pace. Yep. You can see whatever changes we have done. It has been appearing here. This is how we can Arto made our job toe execute whenever there is change in the court. So far, I can say that I have set up continuous integration and continues delivery on our system. But in this case we are using. Jenkins has a billed as well as deployment. It'll way because it is going toe. Build the court as well as deploying by using deploy toe container. Hope you understand how the automated build happens there cell for this section in next section We are going to talk about how to deploy any docker container. Thanks for watching this video, Seve in the next video. 13. L13 - Docker Setup: Hello. Folks will come back in this section. We are going to see how we can deploy on your docker container using Jenkins. So here also, we are going to use Jenkins as they were building the deployment a tool. And we are going to deploy and Docker container. So far, we have our court under gate and Jenkins server is ready. Next thing is we need to set up our doctor candor. Let's go and see how to set up darker host to set up over Dr Host, I have created a document in our documents. Repository, We can go there and have a look here we have your folder colder. Darker. Go inside. So this and we have dr installation steps in the doctor installation steps we we can install doctor on a major ley necks are central areas. In our case, I'm going to use a measure, Lennox, because it's quite simple. We can install Docker. Either community arisen Our enterprise it isn't if you are using our hitch ill. We don't have any community reason for our head. She'll you must go with enterprise a reason but for imagined inexistent with us, it is available that is the reason I'm going to use our mission, Lennox, where we can directly install our talker for this purpose. I'm going to lunch. New. Easy to instance, as your doctor host to set up over Docker containers. Let's go to imagine console. So far, we help to servers that is Jenkins. Under time. Get I'm going to lunch. New server for Dr Host. I'm choosing our mission. Lennix. Nothing to change over here. Name Dr Most because it is going to host our docker containers. I learned security group, same security group. I'm using launch and same keep it all so amusing. All right. Our doctor host is ready Years jumping to Dr Host shish in. This is huge. You see two minus user recordable toe. Larkin, increase the fiancee's become your route host to name Dr Host. I'm name Monetize it. Dr. Host again Logging in tow. Dick, you defict! All right, clear the screen Now we'll installed um install Darker. Yes, I want to install it. It is going to install Docker community reason installation successful. No, let's exude one off the doctor Commander darker PS it to displace all the running containers. Let's see what will happen. You can see here it is saying that Dr Damon is not running because we haven't started. Dakar Damon surgeries. Dr Staters. Saris. Doctor start. I can check for the status. Now it's running. If I exude the same command right now, it will give the output. But there are no containers right now because it is a fresh shirt up. We don't have any containers right now. We need to create our wound containers. I believe you already know that a docker containers created out off Dockery majors under docker images created from their doctor phone. Initially, we need to write your doctor friend from Dr Phil. We should create your doctor Emmys from Dr Image. We should create your docker container instead off that one. We can use some of the pretty friendly majors which are available in their Doctor Hope Doctor. How busy registry. Where? It has darker images which are created by different people. Let's jump into a darker heartburn to see what is there in their doctor Hub search for Dr Hub. So this is hub dot docker dot com. This is what we are going to use so usually if you don't have any majors are. You don't have any doctor friends. You can ableto pull some up the doctor images from Docker Hub These images are created by official product owners. Are the people like us can able to store Dockery mazes in docker help? There are two kinds off registries that is public registry and private registry. If you want to keep your images privately, you can use the private repository usually in the industry. They don't keep their images publicly. They will always keep the remains is in the private repositories are girls. They can create their one private repositories to store their images for no Instead operating your docker file. I'm going to take your doctor Remains from the doctor. Help! Let's start for Tom care If you remember, we have set up your Tom care to VM rather than that we can create a docker container directly by pulling the doctor. M is and there are so many options came you can see 21,000 place results came for some amazes. You can see officially Mies turned off for some off them. There is no you bag on the here. It will tell you how many don't Lords, It happens, officially means nothing but the product. Warners are going to create this image. Always prefer to use the officially majors because if you use the unofficial images, there might be a chance that they may inject some models to you. Work on dinners, toe hack your systems. So it's always best to practice to use the official images. So let's go and say to Tom Cat and ah, to pull the Sim is we are going to executed Docker Pull Tomcat and there are various tax for the work. Tom Guardian is nothing but Washington's. You can choose any worse, and if you need Tom, get nine. You can use thes eight if you need these like that, there are various options. You can choose any any tax according to your requirement. If you don't space for uni tag, it is going to pull the late estimates by the fall on DA. If you scroll down a little bit, it will tell you the how to use this image as well. So these are the commands of what will you need to execute to pull this amaze, and the application is going to run on port number Algeria Algeria Internal Linder Doctor container. In our case, we want to pull the latest to Tom Gertie means and created container out off it before pulling. The aim is literally stole the images. Docker amaze a list. We don't have any images. Docker, pull Tom Kitt on You can give the tag bag latest. I'm giving nothing but it is going to pull the latest inmates from the hub dot Doctor not come It is a public repository. If you want to use private repository, you must like into your repository by using docker large in which we are going to see in the later classes. If we want toe, pull the images from the private repository You need to log into your docker registry by using Docker Lagan This we're going to see in the later radios for no literally started docker images either Docker images are Dockery List. Both are going to give their Dockery mazes. No, we helped pull your latest er Doc Kareem is we can create a container out off it to create a container. We should exude a commerical darker run minus minus name. I'm going to name it as a Tom Good Tom Kurt. Container minus p. Nothing but on which port number do you want to expose it? I want to expose it on port number. Eijiro Eijiro Internally. Also trans on port number 800 earned Amaze name Tom Kurt Under latest. If you don't speak sway any attack by deformity to treat it as a latest. That's six ago did. And it is going to create a docker container under runs in the foreground for grown nothing , But we could ableto see that one. Now let's try to access our Tomcat application from the browser. For that, we should take coasts R I P address followed by port number 8080 So let me take the port number. How far darker host this is Port Member off Doctor host Colon Joy Jiro Here you can see if you are facing this kind of issue. Please keep this lecture on watch next to video other ways you are fined to continue. For that, we could ableto pull the latest radar Kareem is under. It's running fine. No, if I kill this docker container so if I tried to access it right now, it won't work now before this pleather Dr. P s. Nothing is dead. Dr. Pierce minus E. We have your container breaches and stop listed. So let's remove this one on the recreated new container to remove your docker container Darker are him on the current A Not me. That's creating new container with the same command. But this time we are going to use minus D option. These transport detach more so that it want to display in the friend. And now you can exclude Commander called the Doctor PS. You can see a Tomcat container which is running on defy. Refresh it again. It should work. All right. Our docker container is working in next video. I'm going to show you what Kendall Prerequisites. We need to set up toe deploy on your docker container. 14. L14 - Latest tomcat image issue: Hello, folks. If you have encountered this kind of error, then you can continue to watch this video other ways. You can skip it. Maybe you got structured over here that you were. Container is running, but you could not able to access the application from the ulcer. So let's give control. See? Clear the screen. Dr. Images to check. You worry. Majors, you might help pull your latest to Tomcat to doctor images, which is updated eight days ago. Nothing. But in January 1st week and you might have run this command to create a container. Okay, so let's Ah, let's start our containers. Doctor. PS minus here. Currently we have your container. Okay. Exude the same command and remove if you have any containers over here to remove it. Dr Autumn and contain of name. And if you see the container is running, then it throws an era so fast. Do darker Stop. Were container name our container. Ready, then, Dr Adam Container. Name our container. Ready? Okay. Now, if I check, we don't have any containers. Let's create our container again. But this time we are going to do it to the detached. More okay. Minus D this is detached more whenever you run in the detached from or cantina runs in the background so you can see here we were Container is running on different going Makes good the same Commander Dr Pierce Menace here Now our container is running under up from three seconds. No, let's access again our application and you can still see same error To understand this problem better Let's like in tower docker container and see to largent over docker container darker e x C c is the command ICTY followed by your container name slash been bash nothing but we are logging into over container with the bash Nothing but shell command just to enter You can see here now you are inside the container This is over containing already and you logged in as root only were under this location slash e waste our local tomcat Let's give ls Now you can see here there is a direct recalled web. Usually our default application is available under web. If it is not available over here, you cannot access from the browser. That is the reason. Okay, but it is not your problem. Even we can store our custom applications over here. Once we start storing over applications over here, it starts working. Okay, on. We have one more folder called Web Doctor dissed. So in the latest container remains, they are storing their default application over here. So before talking about that one, let's going side to a bear. You can see here nothing is there. This is empty. That is the reason that is the reason it could not able to access the application, know to make it work. You can come out going said to the baps, dark dissed and you can see here this is our router directly. This is what we need. The underdogs examples. Everything is there. Let's copy this one onto were perhaps so that we can make it work over default application . So cp minus are nothing but Rick actually start whatever content is available over here copied out onto dark, dark river abs. OK, now you going and said to wear perhaps you can see the content on. Let's go on to refresh it. I'm refreshing it. You can see our default application. OK, so this is how we can make it work. But it is not their problem way because in later sessions, we are going to use our wound application rather than using their default application. So no need to worry whether it's working or not working. If you could able to see the there are prayers. Also, it's fine. But if you want to make it work, this is one off the way. Another way is you can just come out here. Are you clear the screen? Darker images. If you see we are using the latest image rather than using later. Steam is you can try to pull the little world remains so that we can make it work in the world. Remigius default Tomcat application is available under wraps directly. So you need not to do all this stuff. If you want to do all this stuff, you can do it in the doctor Fell, which we're going to discuss in the later stations. There. We can see how does it work? So to make it work, what we can do Instead of pulling the latest Tomcat timis, we can pull little Walder. Let's do that one. I'm opening hub dot docker dot com on search for Tom Get this is Tom Cat, right, so this is our time. Cattle doctor Officially, major space. Let's in Christa size on if you scrolled All these are the supporter tanks. But let's go with standard one. If you scroll down a little bit, you can see here, Tom. Guard a door. Jiro, Let's go with this one. Tomcat Colon! A dodgy row. So go here darker. Pull, Tom! Kurt! They Doctor Gero Let's pull this one. So let's create a container. Wrote off it, Dr Images. Now we have one more container. Imitator Jewelers created container out off it. Dr. Run minus D minus. Minus name. I am giving it as it Tomcat. Tomcat eight minus P port number. I'm using it. Generate one colon. Eijiro. Eijiro. Okay, Internet leads Johnson Port number, Age range zero. Exposing on to exaggerate one. This sport must be opened at security group level. It's already open. In my case, if it is not any workers, please open it. Unfollowed way, Tom Good. And we must to do the attack other ways to takes the latest one again. So a Daijiro that's excluded. It's created one more container on. But this time I will access my application from the age rate. One So let's take the public AP on the open in new tab on the access it on a generate one you can see here it is working on it. Generate one. It is 8.0. Abortion are earlier. One is a 10.5 Clear. And if I go and check for my containers also, Dr Pierce Menace. Here you can see two containers are upon turning. One is from 10 minutes. Another one is from you Minute. Nothing but age rate. One clear. So this is how either you can use the latest one are you can use this one, but this lab. If you want to experiment, you can use this one in later classes. You can still continue to the latest one because we are not going to use the default application. We are going to use our one application player. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video 15. L15 - Integrating Docker with Jenkins: Hello. Folks will come back in this video. I'm going to show you how we can integrate our doctor host with *** in server so that Jenkins can able to copy the verify lander Dark reversed from docker host to treat Can able to copy under Docker Container. For that purpose, we need to install the A plug in called to publish Over Associate on our Jenkins Our work. After that, we need to store credit sells off our darker host on our Jenkins server so that Jenkins Air working able to authenticate with their doctor host. Let's go on to do that one. I'm jumping onto my Jenkin server. So this is our Jenkins console here. Go to manage Jenkins to install new plug in under this man is plug ins available plug ins. Let's search for publisher over this church publish over. Research it. So it is installing publisher over. Shh. Plug in installation is successful. Go back. We need to add our doctors. Our work read in cells over here. For that purpose, I'm going to create a user called a Dark Aardman in our doctors server. Clear this screen user, Add Dr Argument and create a password for this one. Doctor Aardman All right, I have said the password. This user must be part off darker group carts. Lessee to see cats less. It is a group you can see A group called the Doctor is Did We must have our this user toe This group so user marred My no c a g docker Docker Aardman, I have other This user to Dr Redmond Group I d Dhaka. Rodman, if you see Yes, he is part off his wound group as well as Dr Group. Now this doctor credentials we should provide in the Jenkin server. Let's go back to Jenkins. Go to manage Jenkins Configure system. And if you scroll down here, there is the option called publish over. Shh. We are going to our estate servers. And here we should provide the name off over server. Let's go back. I'm going to give the I P address, so I peer toes off the surgeries this one on Did can able to communicate with the private APIs name. I'm going to give that their doctor host on the host name. I'm going to give the I P address and user name. I'm goingto provide it as there darker aren't mean are advanced on the use. The password based authentication toe. Communicate this and you should probably the password. So I'm giving parcelled off. Dr. Rodman, once it is provided, test the connection. Okay, It's failing because we need to enable the password based that indication on our server by default on easy to instances, it is not enabled to enable that one. We should go to a slash C t. C. S a search. This is hit d underscored convict. Under this file there is Yeah, password authentication is saying No, We need to enable it to Yes, so that from now one works, users skin able to log in and we should restart. We should restart associate service. So hence service associated E between Lord. All right, it's done. Let's go back and the test it again. This time it is success. Okay? I play and save it. So far, we have set up Jenkins under docker integration. In next video, we will create a Jenkins job to deploy and your doctor server Until then by 16. L16 - Jenkins Job to copy artifacts on to DockerHost: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In last video, we helped set up our doctor on the Jenkins Communication. It was working fine in this video, I'm going to create a new job to copy over Artifact under Dr Host. Once it is available in Docker host, it is easy to copy artifact onto Docker container. With that, I'm going to create a new Jenkins job. Go to new weight on deploy on Dr instead of choosing Mavin. What? I will do it. I'm going to copy all the conflagrations from previous job. So it's like a copy off our previous job. But I'm going to change according to a darker deployment. Get her be same Pulis him. I don't need for this job building same and we are not going to deploy any William. So I'm removing it on the possible accents we should choose. Send the build artifacts. So our institute So it is going to send the art effects Tow targets are were through a search here we How can figure the only one server that is doctor hosted. That's where it's get populated. If you have more servers, you can see under drop down list now. Source file So where exactly our file does located? Usually the file get creates under workspace. It creates your folder called a Targets under target. You can see the bear file If you need more information, you can click on question more. It gives the details what it is expecting. We should get the part off the air fell. Where does it located? Let's jump into over Jenkin Server to get that I'm on my Jenkin server on the Peter Beauty . I'm in third workspace. If you do a list, I'm going toe check in the previous job where the artifact is available in the same location. It will be created in the new job is well with the job. Name one folder. Get creates under that we have a bear Then target here we have therefore So the part would be after we were job name water. What is there? That is the part. So this is the part Rebel slash Target on Started out where you can give barrels. You can do the full name off. You were aware Fell next to remove prefix. Well, it is copying. It copies the directory structure as well. If you don't need this directory structure. You can remove it, but let it be like this for now. I'm going to remove in next to build in remote directly. Where do you want to copy by defaulted copies? The artifact Until users home directly In our case, our user is doctor. Admit it. Copies artifact under Dr Admin Home Directory. So I'm just giving dart so that in the current directory it is going to copy execute comments. If you want to exclude any comments on remote host, you can space way over here. But right now I'm I don't want to execute any comments over there. So just up Play. Save it before building this job. Lets jumping Tober Doctor server and see what is there in the dark Rodman Home Directory. This is over, Dr Erdmann. I'm already in Dhaka. Rodman home. They're clean stuff. That one. Let's Moto Doctor. I mean Peter bloody who we are My I'm your doctor Rodman and I'm inside the my home directly. Let's build the job. Build it so it's building job. Alright, buildings successful after building it straight to connect toe our doctor host. Yes, it's connected. Under transferred one file. Good. Everything looks good. Let me do a less. Yes, you can see So Siri, repair up target. They're less. If you see yet, we're file is there? So it's copied successfully. Now if you don't need Web app, slash Target, you need to modify What job? A little bit. Go back to your job, Marty. Free configure Onda, remove prefix. I'm going to give you a bad It's class star. Good. So it is going to remove this directly. Stretcher Well, copying under target system Hopley. See before building it. Let's remove odor. Existing artifact Syria tilled goingto home directory. You're less autumn. An asado lived up, so nothing is dead. Let's build the job. Okay, Building successful again. Now let's toe unless Yes, you can see this turned bar file has been copied directly under our home directory. This is how you can transfer river files to target systems by using Jenkins. All right, now we want toe. Copy this artifact onto our docker container, which we are going to create newly for that purpose. We need to rate your doctor friend In next video, I will show you hope to radio Dr File 17. L17 - Create a Dockerfile: Hello. Folks will come back in this video. I'm going to show you how to rate your simple docker file. In previous video, we have seen how we can copy artifact from Jenkins to Dr Host. Currently, I'm under my doctor Admin Home directory where you can see we were up, Doctor. Where? No way. Want to copy this rebel doctor? Where? Until Docker container for that purpose. I'm going to right here, Backer file, which can create your Tomcat server on the host of this rare file. Let's start three a Dr file, so D must be caps on DA. This is the sin decks. You must use the same name from I'm using. Commander called from going toe. Pull Tom Kitt. So it is going to pull Tom card latest Tom, get the latest wash in from public docker registry. Next main to not I can give your shankar, then copy. So what I'm doing Novas. I'm copying my e. Verify my carefully is available in the current location on the powerful name is we're back Dr Bad. And we must copy this one Underwear baps directory. So if it is a very, um, it is the part of very Windstar liver Tomcat. But if it is a container, that default location is slash serious up local. Tom, get this is the part under this we have were perhaps. Okay, this is the directory where we should copy our of air for I'm saving this. Well, nothing toe ad. Dr. Pierce, you're less okay. We have Dr Pile as well as very fell in the current location. Let me build emails out off this toe. Build images darker build Dr Building Dynasty. Nothing but a tag. I'm giving daggers here. There were hopes project dot dot Nothing, but in current location, check for their doctor friend on the Billy Mays. Out off that. As I said from Docker file, we are going to create a doctor. Ramiz from Dockery means we are going to create docker container. So it is pulling the initial Tomcat latest team is take this. Wear fell under build a new images that new remains name. We get the wops project. Let's see the images, Dr. Images. Now you can see two images are there. This is the base images which we help pulled from public doctor repository on the creator New images which cowed of our fellas. Well, inside toe this. Now let's no, let's create container out off this darker. Let me clear the screen. Doc could run Dr Ron Minus minus name. There were UPS. Develops containers minus p. Port number. I'm exposing eight on port number, age rate zero and internally. Also, it runs on port number, Age rate zero. Andi Mei's name Dr Project. This is the limit. So it creates here container by using Docker project he made. Let's try to access it from browser Take the appear to It's up over the doctor host Colon Eijiro er Jiro. Okay, it's running on my we could able to access on they figure slash rib. Yes. Whatever is dead in the application, we could able to access it. So this is how we can create a container out off our images? Only fig you control. See Onda Now if I refresh, it weren't accessible way because the container reason Stop state I can return it by minus d option before we running it. I need to delete it darker PS minus E Dougherty Autumn I had a mode of it World container. No, let's create it again. But this time I'm going to use minus D option minus day. Nothing better. Detach more so that it runs in the background. Darker piers. It shows that running containers docker ps minus Here it shows all the containers respect toe off. It is running or in stop straight. Let's access it again. Yep. This time again, it is accessible. We don't help in issue. Right? All right, this is fine. Now I'm going to set up a C A serie pipe land where it will create your hair. Fell under the place directly on your docker container. How can we do that? One will see in the next video. 18. L18 - Deploy on Docker container: Hello Folks will come back in last year. We have seen hotel Copy artifact under Dr Host in this video. I'm going to show you How can we d play? Careful on Docker container for that purpose. I'm going to use the same job. Deploy on Docker by modifying little bit. Let's jump in tow Our Jenkins console, Onda Uh, yes, This is our deploy on Docker. Let's create a new job. Deploy on container and I will copy though the information from deploy on docker. Okay, I'm changing it. Dozy Conde not get hope should be seen. Get repository water. Let's see And the build also I'm not changing anything and we are going toe push our Rafael under darker host Once it is available in the darker host, we need to create you amaze out off it toe Create a mazel tov feet. We need to run some of the doctor comments. Those comments we are going to execute from the publisher of residents so that those comments created Dr Mayes on dear docker container for that purpose. Let's aria command go to insert two slash home dr are mean Then create any meals Docker build minus D you may his name. I'm giving the wops images. Develops him is from dart. Once images created, we need toe create a server. So, Dr Carter run minus D. Nothing better. Detached mold minus name. They were ups. Conde Note export on port number A joy Jiro internally runs on port number Jiro Jiro from they were ups e mais Alright. So what we are doing is once very freely is copied onto a target system. It going said toe the home directory onder under docker build minus t develop seem is it creates a team is called develops emails then also create a container called develops container by using the image whatever we create. Okay, Now let's save this one on legs, go to the job, play Su. So before executing, this one will go on check. Is there any measures our country notes out of there? Fruit of blue D. Unless we have Docker file and we're friends, let's remove our fail so it should create a new one whenever we exclude the job next to the news. Dr. Pierce Menace here. No container, darker images we have. Your name is Doctor Artemis removing this amiss. So it's clean right now. Clear the screen. Let's go back to overthink in service. Building this job. So this time, what should happen? It should be able to create a careful careful get copies onto the target system. Onder Jenkin server is going to run. Couple of comments on the target system, that is. It goes in, say two Dr. Admin account on Creative Emmys. Dr. Pierce, Dr PS minus here. Dr. Kurt, the majors. We got a new images 100. Dr. Pierce Menace. See, we got new container as well. Let's access it from the browser on. Our job is successful. So container Dr Host type Beatrice Colon. We have exposed it on port number Gero Gero. Okay, Apache default pays is working. Revved up if I do. Oh, yes, we could able to see this one. All right. This is how we can deploy on your container by using Jenkins now assumes that there is a change in the court. Onda, we have to create a new were fell indicated to deploy into your target involvement. So assuming that there is a new court on, let me try to build it. So it's Trento build so you can see here it's built. The new var fell. It's copied the where fell under target environment on trying to build under deploying a new container. But problem here is there is already a container called the Web's container running on the system so you cannot able to deploy a new container with the same name. So what I'm trying to say is Jenkins cannot able to manage deployments properly. That is where we need to look after further some of the deployment of tools which are available in the market. So to overcome this kind of problems, we are going to use answerable as our deployment a tool from next lecture. So in the next lecture, I'm going to show you how to set up and tipple on How can we ableto are just these kind of problems in the and simple. On another problem here it the Jenkins sees. I'm deploying on your target environment, which I have registered our Jim started. You have hundreds of systems where you need to deploy. I you need to resist all those systems with other Jenkins, which is your difficult task. This kind of problems cannot be ableto a chewable through the Jenkins if you aren't you. Also there is a so much work you need to do hand sport. We are going to use Jenkins only as a bill. Little for the deployment purpose we are going to use and simple. So answer will take this were pill under Deploys it to India. Target environment of whatever we space for. We are going to see how it is going to happen in the next video. Until then. See you. Bye. 19. L19 - Setup Ansible: Hello. Folks will come back in this section. We are going to see how to deploy on Docker using answerable. So far, we helped build under the play on DACA using Jenkins. But there are some limitations to use Jenkins. That's way we are going to introduce answerable as a deployment. It'll in our environment. So for our court is available in gate we can ableto build through Jenkins on our target environment also is available Nothing better Darker host is available No, we should set up answerable so that by using answerable, we can able to deploy on Docker in this video I'm going to show you how to set up answerable environment. I helped prepare your document to set a principal environment document has been updated in over Get hub repository. Let's go and check it out. Simple develops project This is our document registry You goto answerable. We heard poor documents for answerable installation. This is for our hitch ill But we are going to use our measure. Lennox, there is a reason behind that We don't help Docker community reason for Redhead Lennox. So I'm going to choose a mission Lennox for this to install answerable prerequisites is we need an incredibly Assisi to instance, as a control system. First we should install python, then piped on people by using people we are going to install a sensible then create. Unionists had been user because to manage sensible, we should have young separate user added this user two suitors fight then generally keep areas a user so switchers they're in a sad minimally generate a keeper. Copy this. Keep it on target environment. In our case, our target environment is the darker host we'll copy over did Then we are going to install doctor on our answerable system because the answerable is used to create a Dockery Mees That's where we must have darker on the Rdn Assad Mental Docker Group so that Ennis had been keen Able to create a darker images, we should create your directly called slash city Sensible. Usually this directly should get create in the world abortions but in to rotate we are not getting this directly, so we are going to create it manually and created a host swell to store our hosts information. But in our case, I'm going to store our doctor host under my answerable server details then we'll do your pink test to check it out. Whether communication is fine or not. All right, so for this we need Ian. I'm a journey. See? Two instance. Let's jump into AWS console and created new You see two instance services issue too. We have already to running instances when one is Jenkins over. Another one is doctor host. Let me lunch New one Our mission Lennox Tito micro Nothing to change here. I mean answerable server Next choosing existing security group. Launch it. Let's wait until it get comes up. Let's refresh it. Okay, So where is intermittent state? Copy the public AP this shushan It's his hitch. You see two minus user I hold ordered my keep the razor. All right, become your route. Let's install python yum Install Fight on Yes, I want to install it Fight on minus minus Worship That's toward out seven then, um Install? Yes. Okay. We have installed people's will know installed Danceable. Alright Installation is successful. It is saying PP that world or senders. Okay. And Sibyl minus minus. Fortune toe check out over Washington. It is to rotate and you can see conflict file. Usually this should be slash city Sensible and spilled out CFC but ah in latest worsen, we don't have answerable directly itself. Let's create one Um que the air slash CTC answerable. Next. We need to create your user. He was a add in that submarine. Said the passport for him. Okay, I have said the password next to are the issues that also does fail. You can add it by using V a pseudo. If if you are not familiar, you can exclude this command as well. What I have shown you in the document. There is a comment. Yes. You can build the says. Really? But let me do the V a sorrow sifter Ji, go to end off this point or in certain more in this Oddeman. Andi, I will kill you This so that it won't ask for the password whenever you are logging as their route. All right, we have done that. Next thing is we should install doctor as well as I said, because if we want to deploy on your doctors that work, we should create a darker images. Let me install darker Yum. Install Docker. Yes. They have installed a doctor. No, start to doctor services service. Darker status surgeries and darker start. I held starter Doctor Services. We should Arian. It's a mental doctor group for the use. The Mord minus C energy. Nothing but our group toe darker group user name is a innocent girl. So we have a hard area in this ad. Mental doctor group next by default to use their authentication is not enable the indoor terribly. Assisi Instances. So we should A data password authentication should be Yes. From No in the associated the underscore conflict file. We have done this further. Doctor Host system Similar. Where we should do here for that of the a slash C. D. C s a shit. That's this year to do underscored conflict. Search for fast sword. You can see password authentication noise there not change it. Two years after that re lord sort of reassesses shit to do the real Lord. Mr. Thing is, we should generate keys for our Airness Admin user Solarte switch toe in a submarine account. No, this is church. This is his Cajun is the commander to generate case. Okay, its creator keys usually kiss creates under. Doctor says it's holder. You can see idea. Underscore Odyssey I really understood our Sadat pub. This public e we should copy onto target environments on the private key. We should keep it as secure. If somebody have access to this one day can able to access your systems. Okay, so all sit on master note. I mean to say control node. One last thing, what I will do is first let's switch back on the change Host name danceable control north. I'm giving okay so that it would be easy toward interpret for us. Next. Go back toe. Dr. Host here also, we should create user called the A nus. Add minutes said the password. So let's create user Carly in a sudden user. Ardian, this of me said the passport for Reina said, Well, pss stability. Use the same password. Whatever you use it in Master North. Okay, I have said the passport password authentication is enable so there is no issue to log into the system. No, we should copy the keys. Unwto our doctor host system for that. The command is this is his called Ph D. Sorry we should do this one as a Ennis had been user list. Let's switch back to you in a submarine because we should copy keys under target system. No copy. Keys under target system. It's a search. Copy Iady in this area, man. As they enter, Sandman copied the keys. So host name? Sorry, I peered. Idiot. It will do the i P address. I'm using Private key. It can able to communicate with danceable sort through the private key because Diz Allah and same vpc. Yes, I want to connect to that server for stem unit to provide the password off incident user password so that it can add the keys to target system. That's done no before Gillian, it's a minute. And I appear to us we can able to log into Target's system. We thought Password? Yes, you can see here you have jumper from and supple control, nor to talk or host system. Right? So let's exit again. I came back toe danceable control note. Next, we need to test the connectivity by doing a pink test for that. As I said, we need to create a hosts file under answerable directly goto through this glass CTC and simple. My thing is dead. Sodo Veet hosts here I'm marrying Manage the host ap as willows. Local host to local host. Nothing but my current system so well. Doping test toward doping Test answerable all my Nazi Um Ping? Um, nothing but model. There is a model called Ping. Let's being it. Okay, you can able hoping to the remote system, local system. You cannot, because I haven't other case. Let me at it to our case we should, from the commander of the search, call ph D local host. So it copies our case on to local host. So it's scuppered this time If I run so let me run it again. You can see here this time it's successful onboard the systems, right? So I can say our danceable set up is fine. It can ableto talk our doctor host. So in case some images is there in the central, nor it can able to copy on Dr Host. That's all for this video. In next video, I will show you how to integrate answerable with the Jenkins so that whenever there is a build, it can able to copy it into answerable system. Answerable system can convert to that of our people as your docker images on the with the doctor. Um is it can able to create a docker container on the target system. We'll see that in over subsequent videos. 20. L20 - Integrate Ansible with Jenkins: Hello, folks. Welcome back in last video, we have seen how to set up answerable environment in this video. I'm going to show you How can we integrate and splitter Jenkins for that to jump into our Jenkins council? So this is my Jenkins console. If you remember, our last job was failed. Because whenever we are trying to create a docker container, it was saying that already Container is working Torkham, those kind of problems we are going to use and simple as our deployment total. So in that process, we should integrate danceable with Jenkins. If you remember, we have enabled LeSage connections between Jenkins under darker host. Same thing we should do for answerable as well. For that Go to manage Jenkins. Confident system. And if you scroll down, there is the option called publisher of racist shit. If you remember, we have. Are the doctor host similar way? We need to add one more. That is associate servers so that the Jenkins can associate toe answerable system under copied o of our friend. Here s his hit, sir would name I'm naming it. Does there Answerable server, host name. Let me get die, Pierre Joseph answerable system. This is of aranzabal system. Clear the screen, increase the front Saiz. I peered through the yard. Good day, period. That's a fanciful system user name in a sudden on DA advanced use password authentication under password authentication in this admin user password. You should Probert under test the connection connection is success because we have enabled the password authentication. Our place said That's it. Now what we need to do is we need to create new Jenkins job that Jenkins job in every Ron Jenkins can able to copy artifacts on target environment. So let's do that one. Create new item. I I helped created the A document for this job. Even our previous jobs also helped created documentation. So you can refer to those documents if you have any issues, those are available under simple there works project. We have Jenkins jobs. So he really stop the jobs. Whatever. We are using those jobs as well s docker file son. Danceable mammal pelts are available, which we are going to use from now. So I will continue to update this folder so that you can get all the jobs information. So we are going toe do deploy on container using answerable. This is the one we are doing. You can follow this document even to set it up. Okay. So far, No, let me name it. Does he deploy on container using answerable on the copy it from deploy on container. Okay. This is our last job from here. I'm going to copy all the definitions. Okay, that is type O deploy on container using danceable repository. We don't change nothing to change here. Build also fine. Here. We need to change answerable server instead of darker host so that verify it also seem target. Sorry. Removed prefixes. Same under remoter directory. This time, instead of fusing home radically off user, I will create a separate to directly. And we'll use that to their careers over workspace. So let's goto aranzabal system created directory under war Pity Serie slash or pity. So it'll I m cured a year, Dr. On creating your directly colder darker. Next thing is I'm going Tokyo full access to inside men on this darker directory for that Sodo see her chew on changed the ownership too. Yeah, in a submarine in this had meant on slash will pity Dr. Because whenever we use pseudo It creates as a root user. No, the list man, a cell slash will pity You can see Docker directories there and it's warned away in a segment so that if we are copying something from the Jenkins, it doesn't give permission issues so going, Saito Docker Nothing is dead. So we are going to use this directory to store our artifact. So instead, off dart I'm going to use slash were pretty docker But here it wont to take special characters so you should probably double slash next. We are not going to execute anything right now. We'll continue to march for this job for time being just well tested this job whether it can able to copy artifact santo answerable system are not Let's build the job. Once buildings successful, we could able to see the way our fell over here. So for nothing is there let's wait until build is completed. Okay? Its success I'm goingto do were less menacing. Yes, we're fairly Is there all right? It's working as expected Now we should create your doctor remains which could contain this rebel doctor where file as well to create that when we should have your doctor fell You next to do? I'm going to show you. How can we do that? One until then? Bye. See you there. 21. L21 - Creating an Ansible playbook: Hello, folks. Welcome back in the last video, we have seen how to copy. We are violent over danceable system. In this video, I will show you how to create a maze out off that. For that, Let's log in tow. Aranzabal system, This is Aranzabal system. We have our fine And if you see the pewter blue this last war pretty doctor to create your doctor amazes me to this. We're fine. We should have your doctor fill. If you remember, We have it on your doctor point while we were creating your docker container on Docker hosts. Same docker file. I'm going to copy here, so let's copy this. It's simple. If it's up to you whole complex Dr File do you want to write? But our demonstration is talks about How can we do the end to end the develops floor? That's where I'm not concentrating to rate or complex. Docker files unanswerable points. So how copied? Now we need to create a dock. Kareem is out of this But the purpose off using and so police. I don't want to do the manual steps. I want to automate everything for that we should radio answerable playbook which can able to create your documents. Let's quickly radio answerable playbook which can create your docker images by using Docker file and Rafael for that I'm going to create a file called Simple There waas. You mean is docked. Wait a minute, I'm just naming it. I just simple develops in Mr Way A mill. If you don't know, I will quickly explain how to write danceable playbook Over here it starts with three. Minuses are high pins are in the next hype on hosts. Nothing but on which hosts do you want toe run this playbook? I will give just all we can change it while we run Playbook next become true Nothing but on the remote system. Do you want to become your route or not? It will tell you whether do you want to exclude comments at the root or not? It is not necessary for display book way because every illness had been has enough privileges Then talks under you can see the spaces Spaces is most important. Ah, this alignment is this index other ways it is like a simply looks language. Next name. It is like a comment. What do you want to do wind, Doctor, You means using graphite. Okay. On DA. Next to the Rezek. More deal called Command. So what is the command? We should use toe bilion emails. Same command weaken space for here. Dr. Bid minus state tag Start. I'm going toe you simple there. Warps. He made Dr Dark? Nothing. But in the current directory, you should execute Onda, uh, dogs because we should switch. We're on which directly? We should exclude this command. This comment should be explored. I see it the year nothing but go to inside slash were PT doctor. So the meaning off this ended playbook is go inside to slash were pretty docker eggs eagled this command. It creates enemies. That's it. This one you can do in other way. There is a There is a model called the documents Even you can use that model to create. And Dockery Mees I have updated that file in our documents repository you can just to go through with that I will just show you so under Jenkins job. You can see here created documents, so I'm using the harbor One you can still use the below one. Okay, it's up to you either way will work. We have Option one and option toe. Let's go with option one because the purpose off this course is not teaching about danceable. Let's understand simply and save it. No way. How written Answerable playbook toe. Create your doctor images using over docker file and were filled before executing. Doctor friend, Let's see water Nellie Majors are there in our system. Dr. Images, nothing Is there darker PS minus here. No country notes as well. Now I'm going to execute our answerable playbook to execute danceable playbook. The commander's answerable my honest minus playbook. Okay, we need to create an inventory file. I want to create a maison only answerable system. So for that, what you can do you can use the your hosts file which is daring slash city sensible. Let me carts. Classy, dizzy and simple hosts. If I use this host to the same, it's get creates on Dr Host as well as local. But I want to create only in answerable system one see Mrs created while deploying I can do on my all my control hosts nothing but all target systems. So for that what I can do, I can create a host Well here itself. One more host. Well, while exuding your playbook, you can give your invent Refile. Ajay in port. Now, let me open my simple develops image file. Okay, There is no sin tax issued. OK, it's fine. Danceable minus. Playbook minus. I hosts simple develops playbook. Manus. Manus, check Check is going toe. Show you how the playbook is going to run. Okay? No issues, No. Without check. So check doesn't actually create it. It's just to see that whether everything is fine or not. Okay, it is building image. That's what it takes time Because we don't have any images. It is going toe. Pull the Tomcat. Timmy's That is about our Bassem is on the art of our photo. Our you miss. Okay, It's completed successfully, Doc. Could images, if you see Yes, you can see two images. One is from Tomcat. Nothing but basic. Miss Under by using Bassem is its creator yet. Simple dough optimists clear. But I want to do this one from the Jenkins itself. I don't want to run this playbook. Whenever there is a new wear friend, this should be get executed. Similar where we can write one more file to create a container are we cannot toe the same Yamil file toe, Create a container. So let me edit it. Oh, minus name. You can add any number off tasks for same playbook Mine, asthma minus name Create container using simple There were ropes. You may is okay. No command Soto build it to create a container. Darker run minus did nothing but to detach More minus minus name Soon they're warps container, container name. I'm giving simple develops container minus P port number Eijiro Yojiro expos on port number Gero Gero Internally trans on a jury eijiro and, uh, amazing him. However, Jamie's name is simple. Develops amiss. Okay, let me rename the file name because we are creating container as well. So young. Be simple. Develops emails. William L. Project Dart. William it. Okay, now let me execute this one again. Seem on my local host. I'm Trento, creating minutes and created container. Let's see what will happen. Yes, it's successful, Doc. Good. You may just You can see a doctor because it's already there. Nothing to change. Dr. P s Manus Year. You can see new container God created. It's running from 13 seconds ago Okay. This is how we can write danceable playbooks toe, create our containers. I'm stopping over here in next video, build Runda answerable playbooks by using Jenkins. And we'll see the water null. Problems are there According to problems, we are going to modify our answerable playbook until it get deploy your docker container on target environment. So far, we are not to deplane container on target environment. We are deploying on our and civil system. 22. L22 - Issues faced: Hello, friends. Welcome back. If you are practicing, oversee a series set up on the first thing, few problems. Yes, you can watch this video. Otherwise you can skip it. I have seen that few people are getting confused while creating oversee a Serie pie plan. So they ask her a few questions in the questions and answer station. I have taken some of the questions which commonly asked and preparing this video so it would be helpful for you toe understand where you were doing mistake and continue with our lab without any problem. The quite commonly Oscar question is students are unable to push their docker image under Dr Hub for this problem. The reason is you are running your playbook as a root user, but on target system, you haven't logged into darker Hub as a road user to overcome this problem. What you can do is either you can remove the become through in the playbook. Under try to execute it, it should work another vase. Run Docker Le Guin Comment as the root user under manager resistant. If you do this one, you will log in tow. Doctor. How busy Route user. So if you run your playbook as their route on the target system. It doesn't throw you another. This is one off the problem. Other commonly asked. Her question is about missing pseudo password. This is because you haven't added you're in a segment user. Two suitors file to run the playbook as the root user on the target system. What we should do for that one we should are the A NUS admin user Two suitors well under manager system. So it's classy. DeSisto doors file by using v a pseudo on the are the sentry. That is how you can fix this problem. Apart from this, I also suggest you that toe a few other things Keep in mind those are make sure slash were pretty darker. Directory is wounded by Airness Admin User If it is not wound, you cannot ableto copy there that Philando target system enable password based not indication practice as it is until you feel comfortable to this project because if you change something, it miller to some other problem which you cannot be clear them to fight. Such for everybody. Sure under cure India section, because someone might ask the same question earlier and we answered. It sells a lot off over time. Don't push. Modify the court onto my repository because I have seen a few pull requests. Please create a war wound repository by porking my repository so that you can modify and push. You were called on to your repository. Ask related questions to this topic. I could see a few questions which are not relevant to this topic. If you have such kind of questions, I would request you to giant in our Facebook group that is. Relax, See, AWS develops again. There we can discuss these kind of questions. Do your research. Before coming with the basic questions I could see, some director answered questions also asking here in Stop asking here you can just to such in the Internet, you can find a direct answer. If you still feel that it is having some cap, then yes, you can ask me. Those are the tips I would like to give you. Thanks for enrolling for this course under, you are doing great job because if you have these questions means you help progress to something. Don't leave until you complete enter, See a CD pipeline and thanks once again, for your support, keep learning 23. L23 - Run Ansible playbooks from Jenkins: Hello, folks. Welcome back in Los Studio, we have seen how to write danceable playbooks to create your doctor image under Docker Container. In this video, I'm going to show you How can we run our answerable playbook from the Jenkins itself before marching over Jenkins job? Let me remove all over container Sander, you may just This was created from previous video and container. First, let me remove the container Darker. Stop Container name next Turned out Dougherty Artemis to remove majors only. You would images names. Sorry, We need to remove the doctor pendant Doctor. Autumn don't contain or name. No. We can remove images because we can't delete images. If they'll containers are running based out off it. Clear the screen. So no doctor images, no images. Docker ps minus here. No containers. Let's jump into our Jenkins console. Deploy on container using answer please. Over previous job, we are going to modify same job toe our playbook edited by using conficker on the scroll down. Now we are going to eggs. Good comments. If you remember, we were executing comments toe build our doctor in majors and containers from here. Similar where we are going to run answerable playbooks from here. We just need to space for your playbook. Command here, let me June the screen. So ensemble minus playbook minus. I varies over inventory file is there or PT? Dr Hosts. Right, If you remember. So, Peter bloody year less you can see under Oh, pretty doctor, we have hosts file next. Answerable playbook name We need to provide here over answerable playbook. Name is simple. Develops project to dot Wimal on full part Offensive ble or pity dr. And of what playbook? Limb A class province. And Michael. Um So it is going to execute this command. It is going to execute this command on our answerable system. So let's play these changes. Save it on the building up this time What should happen? The where people get copies on Dover answerable system and it creates a amazed by using that we're file onda created container or talk it so date you can see See the time stamp over here it is him. Nothing but just know this var file has been copied onto answerable system and ah, Dr Images so far No, he majors docker ps Manus here. No containers as well. Let's see where the job is successfully completed or not. Okay, it's completed successfully. That takes a grew tired jobs under job. Sort of fine to change. So nothing but those are fine. Let me see the images. Yes, you can see images. Let me see the containers. You can see the container as well. Let me try to access the container. So let me take the appeared Joseph Enseval system because currently we have hosted it Unanswerable system. We are still under testing phase to set up over principle environment. Okay, we can able to access under rebel right? So it's working fine. So far, our job is working as expected. Arjun is that there is a change in the court off our river publication. In that case, we should able to create a new image by taking new Weber publication. Then create a new container protest this activity I'm going to modify our source scored which is available in our get her then pushed the latest toe objects into the get her so that we can see the changes in over rebel publication. Then we can run a Jenkins job toe, pick up the changes on creating new images on container out off it rather than running a Jenkins job manually, we can use policy. Um, which we have already experimented in our previous jobs. Same. We are going to enable for this one so that it pickups new changes on create your docker image under Docker Container. Let's go on to modify our Jenkins job to enable police even then change the source scored. Let's do that one. So go back con figure policy. Um, here I'm giving to run this job for every minute. So whenever we Trident changes the transfer job, let's go and change the court. It is available in my Jenkin server. So we have Hello world Siri. Hello, world. Go insert toe with duck. That's such see index starter? Just be so I will just to add deploying on playing on container. Okay. No way. How changed it gets status. Get out of the dark. Get commit. Minor Siem Maar deferred index file toe test with the protest with the doctor. Get push origin mastered. I'm pushing the changes, okay. There is a change in our cord Once court has changed it Should I didn't friend eggs got the job. Let's wait to see the new job triggering for sure it is going to fail. I will tell you what is the reason that's executing the job. So new commit. You can see here. Okay, it is unstable. The reason behind dirties creating your container It is throwing an error with the name already. A container does exist so you cannot create a container with the same name. Toe overcome this problem. What we should do is we need to remove the container before creating a new container. So we need to modify our danceable playbook little bit so that always the latest core get deploys aren't over target environment how to do those changes? I'm going to show you in the next video. Until then. See you. Bye. 24. L24 - Update Ansible Playbooks to delete and create containers: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In last video, we could see ants. Well, we're trying to create a new container on the new images and it failed to overcome this problem. You should remove you were running container really available images from answerable system to create new Amazing the new container. For that, we should modify our playbook little bit. Let's jump into over answerable system under do that. This is my answerable server. I am under slash will Pity Docker. We have your file called a simple develops project. Where did this added? New task? That his name Stop current learning Do not So we're stopping current Romney in Container Command Docker, stop the container. Name is simple Develops container. Next we need to remove it. How do you move? Stop with container Comment, dawg. Gotta autumn and counting Next of the move, Dr M is command Dr Autumn My earned amazement. So by adding this one what will happen whenever it is trying to deploy new where file trusted to remove the world containers nothing but world worship and it creates the new Washington to deploy stony worship. This is how you cannot just issue But again the problem with this one is if sometimes if you don't find the docker container, it is going to fail over here. To address that problem, we need to add one more. Ask that is ignored. Ignore errors. Yes. So in case if the container is not available, are is in already stopping state, it is going to ignore the set up. Similarly, we need to do for remaining true tasks. That is really so that it is going to ignore in case amaze or container is not available. I help modified my playbook. According Toa my Nude. Let's exit Go to this turn our Jenkins job. We should able to see our new deployment. Still, we are older deployment. Let's go and execute it. Build a no because all the record is modified on the last time it's failed. This time that should not because we are handling the errors. Whatever is going to happen. It's tried to remove the container. If container exists, fostered stops the country not Then remove the container. Then remove the Emmys. Yes, this term it is successful on the refresh My container. You can see the play on your container. Is it working? Alright If we go and see In our answerable system, we could able to see the latest images on the containers. Docker, you may just You can see it is created under 21 seconds ago. Dr. P. S. Manus here even Container created 33 seconds ago. This is how we can able to create our docker containers seamlessly. Now to test more. I'm going to change the court this time. I don't touch anything. Your Children, the job on the creative new image and a new container. Let's go and change our court. So im already here. So let me edit it. So deploying on container, using danceable get out of the dark get comet Same commit. I really am going to give get push But it's unmasked I helped push to my court under let's go to Jenkins console undermined The screen could see the new build Yes, new buildings triggered Didn't for the new change as well. Courtroom sensible system did it currently it is 7 38 We should get a new wear. Failed Still job is running. Okay. New girl fell has been created. Yep. It's pushed under Dr PS minus year. New container also created docker images. New new emails also Creator No. You feel refreshed. The screen? Yep. We could see the new one. So I have enabled. Intolerant by plane from the core Push to to create a docker container. This is how we can contain Arise our applications But still we are deploying Unanswerable system We want to deploy on target system Nothing better, Doctor Host We should reply for that. We need to change our playbooks. What? To change on the whole pooch in I will show you in the next radio. 25. L25 - DockerHub Integration with Ansible: Hello, folks. Welcome back. So far we have set up our environment toe deploy on your docker container which is running unanswerable. But our purposes we want to deploy it on target hosts nothing but which are managed by answerable. In our case, it may be one server, but in real world answerable May has to deploy on hundreds off servers to manage this kind off deployments effectively, we are going to use one more tool called Docker hub. So whenever we build any maze, usually we will store that amazing the doctor, huh? So we are going toe push our doctor in May's into darker help Under Dr Hub can have the collection off all the majors on Whenever we try to deploy and target environment the target environments pull story miss from the doctor hub on create It's one contain it so that we can see all the images are centralized in the doctor Help We don't need to store in our local systems whenever we want to deploy on any system that a target system just connect or darker help under pull stream is so we are going to configure same thing in our environment to do that one. We should create a doctor her back on. I have already created one for this demo. I will just to log into my doctor her back on trying to show you. If you don't have your doctor, how back onto please go on to create it. I held jumping toe Have dark, darker that come. This is the doctor have website. If you don't have an account, you can go on create by signing up onto Docker hub on probably with information so that you can able to create an accord. I have already created an account so I can log in by using signing my account name is wearing kills. This is a fresh record. So far, I haven't created anything. If you want, you can create a repository. But I don't create repository from here. I will create your doctor Imation, push over here so that we can see a new report. It really makes here by default. You can create one private repository on the remaining all our public In real world, we never start over amazes in the public repository until it doesn't help confidence your data. Otherwise, most of the cases we use private repositories. But we are doing demos, so either we would be fine for us. So we are going toe came to use publicly positives because if we need private repository, we need to enable authentication toe access. Anyway, let's jump into a principal server and push on the Maison toe darker. Hope I am on my answerable server now really start Wharton Dolly mazes are there so far, we don't have any images. Let's create a new images. I'm going to run instable playbook, man to say who's simple develops project so it should be able to create a enemies. Let ignoring because there is no containers are images. That's what we have done. If it is not, did, it is going to ignore it. If we don't add ignore errors command, then it is going to fail. I already know relentlessly. Start to docker images we have a simple develops in is I could PS minus here. It's created a contaminants that was clear the screen. Now to push our image in to get her back on, we should add prefix off our account so that it comes to know that we are pushing. This theme is to dis accord. That's how we can tag agreements to attack over the miss. We should use a commander called the doctor. Tag the maze name. Which team is do you want to attack? I want to attack this image on what is the new name? Where kills a slash simple develops image. If I entered this one, it's creating a new doctor image. This is new dock. Kareem is just copy off. We were Dockery Mies. But the name is where Uncle Simple develops maze. No, we can push this image unwto over Dr Hub. But to push this image to Dr Hub you need to authenticate you itself so that it allows you to put statements we thought authenticate. If you try to push it, Docker push, It will throw you an error that you don't have permission. Yes, So toe push every miss. First we need to log into our doctor to log into our doctor. According to Dr Larkin, is the command it asks for user name were kills why? And killed. Probably password. Now you have logged into a where according to know same command I makes good in tow. Pushed Amy's See? Here it is tryingto copy the mission to Dr Host Once it is pushed toward Docker host, we we can see another doctor. Hope so. Go back to order Doctor Hub If you re fresh, you can see where ankle simple develop Siemens has been pushed on. It is your public That's not a problem We don't have any important data in this. Let it be public So even you can pull this image if you need it Now go back to over Console again Now I'm going to remove him is from the local system Dr Out of my still no problem Because we have our doctor Amazing! Over Docker Hub Dr Police The command on the followed by You were fully Mei's name Now again you couldn't see Dockery Mrs Available This is how we can pull the minutes. But we want to pull the misto. The other answerable claim systems Nothing but managed hosts on the In our case the doctor host is our manager system. Let's jump into Dr Host earned do the same thing I'm connecting to Dr Host I have logged into my doctor host system Let's switch to any said Min because we are going to do operations as a In a statement, we will see I really because it is not attitude Doctor Group it so let's add this one to darker group user marred minus c A g darker the n s apartment against which back to Instagram I Really? Yes. Now it is a better doctor Group three of the screen darker images so we don't have any minute. Now let's pull the Miss Docker pull Name his name You May is in him so called ableto pull a mess because it is available in public repository. If it is in private, you should ableto indicate. Usually industry uses private repositories rather than public Dr Images. Yes. Now you can create container out off. All right, so everything is set up toe exude our job. But we need to rate our answerable playbooks rather than turning these commands manually so that we can able to automate over stuff. Thanks for watching this video in next week I will show you how to write our modify our answerable playbooks to work with this until then by Syria 26. L26 - Tagging Using Ansible playbooks: Hello folks will come back so for this environment is ready, but we need appropriate answerable. Playbook's too pushy animales aren't or docker hub on the air deployment Answerable playbook to create your docker container on target system For that, when we needed to answerable playbooks, one playbook will run only unanswerable toe. Create image and push it in tow. Docker Hub Another answerable playbook will run on all that are good systems so that whenever we run that play book and we'll get able to initiate the docker pull command on that target system on also docker Container Creation. So let's jump into answerable server and create those playbooks I am on. My hands will serve it here we have your playbook called Simple Develops Project or that women let's create a new playbook toe, create your teammates and push it into a doctor. Help so v a create simple the warps image Dr. William Men simple develops He made that way A melt is the answerable playbook name So starts with the three minuses minus hosts All become become true mosques. Next name unanswerable system. We need to create your documents so create docker image using where file so Carmen Comb earned Doctor Bill. My honesty simple. There were ups Image. Andi, I'm giving tag as the latest. It's ah, best practice to use Tag Dr. Next dark. Nothing. Bert. In which folder do we have? Dr. Fred. So see here to the air, Change the directly slash war. PT Dr Right? No. And Mr this index minus name Double Spacey's. So this is the Syntex. No next task is to create the attack to push on to Dr Hub Further Creator Goto he made so to create your dad, we should use a doctor tag. You're amazing. Him followed by our accord is way and killed. Earned him is usually you can use the variables over here rather than hard According you Were you Israeli, Ari? Majorly, where we can use answerable variables Next next year's we need to push this image onto Docker Hope so Push the image on toward Dr Hub Card Man Docker push When kids simple develops you made right So one seem is is pushed Toronto Dr. Hope we need to remove it. We need to remove from aranzabal system so that again whenever we are running playbook next time it won't Troy and the other that amazes already exist. So remove darker majors from answerable servant command Dougherty out of my amazing him. First, we created a maze name with the latest and also we helped created one more emails with that . That is where Kill slash image. Right on the latest. You can you even for these as well? Sometimes he majors may not be available in those cases. We need to ignore the error. Ignore They rose. Yes. So that's on. Let's save it under try to execute this playbook and we'll see what will happen because we have all the information over here. So let me execute and symbol Playbook Mina si host file in host fell. We have only local host, so it runs on local host and we'll see. So pushing em isn't. Or Doctor, huh? Maybe. Sometimes we need to authenticate. Remove Dockery Maze. Oh, it's ignored. Seems to some issue, is there? Let me start with Dockery mazes. It is not to be moving. Maybe a container is running out off it. Yes, your container is running, so we should stop this container before removing it. That's okay. Let me remove it. Dougherty, Automatic forceful m removing because it's running. No. Now let's clear the screen. I'm going to read in the hands Bill Playbook again. Better before returning. Let's see the hosts fell. So we have only local host. That is what I want. Trento show you no answerable playbook minus a host. I learned where Mel File. So it is trying to push emissions, or Doctor, Huh? OK, everything is fine, Dr. Images. We don't find any majors over here, Tom. Care today is the base Mr spent. And if I switch back toe our doctor hub, if I refresh it again, you can see. And new image has been pushed A few seconds ago. Yes. On fighting's we helped push the so far. That is how we can able to push. The image isn't over, Doctor. Help display book is ready. So this playbook, what exactly does it to do? It takes the careful are the creator, Dr Mate with the doctor failed. Attack that image, push it into darker hub on removing the local system. So that again, if we reading it is not going to throw any other. Another thing is we need to run under target systems. Another playbook. So I will modify existing playbook which we created in previous lectures. So more simple develops project where Milito create. So I'm giving better naming convention, create simple develops project we have Mel. All right, no will air it It to be a create simple develops project to dart away a mint in this case what we should do So 1st 1 is stopping the content areas in the target system. If there is any container is running with the simple develops container stop it then I remove it. Then remove the doctor images If you have your doctor's name is name with simple develops maze But it should pull from the public repository So in the public repository it will comes with account name slash emission So here it should be way and killed slash simple there works him is under colon latest because we're pulling the Lotus team is similar. Where now we don't build our court here because amazes already built and available for you will use. So we just need toe pull the mates. So I'm going to create a new task for this Pull doctor image Poor Docker image from doctor , Huh? No command is darker. Pull Dr Remains Name is this one. So it is going toe. Pull the maze. Once it pulls the maze, it should create a container. So Cardenas unit to change Though you were in his name as well When kills and aren't the end I noticed. Okay, so I can say this is also fine. No, let me execute this as well. On over answerable system itself. Answerable danceable playbook minus I hosts and running on answerable system itself. They should ableto remove any containers are there in our local system. Onda created new pull the new image and created container darker images. It pulls the maze and doc could PS minus a It should created containers. Well, yes, it's working as expected. No, we need to modify. What? Jenkins job toe exude display books. Before that, we should add our target systems on our hosts. Well, so over Target system is Doctor Hope Dr. Host, Our target system is darker. Host I'm taking the I P address off this one on Harding It Do you okay? That's all for this video in next week I'm going to show you How can we modify our Jenkins job next duties 27. L27 - Jenkins job to Deploy on Container through Dockerhub: Hello, folks. Welcome back In previous lecture, we helped create it to answerable playbooks. One answerable playbook is going to create a darker images on push. The team isn't or doctor her. Another one is toe pull The darker inmates and created container wrote off it In this video , I'm going to show you how we can limit creating image only unanswerable system under to play it only under target environment. Once it is destroyed, we are going to modify over Jenkins jobs to automate all this process. We thought wasting our panel. It's jumping to over answerable server. I am on my answerable server currently underway or pretty Doctor, If I really start, I hope you may start with a mill on the project without women on Diehard logged in as a in a sudden because we want to execute playbooks as a NSAID mean on that there was a typo in our playbooks. If you are using same playbook, please updated. It should be true. There was a typo over here under. Let's try to understand this playbook one more time. You may start. William l is going toe created images with our latest careful then target as away and killed so that we can ableto push it into over where? Ankles, Doctor, help repository. Then push this one toe darker, huh? Removed from the local server. Next playbook is project to dot William Ill. And if you see this playbook, this playbook is going to stop the container, then remove the container Didn't remove the doctor inmates which used to create a world container. And this won't get executor because it is common to wrote. Next it pulls the latest image which was created by the previous playbook Didn't created Container wrote off it. Okay, Before executing these playbooks, I will just to show you the doctor home. So this is over, Doctor, If you see our darker help that are 48 comments so far on our doctor Hope on the last image was abated eight minutes single. Now I'm going to run our answerable playbooks. He may start William L. Playbook, but we want to create images on answerable system to limit our answerable playbook To execute only and specific system. We can use their option called the limit. While executing our answerable playbook. Let's execute our answerable playbook toe, create a maze on our answerable system on. Push that into a doctor, huh? Two executive danceable playbook and simple playbook minus side. Okay, let me show you the hosts. Well, here we have to solve what's in our hosts. Well, I want to limit to execute only on the local host on also alerts. Lee, start over. Dockery muses, we have, um It's called the time Kurt. Let's remove this one. Okay? No, you made us out of there. Flat. Sexy. Good. Over. Answerable playbook and symbol playbook minus a hosts on the playbook. Name minus, minus limit. I'm limiting this playbook to execute only on local host. Local host. Nothing, Bert. Our answerable server. So it creates a maze over here on the push. That image in tow, Doctor, Huh? On the removed from the local system, We'll wait until this playbook get executor. Okay? It makes has been created and updated their tax on pushing the emissions or darker, huh? On the removed from the local system. And if received docker images here, you cannot see your simple develops project in maize because it pushed on the removed on the only you can see Tom. Jack, This is the base ways for our dream is. And if I goto darker Hub under refresh it instead of 48 it should go as a 49. I learned a few seconds ago it has been updated. All right. This is how we can limit our answerable playbook to exhibit only on specific system. Similar. Where I want to create a container by using the same is on target environment. In our case, our target environment is our doctor host. So let's see Docker images, Some images are there darker. PS man is here. The container is running. I will remove this container. Dr. Stop. Contain already then, Doc Keraterm contain already darker are made to remove him is so I'm removing this image. All right, Docker, PS menace here Nothing is there. Dr. He made this. No, you mazes under. Let's try to access our application from the browser. It won't work right now because container is not available. Let's execute our answerable playbook toe. Create a container on the target system. Let me clear the screen. Unless Onda and simply playbooks minus a hosts earned our playbook followed by targets are over a beer to us. We have updated Desai Pediatrician, Our hosts. Well, so something I'm using that's executed. Founded this time. If we see no, he means is it should get your new images over here. We'll see. Okay. I think this time it will be available. Yep. New images there on the new container. Also, Creator, just our application is working. No, because our Camden Aires available. All right, This is how we can restrict our answerable playbooks to exude only on specific systems. But I have around this playbooks manually. In next video, I will update our Jenkins job toe. Execute this playbooks by using the Jenkins job itself to automate our enter. See a CD pipeline. All right. I will see you in the next video. 28. L28 - CICD using Ansible playbooks: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In previous lecture we have seen how can we limit to execute our answerable playbooks on your specific system? In this lecture, I'm goingto modify our Jenkins job to execute those playbooks as part off our see a city job so that we can see our enter. See, a CD pipeline is art aumentar for that purpose? I'm going to create a new job and I will name it as here. Deploy on darker Conde nut deploy on docker container using And I will copy this one from our deploy on container using answerable. Okay, pronounceable playbook I will give. Okay, I'm changing description. Little bit next. If we scrolled on git repository, we don't change. Build it regardless. Elated before Lacey. Um so it is Polish seems off. Foster Bill will happen automatically whenever we sell this job. Then the goals We are not changing on the postal bill accents. This is where we need to change. Earlier, we were using only one playbook to create a Mazen container. No, it is two playbooks because we want to run into different systems. So the host fairly same earned the playbook name. Let me take it from the answerable server. Yes, Develop. Seem is dot William l This I want to run only on only on local host, local host to nothing but unanswerable server on the next thing. One more playbook. We want to run that playbook. We want to execute on target system. That playbook is created Container that is develops project to Doctor William on I will limit. I will limited toe execute only on the doctor host. So what is the doctor? Who? ST Pete. It is 2 45 You can get it from Dr Server as well. I peered through the year. You can see 2 45 It is a privately Beatrice. So even though you if you stop and start, it was server, it won't change next up late and save it. So this time what will happen? This new job we have created And policy, um has been enabled it. I didn't. For the changes under execute the faster job. Let it takes a good on. Before executing, I will show you that our doctor hub How many comets are there? 52 comets are there. And if we go here on our doctor, sir. Well clear the screen Docker images you can see the latest emits six minutes. A good has been pulled Dark wood PS menace here Armed six minutes ago You container has been created here you can see we have only tomcats are over now let's see. See, It's triggered a new bill Let me open the build output So it's exuding Second playbook on the targets are were you can see the I P address initial when it works on only local host It has been successful. Go to a doctor, huh? You can see here 54 comets I have one more Jenkins job which is using same repositories. Even that also pushed the limits to here. That's why it is 54. It has been updated and it is happened a few second single under here. Also, you play least ot mazes again This time it is a minute ago I learned that this is 43 seconds ago. This is how we can automate over inter process And I can still access my application from the browser to validate our Jenkins job One more time I will modify our source scored on push it into get herb repository currently these 15 commits. Next committee is going toe available over here. One source code is available. Our Jenkins job get exit route way Because we have enabled a polish Siem we have been able to pull assume for every minute it should execute on the our playbooks. Also going to get eggs. Good. Copy the latest. Where if I learned to answerable server creating a maze or tough it pushed Aim isn't or darker hub Didn't the next commit will appear over here on the same will be pulled by over Dr Server So latest amazes getting pulled under latest container gets creator on whatever objects we have done to our court Same will be visible over here. Okay, I'm using Jenkins over to update our court. Let's go toe over Jenkins server under ti's home directory we have you Hello world which is pulled from our get herb repository. Hello world under rebel That's such a main rebel. Here we have your friend called index tortures Speak. So this is the content Currently we could see from the browser I'm updating over here and symbol. Okay. Deploying on your container using answerable playbooks Just I helped deterred Get status get ad get come it updated and extort Jsp toe deployed on Currently not get Bush Marty's on master. I helped commenter this one. No, let's go and see the Comets. 16 comets. Let's go on to see over the job. Go back to over the child. It's not yet executed. Once it is executed, we can see the latest Where Friend? Yes, it's executing. And if we go on and see our answerable server ls minus l That flame There is a minutes Variation. We should get your latest to our file in this We're still not yet created. Yeah, I noticed of artful God created darker images you can see knew him is getting created. Yes, you can see latest images got created and these get pushed into our doctor Help notes Re pressured here? Yes. Latest comet has been done Then if you see here Dr Images currently promoted the Dockery Mees. It created a new doctor. Remiss under creates in Yukon Dinner on the 33 sh our application from the browser. We could see the latest committee. Yes, I have inter touched anything as a developer. I just pushed my court. Andi, I could able to see the new application in my docker container. This is how we can set up here. Production really see a CD pipeline to deploy our applications. Now everything is working as expected so far. Now assume that due to some problem, you're a docker. Container is not working. We need to create it manually. Are we should rely on our chickens job. But Jenkins job takes good only if there is a new build. To overcome this problem, we should house some mechanism who can ableto take it. Our maintain our containers, that is we're Google comes operative product guard Coburn It is Cooper notices the container Management service which can man is containers if it finds any faulty containers it to replace is with the new one are deserted. Capacity off containers are not available. It creates new one how to set up kubernetes cluster under How can we integrate Cooper notice with our answer Ballooned Jenkins job We are going to see in the next section until then. Bye. See you there 29. L29 - Introduction to Kubernetes Section: Hello folks. Welcome back until last section we house in How can we deploy on your docker container using answerable This all involvement is in place We are deploying on docker container using answerable in this section We are going to deploy I on kubernetes by using answerable All this environment is already ready So we need to set up Kubernetes cluster to start with the dissection. So the topics goes as below that is introduction Toku Bernadis setting up kubernetes environment Then using Cube City will commence will test it out by creating deployments and services, then writing deployment and service files. Whatever commands we exclude with Cube City l same commands, we can create it as if file so that the file can be reusable. Then create answerable playbooks, toe reply nothing but whatever We're fine. We are creating that rifle. Get converts as the doctor emits. Then we deploy it as it part on Kubernetes cluster. Once it is done, we will integrate this one with the Jenkins job and will run your job after competition off this step, we should able to deploy any kubernetes cluster without touching anything. All right, so do this one. I help prepare the other documentation which is required to set it up. That is there in our get hungry. Positive. Let's jump in. I'm on my get her back account. We have repository called Simple develops project And here we have your folder called Kubernetes. I have updated all the documentation which is required for this section. Over here. Right in next video. We are going to see how to set up kubernetes on air, oblivious until then. Bye. See you in the next video. 30. L30 - Setup Kubernetes Part 1 Setup Ubuntu Server: Hello, friends. Welcome to decision Indecision. We're going to talk about how to set up. Kubernetes on irritably is for this We need to follow some of the steps which I have updated. Never get Herb Repository. Let's jump into over get help repository and see what and all steps we should execute to set up kubernetes on AWS. This is my get help repository where we help Kubernetes folder lots jumping and we have you file called kubernetes set up dot MD opened this and they hear we held list off the steps which we should follow to set up Cooper Nitties to set up communities on the AWS. First we should create and we've been too easy to instance Once a window system is creator , we should install a laborious yearly. Next install Cube City, Ill Cube City Eliza Tool which is useful to manage our kubernetes cluster. In this case, if we are managing our kubernetes cluster by using open toe system, then cube cereal is necessary over here. Next, install cops on woman to system cops is useful to set up kubernetes cluster on air oblivious. So we must install cops. After that, we should jump into your obliques council creating and I am user our rule In our case we are creating window system money audibly s account itself so role would be fine. This role should have access to route 53 Easy toe. I am under history So these services we should helpful excess Once we have created rule on the attach this I am rolled over 1.2 system After attaching, we should execute irritably as can figure in case If we are using I am user then we should run a Publius configure probably the access Kid and secret access key. In our case, we only region name would be fine. Next to step in the AWS console itself we should create a route 53 private horse sturgeon Even we can create a public coaster June If the domain is wound by you only want to access it publicly. But we are doing for testing purpose. So even though this domain is wound by me, I'm creating your private holster. June our don't my name here is well acsi dot net are gyms that we are creating this cluster for of Alexa Technologies. Next we should create as three bucket we can create as three bucket By executing this Cameron on Woburn to system Because by this time our window system has access to a Regrettably is council and it has as three full access So we can create from the Arab Lius yearly. Still, we can create from the console Israel Either we would be fine once we have created bucket we should export because our cops is going to store all the conflagration in our s three bucket. Next, we should create ssh keys on Ruben to system because these a sausage keys are user to log into over kubernetes cluster Next to step is to create a kubernetes cluster to create kubernetes cluster. We should proffered that cloud. What is the cloud we are using? We're using aws them Jones Nothing but available region on which available to John we are creating didn't clustered name In our case, we are using cluster name is a dame. Okay, this will accede Darknet and ah DNS June. It is a galaxy dot net under the N s tape. It is private. So we are providing this information and also we can provide vpc are any customization you want to do You can do over here. But this command would be sufficient to create our cluster definition. It won't create actual cluster it. Just create the definitions to create cluster. We should exclude this command. Whenever we exclude This commanded actually creates our cluster honorably as counsel, we can see that I am rolls Route 53 Regard certain artist scaling group Easy to instances. All these are getting created while running. This command undertakes a well to set up our cluster. We should wait five or 10 minutes to see that one. And we can exhibit cops validate cluster to check whether our classroom is ready or not. Once it is ready, we can start exuding cubes Ideal comments Even you can run these cubes. It'll comments by logging into our master account as well. But they're also we should install Cube City l I will just to show you I will just to show you How can we do that one Once it is done, If you don't want to this cluster anymore, we can execute this command toe Delete the cluster in over case we don't use it. But if you are practicing you want to delete over cluster. You can do that. One. Whenever we were executed to dilute all the definitions from Muriella Publius account on the remove. The resource is all right. Once it is done, we are going to test our kubernetes cluster by creating parts, deployments and services. This we're going to see in the another station. So let's go on to do this one right now. So first we are going to create any C two instance I'm jumping onto my irritably as counsel running instances. Jiro, A health stopped all my instances. These are our develops instances. Let it being stopped the state until our cluster is ready. Launch instance. So we are creating year movinto system which is user to manage our kubernetes cluster. This woman to system is not part off our kubernetes cluster. So to do micro nothing to change here here as well ARD tags name your burden. It is management sort of it and name. It is a Cuban. It is management server. Next security group we are going to use the existing security group that is develops Project SG then launch on. We are using existing keep it lunch it We've instances. Let's wait until it comes up. Okay? Our surgeries and running state Let's connect with this system. Go Tomobe Extra Shushan This is Hitch I'm using Keep it for a woman to system user name is goingto not easy to menace User, please remember that I'm logging into server and let me increase the Frances Okay now ever the who going to system is ready Clear the scream Become your route Let's execute the commence from our document So first we should install irritably acea late This is the command You don't look terribly a c l a bundle Unless we have burned ill Next we should install on Jeep and fightin because by default to these packages are not available Yes, I want to install next Angie Power bundle terribly this year Labor deal that son gypped. Now execute this command to copy our files under us or local bin Okay, now we haven't told irritably s your life. Let's sexy Good Yes, we can see before installing if we exclude this commanded Troy an error. Next we should install Cube CDL How we have set up our regrettably insulation larvae just takes a good toe. Don't Lord Cube CTL which year filed. You can just to see that. Yes, we got your file. Just copy this one under us or local being before that, Our execution permission. Next. I'm copying it. Okay, that's done. Now just driving legs. Good cube. CDL It will tell you that syntax. Error of that's OK now I'm going to install before installing cops. I will just take the good you can see here. We haven't installed cops yet. Let's execute. No, this is the commander. Toe down. Lower cops. Okay, we heard downloader cops go back. Add execution permission for this to next. Copy this one on the to us or local bin. That's it. Our cops on? Certainly no. This time it says Sendek said, That's okay. So far, we have set up our KUBERNETES management system. In next video, we are going to set up a remaining steps 31. L31 - Setup Kubernetes Part 2 Setup Cluster on AWS: in previous video, we have set up til four steps now fifth step is created and I am user. Let's jump into Regrettably is console. Go to services. I am. I am opening in the new top. Let's go here and go to rules because we are creating rolls over here. Create your role, this role we are goingto attached to use it to instance or select. Easy to instance. Then we should attach the policies so we should attach easy to full access. Next. Yes, three. Full access but old 53 full lances earned. I am for Alexis This four policies we should attach extra tag name. I'm giving it as it cool. Bernadis the rules Next Who? Burnett. ISS rule. Okay, and you can see here we have attached four policies for this role. Create your rules. Now let's attach this roll over the easy to instance. Go back on. But this is the cover notice management severity. They were going toe. Actions go to instance, settings attach under replace. I am ruled here. We should choose Cuban noticed role play. That's it. Now let's execute the AWS Ciolek comment that is the next to step so irritably is configure . We need to execute, Aired, oblivious. Can figure I'm still on my one to sister and you can see it's asking for access key we don't need because we have a natural secret access key. Also on region. I'm going toe work on Mumbai region. So, mom, Berries and name is it be so one earned output. Let it be Jason body for two days, edges and output. So we have set up our boon to system to create kubernetes cluster on our irritably a second one. Last thing we need to do that is to create your old 53 records it So this is done the system next create road 53. Private Mr John, let's jump in again. Under your ablaze concern services about 53 comes under networking. So here we have about 53 and just to opening a new tab. So no host regions we have so far go to get started. No, create hosted June. So we are using relaxing Darknet galaxy darknet as our domain and it is prayer. It was surgeon well choosing private host region. You should choose your reason as well. In our case, we are using Mumbai. Reason created. Seventh step is done. It's step. We need to create a word. Yes. Three bucket. Let me open services. Let me go under stories. We have a history. So let's open this. So far, I don't have any buckets on this account. Let's see. Yep. We don't have any. Booker's I can create bucket from year are ALS. I can't run terribly. A c l a common from here. Let's execute terribly a cli command. Let me copy this one. So? So you're oblivious. Yes. Three. Um be nothing but make bucket on the wirral off the bucket. What do you want to create? And if this bucket is not available, it throws an era. Hopefully lead is available. I have given the name as a day more Cooper Nitties Well Accident Mitt and even my cluster nimal time going to use the same. So that would be easy to recognize. Yes, we got this bucket make bucket. It is successful. And if I go on refreshing may terribly is console. Yeah, we can see that and nobody's empty. Once we're on, cops come and we can see some of the configuration files. Let's go back we should export it so that our cops can able to use it. Cops State store Is he called our is three bucket. Let's exclude this command to export over the street market turned gender it Keep it because this keep its are used to log in to our kubernetes cluster. If we don't create it, we cannot able to log into over cluster later point off. So we must generate keys so I'm generating keys only creates under Dr Associated directory and you can see ID er etc already on a ship up. So this idea a step up get copied onto Cuban It is clustered. So by using this key weaken luggage. All right, now let's go back. Exude the cops Commander to generate Cuban it is cluster definitions So let me copy this one as it is As they explained earlier, cops create cluster We're creating cluster Amira Publius clothes Next availability Joan name here I'm using a p Soto one be because I'm using member region. Even my develops environment is available in Mumbai region. I helped created my Road 53 record search on Mumbai region So my kubernetes cluster also should be available on member Reason under Mumbai reason AP Soto one babies one after available region If you are using some other region, make sure that you are going to use the right availability. Joan Name Over here other ways you will be Incontrera Davidian error While creating your cluster reason name You can find it out on your ear. W's console, right Third top cardinal on the name off our clustered I have given the same name whatever bucket name I help given so that it would be read into color and easy to identify then DNs June. Well, actually Darknet under DNS it is prayer it Let's execute. Okay? It has been executed on the will. Scroll up on the sea water and all conflagration it created. If you see here, if you see here, it is creating its operative vpc it don't use the existing vpc usually in the real time we are not going to store our develops environment Onder target environment in the same BBC's due to security reasons. Same thing I'm following here. So we are creating separate re pieces submitted security groups just I'm running quickly through these waters. Reality is going to do a round tables it is creating. Managed the files. Launch conflagration. Keep it. I am role. Devious volume Auto scaling group. Okay, that's it. These all research is it is going to create. That's way we should grant access toe all the services to create it. VPC we didn't give. But whenever we give you easy to instance, it gets the VPC access as well. All right? No. It also listed the station to list the clusters. We can execute this command. Okay. So far, we have creator only one cluster, then toe edit our cluster. This is the command under tow. Edit our instance. Numbers are instance types we can used this command. It goes to the configuration file off our north under. If we want to modify our master, we can exude this comment. I will just to show you our master how it is going to create. You can see this is kind of Farmall file How we are going to create a deployment on Saturdays Files so kind of meta data name specifications. It is pulling images and creating mission papers. See for large. If you need smaller system, you can update here and ah, the sub knit Okay. Under which subject should it create? But all all this information would be there. If you need any changes, you can modify Belgium start. I need to monsters. I can update over here maxes and minces. Okay, that's how we can do. But we are not changing anything. Let it be as it is next to create a cluster Here we have a command. So it also says that finally configuring were clustered with cops Update cluster minus minutes Name clustered name followed by a minuses option. Whenever we execute this comment then only our cluster is going to get creative Let's execute on going See Let it run on We see in the system level what's happening here? It is going to create new files. Okay, you can see here one folder God created And if we go some off the files are there on the AM role we have created these And these all were existing ones only if we see two more rolls God created on go to Road 53. We have created these two records by default it comes No, let me refresh it. We can see artisanal groats got creative And if I Goto Instances, Instances also we can see the additional instances are getting launched. Yes, you can see here Nord North Demo under one more also nor the demo one master to North's Ark getting created. And also if we go down it also creates lunch configuration Nothing But due to some reason, any of these systems go stone It creates automatically. You can see here See, for large Tito medium I'm not a scaling group also God created so that in case off any failure occurred stood these north It is going to recreate Fine. This is how we can create Our cluster will wait until it comes up. So whether it completed the set up or not, we can see that one. By executing this command, you can see here Still it is in air upstate once it is ready you don't get this era once systems already we can log in by exuding this command. Okay, this will log in tow over Master note parents instead of using their DNS name, we can directly use the public AP off our master server. If I go to your loveliest console, this is our master server and we can take this public AP and a large in either rebuild Work on. Also, we can manage our classle from here itself because it is they want to system on DWI installed Cube CTL comments. Okay. From here we can exclude Cube citadel comments are ALS. We can log into master there also weaken, install, cube, citadel and manage our cluster. Either way would be fine but I would be using my kubernetes masters or what? To eggs. Got all these comments rather than managing from open to system I mean to say rather than managing our cluster from the this system this is Kubernetes management's overwinter system . I will manage make Leicester from here itself. But we should install Cube CDL on this system as well. So let's wait until it is ready. Yes, toe by toe. State of sticks No, let's eggs Good. Our command cops valued it. Cluster still It is showing that not really wait for some more time because it is saying that please wait 5 to 10 minutes for your master to start. Okay, here. If you see Master, see for large north t two medium on the two notes it is creating under yappy Sotus toe one b. Okay, it is getting ready. Okay. Tar noted Study or six. Good. No. Yes, we can see No, All the systems are fine Now It is showing that our Kubernetes cluster is ready. Let's connect. Or Cuban it is clustered. So we have your command. Let me get that. So this is the commander toe connect our kubernetes cluster. And if you observe a here it is taking over. Idea rests here Under lacking as it admin user, we should not like it as a root user we should like in as admin user. Yes, I want to connect First time I'm connecting and you can see here Admin I heard locked into 1 26 And if I go and check this I p address over here My cluster ap is 1 26 Yes. 33.1 26 thirties cluster mastery p All right. Our cluster is ready And if I exit, I'm on my way. Going to system Let me clear the screen on the fire on Cube CTL get north is the commander toe. Nobody were notes. We can see here. We have one master to North's are there and it's creator around three minute single. That's all for this video in next. Really, we are going to see how to work with the Cube Citadel comments. 32. L32 - Create Deployment and Service using Kubectl commands: Hello. Welcome back. In last video, we have seen how to set up Kubernetes cluster using movinto system. I still locked into my window system. Let me rename the session. Name cares. Man has meant settle it. I will just to rename it so that it would be easy toe identified Now I am jumping onto my kubernetes Master Sister for that we should execute this comment. Let's execute it so I'm on my crew. Burn it is Master, This is my master server. Let's become your route over here. Clear the screen. Even though I mentioned a Cuban Nitties management their work I'm on my master system right now. Now if I execute cubes CTL here I can see the Cube Citadel is working here. Let's execute the comment Cube CTL, get north. Okay, this is the commander Toe. Get north. We have one master. Nothing but this current system. You can see here 33.1 26 under two claims are there Next one more command is cube CTL get parts You feel how created any parts? You can find parts over here. So far we haven't created any port. You cannot find anything here. Similar where deploy our deployments both will work so we don't have any deployment so far . You cannot get any deployments. Similar were service. Okay, we haven't created any services. This is the default service which comes with the cluster, so it will be available. But we don't have any customs services over here. So usually what will happen in our case? We are going to create your deploy. Whenever we created the play in the background, it is going to create parts. How it create parts deploy is going to create a replica city on and replica said make sure that you were parts are always available. That's how it works. So parts are running with the application. That application can be accessible only if we create. The service service is helpful to expose our application toe outside other ways you cannot access You were applications from outside of your cluster. Now we are going toe test this one by running one up the deployment Under service for that , I have updated our document itself. Let's go and get the comments. So in the document itself, we can scroll down. Let me increase the four ounces so to deploy and the Knicks on our Kubernetes cluster. We should execute Cube CTL run command on the sample, and the Knicks is the deployment name. Whenever we are creating any deployment, we should give that deployment a name followed by images, this image it pulls from the darker hope, then replicas. Nothing. But how many parts do you need? We needed to parts, so we are special ink replica as to if we don't specify replicas by defaulted, create only one part. But if something goes wrong with that party, where application wouldn't be accessible, that's where it's better to create replicas so that they were. Application is highly available most of the time, then port Engine X runs on port number eijiro. So we are specifying that one application should run under port number. Eijiro India pard. So let's execute this command. So far, we don't have any deployments. We are creating faster deployment. You can see here deployment is created on. We can execute this commander to see their deployments models. We all cigs good deployment. Both will give the same or put on if you observe here. We have created your deployment called sample engine. ICS deserved how many parts. Does it required it required. Two parts are currently two parts are running. So whatever desert is there, make sure that those many parts are running all the time. That is the job applications it next up to date. Yes, this to our up. Put it on. Both are available. Sometimes it would be running, but it may not be available. And it created 10 seconds ago. Okay, That is how the output comes. And also, we can exclude this command. We can see that our parts by executing this comment, we can see here it created to part with the deployment name initially under, followed by some characters added extra to this one. This is part under this is container. Okay. Pardoned container tour, different entities within your part, our container stunts that I'll come in the dedicated kubernetes course. Next. This part is running on the restart zero, and it is running from 60 seconds. And also we can use one more option which will give some more details about these parts. You can see here. These are the parts on the parts. How the internal Liapis. By using this, I p, we can access application on you can see here. These are our North I. P's. One part is created in one or other parties created in another north so that it would be highly available, even though one nor ghost don't still, your application would be accessible. But so far we have created only deployment. That's way we cannot access this application from the outside. We can access within the system that is w get followed by the I P address on followed report number. But port number 80 is the default port number. So even though we don't space way, we can able to connect to our application. It's connected under downloaded. And if I open this where we can see that the engine, it's a default. Five. All right, Now let me remove this file on a clear the screen cube CTL get Ford's minus. Woo hoo! I'm executing this command again. So now we could able to access this parts internally. If you want to access this part outside off you were cluster. Then we must create its service for this one to create a service. We have a command called exposed that is cube CDL expose under deployment. What? The deployment we are exposing our deployment. Name is sample engine ICS under on which port number we are exposing toe the external network, External network Nothing but cluster network. It is port number 80 on the pipe load balancer. Whenever we execute this comment, it is going to create. Yet service on the service type is Lord balancer. We have different types off services or their Lord balance or nor port on a few other depends upon the use case. You can choose the right one. So whenever we exude this one, it exposures our services to the external network. Under it exposes on a random port. This random port is commonly created in the kubernetes. By using that port, we should access our cluster. So cube CTL, get services. If you execute, we can see here We have created a service called Sample and Genetics, and it is type off. Lord Balancer, this is Cluster AP, and excellently. People don't get in the cluster Liability is running on port number 80 under outside. We need to access it from the 30,000 won. This is the port number we should use. No, we can access this one from the outside nothing but in the browser. So we should probably Masters are where I p followed by this port number. So let's go and grab. Our masters are very p. So I'm taking the master server or DNS. This is Master Server. Read all the services running on Kubernetes cluster. We should access from the Master nor Donnelly. 30,000 won on the enter. We should be able to access ever engine ex service from here. Problem here is this port number is not exposed in the security group level. Let me go on, expose it in the security group level. So this is the security group which God created from our you're going to system while executing cops. I'm adding one custom port. What is the Port Tostitos under one. And it should be accessible from anywhere. For time being. Syria it Now let me try to access it. Yes, you can see here. Welcome to end Knicks. Where this application is running on Cuban. It is cluster. There is. Your party's there on that. It is running now. What I will do, I'm going to remove these two parts. So let's get the parts to remove Parts Cube CTL they lit board under part names. So whenever we deleted what happens, our application won't be accessible. But our deployment I didn't say that. The parts are not running under it Recreates done new parts. Let's see. Don't be played. Access it currently It could be down. Yes, you can see. Here it is. It's created. Created new parts And let me get the personal You can see here. New parts God created 13 seconds ago. Let me test it one more time. I'm deleting only one part of this time. Sorry. Cubes Citadel daily part on DA again. He played around this one You can see here. One party is running from 61 seconds. Another one is from four seconds. Right. This is how we can create our deployment on services in Kubernetes. But in the real world, we don't create a deployment on services. By using the comments, we create a amel pills where it has all the definitions. We just need to execute those amel felt so that our parts get created. And also, whenever there is a new deployment, we just need to remove the world containers. It pulls the latest emails and create the new container. How it is goingto happen. We are going to see in the next decision in next decision we are going to create service under deployment. Wells on. We will see what and all the information is there in that Thanks for watching this video and see you in the next video. 33. L33 - Create Deployment and Service using YAML files: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In previous video, we have seen how to use Cube CTL command line to create our deployments Armed services. In this video, I'm going to show you how can we use deployment and service files? I have already creators. Harvey's under deployment files for our project. So it is updated in our simple develops project. Let's go here. So here we have. Relax, E deploy under galaxy service, our Jim Dirty Galaxies our plane for this client. We are creating our co opportunity set up. Let's open it and we'll see what is there in this. All right, this is the kubernetes deployment file. We have washings in our Coburn. It is filed writing. So ap A. What should we need to do? And kind you need to space weather. What kind of service you are creating? We are doing the deployment. Apart from deployment parties, the replication control it. Is there services there? So depends upon what kind of thing you are doing. According to that unity space feeder kind here we are using the deployment on DA next. That deployment of name, we are giving this one on the label. Also, we are giving the same. This is the APP label with this name that up. Get creator on the replications. Whatever instructions we have given in the common land similar way we are creating to replications Next. I don't talk about this one right now. We'll talk about once we have done initial set up. So initially I don't copy this one in our court Next template. So template is nothing better to create our part Water template. It should use the app name again It is They will accede there Warps project then container named This is the container name Biloxi develops project on from where it has to take the image that is wearing kill Simple develops Demo. We haven't to creator this repository yet. If I goto over darker hub so we're young kills. So with my ankles account, we have only simple develops images there One more. Reportedly we are going to create and push the image into that repository and pull it from here on the container port on which port number our application is going to run. It is run some port number 800 which we are using from starting. So this is our deployment file Similar where we have service file as well. So whatever we executor from the common land Same things would be there. Artisan toe that we need to give the proper syntax. We should follow this index well, creating over normal people. Same thing we are doing. So the api a Washington Be one on the kind. If you see here, this is service So name of the service We are giving relaxes service on the app. They should be same as our deployment. Let me open the deployment file as well. So in the deployment in the deployment we have given as they relax, it develops project. Same thing we should give here next selector it Select Stop this container and it creates a load balancer Now under ports. If you see here, our application is running. Port number, age rate zero in the container on the target port. Nothing but in the cluster level we are exposing onto port number 800 So this is art part level. This is our Coburn. It is cluster level. This is to external nothing But from outside we want to access. In previous video, we have used tatty toes and one because it randomly created. But I don't want to create it randomly because it would create randomly. I need toe open each and every porter. Diab Lee, a secretive group level, which is not possible. That's why I'm fixing that this application should be Always expose on port number 31,200 so that I can open only the sport number in the security group level so that we can access over application. Got it. Now we are going to use these two files to create our part. Let's go on to create these files in our system. First, let me copy it. Let's go on over. Server, This is our master server, Peter Bloody am. Under route. That's okay. Cat relaxes service on DA. I'm copying because it is a, um l feel we should follow the appropriate spaces as it is. We need to copy next to go back. I'm also creating the deployment file. So cat, relax e d plight on a carpet of fine. Okay. I helped copied it. As I said, let me remove the strategy. So were you. We will keep only replications and I will explain that once we executed with this. I'm just serving the felt. Okay, Now we have deployment and service files. How? We have created deployment on surveys earlier. Similar Where? We are going to create through files this time. But here we are not using the engine x application. We are using our one application. So yeah, we don't help this one for testing. What I will do. I will just change The de Moya's emits so that that image is already available. It pulls the image and create a part with that one. Let's go and do that. Three A. Relax, it deployment. So what is the image we need? That is simple. Develops image. That is the one we are we were using. Same thing I'm going to use in this lab as well. Everything is set. First, we should create a deployment, then service. So to create your deployment, we should Executive Command called Cube City. L let me clear the screen to create a deployment. We should executing a command called Cube City Ill. Same comment. Cube city, Ill on Ah, play our play minus f. Nothing but file. So whatever instructions are there in this Well, please, our play Those with that one, it is going to create a deployment. Okay. Deployment is created. Cube C t yell, get deployment. Okay, now you can see yet this is our previous one on that. This is the current one we have. Relax a deployment on DeVito that to desired systems. That is what? They're in the pile. And currently both are running up to date Onda available. Both are not available yet. Let me execute it one more time. Yes. This time it is available. Nothing. But it is accessible. It is 15 seconds. So it was getting ready under tow. A world confusion. Let me remove this sample engine ICS Cube, CTL delete deployment and also service. Also, I'm going to delete Cube. See Thiel get services and we haven't created service for our will accede deployment yet. Let me remove it, Cube. See the yellow Dailide Sort of these can be pretty. Execute, We hope Only default service. Let me create the service. Same commander to create a service Cube City alive. Play Minah Sierra under the service name service. Also God created Let's get the services. Okay, we can see here we have your service on. Let me get the part as well. Cube CTL get ports on the boat are running. Okay, good. From two minutes minus what you can see here. These two are running in the two different systems to make sure that it is highly available . No, To access our application, we need to use the kubernetes Masters RR ap followed by our external port. What is our external port in service file. We house Pittsford. That is 31,200. This is the port number. We should access our application. So let's go into console. I'm going here where? He was accessing my engine Ex. Let me change the port. Okay? I can't access it right now because we should open this port number in the security group level. Let me go here, Edit. And instead, off that the u 30,000 won and changing it to 31,200 I played. Now let's re pressure it. Yes, we can Able to access the default pace on the slash were bad. This is the file, right? Yes. Hello. Welcome to simple develops project. Deploying any container using answerable playbook. This is the world image. That's why we have this one Now what we should do Whenever the reason update in the court, it should create a new image on with the new U means we should create our new deployment. That is what we are expecting for that one. We should write answerable playbooks in next video. I'm going to show you how to integrate. They were kubernetes with answerable. And how can we create answerable playbooks until then? Bye. See you there. 34. L34 - Integrate Kubernetes with Ansible: Hello, folks. Welcome back in this video we are going to see how to integrate our kubernetes with answerable To enable this one. I brought up my answerable server which was Don't. And also our Kubernetes cluster is running. I have a better proces er toe integrate kubernetes with the answerable in our get help repository Let's jump in under Cuban it is folded itself. We have your file called integrating kubernetes with danceable. If I go here it how list of the steps What we should follow Frustrating is like incredibly a server on the copy public Janda Kubernetes Cluster Master a cone. This is the step we need to do so that our answerable can ableto do the password less At indication with the Kubernetes Master next update hosts filed with the new group called Kubernetes on our Kubernetes Master In it, I'm going to create a new host Well under that host well I will air the Kuban. It is must raping next, create answerable playbooks to create a deployment and service. These are quite simple year. It's something like, Ah, it is something like what we have executed in our previous lecture. So if I goto deployment. This is a kubernetes Alexei deployment. I will tell you how it can be done if I goto tasks. Just we are using the command What we have used in last lecture to create a deployment. And we can ignore this one for time being because I will explain when we are using our Jenkins job Similar way If I goto over service file, this is also quite simple. We are going to eggs Good only over Cube Citadel Command instead of using common model we can still use the Cube CTL model which is available in there danceable. But this is his. It'll manage. So I'm using the common model. Let's jump into regrettably, a sovereign integrate Cooper Nitties with danceable. So let me get the I p off our answerable system. This is the I P position. This is Hitch I p address on key paid and for sensible surgery It is easy to menace, User, for better understanding what I will do, it will change the terminal appearance. I will give the this one so that it gives a different color. Yes, under let me increase the foreign Saiz, I will rename the terminal as well and Sibyl Server so that it would be easy toward and fight. No, let's become answerable, user. I'm answerable user Now I want to log in tow Kubernetes cluster rethought password Then we should copy our public and to Kubernetes cluster. Yes, it's copier. They also can do. But we should create additional user for that one. Why? We need to use that one will use the existing user itself So let's goto Dart Shh! Here we have idea Racy pub Whatever is there in this file just to copy this one and go toe kubernetes Master Goto telling nothing but home directly in the darkness. Yet here we have operated file I upload this file shifter g war. Okay, it is not copying. So let me created So instead of doing that one double greater than our trade I'm just a pending a letter public Ito, that friend considers Don't let me open it. So I have ordered So where I have edited under root account I heregger So from answerable system I can log in tow kubernetes master as a root user. So let's try that one. It's a search minus i on danceable server public AP addressed let me take because I cannot use private I p address here. Both are different. We pieces. Either you need to enable we peace eternal in which is another concept. So it's such minus eight. Tilled slash Dark as his hit under already. Or isi, this is our private key onto target system as a route I want to log in. So just takes a goatee. Yes. Yes, I could able to log in tow 33.1 26 from my 21 daughter 216 system. Okay, so alerts exit Nothing, but I can able to like in tow kubernetes cluster without password. No, Clear the screen. So foster strip is done as per our documentation. Next update host file with the new group called the Kubernetes on our coburn, its master in it. For this what we should do, we are going to CD slash war. Pity underwear. Pity we were working on darker directory. Now I'm going to create one more directly pseudo um Katie Air Coburn It is. I'm creating a direct recalled look over Nitties. Let's go inside the Kuban. It is nothing, is there? Let me create hosts. Well, sort of EA hosts here. I'm going to add my answer. Will server that is local host on da our Kubernetes Sarwari be as well So kubernetes Sarwari p I can take it from here. This is the core Bernetti sovereign Now instead off using this one directly we can use other option is there In previous lectures we were directly using it. We can have one more efficient with grouping this horrible So and Sibyl server similar were I'm creating you Burn it is group under this one. What hours are worse? Are there those can be accessible a sick over in this group So let it be like that No cat hosts, Okay, This is how our hosts file. Let's go Tar step that is create answerable playbooks to create a deployment and service. We have already opened it. Let me copy this. Let me take the file name first. Sort of a A file name. Hi. Next Copy the file with old. So there too No special characters comes and I'm not copying. This one will use this one in the next recession, So let me copy it. Okay? Opportunities will actually deployment is done Similar A sword over here. Kubernetes. Relax. E service start. William, L Hi. So this is our service. Well, I'm copying service. Okay, We have copied it. Now, if you see Here, let me open this file. So I'm hoping that deployment fell. We are creating your part using their deployment. And if you see here hosts, I'm using Cooper Nitties. So this is the Coburn. It is group under this group. Whatever star wars are there on that Star Wars, this playbook is going to run. We are going to create a deployment only and master North. So we have space for the master north over here. Right on. Become true. It is optional. Just I kept it. Because anyway, we are liking as a route, so we should log in as a route to user. If we don't specially this one, it will try to like it as a Ennis had been itself, because that is the default user. Right? But there is no in this admin user in our masters are up. That's why I'm saying toe my system that use the root user to log in. And the A nus had been how the privilege to become your route on the target system because we helped copied our keys onto Route User Next to task we are just executing the task toe. Create the animal feel This is the commander. It takes a good on the remote system. Similar Where we house service file. If you see here this is the same thing over here. Aren't service file alright there? Cell for this lecture In next video we are going toe Execute this wells and see how it is going to create deployments and services. Thanks for watching this video. See you in the next video. 35. L35 - Create Deployment and Service using Ansible playbook: Hello Prince will come back in previous lecture We have set up over answerable to execute deployment on services on target system. Now we should execute the playbooks and see what is going to happen under Kubernetes cluster. Before executing, I will jump into my kubernetes cluster on removed. All the resource is which were created earlier. Clear the screen cube, CTL gift ports cube, CTL get or deployments Deploy cube, CTL Cube, CTL get salaries. Okay. Now what I'm going to do whenever we remove their deployment, it removes the parts as well. Cube CTL delete deployment under deployment. Name on the face. Either Deployment is not there. Whenever we delivered the deployment, it tells the parts as well. Now let's deliver the service as well. So cube CTL del it service followed by service name. Okay, there is a typo. Okay, We heard the litter service as well. Nothing is there now. Whenever I run my playbook, you should create their deployment. Then it should create the service. Let's go and do that one. Clear the screen unless to run our answerable playbook and Sibal playbook minus a hosts on a followed by. Our deployment fell in our deployment file. We have specified that on which surgery Children, it is runs on one Leon Kubernetes master etc. Okay, it's executor successfully on If I see if I see cubes it, he'll get to deploy Yes. When deployment is there on the get parts. Okay, parts also God created next next to playbook is to create a service, same command and service. It is creating service years on DA. Now you face See the surgeries? Yes, it's created six seconds ago and we have hard quarter port number as yet 31,200. So it's exposed on the same port number only if I refresh it still like enable toe access May application. That is how we can use answerable playbooks. Now what we want to do is instead off running this sensible playbooks manually. I will add this one into our Jenkins job so that Jenkins is going to initiate playbook on the playbook. Sar initiated that deployment and service files way we are using answerable to do that when we can't we eggs eagle to deployment and service files directly. And the Jenkins there were, But we should probably the authentication toe the cluster with the Jenkins. Moreover, if any prerequisites are necessary, it cannot ableto do that one. Nothing. But we should create a maze also. Right? All right, That's all for this lecture in next lecture, we are going to see how can we created Jenkins? Job toe, do their deployment? Nothing. But we create only Serie job. Thanks for watching this video under. See you in the next video. 36. L36 - Jenkins CD job to deploy on Kubernetes: Hello, folks. Welcome back to decision in this video. I'm going to show you How can we created Jenkins job? So do their deployment on Kubernetes cluster. To do that when we need to log into our Jenkins server. I just brought up our Jenkins or where it is still inning initial aging start butter. We got public AP. Let's log in. General Jiro are going and for a sword. So I have locked into my Jenkins council here. We should create our Jenkins job. So do the deployment for that one. Let's go to the new item. So did play. Okay? Deploy on Kubernetes City job and it is a free still project and walk it so we just need to execute comments under answerable how we were doing earlier. Similar way We don't do anything over here because we don't want o build with to this job. We just want to deploy post a bill Accents go to send the build artifacts over. It's a church on on which, sir? Where do we want to run this playbooks? The designs Bull server On what? Playbooks. We should run that we should space way over here. So let me copy the playbooks. Clear the screen, Peter. Bloody. They're less so I'm going to run answerable playbook and simple playbook minus a on the part slash hosts hosts are there. Then again, part earned. What is the final in? So first, we should create a deployment for the deployment of this is doc file. All right. And we can give them equal on here while executing this command continuously are inter also fine. Stay that way. Next commanders seem we are going toe execute the service file. So Service hood, that's it. Our play on Syria. So I helped create a Jenkins job. No. Let's go and remove whatever we created earlier by executing manually. I'm on my Cuban. It is Master Nord Cube. CTL delete deployed cubes. It'll delete to deployment. Our deployment of name is will accede Deployment similar here, Cube CTL daily. It sort of ease our service name is relaxes service. Let me clear the screen. We'll see. The parts first know parts are there then nor deployments are there? No services are there. Once I exited my Jenkins job, we could able to see that one. And also one more thing. We cannot able to access our application right now because parts are not did. Once we execute that job, we could able to see all this stuff. And ah, we could able to access the application. Let's build this. No. Okay, let me refresh it. Look, you're building successful, okay? There isn't some defecation warning, but our jobs are successful. Let's go and see in our system. Let me get the parts. Yes, Parts are there. Let me get the deployments. Let me get the services. OK? Everything is fine. And I am also trying to access my application from the browser. So everything is working as expected. Now one more step Togo is. Whenever we push any court, it should create a new images to create a new you Miss. We can use our previous job nothing but which we used to create our remisiers on going back and I will show you. Okay, Deploy on docker container using answerable playbooks and con figuration. Please. Go on, See? So this is what we were using. It pulls the court from the get hurt. It checks the court for every minute under do the build. Creative, careful and copied of our file unwto answerable server answerable server creating an image by using this playbook under deep. Lay down your doctor host as a docker container. But in our case, we have created a sooty job which can deploy your emails on your kubernetes cluster. Now we just newly Annie May's so until creating any team is I mean to say, until this playbook would be sufficient for us so that I would see a job just to creation Dark Kareem is on the city job. Take that image in the deploy Tanya Kubernetes Cluster. How can we do that? One We are going to see in our next video until then. Bye. See you there. 37. L37 - Jenkins CI job to create an Docker image: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In previous video, we have seen how to set up deploy on kubernetes Siri job. In this video, we are going to create deploy on kubernetes, see a job to create a container. We should have your images that emails should be always latest so that we can have the latest application on our container. So in this video, we are going to create that see a job so that it creates Elliott estimates on the Serie job can pull the latest image and create a container out off it. Oh, do that one. We should use the hour earlier job which we were creating your enemies Under deploying on your docker container, we have a job called the deploy in your docker container. Using answerable playbooks. In this playbook we were creating Dockery Mies end of deploying on your docker containers, right? So instead of docker container, we are using kubernetes cluster, so there is no much difference. We can use the same job by modifying little bit before using you to Let's understand this job. What is there in there? Configured And ah, if you see here, it is going to pull the court from the get hub repository on the policy. Um, nothing. But whenever there is a change in the court, it pulls the court next it is building by using palm dot xml Once it build aware fell it copies The var file on principles are were under slash were pretty docker Once it is copied over there, we have your playbook in that folder which creates a e mais under attack. That image pushed The team is under Dr Hub. Then they lead the image. That is the task it do in this location. I've been logging toe my answerable system and show you this file. I am on my answerable server. Let's go to Syria slash were pretty docker and we are talking about create simple develops Amazed out Wait a minute. If you see here Fostered creates enemies under slash war pt darker on the tag The seam is as well angles because we want to push it in tow wearing guilt. Then push the same Isn't or doctor, huh? Remove the emails on local. That is what it would do. Onda, we how mentioned here as the host salt and to skip the all the North We are using the minus minus local host instead of that one. So even we can create a group over here for the local host on to use it. But let it, before time being toe aware the confusion. And also we have docker file here and we're feel also getting copied over here. So nothing to change to this file looks jumping double Jenkins job and go back. I'm not changing anything over here. Let's create a new job, deploy on container, see a job. And we are going to copy this one from our answerable playbook. Okay, so description I'm going to give you create Docker. Amazed using without a fight. Next repository is same on the policy. Um let it be And it beats only here If we come, we are going to copy wherefore long principles or were years nothing to change here. We just need to remove it. That's it. So that it is going to create the container our play on Syria. Poor testing purpose. Let's build this one And also goto over hob dark docker dot com I have already logged. Didn't I think Okay, you can see here. Simple develops images updated eight days ago. It should be update. No, it's initialized. Let's open this one. Okay, it's running and pushing The image under Dr Hub their team is is getting up later. Here are not Yes, you can see here 84 it's subjected few seconds ago. So it means that our see a job is working fine. There is no issues. So to make it more relevant, what we can do is instead of building imagined a slash were pretty doctor, we can build on that slash war. Pretty kubernetes for that. We should copy these files so pseudo young be docker file as well as this foil onto slash were pretty kubernetes. Let's go back slash Will pity Cooper notice. Now we can create images directly over here, but we should change this one little bit because we are creating outlier. We were saying that creating maze under slash were pretty docker. Now we are going to say that creating maze under slash your beauty burned kubernetes Okay, this is one thing. Another thing is they're less monetarily. Slash for preteen Cooper Nitties. If you see this is currently wound by root user. But as here as a Jenkins we are trying to log in to answer. Bulls are over as a Ennis had mean. If you remember, we help configure the A nus. Admit credentials. I will just show you, man. Is Jenkins so contradict system you can see here. This is Dr Host on Docker host to Dr Admin User and Simple Server. We are liking as a in a segment, so we should give the pre less toe This directory for Ennis had been further to see which one minus are Yeah, genocide mean colon in a segment slash Will pity Cooper Nitties. Okay, there's this pseudo we should do so that this folder is wound way in a segment. And also the files which are there in this are warned by inside me and ah, our Yeah, what image file Also we can do the little bit modification instead off all we can space further answerable. Certainly So we were doing that we would spacing all over here. And also we were limiting toe execute on the only local host in stuff that one. I'm just giving that this group name so that it indirectly refers to the local host. We need not to space for a explicitly minus menace. Local host. Okay. And according to this, we need to change the job because our current answerable file is available in this location on the hosts were also available in this location. So let's go back on a modified over the job on the march affair with job back to Jenkins. So see a job, right? Con figure. We just need to change their part of where it should copy. The bear fell on the very It should execute this and simple playbook. So we want to copy. Over where file under Coover. Nitties. Let me increase it. So this partner, I'm also going to change toe slash Will Beauty Cooper Nitties here also because where does it mean copied of our fell onto slash were pretty coburn. It is on the execute answerable playbook minus I slash were pretty kubernetes hosts. And also the Armel file is available under this location minus menace limit. Local host is not needed way because we have already specified in the horse execute only unanswerable server. I'll play save it and ah, let's build it again this time. What should happen? It should execute on the copy. The var file into this location. So far, we don't have anywhere fell popular were failing to dislocation on. But this doctor fell used to create a It means on that emails get renamed and pushed into darker hub. Let's go on to see if it is creating confusion. You can still create a minutes under. Slash were pretty docker, but I just attacked that if we have the c A city job files in the same location, so it would be easy. Now let me refresh it. This train, it should be 85. Yes, it's working print, so I'll say two to execute our Jenkins job in next video. We can integrate see a city job so that whenever we do any changes to our court, our see a job should execute. Then I would see the job get it. Regard on the new deployment should happen. We'll see how we can enable this one in the next video. Until then, by suited 38. L38 - Integrating Jenknis CI CD jobs to deploy on Kubernetes: Hello, folks. Welcome back. In previous lecture, we have seen how to create a C a job by modifying our deploy and docker container using answerable playbook. And also we are running this job under Slash were pretty kubernetes so that the files which are required for these two jobs are in the same location in this video will integrate Siri job as a don't stream job for see a so that we never see a job is executive and if it is successful, it is going to execute the city job. If it is failed, it won't execute those Syria job. For that. Let's jump into oversee a job on Goto configuration toe Marty free under this one. If we go here post to build actions under post build accents, we have your option that build other projects. Let's choose the project on it comes abo here, So I want to execute other project that is deployed on container Siri job. When do you want to deploy? I trigger only if building stable nothing, but if this building stable, then only run it we have another option is even though buildings unstable are building pills, we can choose it But, er we want to make sure that our see a job is success before executing Siri. Play unsavory? No, to exude our see a serie job. What I'm going to do is I will modify our court. You never get help so that our see a job can identify that the research in because police seem is enabled. I will just show you Yes. Policy, um is enabled. Undeterred. Trigoria, Build it build. Sit on the creator emails and the emails get pushed into Dr Hub. Once it is successful, then Siri job get eggs. Good. Because our buildings table on the Serie job pulls the latest image on created container out off it. But we'll see whether it works or not. What I will do before doing that. Let me go toe C d job as well. We have one build here to make sure that both are having at the same level. Let me believed one more time. Built one more time. What happened? We are just going to see deployment. You can see still what surgeries running from party seven minutes. Nothing but previous deployment only. And even services also Nothing changed the way because there is no change in the myth. Now we are going to change the image because we are updating the court. So we should see the new deployment. For that, I'm using my Jenkins server to modify our court. Let's log into our Jenkins. Take the public AP off our server Goto over stations. This is huge by Pierre Toes on da Keep it. You see two minus user and we can change Tom Nuttall, which can Okay, I'm using this one. Something differ. Okay, this is our drinking serval. Become your route. Clear the screen less. Let me increase the farm stays and we hope. Hello, world Siri. Hello. World fib. The searching main rebel. Under this, we have your file called next our jsp. So just to edited. This is what we can see in the pros already. When you can see here. Still Okay. Started here. You can still see that. Hello. Welcome to simple develops project. Deploying on a container using answerable playbook. Same content is dead. Now we're going to update it as it deploying on Kubernetes Gruber Notice he was invincible . Paper. Let's serve it. Get heard. Get comet hit. Push Okay. Before pushing, Let me kowtow because it really so we own kids. Onda. Hello, world. You can see 16 comets are that we are doing the 17 to commit to. See? Yep. 17th committee is done. Now Go back to over Jenkins under core and see. And we never This job is executing. We can see the building. Scooter starters. Let's wait to trigger this one. Once it is successful, it is going to trigger the serie job. Okay, Building kill. You can see that. Okay. Multiple jobs are running. I will desirable most of the jobs because all these urgent for the there is a change. So I will disable this job next to Tom gets or will deploy and only gets that world so results. I'm goingto discipline. I want to see a job. I would see a job is working. No, let's see. But make until this storm cut one. We don't need it. So we'll see. A job is working. One See a job is done. Our Siri job is going to initiate. So in the background what will happen? It copies the where fail. Over here. So did 18 59 letters to wear. Find God created. See here. Deployment on Coburn et Siri Job is running. Okay, it's successful. Looks cool. Yes. Started, built or done. Let's review over deployment before that. Let's see. The Lotus team is because there are changes in the court. So 86 to come. It should happen. Okay, 86 committees done. And if I goto May, If I go to my cluster, I could see the new containers and parts. Right. We'll see what happens. Get to deployment. You can still see that their deployment is 54 minutes earned. Also parts. If you'll see the part, these are running from the 54 mayors. So what I'm trying to say here is if there is a change in the amaze, it cannot ableto pull directly until you have enabled worsening watching nothing but each and every time there is a change in the court promote from you. So you each and every thing there is a change in the court. We should update this felt. They only create the new part other ways. It thinks that okay amazes same. So no need to create. To overcome this problem, we are going to use the command called Rollout. Were it can able to remove the existing containers on to create the new containers. How to do that when an immortal changes, we need to do over playbooks under deployment. Friends, we are going to see in the next video. Thanks for watching this video and see you there. 39. L39 - Automate Deployment on Kubernetes with CI CD Job: Hello, friends. Welcome back. This is my last two practical session in this video's tutorial. So far, we have set up whatever is required toe deploy an kubernetes cluster. In this video, I'm going to show you how to deploy an Coburn. It is automatically without touching anything. For this, we need to modify our answerable playbook's a little bit so that whenever there is any change, it creates the new images. Push that amazing to Dr Hub at the same time it initiate their deployment. Deployment can ableto pull late estimates on determinate world parts on creating new parts . How we can able to do that one bill jump in and see. So to make sure we all are in same place, I'm going to remove all my deployment on services from the kubernetes cluster. Okay, first time removing service cube, CTL delete surgeries. Service name similar. Here cubes CTL delete deployed under deployment name. And also to remove stop parts as well. So we don't help any parts. It is terminating. We don't have any deployments and we don't help any services. All right, now, as I said, we need to update our court a little bit to make sure that all the process should work Before updating our court, Make sure that we are a cube city awash in wondered 15 That is the minimum worship to execute these comments because we are using your future called rollout protest ever. Cube City awash in cube, CDO Washington. Okay, if you see here our cube CD Elise at washing one dot Well, I want to upgrade it to upgrade. We can follow the same document which we use it to install on our woman to system. Let's jump in. Okay, Not her level. Yep. Simple develops Project Gotoku Bernadis community set up. And here we have instructions how to install Cube City l Same thing we are going to follow because it pulls the latest worship. Let me do that. But Stone lorded giving the exertion permission and copy this one on too. What us? Our local bin. No, Let me execute the same command. Okay, this time we are washing 1.1 play. This is one thing you need to do. Next thing is operating Velox It deployed out way mill answerable playbook If you remember correctly, we haven't copied all the playbook. Well copying this one. We, mr some portion on. I was saying that we can update this one later. That is what we need to do. Let me open this well, so you can see here. I have greater strategy on the image pull policy in this playbook. I will show you it from the get hub repository playbook. Let's go there. So relax. See? Deployment. If you remember, we were not copying this ruling. Upgrade strategy. So I have updated this rolling updates strategy on also we were not having this image pull policy always. What does it mean? That whenever it creating new part make sure that it pulls the latest emits from the get help repository. So those two we have updated over here. So this is done on the next thing is even our playbook. Also you play go back true, but it is earned our playbook. This is Relax a deployment playbook. We were having to tasks. We have carpet only one on dime. Adding this task to our playbook. If you see here we have your commander called Rollo to restart. Whenever we executed this comment, our world parts get stopped on the pull. The latest team is because we have given image full policy always. So it pulls the late estimates on to start the new container. This command is not available in Cube City. L wonder to want to worship. That's way I have greater Our Cube city awash in next. Copy this task on update aranzabal playbook. So go back onto answerable system. Let's hope another word Reiko Bernadis will accede. Deployment? I'm adding new task over here. Yes, Let me give this space for between these two tasks alignment is fine. Don't save it. We have set up everything to automate our deployment. So know what I'm going to do? I will come here are in the market for the index Start Jsp court. Whenever we modify it, we could able to see the new image getting built on that emits get pushed into over Dr Hub . So currently it is. We're not one. Let me see. Yeah, Current treaties were not one. It is going toe push one more. Dockery means once the docker images pushed our Cuban, it is cluster can able to identify and pull the maze and creative part out of it cubes. It'll get parts city looking to deploy Cube. Sit here, kid service. Okay, let's go and execute our continuous integration on the continues deployment jobs and see the result using danceable for Relax, eat technologies. I'm just update on my court. Let's are this court. Get tired. Get comet, get push. I helped push my cord. Okay, let's see. Comments should be 24. Yes, then. Bill, wait. This job get initiated. Alert or job is initiated. Let me open in new tab Opening this so initially copyist of our failing to this location as usual process. Okay, It's corporate bear friend on the creator. The Emmys? Almost. Yeah, pushing the image because it's created. You can see the docker images on answerable system. Okay. Pushed under the litter as well on request. See that, Major, we're here. We can see when not to. And also it's going to exclude Siri's up. Hopefully it might be completed by this time. Yeah, Completar. Now let's go and see the over deployment. Yes, we got one deployment 27 seconds ago. Our service just 33 seconds ago. UN reports 39 seconds ago. Okay, No, let's access over application. So Cuban or these masters are already Colon, 31,200. Right. We can see this port over here. 31,200 slash rebel. Yes, we can see here deployment on kubernetes. Using principle for galaxy technologies. I'm going to marry for our court one more time so that we can check one more last for deployment. It should replace our existing parts with a new one. So do that one. Let's jump into our Jenkins over to Marty. Pay over court hitched to one. Lost. But an idea. I'm pushing this court now. I don't touch anything over here. Within a couple of minutes, our job should get execute under. Pull the latest court on creating a new part out off that by replacing the world ones on I can able to access our new application from the browser. That is what I'm expecting from this job. Let's wait and see what is going to happen. Build the number 12 is executing? No. So build a number 12 is executing danceable level. You can see the images this time. Kurtz already pushed. I think you can see the letters to inmates. Pretties A villepinte? Yep. Let estimates, because we have multiple jobs that might be creating our Ismael pushes on. Let me refresh it. Yes, we can see that our latest comet has been update. Er this is how we can deploy on kubernetes without touching anything. So as a commuter are the starting off this lecture as the dollar per I helped pushed my according to get her. Jenkins has taken the court from get her on, exude the see a job through the sea a job answerable can ableto get the airfoil creating a maze out off it pushed that emission toe darker hub then deleted. The team is then Jenkins, execute Siri job, then answerable. Initiate the deployment and service felt on Coburn eighties and it creates their parts out off that. Andi, I have inter touched anything. I just pushed my court. I could see my deployment on kubernetes. With that, I can say that I have set up our see a serie pipeline using git Jenkins and Sibyl darker on kubernetes 40. L40 - Setup CICD for Kubernetes - Full lab: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my last two hands on radio station. In this really? I'm going to show you how to set up communities under Deploy Ionic over nineties using Jenkins unanswerable in your single video. It would be useful for you to refer once again once you completely were Course Don't do this. I will go through it all our get hub researches which we use in our training so that we can set it up quickly. As you have seen, I have explained how to set up kubernetes and deploy in kubernetes in our previous videos. In this lecture, I will just quickly run through with other all the steps I may not explain each and everything. Clearly with that, let's jump into our get hub repository. So I'm on my get hub repository Simple develops project Here we have a kubernetes holder under that we how Cooper natives set up Dart MD which is having steps to set up communities in this case. First we should set up we and we've been too easy to instance I have already logged into my ear oblivious management console. Let's go to ec2 But our new instances we don't have anything So I have stopped. Are lower develops in were mental Let's lunch and instruments It is Ruben toe Tito Micro would be sufficient. Nothing to change here. Their GP would be fine Bag name kids management Sort of A Because we are managing our communities using this select existing security group earned lunch Keep it develops project Keep that I'm using We'll wait until it comes up I'm repression My console Yes, it's running their stake The I P address Open more baxam Fission This is Hitch I P address followed Play our private key turn it is We're window system so user is open toe under look to increase the font size No let's become your route Clear the screen So makes the strip insoluble Eassey life for that Foster Stone Lord Wsc Laybourne Deal Now we should NGO a think on gyp is not there in Woburn to system So a deputy get our deputy install Sanjay burned right on even fight on also we need Yes I want to install it Next Bungee pervert Jarabulus here lay burned in next Install it So we have set up a rwc Really? The aws minus minus Russian Yes, You just installed. Next we should install Cube CDL to install cubes. It'll faster download it then. Next to commander would be our execution. Permission toe this. You can just see that bank. Yes, this is the fun. There is no exhibition permission. So let's add it. Next thing we should move it into slash serious or local bill. That's it. No cube. CTL Yes. Cube City awash in 1.1 fe we have installed. But this is the latest watchin right. Next we should install cops. Cops is a tool which is useful to set up Kubernetes cluster on air. Oblivious Retorted this We cannot able to talk with our AWS management console. So we must need it. So once it is, don't already even we should have execution. Permission tothis Okay. Barrett execution permission. Okay. This is the one. No moment in tow, us or local being. It's done. We should create I am user our world with the road 53. Easy to I am under strict full access. Let's go to the AWS console services Are you roads? Because our boon to system also sitting in a terrible years so roles would be sufficient on . We are attaching this role. Luisito next to add part of mission we need to add Is it off Lexus next? Yes. Three full Lexus? No, just about 53. Full access. Then I am for Alexis. Name, Community lives Roll cared strong kids of all And you can see here, you see, Two years three Road 53 a. M for Alexis. We have granted create year old once role is creator. We should attach this rolled over, you see two instance Let's go back to again On easy to instance console under here we hok its management system actions No instant settings attach Replace Are you involved? Okay, let's role play. That's it we have done Now. Now we need to tell toe this kubernetes management system to create service only on Mumbai region. For that, we should right the AWS conficker. We don't have access Caylee in secret excess. Keep because it is a role on the default reason. Your piece? So one. This is Mumbai region Name on output. Let it be default. That's it. Now I will just execute you're abuses three or less just to make sure that our role is working. Yes, we can access history. And this is the bucket which is already exist. Little b. We are going to start our conflagration in this bucket. I will go and make it empty. So again, services Yes. Three in new tab Go to s three. I will just make it empty so that we don't have any data in this book. It come pump under it. Next, our teacher and I am build. Yes, it's done. Turned around. Conflagration No! Create a road 53 Private Who's to juniors? Let's do that now again. Go to services and it comes under networking about 53. So this is wrote for 23 DNS management. Good starter. No clear. Create host of June. Relax, eat dark night. I'm giving and it is a private close to John. If it is publicly accessible, then we can use the public oestrogen. Now let's go to Mumbai region. This is the region we are using and created. So we have created a host of Jones for galaxy dot net No, let's go back again. No, we should create an s three bucket. This is the commander toe create from you were kubernetes management console but Anyway, we have already this bucket. Now we export this bucket so that cops can able to store the conflagrations in this bucket . So we have exploited no generated. Keep here. This keep it is useful to largent over Kubernetes cluster. Without creating this, we cannot able to create cluster. No, this is the commander to create a cluster that is create cluster in your the bluest clothes . Available to June Episode 21 b next kubernetes cluster name DNS. Joan name under the Dennis Dennis zipper. So it creates only definitions on store seen over areas. Three bucket. I will just assure you go to inside the bucket again. Inside. So these are the configurations which just got creatively. Others to 24th 6 40 Okay, no, it has been created. And if you want to modify a were clusters, that is a great comments under to set up our cluster. We should makes good this comment. But before doing that one, I will just make sure that we are going to lunch Smaller instances. Otherwise, it is going to lunch bigger instances. So, master instance I'm going to launch it as you t too small, so toe change your master nor capacity. We need to edit this conflagration. Onda here, you can see See for large We really donors see for large. So I'm going with older it on a few other conflagrations. If you wish to change you continued here to set up our cluster. Actually, we should execute this command Sandy to takes 5 to 10 minutes. Once it is successful, we can valued it our cluster And it also displaced the comments which is required toe execute after sitting up your cluster. Just let's see that So see here to validate cluster This is the commander to list North Cube City will get north So levels two associates This is the commander with admin user. We should log in on This is the U. R L, which is going to create in our DNS will wait 5 to 10 minutes to validate our cluster. Then we'll jump into our master note. I feel just to show you this is wrote 53 on the road 53 record sets We can see traditionally four record sets has been created under easy to We will get the three more north must raise to two micro in the north 32 medium because we haven't changed the north. Let's wait until our cluster comes up. It takes 5 to 10 minutes. I'm just pausing this video. So let's validate over Cluster Still it is creating. Looks great. Let me read on the command again. Yes. Our close trees dirty No to log in Dover Cluster. We have your command. That is yes. A church on the key followed by admin user onto over clusters. Yes. I want a large in. Okay, I have locked into me. Kubernetes mustard No Become your route. Clear the screen. If I don Cube CTL what should Here? You can see it is running with worsen 1.1 toe. We want to upgrade this one to the latest Cube city awash in for that again we can follow the same documentation What we used to install on We're going to system. This is the one to install Cube City that is going toe. Don't Lord. And then we should change the permission on the move it into us. Our local bin No, you play executes him Command This time we could see the latest worsen Right now we should copy the deployment and service fields which are available in our get hub repository here is ever get her. Let's go back onto Kubernetes. Here we help will actually deploy and relaxes service. Let's open this. Copy this file. Name, character, Greater them. Copy this content. And if you see here, it is going to create a deployment that is well, actually deployment with the two replicas on the rolling update. And it pollster you means And it is always pollster Late estimates internally utterance on port number. Similar way. We should copy. Service plane. This is our service file on copies. Another thing. If you see here, we are creating relaxes service and also happening. We are giving a civil accident box project and it is a load balancer type. We'll definitely run some port number. A jury Jiro exposed on port number Gero Gero externally accessible from 31 affordable Jiro . Next we need to create answerable playbooks for that I'm going to bring up our and simple server currently in Stopper state. Let me start it. Refresh it. Okay, it is running. Take type. Beatrice Shushan, This is Hitch. I appeared herself and simple set of it. Keep aid and it is. Imagine, Lennox. So you see, two minutes user on to change the display cities, terminal settings, background. I'm going to use the solar arrays of the dark. Okay, we have a lot doing. Let me increase the font size. Become here in a sudden That's it. Clear the screen. Now we want to enable password less authentication between answerable to our kubernetes Master note for that we should copy ever Keep it on you. Dr. Associates are traded location off the server for that little goto. Darkest shich, Here we help my really underscore artesia dot pub This is your public e Let's Artis public in tow. Our trade the hosts India Kubernetes Master So in Beirut, that's a suits. Let me cat operator Keys. No double great within our treasure kiss. I'm just operating my key over here. That's it. Clear of the screen Now Let me test the password Less authentication between these two. There's a shit Marinus I already under spare artists here I p address off this system. Let me take the public AP because both are in different three pieces. We cannot connect with private eye. Piotr assists Onda. We should like no zero to use that right? The route art My purpose. Yes, I want to connect and you can see here you have locked into $61 to 31 which is the cluster ? Very right. So pass wordless authentication is enabled. No, we should create answerable playbooks for that. Let's go toe a pity. Unless let's create a separate A directory them care. Do you kids love? So this is the sorry we should do it to this soda. We have created the kids love and we should give the permission Toe this one toe in suddenly see hitch. So does he had to own in a side room for Lord by year end. That's on you pancake collapse under Let me do it with record suit. Well, great. Now we have set up whatever is required. Let's go insert two Cared slap Onda. We should create playbooks toe create images under execute our deployment on services. For that, it is already updated in our get help repository and go back to Cooper Netease again. Oops, something is missing. Let's go back. I think we haven't copied it properly into the fight, so let's go back citi dot dot Then this correct. Relax. It's service. Okay? It is not copied properly. So cat Greta done Relax e services. I can. I'm doing it this time. Clearly. Corporate let projector deploying. And also Kurtz copied properly. That's it. No. Yep. Go back. Cooper Nitties. So creating a maze. This is the uncivil playbook. We should copy. Let's copy this one. And also we have to create a host. Swell will create after creating this playbook. Take it. I'm no Nance. Well, sort of protect the filing because we are going toe. It was the same problem. Name. You know what Jenkins job then for not by our playbook. Alright. So danceable server. It is going to look for the server. For that we can create you. Invent refile Over here. V A hosts are under answer. Boom server. Here we are going to do local hosts and also kubernetes. No. We are going to give the Cooper 90 saipi. Atriss over here. That is available here. That's it. No, this is the file. We have created the means now. He means we are going to create under Yeah, kids lab. So this is the location we are creating unions it pushes him, isn't aware. Ankle doctor Hopes or nothing to change. Let it be. No, we need to copy to more files. Those are executing deployment file. This is the playbook. Toe, Initiate our deployment and copy this next service you training Shared some sort of ease. Cannot. Great with them on service. Even you can use V A. That's not your problem. But we have already created these fells not into righted so immediately. I'm coping by using cat greater them. There's all whatever is required. We have copied hosts File is set up under all our wound Way in this had been make sure that permissions are given to you and said me and, uh Yeah, Dr File. We need to copy. It is also available over here. So, Dr Hood with the doctor. Five in certain more. And copy this. That's it. We have set up all the stuff. Water. What is required? They're less manage cell. OK, everything is fine. No. Now let's go to over Jenkins over and created job our Jenkins or what is don't right now. Let me bring it up. Okay. Our Jenkin salaries up right now that the public AP her Gero Gero Not good earn poss world . So a new job, Hooper noted. See a job, Marvin. Okay, under let me get Repository World. Hello. Wound Korpi it. So we are creating darker image. We just created a career Amazed with this job. Select to get get your water under credentials are not here because it is a public one policy. Um So if the community is going to run clean and star clean, install packages to build no post bill actions Send a builder to practice war. Shh. It should be from answerable server onder. It is available under of Web app slash stargates Last start dark where? When the remove the prefix the depths last target, we are going to remove the mortar directly slash war Pity kids lab This is the wonder, but we should kill double slashes increase the farm says so. Double slasher scared next to create images, we should renounce a bill playbook. Principal playbook minus three for PT slash kids. Love slash Hosts followed a plea. Our playbook limp slash ore pt Dudes, I love smash our playbook. Leni's create simple develops in means That's it. It is going to create your enemies under the dislocation. I'll play See you. No, We should create your city job. Go back New item opportunities Sudi job It is freestyle. It is not marrying job creating cool opportunities deployment because we are to deplane. Nothingto build over here. We just need to do the post of elections and it should happen on and supple server nothingto copy. Over here. We just need to execute commands. Danceable playbook minus I slash will be These class cares Love slash hosts slash or pity strands kids lab slash our playbook name. So let's get the deployment file. This is order deployment for ends with similar Poland in one more job. Same commander. Let's copy it. Under this time, it is not a deployment it is service for Let me take the service way. This is the sort of this fine. All right. We have set up all the stuff which is required to exude this command Onda, we need to add this Siri job in our CIA job. Go here. Okay. This is initially ran way because we have enabled a policy um controverted no, under post elections, build other projects. So scroll up here. We should choose our government is Siri job. I'll play and we want to run native thirsty age of its stable. Soon That's it. We have set up everything. No, Before executing these jobs, let's go back to our cluster. Andi, clear the screen cubes CT. It'll get parts. We don't have any parts deployment. We don't have any deployments. We don't have any services except to default. One, right? No. Let's exclude the job on C before executing. Bobdart dr dot com We're and kills even we can change our we can create new repository if we wish, then even known it. So this is the one. So it's updated three minutes ago because our job ran 118 comets. That's OK now let's execute our job. Let me initiate our job manual in next time we are going to change our court So it is initiator. Let's open it. So it is creating image on pushing over a mess. Its success under dealing shattered city job. It is about to execute. Yes, it's initiated. Let's open this one Israel. Okay, this trouble so success Now we'll see the parts. Yes, we help parts. It's created three ports. Interesting. Okay. Yep, it is started getting one. Because only we need to. And also services. If I see. Okay, one service has been created and expose done. 312 Double digital alerts. Access it. I'm going to take Cooper Nitties Master Public clearness on 31,200. Okay, we should open this port in the security group level. We missed it. No, that's cool. Open it. Because by default to the sport doesn't comes with security group in Boone. I heard it. So these are not the ports which are necessary to run ever kubernetes cluster here 31,200 were reasonably Let's access it from public. Serve it. Yes. This time Tomcat application is accessible. Lived up ok, everything is fine now toe, Validate this 11 more time. I'm going to change my court for that. Let's log into our Jenkins server. Take the public ap so go to Shushan Issa Sitch Publicly Pierre Close It's six to minus user . Okay, become brute! Clear the screen. L s here We have hello world in court to the this sort She mean rebel? He had we having Nick started Jsp I feel but removed this all right. Glad to see you here because it is already lost. Shushan. So get out of Dart on. Get Comet Manus. Um, my trying not in this report. Get to push Martijn, Master, That's it. Once it is pushed, our Jenkins job has to take care off everything I mean to say my say city jobs should take care off everything. Let's see. Yes, you can see here to Bernetti. See? A job is executed. Let's open it. Job number three is executed. I don't touch anything. I want to see my latest application over here. Okay, so it is going to push the images. Katie Success next. Cube City. El Sirri job. It is about to execute. Yes. All right. Superb. Yes. Glad to see you here. Alright. That is how we can ableto atyou our continuous integration and continues deployment using gate Jenkins danceable docker Kubernetes hope you injure magician. If you face any issues, please write to us. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you. Aren't happy learning 41. L41 - Conclusion Section: Hello, folks. Welcome back to our last decision. If you are watching this video, it means that you have completed our simple develops project. Hope you have injured my lectures throughout the scores. If you form the any difficulties or confusions with the any lectures, please do reach out to me through the comments so that I can able to re record those videos are enhanced my way off teaching our documentation which we are going through that would helpful for us to better loving. If you would like to reach us through social media, we are available in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Please do follows over here with that, not I'm concluding my last video once again. Thank you so much to join with me to set up our see a theory pipeline using various tools. Hope you really injured it on the keep learning by for no