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Design a poster with abstract shapes and typography

teacher avatar Tom Appleton, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Making Shapes

    • 3. Modifying

    • 4. Taking it further

    • 5. Composing the poster

    • 6. Finalising

    • 7. Thanks for watching

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About This Class

In this class I take you through the live process of how I made the poster shown at the start. I take you through the techniques you you need to make the content, modifying it, and then lay it out compositionally.

Software used:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Meet Your Teacher

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Tom Appleton

Graphic Designer


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1. Intro: Hi, guys. Welcome back to another adobe illustrator approx two tutorial in this video. I'm going to be showing you how I made this poster design gonna be showing you how I watched do it from scratch. All the different decisions are made how it made the background, how walked the type, how I decided to lay out and then how it decides to pull it all together at the end. So this is a final product and the video is showing me how I came up with the idea and put it all together completely from scratch. So if that sounds like something you might be interested, then then let's get started. 2. Making Shapes: Hey, guys. So to get started, you just want to be in illustrator when just can use the Ellipse tool to get started making the shape So is your drawing out your circle You just want to hold down the key to the left of that This fun. So then with that held down, if you dry out a circle it maize allergic from copies of it as you drag it out, something like this. So this got a huge face on the front because it's got this, Phil. So if I got rid of that Phil, it is makes is really cool. Tunnel said Cemented shaper one. I know that I want fill of maybe like, Black Justin off black and I want a white stroke to sort of could eat shape a way that makes sense. So I'm gonna get a best. I'm gonna make a shape. Don't worry too much about the shape because we're gonna be manipulating on 30 sharp. So don't worry too much. Begin out. Sleep perfect with how you want it to look on the final thing. I might just make a few quickly and just pick my best. But my favorite one Okay, so this is pretty cool. Really? Live s So this is really cool service starting point. If you just need to make it like a poster, Like all you need now with this really is just some tax You could maybe quickly, many background black, the same cover. Yeah, and then you could just quickly group of this, shrink it down. You know, it's pretty cool. Just a starting point. So you could then may have a copy out. One group at and like on the other videos start to just distribute every breath. Yeah, that's just a really quick way of just starting to make some cool stuff. But that's friend of the day. So we got this. I'm going to copy this, and we're gonna put it into first of sharp. So just just copying it. So this is just in a four document. So I've made a blank a for documenting Photoshopped, and I'm just gonna paste it straight and just pixels so those that 3. Modifying: Okay, so no one first shot, we've got the shape in. Just gonna It's transparent on the background because you've copied the vector straight, and so I'm just gonna make a copy of it. So let's keep going back into a straighter and bring it back in. Every time I deli, it'll make a change. Oh, and that. So it's medicine. Something different that you want to put on your poster. There's a couple different ways a few of them have gone through in previous videos. But negation not seeing them, I'll go through just a few than now. So the first method I'll show you is the walk. So this is just at it. Ah, transform. Walk. So each of these squares in this mesh is just a different way that you can pull it out. So I mean, straight away, you can see what you can do. You consult, overlap it like this. But what I like so much is the different lines. This is this. This isn't something that I've touched on before, but just you can really get a sense about the motion of it because of all the strokes that we made, So just hide that black belt. We can go back in rabbits out when we put it back into a straight. We can take it further, but I just do it. Come with this. For now. An assault was pretty cool out loose. Totally different story side with. So you can see why it doesn't matter too much. So of what your starting point is, just it's all about the lines, really in the black background. So different way I'm just gonna keep copiers than as I go through just for reference. Let's run. So the next where she is the wave which didn't distort on wave. This isn't I swear by And I've shown this in, uh, another tutorial. So basically, you get your number of generators, which is how many times it's going to break up the shape, wavelength, amplitude in scale. You just have to figure out for yourself really and just get a feel for it. But it's a really quick way of just ah modifying the shape. The sign makes it a wave, sort of like a liquidy wave triangle, breaks it down into my jaggedly shapes and square squares. Cool for in a different way. It can sort of. You know, it breaks open squares at this, if you see, so that's cool. Some since it was signed for now. Because I like how it looks with all the lines. You got a number of generators being too. I'm just gonna play around with sense. One thing I do like to do with this is just if I feel like I'm just not really getting anyway, just quickly randomized, you can't undo. But you might find something that you wouldn't have got to just on the second yourself. Remember, you can take bits outside of this big black face, and it's really upsetting May, huh? But I will. I'm gonna get rid of it. So I'm just saw ended in out of my brain pretending it's not there, and I get rid of it later. You know something? And this looks pretty nice. You could really make core post with this. Maybe even put smith over the tough There are. So I really like her. That looks probably gonna use that. So just show one more thing. Uh, so I'm gonna go filter, and this time we're gonna go on to distort Andre Pirlo corners. So the follow on, modifies it around a circle on the rectangle. One does it to the shape of the page so you can get a clear idea of exactly what they dio. But with the polo one, it's cool. He could maybe do it once copier and then rotate it rounds and joining up, you know, make something I thought that means, But that's not what I want us now. I'm just gonna do that another way. You could basically just try any of these, but another good one is this exact, So you can choose Pond Ripple from center. I'm gonna go with Pond Ripple and just see what I could do it. These they get a little bit Mondal array with all the lines we've got so that I don't want that. I'm going to keep it somewhere around new thighs. You can see how it looks like pond ripples, but if you get it just in the right spot, it looks really cool. So, yeah, I'm sticking with five. So, like her that lows, Maybe it's a little bit plane, so I'm gonna come in. I'm going to use the Okay, so this is cool. So this could be considered Maybe a second start Important because I'm not 100% happy with this. Another of sort of mix of the lines. Bet I can go back into one of the other distortions at the wave and play that father on. This is going to give it a completely different feel, you know? So that was pretty cool. So just to finish this off, I'm going Teoh, add some noise. So I'm gonna use I start with this one, so I just want to give it some noise. So gonna go filter noise on at noise. So Gaussian noise was gonna zoom in, so I don't want too much because it's off can make it look a bit pixelated. Just a little bit. Just cause it really nice feelings gonna go. Every three I'm gonna put monochromatic on to keep the noise or one color all, uh, either black or white. Just because a girl black or white shape, I don't want it generated in pinks and greens and different colors. Yes. You can see where the noises come in. It just gives it and I saw of authentic veil. I'm just gonna do the same with this one as well. Just at the same noise level 4. Taking it further: Okay, So once you happy with how you shapes look, just export each one out as background, this files like PSD or P and G s men like that switched on that we're gonna go back into Illustrator. This is what I've been working on just since the last part. So I mean, I might decide to use that. I might know. So said the duck rent. I'm just going to go for a three. I'm gonna portray, um and I'd like cause to be RG Biggs. I'm probably gonna put it online somewhere. So it gets so I just want to go on file in place and just put in one of your shapes that you've made Second is joy. And so because I'm just started making this up as I go along and just showing you again, like in the last post a video. Ah, how I would compose it with these different parts. I'm just gonna So I'm working a couple at any one time copy bits over etcetera. So I'm just gonna play send my but the version, like other wave. Okay, So first thing one day is at some type, so I'm just gonna lock but the days ex im pretty happy with where they are now I'm just gonna write any word on top My head This put artist of wave so cool waves But in future era , the car loans gonna get pink. Now that's looking very nice. Is it history for just holding all dragon in service here? The one clicking on this outboard And then I can just go Alliance what board? And just align it to this one. Okay, so I'm, like, another looking for now. I think what I would like is to make these know full screen, Uh, not fulls of wit to the pace. And you couldn't hold on. Then he's gonna unlock Hold on a couple this out, but down with the outboard tool. Just click on this and struggle in. See how that feels. See it quite like this car since you're gonna make this smaller and some space and welcome . Defy. Now that feels pretty cool. Maybe it's a little bit too much going on, so I'm just gonna use the output tool whole. Don't drag us down. I think I'd like this sort of cut through the middle of the page, so I'm gonna just a line that about the right size. I'm just gonna copy out and press command f his world just paste it directly on top. I'm just gonna flip it around. See, There we go. Now it's starting to get somewhere that's looking really cool. So maybe that would actually look good as a full screen post a full page design rather than currently in the middle now that we put these blank spaces. So So this is just working. Quit. This is just making it up as you go along just for the fun of it, Really? You know, Said that looks cool with the why around the outside And what's it look like? Full screen, you know, looking really good. I really like. I like that. It's the same, the same design. It's Is it clear that it's identical? Maybe. Maybe it just looks cool. I quite like that. It's identical. So you can see just in this space for a couple minutes just solve where we're going. Okay, so I really like this and I really like this type in this color. I'm just gonna make this the same. Just say that looks just the type Let's go click on the outboard, but you want to work on to align it to it. Okay, so I think I'm enjoying this one the best to be fair. So I'm just gonna carry on working with this, so it's gonna come out, So think I'm gonna leave a small border. Just holds an old drug man. No, I like it. This is this. So this is what we're gonna work with, and in the final part, I'm just going to show you how it would not take this and ads and text finish it off and make it look like a really finished first. 5. Composing the poster: So just like in the other post a video did where I just sort of made up. So I went along. That's why I'm doing here. So this is where I am at the moment. Andi, this is the design I'm going to finish. So it's just working quickly and efficiently, and I'm just taken through each of the different steps that amusing to get here. So I think next thing I won't do is distantly with this type, that sort of response to the waves in this I think I just want to edit it a little bit. And I'm just gonna do it the same way we made the background. I'm gonna put it into that same first shot document. It's just pixels. And I'm just gonna way that nothing too much, just enough to make it no straight text. You know, you get this really cool things and put them on one. They got someone. I want it sort of going Stein, though going up. But I want some sort. Let a drag. If that makes sense like this, it's funny how you sort of you have an idea of what it is you want. Even the you have so little control over this filter. You know, I'm like that, but I think I'm gonna Iran denies that. These really nice, but I've lost my ass. A lot of what I do is using literally the same techniques, but just making something different with that, Which is why I always end up back on this waste panel. But it's just such a good way of modifying text, especially with sort thing that we're making. Okay, so once you're happy with the of the type that you've made just wanna crop it, and I'm just gonna export that, save that as a PST, But around this pin J pst, PNG wherever you'd like. I'm just gonna put that them back into, uh, poster. Okay, so we're getting somewhere. I think this is looking really cool now, so I'm just going to carry on. So we got busy type, busy background. This can either work or it can just be a total mess. So we're going to try and make it work. Do that start when making my type really big just to sort of fight against the background. And I'm just getting because it's such a simple shape I am gonna image trace it. Just have to even stress just to make it into a vector. Just expand white selection tool could that way. Just so this is now a veteran Weaken. Do everyone with that When you've got to save like an A Andi, you want to cut out the whole and use your white station toe backspace, and it just literally gets rid of the white blob rather than cutting out true easy. All you want to do is click on the White Blob, hold shift and click on the A. It's really going to Pathfinder and just click minus friend. And that just cuts out whatever is in front of the two things that you've selected. So that's that. So I think what I would like to do to give the type a chance is just make the background bit lighter. So I'm literally just going because bucking why I'm literally content down the apace. It's a maybe down to 50%. Well, both. Okay, so we're getting somewhere. I think I think one a little bit more color. I think it's tens by low bachelor. There you ask path lights against it, just fish off. Just got some more bits of type and some little details and just completely finished the composition. Made sure it totally works. So I'm just gonna add Cem small text. It doesn't really about to it much what it is for now, I'm just going awry. And first the tutorial for secure share. Just gonna 20. I think that's probably about size. Uh, says 12. Just a three. I want my Kernan back down to zero X is just small text. One of the same color is my other time. Okay, so I've got my type for now, put up a bit. So making person illustrated competitive in design. The grids on here on is easy to make. You can't just create guides like inside. So rather than using rulers, I just use a rectangle. So if I'm making a grid, I'm just gonna pick out. I'm gonna make it this size. So this is a really not the way to make a griddle, But it's really quick. And to be fair, so it works pretty well for May. I'm going to just hold all make a copy of days and then just alone that sits there. That's did that can just click it and align it to the edge. Okay, great. But I'm just making some random color. Nice. He could like the yellow. So I know now this really good crit that I've made that that should sit there. Oh, a concert. All those drag the men using chefs until it sits like that. And then maybe I could sit there instead, which sits nicely that fits really nicely around that shape. So that's definitely where I want a bit of text to go. So it's gonna move this out of the way. If I group it all moving out the next time I want to use it, I can just click horizontal line center, and it just puts it straight back over. So a little bit more text down here. So something to put December 2016 just colored rock this time. So it's identical. So just park this here much with this. See, I don't like how close it is to that and how far it is away from the bottom there. So I'm just gonna group my guides. I'm gonna make 1/2 the size. So this line hair is exactly half no gonna hold shift, drag this down, Put on top there. And now there that fits. It's perfectly exactly where I want it. 6. Finalising: Okay, so this is where we work to. Andi, we just got some time. We got some background, and I just want to show how I would just finish this off now. So one thing I do want to do is I want to make where this is touching. I also want this side to beat urgency. I'm just drag the out hurry, censor it. Think I want to try again with no Having this background is a full background and leaving a border around the edge. So I'm gonna bring my guide over that I made. I'm in a temper background. I'm gonna fit it. This guide say that looks see, that looks nice. Sort of hurt from a distance. That list Monica finished poster. It's not fighting with itself a much What would it look like if it was really small? Do you know it's nice to, but I think I like it s can. So this is where I am, I think and just want to have a couple mile X, a little details and then I think we're about finished. So from a distance is looking good. I like it more than full. The full page think on. I'd like some straight lines just really juxtapose the wave. I think you would do that by adding a to pixel horizontal line just halfway through there. Just watch the end of their This is gonna make it not the same color. Yes, I like how that feels. I think I just need a little bit more text as well. This is off the issue of makers, and then when they have no clear. So the point is just making a text, that sake of it, But it's really good practice. Anyway, I've just knowing that you want more text think of like since in vertical here. So the reason when I scribble around is it's gonna This is because this is, uh, area type or as I won't point type and then this means I can do this. That looks nice. I really do like that. I'm not sure if it should get here. There. Maybe even both. I could definitely not both. I think I think it's just like vehicle words. Maybe long birth, the borders. I'm just gonna put maybe my name Andi. I think just the words skill share friends put them in. So I've got my red half guide. So just take this alone, it the right and and then some of that get it sound inside. So it's starting to frame it now. It's looking really cool, I think. Just take this and this. Put them at the top. So now, from a final touch, I just want to put this in line with that. This is in line with the edge of the image, so that just opposes that. I just want different thing to put at the top. I must put waves. It just matters that. Okay, so we're just about finished. Just my only query now is where this Texas saying, because here, it fits so nicely in that. But because we've shrunk at all, doesn't it? Just looks a bit lost. So I'm just gonna put my guide back in. Andi, I'm just gonna bring it in. I'm going to again. So what does that apply? See, now, that's just too close. So I just want to 1/2. So, just like that, to leave that? Yes. So that fits perfectly. No. So that's just a really solve roof way of doing a grid. We've much better off using a proper grade in design. But this is just quick way of marking swimming up. You can always take into a grid layer and make it perfect. Say, I'm happy with my purse that I hope you learned something. Thanks for watching. 7. Thanks for watching: Hey, guys, Thanks so much fortune. If you've made it to the end, I just want to say thank you for over on whose watch her video so far contributed work. Andi left feedback and everything. Everyone's been so supportive and I've thoroughly enjoyed making these videos so far So I hope they're helpful because I really, like share in my little techniques in these little videos with you guys. So thanks so much to everyone so far. I hope this video was useful and I covered a couple of technique stuff covered before, but I just thought it was in part as a museum in this post adjust to quickly skim over them again. So, as usual, absolutely share any work that you make use in any of the techniques in this video. Even just the first technique used to make using the shapes and making all the different circles. Or you can use that to Nikon any shape. So I have an experiment with that and just post below whatever you come up with and I'll like it in common on a on A we can have a chat about it. And yeah, thanks for watching. And I really hope it was helpful. Take