Defining Business Value: How To Identify and Measure Your Value Proposition

Sam Chin, Process Scientist

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10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome and Introduction

    • 2. What Is a Value Proposition?

    • 3. What Can You Do With a Value Proposition?

    • 4. Basic Principles

    • 5. Research

    • 6. Analysis

    • 7. Validation

    • 8. Crafting Your Value Statement

    • 9. Beyond the Value Statement

    • 10. Conclusion


Project Description

Use the attached worksheet to note your responses to the class exercises, and then apply what you've learned to craft a unique value proposition statement for your business.


This worksheet enables you to keep track of your progress and notes through each stage of the value proposition creation process, including:

  • how you would apply the value equation to your own business
  • documenting the results of your research, analysis and validation exercises
  • using the value statement formula to develop your very own business value statement

Then, be sure and share what you've created with your fellow students for feedback and celebration!


Once you have a value statement, you can use this in all sorts of ways, including:

  • clearly and concisely explaining what your business does and why it matters with your employees and customers
  • developing your elevator pitch for potential investors and/or business partners
  • creating clear messaging and copy for your website and other marketing channels
  • developing additional product offerings or iterating your existing offerings to better serve your customers

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