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Date night cooking for beginners

teacher avatar Doris C., A Mom Who Likes to Cook

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction to Date Night

    • 2. Introduction -What you need to do the day before the date

    • 3. The first step for the chocolate mousse

    • 4. In the morning, you start the chicken...

    • 5. Cooking rice in a rice cooker

    • 6. Cooking rice on the stove

    • 7. Making a salad

    • 8. Finishing touches on the dessert

    • 9. Setting the table

    • 10. Date night Conclusion

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About This Class


Cooking is easy if you keep everything simple.  I will show you how to cook some easy dishes that will impress any date.  We will start with the main meal of chicken and rice with a salad and add a chocolate mousse dessert.  These are recipes that have been tried and loved.  I have taught these recipes to my children so they could impress their dates and even some of my friends.  They are easy and delicious.

Meet Your Teacher

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Doris C.

A Mom Who Likes to Cook


I am a mom that likes to cook and has cooked for many years.

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1. Introduction to Date Night: date night cooking for beginners. Welcome to my course on how to get ready for a date and get your meal ready without hardly any work at all. What you're going to need is a blender, a crock pot, a rice cooker or pot to cook rice in measuring cups, tea spoons, spoons for serving. I go through everything that you need. I give you a shopping list so that you can get going. I also tell you went to go buy the ingredients and when to start your meal. You can start the day before by buying the ingredients and starting the desert. The desert is awesome. You're going to love it. In fact, everybody I know loves this desert. I give you the recipe. You're going to put the chicken in the crock pot first thing in the morning. Then when you get back from work or from maybe a round of golf just before your evening starts, I give you step by step instructions on how to complete the meal. You can start the race. You make the salad, tweak the desert and set the table. Here's how to tweak the desert. You add just simple things to make it look elegant. There's nothing better than a romantic dinner for two that tastes great and wasn't very much work at all. So we'll see you in my course date night cooking for beginners. Easy recipes that will impress your date. See you soon. 2. Introduction -What you need to do the day before the date: now the tools you will need. You will need one blender, one crock pot one rice cooker or a pot to cook rice in measuring cups A teaspoon spoons for serving one spatula Ah, bull for chicken, rice and salad. Wine glasses for the desert or some nice bulls, dishes, plates, cutlery, glasses, a nice candle. Here's your shopping lift. You're going to need semisweet chocolate and the egg whipping cream, vanilla chicken thighs, chicken legs, one envelope of dry onion soup, one bottle of salad dressing, either Russian or Mandarin salt pepper race. Let us additions to your salad like tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cheese, celery or anything you like in your salad oil and vinegar salad dressing in there. So get organized and buy all the ingredients the day before and the day before. You need to start your dessert, too. So you do this step now and we'll meet you in the next section. 3. The first step for the chocolate mousse: now, Just remember the day before you need to buy all your ingredients and start your dessert. Make sure that all your ingredients air ready before you start. You need cream. Vanilla, one egg chocolate hot water. You'll also need a blender, a spatula, a measuring cup, a tea. Spoon, a dish cloth for wiping spills. Here's the egg, the vanilla, a measuring cop. Some chocolate You can use any kind of chocolate you like. Semisweet is better whipping cream and the blender. Now the blender is the most important part. It really does Need it to whip up all that chocolate. First step is taking the lid off. This is a new blender, so it's tough, and then you add the chocolate. You could put smaller squares. It's going to make it easier if you do. I put all the little remnants of the chips. Now you need hot water, so you just take hot water. Half a cup poured in. Add the lid to your blender and turn it on. What the blender does is chop everything up for you and I start on low, go to medium and then go too high. You may need toe hold on let down. I should have put smaller pieces of chocolate. It wouldn't spray like that if I had put smaller pieces. Now here's it nicely blended. All the color is even. I take my lid off and I let it cool. Now I did let it cool, and then I cut that part out. Now I add my egg first the cream, so half a cup of whipping cream just like that and poured in. Now I need the vanilla. Half a teaspoon does the job. This spoon is a little smaller. It's not a proper measuring spoon, so I put almost a full spoonful. It's very important to do all these things while the mixture is cool, so add the lid and turn it on. I always start on low and then work my way up too high. Now you need to let it mix for a full minute. You're not going to watch the full minutes. So here we are, all done. You turn it off, get your glasses ready or your fancy cups, and I poured in these wine glasses because it looks really nice. The finishing touches are really good, so he's just pour the mixture in there and you need to let it set overnight. I try to use up as much of the mixtures I can cause it tastes great. So you end up with two dish fools and then you put them in the fridge like this and leave them there overnight. They're good until the next evening when you have your fancy meal with your date. 4. In the morning, you start the chicken...: now it's the morning of the date night. What you need to do is start your chicken. Make sure you have the chicken, thighs and legs, or both. If you want, you need your salad dressing, dry onion soup, salt and pepper. Here's the crock pot and the chicken. You just dump the chicken in just like that. Now you take your now you take your onion soup mix and you just added there and all you do is pour that in, spread it around, and that's it. Next you need salt and pepper, so a little bit of pepper, a little bit of salt you can add to taste. If you like more salt, you can do that. Next, your salad dressing, either Russian dressing. Or you could use a mandarin orange. Both salad dressings make great chicken. So for this time I think I'm gonna take the orange. Now what you do is you put half off the salad dressing in there, so in your goal, maybe a little more so that's about half. Then you need your spoon and you just stir. Stir all the ingredients together, just like that. Make sure they're all covered with a little bit of songs and put the lid on and then you plug it in, not very complicated, and put it on low. Make sure it's the low setting. You don't want to cook it too soon. You're not in a rush. This is the morning and you're off to do other activities. So here is low and you just leave it there. We'll see you in the next section. 5. Cooking rice in a rice cooker: now we're a few hours before the event. Remember that in the morning you put your chicken in the crock pot, and it's smelling really good right now. And now it's time to cook the rice, make the salad and add the Berries to the desert and, most of all, set the table so we'll go through each of these steps first. We'll start with the race. A standard measurement for rice is one cup of rice for two cups water and a little bit of salt. We're going to start with making rice with the race cooker, So now all you have to do is take one cup of rights. Put it in the rice cooker ad. Two cops of water is one, and then a 2nd 1 Now you add a little bit of salt. You can measure it if you want to. It's probably half a teaspoon. I just shake a little bit on, and then you add the lint. You plugged the rice cooker in, and then you press the bottom button down that starts the cooking process. It will take under an hour for the whole race to cook, and that's all you need. See Now it's in cook mode, and when the little breaker flips, it'll start steaming and your rice will be ready all by itself. You don't hardly have to do anything. So if you have a rice cooker, do this step now and we'll see you in the next section. 6. Cooking rice on the stove: cooking rice on the stove is very similar to cooking it in the race cooker, except you have to watch it lin more. You still need one cup of rice, two cups of water and salt. So I'm adding one cup of rights and now I need to add two cops of water, one cup and now as second cop. There we go. I turned the heat on high. I close the lid. I forgot to put the sultan. Don't forget to put the salt. You let that cook for a while until the water boils. When the water is boiling, you turn it down to medium heat. When it looks like this, you put the lid back on and then you shut it off completely. Just like that, the rice is then done. This takes about 30 minutes or so. Make sure to let the rice sit for a little while. It helps all the moisture even out and absorb. So do this step now and we'll see you in the next section. 7. Making a salad: no offer of a salad. This should be the easy part. Here's some advice. Make sure you tear your lead off, as opposed to cutting it with a knife. When you cut it with a knife, you often get a little rusty edge on it. After a while, add any ingredients to your salad that you like. This could be tomatoes, carrots, seeds, cheese, celery anything. So I'm starting with the lettuce and I tear it just like that. Make sure that you tear small pieces. It's really hard if you're trying to eat a salad gracefully, and you have this big piece on your four can. You don't know how to fit it in your mouth so you don't want to embarrass your guest. You want to make sure that it's an easy night for them. So cut the lettuce and small or I should say, tear the lettuce in smalls pieces. When you have enough, then what you do is you start adding other ingredients that looks like about right for two people. So now I'm going to cut some cucumber. I want that can cucumber to be peeled, so I cut small pieces just like that on English cucumbers. You can leave the appeal, and sometimes I do half and half. Some people like the peel. Other people don't make sure you wash your cucumber before same with all the other vegetables. Make sure that you washed them before you put them into your salad. A few peppers. They say that the most wonderful salads, the most attractive salads are the ones with the most color in them. So I always pick ingredients that add color to my salad. You want it to be healthy, but also really attractive to look at. There's a saying that the more attractive your food is, the more likely you are to like it. So just think about that when you're making a food that's really important when you're presenting your salad, your other ingredients Now I already washed the mushrooms, so when you're cutting mushrooms, remember small pieces like I said before. So keep it small and chop it like that. I'm going to add a whole mushroom. It's a fairly large mushroom. I did check beforehand to see if my guests liked mushrooms. Now I'm adding a few seeds. You can add anything you like. Now that's out. Looks pretty good. So this is going to be yet You can store it in the fridge for now until your guest arrives . So do this step now and we'll see you in the next section. 8. Finishing touches on the dessert: here. Some last details for the moose. You want the moose to be fancy and very special. It's the finishing touch to your meal. So here are my two moose glasses. I'm going. Take a strawberry, take it and cut it in half. Put half in each glass, then one extra berry on each site. And it's not a very complicated decoration, but it makes the whole difference makes it look really wonderful. So don't forget to do this and we'll see you in the next section. 9. Setting the table: setting the table and last minute details you will need to plates, two knives, two forks, two spoons, a candle, glasses for water, Brad, a bread board in a knife. I have cut some Brad and some slices, and I left it on the bread board to make it look nice. I decided to add some tomatoes to add a little more color to my salad. You notice there's butter for the brand. Here's the chicken looks good when it's cooked, and also we have the rice, so you set the table. This'll away at little Candle for romance. A little salt and pepper, khalayleh bread, maybe more salad dressing. It's up to you. I even have the desert there. Usually I leave the desert in the fridge until we've eaten. But just for you, I've set it out. So do this step now and we'll see you in the next section. 10. Date night Conclusion: conclusion. Here's to a romantic dinner for two. No, here is my husband and I got date night recipes like this when I was first engaged. And then I shared these with my kids. Some 30 years later, he still likes this date night cooking. So we still have date night. And occasionally I make thes same recipes. They have become family favorites. So what I hope for you is that you have date night success. And 30 years later, you are still creating these recipes. Good luck with these SP's and have fun at date night bye for now.