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DOODLING FOR RELAXATION: 4 simple exercises

teacher avatar Nami Bates

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)

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    • 5. DOTTING


    • 7. HATCHING




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About This Class

Hi there! 

My name is Nami and this is my 2nd Skillshare course called DOODLING FOR RELAXATION! Just as the title says, it is all about doodling for relaxation! 


During these stressful times, it can be great to have an outlet to relieve your stress. Of course there are many different ways to do so, but i'll be showing you how I use doodling to relieve my stress, relax and refocus. 

There are 4 different exercises I will be going through: 





This class is for everyone! You don't need to be an artist to take this course, especially because this course is not focused on becoming a better artist or improving your art skill, but rather its focused on how you feel while you're doodling, enjoying the process and how you feel after you doodle.

These exercises are extremely simple and I hope that everyone can give them a go! Happy doodling!

Meet Your Teacher

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Nami Bates


My name is Nami Bates and i'm a freelance illustration, artist and teacher. Im originally from New York, USA, but i've been living overseas in Chiangmai, Thailand for the past 12 years. 

I create character designs, logo designs, comic and book illustration, simple tattoo designs and portraits. 

I hope through Skillshare I can teach simple techniques and exercises to help beginner and advanced artists grow their skills. I also hope to meet and connect with others!


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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello, My name's NAMI. I am a freelance illustrator and a teacher. And today I will be teaching you how to doodle for relax, ation. Because let's face it, depending on when you're watching this, I think we all need a little relax ation in our lives. Anyway, let me to share a little bit about my doodling experience with you. When I was a kid, I was always doodling all over everything little shaves, pictures and schools and characters and that kind of stuff. While I was doodling, I wasn't really thinking about what I wanted my doodle to look like. I would just do it and it would turn out. However, it will turn out my intention when doodling wasn't you creates a big, elaborate masterpiece or anything like that. I do told, mainly because it felt good and I got my mind off of things, Buddy. Enough. I found myself doodling the most when I was in school in class because nine do school will not be moved half his time for me. I guess it was full of stress and anxiety, and I was interesting because later I realized that one of my coping mechanisms to deal with the stress and anxiety that I was feeling when I was in school was to doodle basically just doing something completely mindless and repetitive with my hands. You know, some people, like squeeze a stress ball or, like click there 10 or something like that, or just fidget Teoh to relieve their stress. I think doodling was like my form of fidgeting. It read, arrests my stress. So it's kind of like you're channelling. You're uncomfortable emotional energy through your hand and onto the paper. And then what's cool that you're kind of left with the sort of abstract piece of art that you didn't even really try to make? And it just, you know, grapes to get something out in some kind of way can. Doodling is just such a simple thing to Dio. If you don't believe me, keep watching because I'm about to show you so that leads me to tell you what this course is all about. Today I will be showing you for very basic simple, easy exercises to help you reduce your stress, relax and just ease and calm your mind. This course is for everyone, even if you think you can't draw. This course is for you, especially because this course isn't about becoming a better artist or anything like that. It's more focused on how you feel while you're doodling, enjoying the process and how you feel after you doodle. If you have a pen, pencils, marker or whatever lying around and a piece of paper, you could do these exercises anywhere. All that being said, if you are wanting to add a little more artistic flair to your doodle, no worries. I will also be showing you how you can add color to add that little extra pop to your doodle to jazz it up a little bit, make it a little more artsy and whatnot if you so desire. So hopefully, by the end of this lesson, you'll have a new exercise that you can use. Do you relax and ease your mind and refocus with just a pencil pen and a piece of paper? Anyway, if you are ready to relax and easier mind through the powers of doodling, please unrelenting my class and let's get started 2. MATERIALS: materials, four materials. You will need just a few things. Number one paper. I prefer using a sketch pad like this because it's easy to take with me. If you're doodling on the go, its nice toe have something that can fit right into your bag and also to keep all your doodles in one place. But honestly, any paper works. You can even doodle on a receipt or bill Number two. You will need a pencil pen and a Sharpie marker, your very basic drawing utensils. And lastly, this is optional. But for those of you who want to create your doodles using color colored pencils, colored sharpies and highlighters, air awesome for adding that pop of color to your doodles. Now that you've got all your materials together, let's start doodling. 3. SCRIBBLING : scribbling to write or draw something carelessly or hurriedly scribbling is a great form of doodling and relieving stress. It's so mindless and easy anyone can do it. Your scribbles can look a bit different, depending on how you're feeling. For example, when I was younger and feeling a bit angry, frustrated or annoyed, I would what I call rage scribble like this. It might sound funny, but it really did make me feel better. Like I got something out and onto the paper. I mean, it kind of looks like how I felt inside. On the other hand, if I'm scribbling while talking on the phone, listening to a podcast or watching a video, my scribbles tended to be a lot more common collected. I guess you could call them Zen scribbles because actually, it helped me focus. No matter how you decide to scribble, most cripples do involved a repetitive hand motion. There are many different ways to move your hand when it comes to scribbling. Of course, you can go absolutely crazy with it, but two very common hand motions for scribbling would be the rotating motion and the back and forth motion. So whether you're scribbling to relieve stress or to calm your mind or whatever it may be, this exercise is the way to go. 4. SCRIBBLING EXERCISE 1: So let's do some scribbling for your first exercise. First, I will demonstrate basic scribbling using a pencil, and then after that, I will demonstrate how to make your scribbles more artistic and funky, using different colors. So let's begin. All you have to do is put your pen or a pencil to the paper and just start moving it around in a repetitive motion. Previously, I mentioned about common hand motions you can do to scribble. Today. I'll go for the rotating hand motion. Feel free to increase the motion of your hand. Creating bigger loops are minimizing the motion of your hand to create tight loops. Just do whatever feels good to you. One thing to remember, though, while doodling Keep your hand relaxed. You don't want your hand to be tense because then you might actually get cramps in your hand. And that's not relaxing at all. If you need to shake your hand out a little bit before doodling, go for it anyway, back to our doodle. We're going to try to fill the whole page. If you don't feel the whole page and one go, that's completely fine. Sometimes I start doodling in my notebook stop and come back to it when I feel like it. And there you have it. Your first doodle exercise for relax ation completed. Now let's get a little funky with it and see how we can add color to make our scribbles a little more dynamic. Go ahead and pick up a few colored pencils. So for this exercise, you can start by scribbling and little sections with one color. Then add on to that section, using a different color and so on. Do that until you feel the page. You have a pretty cool and colorful scribble doodle Look at that looks like colorful sheeps Woeller curly hair. 5. DOTTING: dotting to mark with a small spot or spots. Dotting is a cool form of doodling and has honestly become one of my favorite doodling exercises for relax, ation to dio to refocus my thoughts So my mind isn't so scattered or just for fun, really so to dot All you have to do is make dots so repetitive Lee making dots on your paper dotting is used in a lot of different art forms, from painting to shading. It's also popular in making mandalas, which can be fun but maybe a little complicated for some. Anyway, we're going to keep it simple, so there's two hand motions I use for dotting. Firsthand motion is to keep your hand on the paper and lived your pen up and down like this . Another way to dot would be toe. Lift your hand completely off the paper as if it's hovering like this and dot and again, make sure to keep your hand relaxed as you don't want to feel any tension while doodling. So let's do some dotting to relax your mind and strengthen our focus 6. DOTTING EXERCISE 2: so let's do some dotting for your second exercise. First, I will demonstrate basic dotting using a Sharpie, and then after that, I will demonstrate how to add a little possess to your dots by adding color. So let's begin Grab yourself a marker for this exercise, preferably a Sharpie Sharpie, show up better and require a lot less effort and pressure for to show up on paper, unlike a colored pencil or pen. As I said earlier to dot, all you have to do is make dots. You can start anywhere on the page, but I like to start in the corner and then spread it out. As for the motion and position of my hand, I'm going to keep it above the paper because it's easier to randomly and freely place my dots. But feel free to keep your hand on the paper. If that's what you feel comfortable with, just do it makes you feel the best and go ahead and fill up the whole entire page. I really enjoy when I get to this amount of dots on my paper, because then I have to make dots in the empty spaces, and for some reason, it brings me joy to fill in the empty spaces with dots, - and there you have it, your second doodle for relaxation, complete. Now let's get juicy with it and add some color to make your dotting doodles more flavorful . Grab a few different colors. So for this exercise you can start by dotting and sections with one color. Then add on using a different color and so on. Do that until you fill the page, then go in between the patches with another color. I'm going to blend in a kind of ingredient style and lovely. You have a pretty cool and colorful dotted doodle. I don't know about you, but I just like looking at that. 7. HATCHING : hatching shading with closely drawn parallel lines. You may have heard of cross hatching, which is a shading technique. It's basically a repetition of overlapping lines to create a kind of stylized shading. Hatching by itself is also a form of shading. But using a repetition of parallel lines going in one direction, hatching could be used to give us somewhat three dimensional appearance to a drawn object. It's mainly used for shading, but don't worry. We're not shading any objects today. How we're using the technique today requires very little artistic skill. If you can draw lines parallel to one another, whether in a quick motion or slow motion, you are capable of hatching. I chose. Hatching is another form of doodling for relax ation because it has that repetitive, almost mindless quality to it. The hand motion for quickly hatching would be as such, and the hand motion for slowly hatching is pretty much the same. Just slow down 8. HATCHING EXERCISE 3: So let's do some hatching for your third exercise. First, I will demonstrate basic hatching using a pen. You can also use pencil for this, and then I will demonstrate how to make your hatching pretty using color. Let's begin. I usually start in the corner of my page and work outwards. I'll make my first patch going diagonally across the corner. The next patch. I will go in the opposite direction against the lines of the first patch, and I will continue to do that until I feel the page. - And there you have it, your third doodle for relaxation completed. Now let's get groovy within and use of color to make your hatching more dashing. See what I did there anyway? As usual, grab yourself a few different colors. So for this exercise, we're going to do the exact same thing as before. But just switching between colors. It almost gives it kind of a quilt patch look and again, you're going to fill the page. Look at that. You have a cozy, colorful doodle using hatching 9. COLOR IN THE LINES: color in the lines. So I have several friends you by coloring books and color in pictures because they say it helps them relax or get their mind off of whatever it's dressing them out. And they're full grown adults, by the way. So what we're going to be doing today is drawing some different kinds of lions, overlapping each other, creating spaces, and then we will color in the lines. So let's get into the exercise. You can do this exercise using a pen or pencil or one color, but I will be showing you how to do this exercise using multiple colors because he end result. Just look so funky and cool once you've got color, is that let's start drawing the lines and I want you to have fun with this one. You can draw loopy lines like this, overlap them. You can add extra lines to create more space is you can even go really simple and do some wide cross hatching. Whatever you do, just overlap the lines to create spaces that you can color in. Even just doing this now feels like a really nice drawing. The line spill so smooth that I know just feels really good. Once you've drawn your lines, you can start coloring them in. I like to start with one color and then space it out. So I'm not like coloring two spaces that are next to each other with the same color. I kind of want each color to be next to a different color. That's just my preference, though. Feel free to do as you please have fun with it. Do whatever you want, just color in those lines, - and you can go ahead and fill in as many spaces as you like and you're done. And look at that. That there is some abstract aren't made easy if I ever seen it. 10. CLASS PROJECT + CONCLUSION: for your class project. All you need to do is one try doodling one of the doodling exercises and post a picture and to write which one worked for you The best doing these exercises are really fun. And it could be nice to have, like, a drawn representation of how you feel or just the process of reaching like a relaxed state of mind through doodling like I can go back in my doodle book and be like, Oh, yeah, this when I drew when I was angry or this when I drew when I was in between teaching classes or like, Wow, this one is just coming to look at, so yeah, give the class project ago and I hope you have fun with it. Congratulations. You have reached the end. I hope you had a great relaxing time filling up your pages with mindless doodles. Please go ahead and post your doodles in the class project section. I would love to see them and see what you have gotten out onto the paper. And if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment mask. Anyway, that is all for today. Thank you so much for taking my course. I really do hope you enjoyed it. And, uh, yeah, happy doodling and stay safe