DIY Viral Video: A Mini Class on Making iPhone How-To Videos | Learn with Darby Smart | Nicole Farb | Skillshare

DIY Viral Video: A Mini Class on Making iPhone How-To Videos | Learn with Darby Smart

Nicole Farb, Founder, Darby Smart

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up Your Video

    • 3. Shooting Your Video

    • 4. Finalizing & Sharing Your Video

    • 5. Final DIY Video

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About This Class

Learn how to use the resources around you to create a how-to video that has impact and inspires views!

Videos are making a big splash on the internet right now. You can now leverage videos to grow your following, your business, and communicate a message in a very short amount of time.

In this short class, drawing from her own success with DIY videos, Darby Smart founder Nicole Farb shows how you can create your own video in a scrappy, easy, and high-quality way. In step-by-step lessons, she shares tips and tricks for her proven formula: Ingredients + Process + Outcome = Viral Video Success.

This class is perfect for everyone who loves making and wants to share their projects with the world in a concise, smart way — using tools they already own!


Darby Smart is a community of 5,000 makers sharing creative ideas — from showing you how to make your own BBQ flavored hot sauce, to giving you craft ideas for your kids on the weekend, to sharing how to style a rustic wedding. Explore more at





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Nicole Farb

Founder, Darby Smart

Darby Smart was started with a single idea: being creative isn't always pretty or perfect and we think that's what makes it fun. Our community brings the creative process to life for you by sharing their videos and photos. And for everyone you see, we hope you think, "I Can Totally Do That!".

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