DIY Filming: Creating Pro Video with Tools You Already Own | Learn with Vimeo | Mark Cersosimo | Skillshare

DIY Filming: Creating Pro Video with Tools You Already Own | Learn with Vimeo skillshare originals badge

Mark Cersosimo, Content + Community Manager, Vimeo

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11 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Your 60-Second Video

    • 3. Assembling Equipment You Have

    • 4. Storyboarding Your Video

    • 5. Shooting Your Footage

    • 6. Editing: Coverage Footage

    • 7. Editing: Interview Footage

    • 8. Editing: Pulling It Together

    • 9. Editing: Polishing Your Video

    • 10. Sample Project: Alex's Weaving

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

It's never been easier to create pro-looking video. Join Vimeo's Mark Cersosimo to learn a straightforward, artistic approach to making a 60-second video for promotion or content marketing, using just your iPhone and a few everyday tools.

This one-hour class is broken into 10 bite-sized videos that are approachable and fun to watch. The focus is helping you create a video that you can use for promotion, branding, and telling a story. It can be the story of you, your job, or even your company.

Mark brings the lessons to life by filming and editing the story of an artistic friend — and along the way shares both a step-by-step process and insightful DIY tricks you can use to create your own beautiful, polished video.

This class is ideal for:

  • artists who want to promote their work
  • job seekers eager to bring their experience to life
  • small business owners looking to tell their company story

In today's world of content marketing, video is the essential medium to master. With this class, you'll see that all you need is a smartphone and a few simple tricks to set you and your work apart!