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9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. The body

    • 5. The wings

    • 6. Stuff and sew closed

    • 7. The eyes

    • 8. Beak and feet

    • 9. A small gift

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About This Class

Crocheting isn’t only for old fashion doilies! Explore all those cute things you can make with just a few stitches, learn how to do them and never stop crocheting! All these in this 45-minute class, instructed by Vivika Vaina, the founder of The Wandering Deer. Crocheting can be so much fun! This class is perfect for beginners with little knowledge of crocheting and for anybody that want to learn new things to crochet!

Meet Your Teacher

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Vivika Vaina

Crocheter / Illustrator / Etsy Shop Owner


The girl behind The Wandering Deer, an etsy shop and a blog with tons of tiny dolls :) I studied graphic design, crochet tiny dolls, draw cute things and love anything that includes creation. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I teach kids and adults how to crochet.


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1. Intro: Hello. My name is Rebecca To get it way. Diversity thing today I make them, but But you can not make them. And this is only one of you have your todo gift to Maybe so if you want to know more about making me chase and you 2. Project: a magic prints class is to make a Now you reaches the colors and every so you have. 3. Materials: with this project. We didn't need some yard and that's in Cheuk proper seizures, many beats offered and someone's yard. I dont goto bread, a midget and some threat in the dunes. Houthi. I saw seven beats if you want, if you don't want to, and let's get listening. Staffing 15 feet. That's it's good started. Don't make these. 4. The body: we will use the night of color to begin. Well, we set per second right here and going rounds. We start by making a magic ring. We have the title of a yard and directly here I don't our fingers loosely We use this finger told thes and then with our hook, we care. He's one looking for a heart 15 1 the duke and gently remove her fingers And then I used to eating. Since you're sitting here going, we know normally doing their own. So we need to make six. Single state is what in sector hook, you know, here if he don't remember how to make a scene, States, you said water. My first video, my first excuse for class and which was how to make about there. You will find some information about your garden hook sizes. No so hard to make a scene. You have four. So too, the group we take care of the year and generally I think it's closed. Okay to continue. This is round while we go to run to we want to 3456 This one's take We don't Chrissy here, go straight to the first single speech If you can't find it, you can count from here. Or 23456 This is the one. We will go under both groups and we will make two singles Teaches needs speech. Two singles teaches our so called an increase. In the end of this ground we will have 12 singles teaches and round two If you don't want to camp states over time, Take miss If you're off contrasting counter and it always start the next round we place it right here and we go run three. We will make one simply states in the 1st 1 two single status in the next. And we're big thes around who aren't single steets peace and to in the next one. In the end of his round, we will have 18 stitches. If you have any questions about the progress you can write me. No. And Dave will answer your ass swoon and say can And from scream we moved our year market e r c to market and replace it here and we'll go too far. Do for what we have. I want you deeds, Joe, Singles deeds he's and want increase single single Ingres single single angry, Okay? And it's probably we have 24. It teaches. See PC. Every increase he's over. Think reach of the previous round. It may be, and the stock would be hard to tell which is in English. And Woods is a single seats that he can see. Those be pieces want steeds here in the same in the same seats. Error to this is an English of revenge round he's How many more the market place it trout. Wait. We make only single states around for three outs. I understand better. We're in ground for so 234 were involved here and we have to do three euros off. Just seen the cities to given out height. Okay. And then we take color on the ceiling. I live in a good way to start the same way. Maybe with Hugh, where are more since the beginning? That may ease the exact same. It's time to have a break. Remember for years, One more out my knees hurt too much. This was nothing. No, I don't. Okay. No chains cover reinsert our hope in states you're no for with through, we would normally hearing over and pull urine through buffalo apps that we it is yet and take are called number two Place took and through both looks and continue Chris stating Are you going? Okay, I will do most TT's make a Not here, so go away. Got post. I think one thing I forgot to turn about is that our Magoo miss have a good site in the wrong sort. They don't cite. Used to one. Okay, He's detained here. A weaker say and wrong. Sorry, he is in the inside, which I check. Okay. We can also make not see young here testing to be sued That aromatic ring want. Okay, monkey, we will make single fits is only for the next 123456 rounds You're half way there like these. Well, we d we we will do for more pounds. Okay, now to fees crocheting we will make a slip seat. What just you two when said our hook the next eats yarn over what you know and wait We need this yard The suit to close are out So me here school staff This baby 5. The wings: one of the wings. What use they cover? There are many ways to make links. These two weeks make a new. I think it's new over the date. Get out of here. Putting these. What? It's closing. Retained four and then single speech, girls. No routine. One in the week. Turn and single Crash. No. One single, Pete, It's too, I think. Okay, now we can lived as days, but I would love I'd like to around these corners, so I think it's in the same. That was a lot since it may. Okay. Here, then, the next one here? Yeah, you want? And I know you one suggested to the extent and one ski lipstick it the last one. Okay, like this, we make the other. 6. Stuff and sew closed: Well, we need a lot of stuffing once it with the bottom grew Visa that they a lot of stuff takes . Really Not much. Now, chest, he's I'm gonna take me these ladies, uh, salting dozens. Anything? Have them on the big. They're super practical now. Closed. I checked my hook on the outside here. Thank you. How? Okay. - Turkey Que. And now it's time to put their stuff stuff in here. You can use back of your hook, you hear? Staffing is fabulous. Type on their cheek. I go to a local here from Amman who makes below, but I running at his fumblings. How it starting line combined, you see? Okay, I think we're okay. And now you see, that's why did you stop it? It goes stuffing, coach it wants. And only now wait. We make enough and hide it, Acres. This one is ready, Brothers. Ready? Let's make the weeks for 7. The eyes: first I'm going to make our roofs kids the same with the eyes, with a frenzy. He doesn't have to be perfect. If we make it stick, we can correct later. So I would like the Caesars and that we carefully cut the felt. Now let's see the feet. I think they are way too big, so we have to correct them with it. Fancy we make the new safe. And then captain, let's test them again. Okay, way better. But this isn't as round as it should be. So the Caesars again, we can also grant visa beat. I know those are the things but 50 days make the difference. We didn't throw in black felt but what could go? Can we eat? We CanDo I certainly on a piece of paper and then cutting places over our black felt. Now you can make it stated without being, But I would just hold it with a hand and cut around our parting the first roughly on, then more carefully following the 30. I think so. Say this here They wanted to be smooth and they already I will take. I need you on some black thread to attach the black felt on the wife. First we could make a note again. You can use up being to stabilize black felt, but it's not necessary inside the needy from the back, I believe through and then over the blackface in the white, ample through to the buck again and rip Ignace around the block. Certainly, and just like these, make a note and things and cut the threat the same way. And when we do the second I using some white threat we will make these games is here again , needed from the buck to the front and then back in front over Nova. Same to the second I three more cities I and done okay, I will make and not here security and I will use the same threat. Do it that's on the out. We place the ice on the body and then just do the same thing. And to Buck and then again go through to the buck around. Believe white face that was it. Make a hide spread in the body and then because the rest of ST now, time to add the teeth and the beak 8. Beak and feet: he could use some get. He's gonna also down with affect coverage you can cut. That's more trying. And so it are. Um, you can also blew the eyes, but they don't just No, we need bring committee here. I would make because one of eight. Okay. And then go back to start. Make sure, bird, - it's like in the second row. And how and for these teachers make down means right? It wasn't that hard was a now with Hello, Let's see, do peace getting smarter It's fun. Court biggest here are made with the same partner only the young Steve. 9. A small gift: Thank you so much for watching. As is my beef. Thank you, Father. Nothing more and be in the 16. Thank you. The next one.