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Crepe Paper Flowers - Cheerful Sunflowers

teacher avatar Eileen Lim, Miss Petal & Bloom

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Crafting the Center

    • 4. Cutting & Sculpting Petals

    • 5. Assembling our Flowerhead

    • 6. Creating the Calyx

    • 7. Making our Leaves

    • 8. Final Assembly

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About This Class

Join Eileen in crafting beautiful and vibrant Sunflowers from Italian 180gsm Crepe Paper. Not only will these be handmade by you, but they'll last a lifetime and will never wilt! Designed for beginners, this class is a great introduction to fundamental crepe paper flower-making techniques.

Tools & Materials - What you'll need

  • 180gsm Crepe Paper from Cartotecnica Rossi
  • Crepe Paper Colours are yellow (code 576), light green (code 562), dark brown (code 568), light brown (code 567) and black (code 602)
  • Florist Wire: Wrapped #18 and #20
  • Scissors
  • Mini Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
  • Wire cutters
  • Templates - provided in a pdf for you!

Kits now available on my Etsy store!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eileen Lim

Miss Petal & Bloom


Hello, I'm Eileen, and I make flowers under my brand 'Miss Petal & Bloom'. I've been crafting crepe paper flowers since 2015 and I love every minute of it! I've worked with brands such as Keds, Kate Spade New York, Olivia Burton, Franck Muller, Thomas Sabo, and many more. I also enjoy teaching and I hope you'll find my classes fun and engaging - as if you're crafting with a friend!

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1. Introduction: everyone. My name's me and I think people Wallace, under my friend today, I just want to show your holy week my creeping percent flowers and this actually updated version from my Elvia video tutorial. So I hope you actually like decision. And as materials I know some of you might talk to actually buy Italian creep people using today. So what? I did waas to actually pet hits for you that you can put cheese from my Etsy store on for all the kids are, actually packet is Hadi Plastic case, and that just helps to protect all materials and especially in throughout and moving students. All right, so without further ado, we're gonna jump, right? It's he makes part of title, and I'm just gonna switch to a top down view so that you have a closer look at all the processes and other materials, and okay, so I hope you enjoy the video and happy craft 2. Tools and Materials: Here's a list of materials that I'll be using to create my create people some far. Firstly, I'm using 180 GSM Italian creep people from cattle technical Rossi the colors I'm using. Aw, yellow coat 576 like green coat 562 Dark brown coat 56 feet Light brown coat, Phisix seven and black coat 602 Also be using first wire. This is the number 18 Wired A is pretty wrecked that I bought at a local craft store. If you unsinkable, you can get dessert out. Friend for the leave stocks, I'll use the number 20 wire, and this can be purchased at your local host. Your florist. I bought mine from fiery socket. If you prefer to purchase a kit, you may visit my Etsy store. All my kids are available for international shipping. For tools, I recommend a mini hot glue gun, a good pair of scissors and some wire cutters. These are also available as at owns on my Etsy store. Remember to also have the templates ready, I said, just printing it out on the thick cut stock so there will be more durable 3. Crafting the Center: for the same flora centre. I'm using a mix off browns and black. I'll use my template to cut one rectangle in black, five rectangles in dark brown and white rectangle in light. Bro, of course, does. It's my own formula, and you're free to change up the numbers and play with the different combinations. If you've plushest ticket, you should have plenty of extra creep to experiment with. For a trick tangle. I'll stretch it out and fall into half along its with. So when I stretch my creep, I actually like to do it on my table top and that just unsure step. My stretch is very smooth and even, um, I also stretched my creep just to bin it out so that the some power center will have a softer feel to it. Then our fringe, the non photo edge by first pouring it into half and then cutting, then consistent strips no more than halfway down the Remember to take your time and check after you've unfolded your strip. In case you've missed out any areas, I'll repeat the step for each of the seven strips. If you like to French, disturb a little quicker and don't mind cutting a pickup. All feel free to actually full your strip into 1/4 like I'm doing right now and not just speed up the process. So I'm just going to speed up the video over here so that it will be quicker and you're noticed. I'm actually cutting the unfolded site off the strip, and this is just my preference. However, if you like to experiment with a different look for sunflowers, you can also try cutting the other edge that is the Ford Edge and out. Just give a different look and few to your sunflower center. 4. Cutting & Sculpting Petals: to cut my pedals. I like to first cut a long strip of yellow create following the height of my pedal. Then I'll do it according fall behind my pedal, and this allows me to cut multiple pedals at one. Remember to check that a green off your creep, people, Richard first to the lines of the creek is parallel to the upright pedal. You need to cut about 30 pedals. So I used his accordion full meta just so that I can cut multiple pills at once. But just work with whatever you're comfortable with. If you prefer cutting the pedals, maybe one at a time or two at a time, definitely feel free to go ahead and do so. I'm just a little bit Lisi, so I like to cut five or six pedals at a time, as long as you're comfortable with it. Also, another thing about cutting your pedals, please don't worry about having every petal look perfect is totally fine. If some pedals a little bit off a little bit. Asymmetrical. The temp. It is really just a guy known for you, and later, when we stretch out the pedals, it's really not very obvious anyways, if you're pills aren't perfect me, um, the same as to temperate. So remember to just take it easy and enjoy the process. Once your pills the cut, you can cut them individually. Helping basically means stretching the widest part of your pedal to create a conclave shape . I like to pinch the sites with my thumb and the next finger and then stretch the pedal to its me in a cup shape. I usually leave the tip and the base of the pedal on stretch coming takes a while to get a hang off. So don't be afraid to very the amount of pressure, all the extent of stretch and you'll find a way that's most comfortable for you. I'm gonna go ahead and speed up the video. But remember to enjoy this cupping process. Um, I've always find that this is the most fun pot off making creep people flowers. And once you're all done with 30 pedals, we can proceed to going at this point. If you haven't already, you can actually start switching on your hot glue guns because did take a while to warm a 5. Assembling our Flowerhead: for assembling the blue. We first start with our thick flora wire. I first want to treat my wife to my desire length. And for the purpose of this video, I'll just have a very shot stock so that you can see the entire stock easily. I was the one to write the tip of my wire so that no part of the metal is visible. I'll cut that brown strip of Crete and wrap it around a wire in a technique I call the bow tie technique. This is where Alltrista sent off my brown creep people strip creating and not in the middle . And then I cut the two ends to make a bow tie. I grew one end of the bow tie to my wire. Well, I need and knocked with the tip of my wire. And if all the other end over and around and Suri that it's wrecked smoothly around the tip of my wire. Next I'll start going on the brown French strip, allaying the tip off my strip with the tip off the repped wire. Apply the hot glue in short sections, since I wouldn't want my glue to dry up before I reached the end of the strip. I'll go on to more that brown strips, followed by one black, one light grown and to that bronze again. This formula in order is completely up to you. You can even make the center smaller or bigger according to your preference. I also like to bury the height of my strips so that the center has a concave shape and you can create the shape by slowly raising the height of your strip. Yes, you're wrapping the strip around the center. - You can see that the bottom off my flower head is coming off like a cone shape. And that just creates that conchita. Look to the Sandler hit. When you look from the top down, not at my center is ready. I'll start going my pedals one by one. The beauty of some things is that the pels unstrapped lee symmetrical, so you don't really have to worry about your pedals. Be equal distance from each other. I was find that some randomness will at the touch of realism to your blue. I usually work with 10 pedals for the first lier, and then I go back and fuel up the gets or the windows, as I like to call them for the second layer. As you can see when I'm applying glued to my pedals, I only apply glue right at the base off my pedal, and I'm also pushing my pedals to be facing outwards or downwards, as that is just my personal preference. Of course, you are welcome to play around with the direction of the pedals. Some might face inwards, some my face outwards. It's really up to you, so I'm just going to speed up the video over here very quickly. But basically I'm just going on 10 pedals for each Leah and I'm leaving to have three the years in total now that he, for the name of panels is religious, an arbitrary number that I find what's best for me. So if you find that you want to work with more panels on less panels, you know if you're free to go ahead and give it a shot, so I like to do and I'm going on my pedals is do not really worry about the exact positioning, but just to keep checking from the top view to see if there are any gaps and then I'll go ahead and feel those gets then as long as it looks good and, you know, you know, obvious holes, your something was should look really pretty and really great. 6. Creating the Calyx: the K League's is one of the tougher pots, but with some patients, I'm sure you'll be able to write the board of their some flour beautifully using the temp. It kind of tense people's with your light green creek. You can then proceed to gently cut each people when going on the people's I like to apply grew in a straight line so that the Siebel fully it touches to both the sunflower and the wire. Now this just provides additional reinforcement to the flower hit, ensuring that it doesn't really move about. And was that helps to create a seamless connection between the large flower hit and the stock receivables. Also helpful for covering up the base of my fellow hit and hiding any unsightly pots. I repeat this with full most people's until I finish one round. No, I'm moving onto the second layer for the next five peoples, and I'm kind of changing the glowing technique a little bit. I'm just going to apply glue and the base of the steeple, and this just allows the seaboard to kind of protrude out a little bit, giving that a very nice kind of few Teoh. The Celtics off the flower. You can also see that in positioning the second layer off steeples in between the first layer off people. So I'm finding the windows or the gaps in between the first day of peoples and feeling that up with this newly off people's. So, depending on how big your flower headers, you might need more or less steeples, and it's completely up to you. How many leaves you like to end? Usually, I'm just happy with two A's. 7. Making our Leaves: was the flower hit completed? Just leave that a site. Full movement and focus on the lease are used to rectangle leave temperate first to come out with three rectangles in light green. Once I have my three rectangles ready, I'll cut them into hop Diagnosed. Now, this is a technique, but many office used to create realistic lease. The reason we do this it's so that the grain of the create mimics the veins off a leaf. So remember to keep that in mind and always check that the green of the creek is in the direction that you want it to be. I use Alliance on my template as a guy aligning the longest age of my temp it with the diagonal. I just cut and I'll proceed to cut out my leaf shape. I'm making three leaves for one sunflower, so I'm just gonna cut six pieces off the the Hunts. Next we want to add a wire in between the two leave halfs, and this just helps to hold up, believe so that it doesn't flop down. I use a number 20 wire for this, and you just need half off the original wilding, so I'm just going to cut it with by wire cutters And then with my hot Gogan outdraw line right along the edge of my first meet half and attached the top half of my wire onto this neef Knicks. I'll play a glue on top of this wire up to the tip of the leave and quickly overlap it with the other half off the beef. This overlap actually helps to hide a wire, and once dry, you can easily trim off the tip so that it looks Mito fatherly stopped. I like to wrap it with creep people strips. So I'm just gonna prepare some strips by stretching up my creep in light green, essentially using it like Florida. I'm gonna use my hot glue to attach it on. And then I'm going to stop winding the crepe around a wire tightly, putting the strip diagonally so that it also can move downwards. Now we can use this little or as much wrapping as you want, depending on how thick you like the stock to be. I usually only rap about an inch and 1/2 below the leaf, since the bottom half will be attached to the means stop and hidden. I'm just gonna make three leaves for now. And remember that you can always very the sizes of the lease so that some means can be smaller or bigger, completely up to you. - An additional step that I like to add to my leaves is to flute the leave ages fleeting basically means that I'm pinching the edges off the leaf and m pulling it in different directions. This stretch kind of creates this ruffle look so that your needs look more tree dimensional instead of being very flat. 8. Final Assembly: all right, we're almost done. And now it's time for the final assembly using the same technique off wrapping the crate, people strips. I'm gonna stop from the key lakes and begin wrapping downwards. I usually like my stocks to be thick, so I'll go and read, um, the mean stock with a few years off creep people strips. I wasn't gonna add knees along the way, starting with the smaller leaves to ever leave. I'll just at some hot glue onto the main stop and attached the unwrapped portion off the leaf stock to this hot glue and a rep over with the creep. People strip looking quickly before any good dries. Remember to be very careful with this part, since you might get in contact with the hot glue. I'll do the same with the rest of my knees, and I always try to point them in alternate directions. I was like to please them on different levels for irrigation. When you're done of all greenies, just continue wrapping and to the end of the wire, and then you're done. Once oil, these are attach you. Can Slowey kind of bend them outwards and create fun cough sheets with, um, I always leave the bending until the end, just so it's easier for me to do to wrapping because sometimes if the leaf is protruding out, it might get in the way off your rapping. I like to bend a stalk of my flower in an s shape so that it's not too straight and too rigid. But of course you can bend it whichever way you like. So that's how I make my son, Louis, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section before you go. I also wanted to show you just some variations that you can add to your sunflower center in regards to the color combinations. So, for example, you can actually start with a black center instead of a brown one, and you look something like this. So I really do encourage you to try new things on your own might. Detroit is really just a guideline, and you are definitely welcome and encourage to go and experiment on your own in order to create your own beautiful sunflower design. Thank you very much again for watching, and I hope you have a good one.