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About This Class

Dear writers,


In this class, we will continue to learn more about creative writing and we will focus on How to Plot your writings. You will also learn how does a plot fit into a story, where to get plots ideas, and how to outline multiple plots in one story.

See you inside!


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Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Video 1 Intro: Hello. Welcome to the fourth class off Creative writing. So what is its glass about in this class, you will learn how to put okay, How to blood the normal or or the book you are writing or you wanna right. So, as I restarted once said Blood, It's character revealed by action, but basically, But it isn't something that exists outside the rest of your story. The characters, the action under sitting makeup, awesome characters put them in interesting situations, forced them to make important on reveal a terry choices that change them. Make sure that at the beginning of your story, your characters wants something, then decide whether or not they will get it. Those are the elements off your story. The most important thing to remember is that your first reader another things is yourself. So make sure you're telling a story you yourself are dying to read. Okay, so if you think you would be interested in in learning about how to blood, a poll suggests you to hit the blue bottom below the video on right now in this class. Thank you. See inside 2. Video 2: Hello. Welcome to this video. And so let's start by the beginning. How, What is up alert. We tend to think off a blood as a sort off architect, er or framework, or perhaps a Siri's off events. These definitions can misdirect us, though. Okay, but I'm on the worst can make us work on something that drags down our story. We are even being applaud. But what is then abroad? A plot, I would suggest to you. Is this a character active immediately after active Italy, pursuing a goal on in country difficulties? While doing this? We can break that down into four points than the character. The goal. The practical, poor, sweet off that goal and the difficulties if it sounds like the definition off a story, that's because because upload is essential to many kinds off stories instance intended to make to take the center stage when defining them a plate installed the character him or herself. No, the stating know the back story. No, the motion is subtext, no de thing and not what's a stake that is, despite floats being an important part off most stories, not everything is the blood. So some things to notice about it. What is a blood are therefore four main points and decide the character that, um uh, many, maybe most good stories have more than one character who is pursuing a goal. Okay, this is every five things, as it makes each such character more interesting and color loaded goals to clash for our purposes. At the moment, though, let's concentrate just on a single per Tony's on that character's going. Keep in mind that the character is pretty important, important, even if my story contains an important goal. For example, stopping global warming is not applauded story. Unless I actually have a character pursuing that goal. Okay about the goal, it should be something they're really specifically knows about. If the character is trying to achieve something, but we don't know what it is, it's usually not a plot. Then the character must also be actively pursuing the goal. Just rating toe events doesn't produce upload, and it feels known driving and then the difficulties. And there are quite a verity of thes anything bag. It's between the character on the goal fall into this category. It could be unethical, misleading information or lies, self sabotage or active opposition I m for it for, for instance, from antagonist. It's a cool Azzawi and suspected reversals or even the characters gold changing. Okay, so that's an example of how their four points off applaud can come into play. Ah, a little air. Let's see. Ah, I am under blending off a blood so debugging it's about the 1st 25% off the story UN consist in. The protagonists discover in the gold and becoming involved. It is not a new opportunity to dump a lot of important information or character detail without story progressing. We should only have to get those things across as the story fires up. Didn't we have them either? In the middle is about 50% off. The story on contains most off those tea pickers difficulties we talked about. The protagonist finds that the problem is a very difficult one and will take a good deal off work. The middle is over when the protagonist has come to a final last ditch attempt to reach the goal, their do or die attempt. Often the middle ends with a tremendous failure. Okay, planing plan I A Sorry is a washout. It's turned to break out the Haley. Hail Mary. Play came and then we have did. At the end, the inn is the last 25% off. And the story. Okay, it plays out. The A final gambit comes to a climatic confrontation. Results that conflict on shows how things came out. Okay, well, this was such as an example of how upload to come can be OK, um, the hustle for these video. See you in the next one. Okay. Thank you. 3. Video 3: Hello. Welcome to this video. So we re seat where we come get float ideas into CDO. There exists many receives and sometimes called formula, that provide a basic template for a plot. But to make proper use off this receives, you have to play with them a little, maybe been some roots, link harden on existent elements or use uninspected juice depositions. He would try to follow the reason precisely as though it's a good Toby. It could be a receipt, a prefabricated framework. We will at best produce and stories there are predictable, but this Recep cannot so provide almost limitless opportunities for meaningful New York I am on that can be flexible on live, a little things to be feeling, how you wrap the form and what you feel it would be a part of Third off. The process using the form cells respectively, is part off the craft. Off. Being a writer, I should think something we will see. Ah, in romances that they received is essentially that the two lovers, the characters I'll turn together by a powerful love does the go pain. But they're separated by something apparently insurmountable, that are the difficulties. Ah huh? On having to move heaven and earth to be together the operatic person. Then, for example, in a detective story ache and it come in em. Come use this receipt. I reflected off some kind. That is the character. 66 out a series off a caper characters the difficulties who it have a piss off information the city the detective needs to solve. Okay. In order to solve the mystery, which is the goal home, the detective must successfully apiece defeat, outsmart or otherwise get around. That is the brought it per suite. So a perfectly good place to get floats is from Elise old pros, blood instructors. Or or you can also get a pullout Ideas from stories, books, movies or place that you already Lake Shakespeare is Shakespeare, for instance, Created Romeo and Juliet out off the midst of myth off per year. Most on peace be also when useful approach could be to take upload from one kind of a story and you see it in a completely different kind of a story. Okay. When he was sold for this video hobby like it. See you in the next one. Thank you. 4. Video 4: Hello. Welcome to this video off great writing. I m so in this video or gonna learn about how we can use multiple bloods in one story in most story off a any land have Morton one plot. This might be a side plots episode. Within a larger part, Interview implodes among multiple protagonists or conflicting plots between protagonists on antagonists and said Bloods, for example, take off from but enrich the main plot off the story in the movies. The Incredibles. That's just them. To get permission from his parents to participate in school sports despite the unfair advantage off his superpowers, compliments and enriches the main plot but isn't essential to eat instead off being a stepping stone within the main part as support bills on reserves wedding or al unsigned eat . By contrast, an episode or type alert is a piece off. A larger put as an example in the movie Speed Shack, Trevon has to get himself onto a speeding bus without the buses stopping. This is a step within the last report off Trevon preventing the bus from very being blown up, which is itself a step within the last year, float off Trayvon's his partner, capturing the psychopathic bummer who heard of bus in the first place? Whether the My East to your taste or not Speed is a consummate example of how to maintain suspense with upload. Build up off a serious off smaller plots each time. Watch off these episodic bloods results were reminded off the problem off the Lasher put and so a well station bills and releases. It is never wholly going until the financially backs off the story. I m also I will remember that goes contrast form over time, for instance, and a character might 62 defeat someone only to find they have completely means. Under told the person's nature on their goal can transform instead to help in the other person achieves something as long as the Team X answer. The initial put problem that was post these words fine and can be very satisfying. Okay, this was all for this video CEO in the next. Unless one thank you very 5. Video 5: Hello. Welcome to the last video off this class. I am as a project for this class. I want you to outlying the blood off a story book or movie that you loved. Okay. Ah, it is a very is it project. Uh, it can make you He hates your creativity, give you a lot off new ideas for your story, Or did know what you are writing and always remember to buy coke. OK, that's the first thing. And if you know, if you don't know what is by cook, then I suggest you to to see the previous class off creative writing. And I learned what the secret writer mantra and when you like. Ah, the listen, please leave a review and took out my other classes. Thank you very much for watching on us. I always say, Keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you very much.