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Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop - Quickly Design a Coffee Packaging Range

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction - Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop

    • 2. Preparation steps in Photoshop

    • 3. Cut out the Cup, add Colour Adjustment Layer

    • 4. Next Package Design Steps

    • 5. Create the First Flavour

    • 6. Organize and create 2nd Flavour

    • 7. Create the Other Coffee Flavours

    • 8. Some Last Changes

    • 9. Wrap Up

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About This Class

In this class you will learn an easy workflow inside Adobe Photoshop that allows you to quickly make multiple color variations of your design.

This is extremely helpful while designing a packaging range, for example for different types of Coffee.
(like this example)

This technique of adjustment layers allows you to quickly explore different creative options all inside the same document with just a few clicks.

Along the way you will find some helpful tips and tricks. Such as the use of Smart Objects

So grab a cup of Coffee, hit the Enroll button and create a stunning Package Design.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. Introduction - Creative Workflow in Adobe Photoshop: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this class in this cloth. I will show you an easy workflow inside the food shop that allows you to quickly make multiple color variations off your design. This is extremely helpful. Well, the shining picketing range, for example, for different types of coffee. This technique allows you to quickly explore different creative options. All insights The same document with just a few clicks. Example range you see here is made from one basic design just changing color and the coffee name Along the way you will find some helpful tips and tricks. So crap a cup of coffee and I see you in the next video. 2. Preparation steps in Photoshop: Okay. Welcome to folk ship. I opened the two images that I can use its The above images are from pectoral still to come . It's a really great site for free images. And when I saw this image, I really immediately fought off coffee packaging. Ah, this is the order image I going to use. But feel free to use your own image. Fish how you want to make it? We just refits workspace too ashamed French off. We're not doing anything fancy. And I changed this to the adjustment so that we have a lot of room for our layers. One thing that I want to do is change them. Imagesif It's now quite big in with all the extra layers, it will become a big file. We don't need that for the i d face. If you want to make a riel packaging for print, then you shoots Keep the quality as high as possible. But for issues, this is perfect. No treat thousands x else. And I know that my back itching. I want to make a square shash. So you have come for size pixels. Okay. One other thing that I do now is I gift copy the image of to be coffee beans in, and I conferred this to a smart object, and what this will do is it allows me to scale the image as much too shy once without losing inequality. So if I make it's like this and later decide that they're once it's bigger, the quality is still there. For now. This will do, and I will put it else. Um, I just make a copy off the directional layer high debts, and I know that I want to have here from Brendan ING titles, so the cost cooked will be a bit its bottom, and we can move this later on what I will do. It's stretch the imaged and use, and it's content aware scale, and this allows. There's two stretches without too much notice, civil effects, and you can see it at the bottom side Better. I won't use this part, so I will go like this and its contents aware school. Yeah, because he it's not ah, do bats stretched and we can always staying said later on. Um, I will show you the main um I d that we're gonna use in this workflow and it's a color adjustment layer. You separation now. What's this Will do allows Jewish with just changing the slider, changing the different colors here. This part is where you safe a lot of time because we know we're gonna make later on one design with branding name, amount off, corruption, coffee and Aaron can just usually change. It's to make different color versions. But before we do that now, we need the cup copious out off this layer show that we, um, won't affect it with the color. 3. Cut out the Cup, add Colour Adjustment Layer: I will delete this layer. I assume in the bits like this one don't need it. And I used a correction Election toe. If you really runs precise, you can use a path for other selection stools. But for this and it will work. And it's almost, I hope it's everything selected everything. The only thing we need to do with the hands is, uh, adjusted a little bit here, and I think I will do it with the bulletin lost so shifts. Then we add to the shifting path and you can see the publican lost. So it's quite handy to at little, uh, pieces. And it's not as difficult after path to, and it's, um, more flexible than the hand selection because you click fines and I'm gonna ads here a little bit more. Same here. We're gonna do little bits, not just look toe edge to Shia for friends. You really strange things, but it's OK. Then I called to select refine itch. You can see it puts it in a few moat. Now, on a white background work, you can select bra black, but for this I like the white. I'm gonna use dish one. This will take out the global bits and I will increase the radius and increased a smoothness and I just shift the edge and thats will move its in march. Use light Federer on its I think I most actually a little bit more Even. So, we've got quite easily now and nice good outs off the cup. And I want this one. It's a new layer with a layer mosque. For that, we can always change little bits. Okay? And then we asked tonight I make this one fishable again. You know, if I now used to color you separation because this one is on top, it will not change. And this filter will change the things below. So you can see now it's quite easily to change the color. And this is the quick tip that allows you to quickly make new, um, color variances off. Beck itching 4. Next Package Design Steps: the next part's. What I will do now is creates okay? And I put it somewhere here and the way we find it later and instead off white, I choose to fill color somewhere from directional image. I turn off them Gulen, change Steyer. And now I choose to seal color. No, I take bits from the dark and they find now enable this layer again. You see that this changes or also because it's just this color. So if we changed the so you see, here's the time, Schafer. You can quickly change colors and all the elements that needs to be changed with it are changing now back to blow. Um, I will do Shem clean up new group from layers and this is skulls, Bic grounds. But feel free to organize your file in any way. You like your color in the title we do later and now move to the header and I work a little bit. Some debts. New group. I call this and I put in here all the things that just go on top and don't need to be affected by the color change. No, the cup, for sure. Ah should stay. Whites So I put it in this stop player, the this coffee being effect, I can close this one on a temporary sweatshirt. Off I creates a new shape, something like this. And I deliberately make it bigger than the foul itself because I'm going to show it. I used to fetter off this shape. You can see because dif edges are outside the image, it won't effect. It won't be fishable here, okay? And But we will do now if I moved them. Picture off the beans A Both this works And what the altar keep rests. I moved between the two layers and you can see a little Icher. Now, when I click, it means that dish image is corporate inside this So if I now move this image, you can see the being Imex station place and the fishable mosque. It's more thing. Well, um, she already that's I'm off this bit down and I think this bit and we will we find this later? So I flag, addition and isles the commands The echo key. Nice. Select those two layers. If that this difficult, the quick workarounds just can be moved this one together. And now you can just select him with shift. And I think somewhere like this, I move this one back to the top and this one a little bit more here in the mosque or also little down. Now, I could see I need more. It makes and this trash off the beach. We can change later because we make this into a smart object. We can scale up and scale down dish without any problem. Um, close the layers gave It has a top player back on player. And in this parts, the color, the black and the difference flavor first. 5. Create the First Flavour: I know the longest title that I going to use a scuffing free. So I copied this one. I go here and maybe just making you next based you say something and it's transform scale these books, we can just make larger now. And dishes are longer Steidl so directional fit without any problem. Okay, I will make a drop shadow. I need this one on National Lean a bit too. That's why Should mean if x drop shadow first, the strength and angle. All right, use this value a lot because it's quite nice South force. And now we can just play of it with, uh, spreads lower. You can decide how harsh you want your drop shared out to be. These failures depends a lot on the pixel sighs off your image. So there's no fixed or golden recipe. You just have to see what you like. I think I got somewhere like this. Okay. And because this is a smart and effect, we can always change the failure later. If you think it's too strong or too weak and it's transform skill, I'm make it slightly bigger comply. And because this is a shape defector ship, you can usually make its ah longer smaller without losing and equality. And o'shanter this on the I giving free. Okay, well, I know I've got another text I want to use somewhere here. And I'm tickets. Bolder type and a lot smaller. And the phones feel free to use. Um, and he phoned on style. You like one thing I'm gonna do ish? It's correct. But I don't like it if the two efs go together. If you want to change that, it's quite easily type, open type and put off standard. Lee cares. And now you have to separate efforts. Um, Harry puts a brand name interests GOP, and most it's to the top layer to shine on our phones. Go way bigger if you ask a logo. Really? Um, coffee logo. You want to use your brand name? You can, for sure use its quick tip. Could be is toe flicked till things and sin threats. And I your center text and also here because then I can, if you change it in the textual stay centers. You know what I will do if I also at a drop shadow to this and I will make the capacity on their percent. So it'll be pure black and it's really helps to put out fixed. And now we can play a bit with the Hartness off the text. That's nothing gets okay to shadow and this is also an effect Drop shadow. If you double click on it, you can just change it again. So it's not fixed. You can change it. Okay, I noticed. Now I made one big error by copying dis text to displace. I forgot to change name to the fake brand name. So if quite easy to change cuffing free So I will used to bring them coffee monsters And now I think the phones could be a little bit smaller. And now you see also the benefits off this way of working. I change. Just change the text. But all the other files are still intact and I just gun safe, new yea, big files For the rest of the video, you will feed a wrong text here. But I felt that I warn you up front that I make this error show. But you know there's a difference 6. Organize and create 2nd Flavour: but we're fertile branding in place. We have our generic fashion faux you have our Crippen placements contracts, the color correction. What you can do now is, um, 36 cups. It's not going to change, so we can put it in the top layer. We have our back one player, so it creates a Newell grip from layers. And I call this caffeine free and I like for this things till number them. I know this is the 1st 1 caffeine free in this layer. We have to color correction and we have to text. And now you're gonna see the magic happen. I just copy this layer, put the old one off and the next flavor is mild roast. And I'm gonna use a green color. So just copy mouth roasts and I will immediately changed layer name this just mild roast. That's this is just my way of organizing. Feel free to use any organization that you like. Okay, DoubleClick in a text. It's automatically reflected. And now I can just capri mouth rushed and because I used center texts that you just cooperation texting at the center you depending on your style, you can make this bar smaller, but I like the fact that I can quickly make a whole series. Now they're going to do now is selective color correction double click on its and now I can usually make the Cree insertion on a sink. It's soon's here, and I think I'm gonna make it a little bit lighter a little bit in this situation. I don't want toe being the young tonight, and this is just But you see how you fugitive to try things. And if this were scratched with the color feel, you have to devote click. It's change the color. Take out if it's this is Miles roast for me. 7. Create the Other Coffee Flavours: all right now, the next part is quite you. She copied the layer. Put your old man off. Oh, it's wrecker. It's the color is rats No, Again, just some organization regular. They will click on the tea fished in your text. Ishan I corporate an extra space showing to lead to this applying. Go to the adjustment layer you separation and this one should become Retz. So Retz put the lightness specter zeros first knew of its huh likeness down on bits. Your rats could be maybe a strong rest, you see, because we did a smart thing with this textbook, it just just toe the color. So you which one change or sell you change. Both elements are changing. Next one mocha the brownish yellow way I will choose for Select the letter mocha and based brownish yellow. And I think you go for a deep, rich cooler. All rights and duplicates holds one else extra dark, a gray or purple. You start nice and dish. I really like Deva clicked t It's automatic reflex based. The texts apply well. Not shed a purple first to see if you like. I think it should be rich. Maybe ring grace. Yeah, it's OK. And I don't want to make this run black because I use that one for the last one duplicates and turning off Nespresso. And we gonna use black. Now you're six Espresso, Double click on the letter face apply and it's already there. Change the color and this will become Why dark? I want to keep a little bit off the shadow. Coming in a bit. Little bit. Bluish tint. I like it. And now you can see we have one overall design we can quickly, most between the difference color versions. 8. Some Last Changes: have a look. That's the scale off the coffee beans, and it's transform scale. Yes, to see yeah, I like the bigger beans. So because that's what's in the separate layer. And we just changed the beans and we still have old, uh, flat color versions. If I summarized the most important things, it is an adjustment layer so you can animal. I make a copy, just, uh, to show again. Because it's a layer. You can just modify it quickly to make the trying decisions like, Well, now you should be discolor, or that is one big thing and grope shadows on the bar. You can just make it off. And because this is in the base layer again, older color changes are affected, but I want to grow shit along. The other thing important is because we made a smart object out off the coffee beans. We could just resize it, and we don't use an equality. It's still the directional image that we can resize as we like. Initial disc concludes No difficult closed this class. I hope you like this 9. Wrap Up: Thank you for watching this class. I hope that you liked it. Great way to practice Esper creating a product. It can be like the example a coffee packaging range but could also be things like milk cartons or eliminate Genz. If you like this close, who skippered the thumbs up as this will help order students just go for this cloth and if you have any questions, please post them on the community section.