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Creative Painting: Alcohol Inks and Yupo Paper

teacher avatar Nichole Peacher, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Video 1 Alcohol Inks and Yupo Paper

    • 3. Video 2 India Ink and Yupo

    • 4. Video 3 Watercolor on Yupo

    • 5. Video 4 Putting it all together

    • 6. Video 5 An alternative to Yupo

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About This Class

Discover the secrets of Yupo paper and alcohol Inks to create beautiful, abstract works of art in a matter of minutes. Learn some fun techniques and experiment with some alternative resources. I will introduce you to a few mini projects you can try. Then we will dive into creating a final project where you will have your choice of creating an abstract piece or a more realistic work.

Meet Your Teacher

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Nichole Peacher



I am an artist and teacher, always looking for a way to contemplate the world and to connect to the present. I enjoy playing with colors of a limited palette, abstracted form, flattened space, distorted perspective, and varied textures. I prefer experimenting in several mediums rather than mastering one, and I enjoy exploring other visual art forms like sculpture, and printmaking.

I make jewelry and have my work in a gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. I teach high school Ceramics. I take as many classes as I can in as many different mediums as I can to increase my knowledge so that I can share my knowledge with others.

Art is about community. I hope that my art will resonate with my audience on an imaginative and emotional level and inspire them to contemplate their own ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: everybody. My name is Nicole. This is creative painting. Alcohol inks on you both. Here is an example of an abstract piece that we're gonna be working with. We're also gonna be using indie ings and watercolor. We're gonna be using some interesting tools to create this piece. I'm also going to be introducing to you how to use some different materials as an alternative to the U PO. I hope the challenge with his class. Uh, beginners, intermediates, pros. You might find something interesting. If you have any questions. Cummings, please leave them for me and I'll get back with you on that. Enjoy parade art see at the end. 2. Video 1 Alcohol Inks and Yupo Paper: I'm gonna use you bow paper about this at on eBay. About $21. Um, I know that you combine in the art stores. I haven't found it. Michaels. I'm gonna be using the alcohol inks today, Ross gonna use some regular ink, some techniques. I'm gonna use the hair dryer, Some, um, regular isopropyl 70. And I want to talk for a minute about cleanup. Things will stain your clothes in your hands. You can wear gloves if you want. Teoh, I find, uh I'd rather just use my hands, but the mineral spirits will help, uh, clean your hands. Um, I don't know about clothes. Always wear an apron. You can find this at the Michaels. Or you can also find this that kmart. Um, this is safe for your hands. It says that you should wash them immediately with soap and water, which I dio, but it is safer. Your hands. It's better than turpentine, which is what usually wash your brushes with. And it's also will wash your brushes. So that is for clean up. Afterwards, we're gonna use baby wipes. I thought I would try for lifting as a technique on and then I thought, maybe some hydro hydrogen peroxide. I don't know if it'll work, and that's why artists experiment is to try those things. So let's get started. We're going to start with people paper. I've just set down some regular, um, watercolor paper because, as you can see, I'm a bit of a mess here, but I always like to protect my surface area. So I'm going to just start. This is very quickly. I'm using my hair dryer as a a way to dry things quickly, but also to move the alcohol ink on the paper. You're gonna see why here in just a second. So I'm going to apply fairly heavy and quickly a couple of colors, and then you can see that this disperses the ink fairly quickly and then also, um, kind of pulls the darker to the edges that you can see the lighter. So that's what one of the reasons why I like the hair dryer and that also helps it dry so you could do lots of other different things. I like toe layer my work. So here's the lifting technique. You can use a paintbrush which, if you wanted to do something really find in there. Sometimes I like to kind of pull, uh, some of the already existing maybe to get rid of some of that heavier, you can kind of see where that's lifted. I can also lift with alcohol, so I am going to put some alcohol rubbing alcohol into a little bit of ah container so it's easier to get. So I've got a spray bottle, which makes some really cool designs so I can spray it on there. You can kind of see what happens. Okay, so that's kind of, um, lightning the alcohol. And I also like to use an eye dropper. Where is my trusty eyedropper? You could make actual in very specific spots, and then we'll go back to the hair dryer. E level the little lines. This creates hope. Mixes. Yeah, call Hanks on a lot of different colors, so we'll keep going. Let's try some different colors over here. Another thing I like to dio is I drop some Alcohol Inc directly onto these little concentric circles and watch them bleed into watching paint dry literally, or you can march them lead there. Let's take a small paintbrush. Maybe just more lifting. Actually, we can live with. It's lived with some alcohol instead of someone. We've been kind of pull out some of the dark like this. Believe that is a beautiful, bright blue. And I could maybe pull in some, then to the white space, and I never get rid of any of my background white papers. I can always do something fantastic with them. You can actually kind of see how the India inks. I'm sorry. The and Ron Dax, the out of the links, are working on the, um, watercolor paper Unintended. A little lesson there. Let's try the baby wife's up one morning to try how those would maybe lived off. So here's a baby wife. Oh, yes, I knew that that would work. So let's say I didn't like a whole big area. Or let's say I just wanted to wipe off. Oh, yes, look what happens here. Very cool. Maybe I want the whole thing. Teoh. Have a nice light of some of those tents and shades, and they're very cool. Or maybe I just want to do a different layer. Well, I don't like the color so much now. This space needs some reworking, so let's go ahead. And as more soussa marine must do simply okay, Yuk until to twist. Rotate your piece. I love how does this around here? You could just pour some of the top, maybe even then put a little alcohol Inc at the top and get some very specific places. Love that. - All right, so we're gonna, uh, go ahead and put this to the side. And next up, we're going to do indians. 3. Video 2 India Ink and Yupo: All right. So I take another piece of you put paper to my watercolor background, and this time we're just gonna do indie inks. I'm going to leave it blank. I thought about putting some alcohol in first, but let's try just the Indy angst Indians again will stay in your hands, stain your clothes very strong. You put paper is non porous. So it all right, So it doesn't move like the alcohol links. I'm gonna assume that that means there's no alcohol in it. Obviously, Souto papers on porous Let's that flow on the top on absorbent paper would just, you know, let that come right in. All right, so it needs something to move it. So let's get a clean brush and apply some alcohol eggs. And actually, we still haven't tried peroxide happy, so we'll try son. Here. Let's see what happens when way does get its more mobility. There we go. All right, let's try. Let's try our white here. Our baby wife. I think I wanna wipe off some of this. Oh, yeah. Let's wipe off some of that. I have no idea what the 100 in proximity. I am testing this out ride along with you imagines, probably gonna pull off. Oh, let's see, Let's add some more since we're of a little hydrogen peroxide there and see what? Oh, I think it probably just pretty much acts like the That's gonna call. Let's bring our alcoholics back and see what it does. Here's a route links that's gonna go all right, so peroxide doesn't really lift off. But let's see what happens when we add on. All right. Who? Well, it does have some kind of effect. Different. Not sure if I like it. Let's add some India ink to our We'll see what this does. I think it probably needed to be watch. What do you think I do like the splatter, and I see that all of this is pulling here, so it has been drying a bit. Let's see if our lifting technique with the alcohol we'll pull up some of Oh, yes. So even after it's been drying a bit, that looks nice. We can get rid of some of the dark, actually, Now that looks kind of cool. Let's go back to do a little spring of now that in the ink is trying to come out on a little very goal. I don't know. So in this is Indian now, and I don't know that I like that combination. A little water on it. What happens? Interesting. Very interesting. I just kind of like what I'm left with with the without calling. All right, so this is the Alcohol Inc. We added a little bit of Indie Inc. Didn't like it. I didn't like it, so I added a little bit of water to get some of it off. We could either believe it or we could either. Adam taking some alcohol. And I actually like thes edges that have been left. So you decide for yourself what you think If you like it. I really like this edge here. We could play around wisdom design kind of looks to me like a seashell. So I think I'm gonna leave this because that might play into our assignment at the end of the video. Kind of like these colors here, so I'm gonna leave it. I kind of like it. Let's go back to Indy, Inc. So we did wipe off with the baby or with the baby wipe, and then we did a little peroxide and we did a little India ink on That's dirty brush. Why don't we add alcohol Inc and see what that does to the Indy? Actually, I think I like that better than the Indian ink on top of the Kaka link like has this black outline. What about that? This is what experimenting with your materials is all about. Sometimes you get success is sometimes you get failures, and that's OK. My motto is there are no mistakes in art. Actually, that's turned out kind of cool. You come back in here later, we could do sums entangles. We could, uh, maybe find some pictures in this. I actually like how that is. Let's pull some of this off. Actually, that's not too bad. You can have it make some texture. Kind of like how the India ink is separating itself. So that's what you get. All right, we got one more. Uh, watercolor. Is that next 4. Video 3 Watercolor on Yupo: So we're going to do watercolors. This will be our last many tutorial. Um, I use watercolor. Just They're not too expensive. Reeves money is ballooning yellow. I didn't want a little palate. You can let thes dry, and then when you want to reactivate and you can just spray some water, let him soak a little bit, Uh, issues a regular brush. Pretty again. Inexpensive eBay. So you bow and watercolor. I'm going, Teoh, I love the bleeding technique, So I'm going to spray my You bow on my a paper. I'm sorry. One of spray water on my you Po Malone. My brush really, really good. And you can splatter. You can drop and see how that just moves really nicely on the water. Colors are on the youthful paper, and, you know, I'm sure how awesome it is on watercolor. So, God, apparently I've got a color palette here going with greens and was my favorite color is actually purple. So I'm shocked that I haven't been used in those colors here during this one, too. Very different than the alcohol inks. A little bit too much water, I think. But you can definitely use alcohol on these. Uh, if you want your watercolors to be darker, use less water, more paint. And then obviously, if you want them to be lighter, use more water. So let's get a little bit more on there so we can see the effects of alcohol and they will try proxy to so you can see how it disperses. You could do Saul's. You can dio, uh, plastic crab, all those fun things I'm sure you've learned. And then you can kind of see how alcohol will make these really cool. Different? Um, it separates that pigment in the, uh, watercolor. I like directly putting son watercolor on my paper, going in there and seeing what happens. I would kind of blends bleeds out. Watch what happens. Starry night. Let's try that. Approximate And again, your baby wipe would wipe away anything you wouldn't want. Looks like a little octopus there. Let's see if the peroxide does something I can't really tell right away. Yeah, this would be a very cool water ocean sane 5. Video 4 Putting it all together: Okay, So what do we do with all these papers? Uh, let me show you a couple that I have done previously. And then I will show you the ones that we did together. I kind of started drawing on this one. This was the one that was India ink and the alcohol links. So you could draw you could do designs. I know. Skill share has a couple of different mandala, uh, classes that you could use your you po papers with. I love the darks and the lights. I just love this faded look. Almost looks like a marble ceiling. Um, so you could just use thes or pit pens. You could use sharpies. I love to doodle so you could do so many things. You could cut this. You could weave it. This is what I've done previously. You could still take that alcohol ink. You could, um, spread some on here. You can lighten up some areas. Still, if you're not happy with those, get some of those darker spots out of there. If you wanted to reapply some alcohol links, you could certainly do that. Um, you could actually add wash the brush off just a tad you could actually add alcohol ings directly to your brush. Let's do a little splattering is another technique. You could dio just build up layer after layer after layer, which I love. Let's take one. It has. Doesn't have a much on it. Okay, we could do some splattering there. I love it. No, over doing. Could do as much or as little I think as you want. I love it. You do a little of this on your Jason alcohol on your brush. We'll let that sit for a bit so you could take your pens. You could I think I did this one a long time ago. This looked like a mountain. And then these Look down under these look like little bubble gums to me you could take your she's making Take your paper. You could do some designs Is entangles tracing You could make nameplates You could Gosh, there's just so many things you could do You could leave them And beautiful abstraction. This is what I've done before again. I could come back in here, I could get some alcohol, Inc. I could or I could get some, uh, alcoholic. Lighten this up But I love this. I love the dark side of the lights. I love the orange with the versus the magenta is in the blues. I love this one. I believe it. Completely abstract. Nothing added to it. Brain pieces that are your favorites. I could take a print this out, make cards out of it. I love this one. It's called I, um drink catchers. What? I've called this one. Another thing you could do is rotate your piece, see if you could find some kind of animal or picture something identifiable, abstract turning into it into something faces. Creatures. Let me show you what I did here. I saw this really awesome, uh, shape here. So I thought of peacocks, although peacocks for my favorite animal. So I probably see peacocks a lot. I just took my ube my pit pins and I just started drawing those out over and over and over . This is one my favorites. I love this one. So it is your turn to decide what you're gonna do. Here are three that we did. We have the one where I started working on those. So this is the one with the water color actually accidentally added some circles so we could rotate this. This looks kind of like a aerial view, almost of water with these little circles. So I could I could do anything I could. Tracy circles. It could be a galaxy with his little stars. I could actually come down here, maybe make a galaxy landscape here with my India ink, maybe with some trees. And then maybe even you could take a silver pin, which might be kind of cool. Maybe these air your different sons different layers of the Milky Way. You could add more India ink or, um, let's see some splattering on this one. See if we can get some really cool miniature. We can even go back in later. Maybe get some white. You'll get some white acrylic later. Just happen to have some there. I think they back of, ah to the middle star clusters. But for stars, my probably let that dry just a tad. Call it to you. I love this little Did I write here? He's coming out here. This guys, you can kind of see that burst. Here's another one. I kind of like him. I would leave him. I might even add some more to him. Maybe some ink. So your assignment is to make us many. You put papers as you want. You can leave them in their abstract form. You could make Amanda live with them, find another skills share. Uh, class. There are tons of them that you could use. Your you put you put papers with. I'm sure there's some design classes and drawing classes. You could create the mandala. You could do sums, entangle works of doodle classes. Or you could find your own. Um, actually, this will be really pretty for a galaxy, wouldn't it? Could draw your name in three D. So find a project abstract or a design, and see what you create. Have fun. Make sure to post your work, and I'll be sure to comment. Enjoy. 6. Video 5 An alternative to Yupo: I'm gonna show you an alternative to the U boat paper. Remember? Remember that you put paper is very non absorbent. You can tell by the paper I was using to protect my surface. This'll watercolor paper is very absorbent. The Indian ink very absorbent. The alcohol links very absorbent. Although they have, you know, their own qualities for the watercolor paper that you really is, uh, quite different. So an alternative to the U PO, which is about $2 per piece, I suppose, depending on the size about, um what was that size this size that I bought here? 11 by 14 is about $2 apiece. S O. I mean, if you have, you know, watercolor hanging around, we're gonna do a water color. And then, if you were, I put about two layers of this liquid text gloss, medium and varnish, which was about $12. Although look at how many you could Dio with this plan. Nine by 12 Watercolor paper. Not too expensive. You're doing it for a classroom or whatnot, so you can can tell where the barn inches on where it isn't do kind of. Both sides will do all of the different mediums on one paper so that we can see just what the alternative is again. Two different two layers of this. So let's start with the alcohol links and they are a little different but very similar. You can see it's not soaking man right away. It does move, and it is movable with the hairdryer. And let's see if the baby wife's all that work you can. I love how it still you can have it bleeding. Uh, the alcohol still works with the lifting that varnishes, giving it kind of ah, well, I guess, like kind of a jest so of protective layer. So if you want, even spread or lightened that up, that alcohol still works really awesome, and it's kind of cool. You couldn't even blend that over to the non varnish side. Get a couple of different. You could probably still use even salt on this. That water would soca, Let's try, and her baby wife was a really dark area. It's a little different. Some of the paper is coming up, I guess if we tap tap, tap it a little bit, it does do a little bit better. Not as pretty. I think is the U boat, but on alternative. Like I said, let's try our undying sprints out a little bit, adding a little water, maybe Best remove ability play and will do so. No. Hurry up alcohol and let's get that off. Don't you never know. Not bad. It's OK now go back. Alcohol ink isn't too bad on that. Gives a different kind of a flavor, I guess. And let's do a little bit of water color. We have to from a little bit of see how that works on there. E don't know about that. Definitely a difference. Maybe if we had a cleaner definitely kind of sits on top, doesn't it? We'll have to see what that looks like. Uncle still works. If you happen to have any of your varnish and want a firmer paper will play work on any paper. I would suggest if you had anything center than the watercolor paper. I would probably put more layers of the varnish on. But if you have a go and try it, um, just don't see how you like the um not a fan of the of the alcohol or of the India ink, but I do. Kind of like the staining that is happening with India ink or I'm sorry. With the alcohol ink on top of the varnish, it might have some interesting applications, seeing as you could put that varnish pretty much on a lot of different surfaces. So tried out, dragged us, see what you like, have fun.