Creative Jewelry Design: Create hanging medal earrings beginners | AnlisLuik | Skillshare

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Creative Jewelry Design: Create hanging medal earrings beginners

teacher avatar AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting started, materials and tools

    • 3. Triquetra

    • 4. Overview

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About This Class


This is the third class of the series that continues my previous lesson ‘Jewelry Basics: how to PIERCE metal’ in which I taught the skill of piercing metal for those who just started to learn jewelry or want to get started. Therefore, this class wants to present some possible designs out of this skill.

In this lesson, you’ll learn…

Since you already know how to pierce, (if not, check my previous class) in this lesson you will learn how to make earrings using shaped medals.

Materials you need…

This course is ideal for those who already know how to pierce but want to get ideas of what designs they could do. What I want is to provide options for those who can’t afford to have a proper workshop or space and want to make their homes their creative space in the minimum and simplest way.

Despite that, it implies investing in a couple of tools and materials in order to be able to develop the exercise.

  • Copper or brass sheet of 0.5 or 0.8 mm
  • Silver or steel Wire of your choice (I recommend no more than 1mm of diameter).
  • Variety of pliers: flat nose, flat and half-round nose...
  • 1 mm Shank drill and driller or a bow drill. (optional)
  • Jump rings. (optional)

I first want to apologise if you see or listen to any mistakes when talking or into grammar, spelling, etc. due to English is not my first language but I believe I can share with you my knowledge and help you to develop your skills and become a maker!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jewellery / art / design


Hello! This is Sophie and I am very happy that you came all the way here!

I am formerly from Barcelona, Catalonia, where I graduated as a graphic designer as well as a maker but moved to the UK to course a Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery in order to find new boundaries in creativity and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I am working on my art to become an independent artist and show to the world my work and share my skills so others can learn how infinite jewellery making can be.

To get to know more about my work, future classes, work-in-progress and some inspiration just have a look at my instagram account anlisluik.

Please, don't hesitate to comment, suggest or ask me anything! I will really appreciate it :-)

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1. Introduction: there isn't Sophie. I am a design in a maker that loves to explore jewelry possibilities. This class you learn about Brussels, build, wearable Jeff and great a finished product. It's lesson if those want to get started in jewelry world from opening the main those supplies, or just for those who want to create from simple thing, it's to start with your spaces of metal beast. In my previous blasts, called jewelry Basics. Help to Pete's Metal. But you can take in the UK I think this case we'll learn how to create hearings using very simple tickets, deal options, some of buys possible. I am very excited to show you step, step and see how you grow as a way for the delay. Let's get started. 2. Getting started, materials and tools: before we continue here. Some resigned that I think, using the sugar who will be using in this class. Let's move through the doors. We will be using cutters. You can use regular ones that in case that you use still, why're you might need to buy special wants them. Otherwise the regular with Gramp long nose for years from those blinders half brown years, another round nose pliers, smaller size and dreamer Just in case that you use a different shape on the ones that use and you need to Rio, I'll be using this place. But you didn't all of them. You can only use the room. No spires, the nd areas that we'll use our shapes of our choice and some silver or steel wire. Since this material moving off the without skin expected to use this one so you don't have any allergies. Effect these air. Very simple. We will be doing hearings in step off the neck piece for hand pace. With just that, you see that one chain can become different bodies. All right, then, let's get started. 3. Triquetra: Hey, now it's tempting. Was something a bit different here? We've got the study symbol called Strike ETRA on by Elinor Hope. I needed myself and some jam rings. I met a ham piece. It is very simple to do, and to be honest, I think it would look better with the changes death. But you can play around with different options. As I said, it is very simple to do, so I'll be doing something else that might have more possibilities to explore. Another really think it's worth showing you how we did this one? Since what you have learned in the previous Pius already gives you the tools to do this one for this occasion, we're only using something. Chris Symbol and some silver. Or still, why Dubai stuff and works well still is very hard to bend on what lasted, but it is great when it comes to allergies, and also it's cheaper since in this plus, um, using cheaper materials, I'll be using still in this demonstration what I would recommend in this case. If it's the first time you do it, maybe try with some regular William, and then you can try with a still participate how it bends. Try to make shape before you do the final one. Okay, I'll be using a false sentiment, this piece of steel wire. Please notice that if you decide to work with still, unit special can flies to cap it. Otherwise, to will probably get damage. Like all my tools in the fast, I had to buy new what's because of how hard it was cut the way. Despite that, you can just tell the instant willing using every single file when piling other metals. I like to start with brown nose used to make the first small group to connected with the case you might not, is I am person more than I think, with the other wires that I used before and again. It's because it's still while you. Just because it is quite the hurt material on it is a simple shape. I would place them together, so I won't have to worry about that later. The curvature. We also be bigger living a long tail behind way. Correcting perfections while we bend with wrong notes we're looking for isn't upside down you with the back lines longer than the trump won, you can use the smaller, half rounded nose to correct small imperfections, and here we go within an Aaron 4. Overview: - and