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Creative Clay Lettering for Beginners

Rodrigo Zarain, Graphic Designer

Creative Clay Lettering for Beginners

Rodrigo Zarain, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Rough Sketch

    • 4. Composition

    • 5. Creative

    • 6. Clay

    • 7. Lettering

    • 8. Final tweaks

    • 9. Tips and Tricks

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About This Class


Welcome to Creative Clay Lettering for Beginners

This class it will help you relax and create lettering in a new way.
Something I like about clay, is that you can change your mind anytime and find out new ways during the process, really easily.

So, for this class I just going to be creating a pretty simple illustration (the artwork cover for this class).
I will be covering everything from:

- Art Supplies
- How to make a rough sketch
- Playing with composition
- Having fun Modeling
- Tips and Tricks that allow you to make things easer.

Once you take this class try out working with clay.
I will love to see how you apply this in to your own work there so many ways it could be apply, and please share it on the project gallery!


Class Project
Pick any of the following topics

- Song
- Sentence
- Movie title
- Name (yours, a friend, your dog)

This are just ideas but you can pick anything you will like to spend some time working on it.
So my advice will be set you mobile on air plane mode (wifi off), put your headphones on and just go for it! Enjoy!

Show your process
1. Tools
2. Sketch
3. Final modeling
4. Final art work 

Cant wait to see what you can make off
Thanks for watching

Thank you so much for joining this class
So, without further due
Let's get going!


@cocodrilathebulldog & @rodzarain at the home studio back in 2017.

Meet Your Teacher

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Rodrigo Zarain

Graphic Designer



I'm a Graphic Designer currently located in México City.  
Feel free to contact me.

Rodrigo Zarain Rojas

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1. Trailer: Uh, hi, everyone. My name you really go surname on. I am a graphic designer from Mexico. The last couple years, I've been trying different things with frustration on later but to the point that I wanted to get away from the computer for a while. I work on a look using my hands. So I started using clay for one personal project, and I find out he was a lot of phone. So the next thing I started mixing analog and digital some other projects on all of these husband helping me in a creative process for both my personal and my professional project, something I like about play is that you can change your mind any time on, find out new ways during the process. Really easy. So for this class, I just going to be creating a really simple illustration would play for the cover of the class. I'll be covering everything from there. Tools were going to use how to get a rough sketch playing with the composition, having fun modeling on, keep some trees that allow you make things easier. Once you take the class, try and working with play on. I would love to see how you apply it to your work. Please share it in the project gallery. There's so many ways it could be applied. Thank you so much for joining the class so we don't for it to do. Let's get going. 2. Art supplies: Hi, guys. Welcome back on this first lesson we're gonna see I'm gonna go through all the materials you need. Eso you can be prepared to a star, the class and with all the things you will. So the first thing I would recommend to use ah, uh, table that you can't miss their own on won't be a problem and damage. So final place you can miss around with these kind of materials. Then I will. I will recommend to use a matt plastic mat free and clean. So this matter should be plus seek on a really clean. So that's because when you start working with playing on, there's some dust or something that would ruin you're you're clay and getting dirty, right? So that's for being the first thing. Then I will recommend first to have for the first steps, we're gonna make a sketch. So a ruler could be a one thing you can use to make the Greek, um then a sketchbook, right? Oh, our affair. Normal regular paper or whatever You decide to make your own sketch on and we'll use some pencils. Well, you see, Ben, cells that really comfortable with on May be some readers, you know, because sometimes you need to go back, right? Then I recommend to you so of these markers. Oh, any other color that is. It's not today the pencil. Just because you can trace on top of it on it will look like, Ah, the think the ink will make pop up the sketch real quick then. Ah, for the clay, we gonna model with hands. But I used these tools are modeling clay tools made of plastic so you can find this really easy is not It's not a big deal to find those on these things have be out with with guarding on and making things smoother. Right? So this is all you need for day For the first steps on for the clay. I will use this word so you can find this. This is a modeling play. Is you can find the from brands. It doesn't matter. So you can use actually whatever you you want but a get closer toe Something similar because you don't want to meet Spaniards. Step right. Okay. Actually, I got a bunch of play, so if you do you think you're gonna make a bunch of stuff. So it's ready and get a lot of faith, right? So Alright, guys. Hey, just get ready on sea on the next media. 3. Rough Sketch: Hi, guys. Welcome back and this. Listen, we're going to start doing the sketch. Let's let's just use off a piece of paper or the sketch work and start treating riel real quick. The idea I already know. I want to make a total of the class. So that's that's something that you will help me to get the idea faster. So for these, I'm gonna do probably six rock sketches. And then, like, I mean, you can have the whole time in the world, but this'll swill have you to make it really quick on get today to the point faster. All right. So, I mean, I'm doing just right now, the layouts or the campuses, wherever you want to call it, just to know real quick what I want to do. All right. So I'm gonna go just okay. Sketching out real quick on and start picking your own your own quote or phrase. You can do anything you like on a or also, you could do the same like the same style of the class. So go for it. - Alright , guys. Well, this is just to put ideas out there is go with the flow, do something quick, Andi. Just don t hesitate. He's just like, trying new things. Like try whatever you think and come up in the first place. Right? So does some off the DDS. I just got, like, really, really quick. Um, and this will This will bring some a composition to the next one. Right? So All right, let's go ahead and make the other one. 4. Composition: so Hey, guys, I think I like like this one, and I like something kind of like this because we're actually the main thing in this glass display. So it will be very, very focused on play. Well, because getting really into letter. So this is more or less creative way of free mind this last on having just some fun on do whatever you want. So I'm gonna make at a two different sketch just to see which one I like the most. Like this one, because he has one work sick were right here. Then is there one, then we have four. I know we have five. So he's 12345 So I like it. This very unified day level. The composition is is quite nice. A little bit too, too messy because everything is all in a bubble on this one is a little bit more focusing on play. But the work plays lets you a lot of us basis, right? Because the so many space right here. So let's see this Just greed to the friend sketches on Frontier. Which one we like? The bulls. - Yeah , I quite like this one. You can work the thing. Everything is gonna be made of play so way. Gonna just have some fun and make these letters with play. All right, so see, in the next lesson. Thank you. 5. Creative: Hey, guys, Welcome back. Now we're going to start a with a composition, right? So I'm gonna live here. The sketch just for a bit and gonna started getting with clay. So for this, So you know, they plastic math helps you cut on everything and you want get back to table. So you hear this? This is the modeling clay I got. It is really, really soft. Yeah. So this you need to do this Not too low, because he's gonna get dry on after he gets right. You cannot do anything else, right? So the water I have, like, a tiny cup of water here is because he helps you to get it smooth. So you should get a one and let's get into it. I'm going to start creating just like that. The letters. All right. So I like just to to get the first just with the hands on. Then I used it. The clay tools. But the first I start doing everything with the hands, you see? No, they might just getting wider, so I'm just gonna go and and j the process. - Thank . - So Okay. I finished the first work, and this is pretty much what you have to do. Just, um make sure you're you don't open all the the clay. Andi tried to keep this one dry all the time between your doing your work on this is much. This is pretty much what we're gonna do for the whole thing. So I just gonna keep creating the other ones. Andi A How you can see is these basic thing is using your hands, Andi using the clay. Just keep an eye on the under sketch and just try to recreate a I love thes dis plastic map because it also contained agreed. So I can tell which is my space for everything, right? So just make sure you are leaving the space between everything on get going. Ah, thanks for watching again and hope you are enjoyed in these class. All right, guys. Ah, let's move to the next one 6. Clay: you guys A I just have this one really wet on. I'm going to start creating work late. So be it Slippery. So just beautiful. Go ahead. Next level. - Alright , guys. So that's it. 7. Lettering: Hey, guys. So we're in the point that Ah, this space I use is already almost all taken. So that's what I say before about creating things would play that he can turn you to another way. So yeah, so I'm just gonna create a lettering, and I think I will feel the space with materials on pieces of clay, so let's see. All right, I'm gonna keep going with another one. He's already sake of package I use. I think with this one, there will be that will be it. So enjoy the process. - So there you have it. That's the peace. I think we can feel the spaces in between with different shapes. Uh, yeah. I'm just gonna give a little tweaks to this piece. Andi. Yeah, Let's move on. Thank you, guys. 8. Final tweaks: Hi, guys. Welcome back. And listen, I'm going to see the final finally gonna get strange. So I think that's pretty much I want you what you have to do with it on right now. It is nice. I like it. We're gonna play a some little backwards to That's good. All right, so I think that feeds on. Let's just take a picture, get to chairs. 9. Tips and Tricks: Hi, guys. Welcome back. Where? Almost done with the class. Andi, This is only the final touches and tips on some other stuff I do to get this a picture going on. I will be quick on. That's it. So for the first thing, I'm just gonna be doing, uh, image. So we're going to image image size on. I'm doing one that's gonna be here. Then you see by Okay, that's that, sir. Size. All right, this is for, um, the size for looks pretty good. This is the size for Mike. Over. So I got the image. Is the photograph I took at the end off the last lesson on right now have here my my layer . So I'm going to duplicate it, and then I'm gonna rested eyes this layer on. Gonna name it a our work. Ah, so so that's my our work. And I have a copy. Just in case I realized I don't like it first. I'm just gonna get it rial site, so I'm gonna make thes seven figure also here on I think that's it. That's pretty good. So yeah, I like it like that. And then I'm gonna get this image bit more contrast. Let's say to a nieve to any name quite like it. Maybe that's too much. I guess 35 is fine. Then I'm gonna create image adjustments on levels on. I'm gonna get the there'll be more shadowed, decide. No, wait. I'm gonna leave it like that. Maybe about saying he's fine. These he helped me just pop up more. They are work. So now I'm gonna get the The last tool on on this is just to clean some some off the things that are missing with my air work on doing it like this click OK and is gone. So you should do this toe every single thing. You don't want it. This is only for just to get rid off dust, dirt, things with the table. Maybe the's a little bit off play here that I don't want it to have it. So he's gone, So I'm gonna go through this just to clean it off. - So OK, so we just finish to clean up. Ah, did you match on? You can see the change is everything is a bit pop up on cleaner, right, because my table was already yeah, old Messi with day green paint Nurdin away. But a thing looks better. I like it on now is a This is the way I like this image. Right now I like to have everything in white, so it pops up the clay. That's the main topic of these class. Um, but the thing I'm going to show you is the way. Sometimes I just a color my my illustrations with play in a fast way and because sometimes you don't know how is gonna looking some colors. So the way do it is just, like paint the whole thing in for a show on day and that that way you can even change the color, go brighter or go darker in each color. Andi is relief. Easy way just to go really quick on some projects. So I'm gonna leave this image like these because that's how I like it right now. But let's hit like a t. I was gonna look with color. So for that, you're gonna go on and make a layer for each war. So that's one we're gonna use Clay for the next one. I'm gonna use the lettering for the next one. So each of these layers. I'm gonna just a I'm gonna graph. Let's let's just I'm gonna show you 11 later here on you have to do the same for everything . We're gonna start way creative. So we're gonna use the c on the thing. You want to do these Just use your yeah. I use your polygonal lasso tool on. Start getting these select or the way you want it to select its fine. Just one selection to to over all the letter. It doesn't matter if you didn't do a perfect is just you should try just to go really smooth. And this way is faster than just coloring each letter. But if you have time and you're listens some good music, it doesn't matter. So we have the first letter right on. Actually, I would love to use same colors that I have right here. No, like with they composition and the other material. So I will click on the under a drop. Where is my drug on? I'm gonna use these blue this one. Make sure he some top um, just grab a brush beak one on color. Um, that way you can just this select Andi, see if some missing parts you can just with with a smaller brush. So call late four. Maybe. Andi, just get the missing parts. Really careful. So it looks realistic. Right? So that's the way I sometimes not every time. But sometimes I do it because you don't have the time. Just something to to see how it's gonna look and or the way I do. It is every time I play with white clay so I can change the color really easy. But sometimes if you do it with a color play, it gives you a little bit more texture because the way sometimes gets too bright. But the thing is just a play and see what's more, more easy for use. Uh um, What I say this is something to relax. Andi, enjoy whatever you are making onda way. I clay, I see Is that you you all the time. Get a You can change your main. That's fine. So when you have the letter like this, you go to your laters layers on. You just changed days to multiply on. That way you will see your letter because really, so does she can just just the feel or even they You are the bride or editing. So I'm just go for every single one on Let's see how it looks. - All right. So we got the blue. There's some little spots where I just went a bit out off the line, but that I'm gonna fix all those with a razor at the end. So let's go with clean. - So Okay, we just finished all the letters on and maybe I don't like that much. That kind of yellow. It's not the yellow I was thinking off, So I'm going to hue saturation, and I'm gonna change that toe yellow. No. Like that. I like this one more. I like that on. I'm gonna clean everything I got in the way and real quick and so be it. Uh, okay, so that's it on. Gonna get the colors in a group. Um, and that's it. We have I saw you. So thank you guys for watching this video. And thanks for taking the class A. Remember, this is a class that a you don't need to I know about littering or be a professional thistles just for fun at under these in a professional way right now. But a I really enjoy you. Just creating the kind of stuff. So let me know what you like. Let me know what you will love to see. And maybe on the next video on I will be getting better. Um, having new ideas to show you a a the process off playing with play. So thanks so much. Thank you so much for joining these last I will forward. How do you use it? You can apply these to all different types. Projects. Make sure you can share Project Gallery on once again. Thanks for watching.