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Creating Animating GIFs in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Sehan Hasan ✪, Graphics & Web Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Setting up Workspace and Writing Text

    • 3. Applying Animation

    • 4. Exporting GIF and Final Project

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About This Class


Hey everyone! Welcome to my animation class. In this class we will be going over how we can use Adobe Photoshop to create animating GIFs. 

GIF is a special format for the image file that actually support both animated and static images. This class is newbie friendly, if you don't have any previous experience with GIFs or even if you are very new to Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to follow step by step exactly my process. I will also share the resources that I have used for this class including the background and the original working PSD file which will be helpful for you along the way. 

I can’t wait to see what you guys create.

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Sehan Hasan ✪

Graphics & Web Designer


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1. Welcome: Hey, everyone, welcome to my another class on a steel chair. In this close, we'll be going over how we can use the power of fritter shop to create animated GIFs. Gift is a special for meant for the image file that actually support both animated and aesthetic In majors, this class is completely new. Be friendly. If you don't have any previous experience with gifts or even if you're rain, you tol be further shop. You will be able to follow step by step. Exactly. My process that class outline is gonna be very easy to follow the villa start off by setting up our working space writing the text that you would like to get any meat it applying animation to the text layers using very sharp Hammond feature. Finally, you will see how to export an animated GIF that it created to your computer and share it with your friends are also share the resources that I've used for this class, including the background and the original working PST fell, which will be helpful for you along the way. So please join me and let's get to start it 2. Setting up Workspace and Writing Text: Hey, welcome to my clothes and thank you so much for enrolling in. I am say, Honasan and I will be taking you through this close. So before going ahead with the actual process, I'd like to show you once again what exactly will be building together. So as you can see on my screen that this is for the shop and this animation is running just inside finish up and and by the way, I'm on windows with the Virgin of Foot, a shop which is for the shop CCU 2015. And if you take a closer look at the animation itself, we should be able to see that we have two different layers of the text. One is is kind of ecstatic and fitted out and on top of their we have another active test flare, so we can observe that we need to create two separate backs layers. However, the animation would just be applied to one layer. All right, so now let's get into it and see how we can build it. So, first of all, we need to create a new document, and the way we can do that is either by going up to the file menu, Um, or by using the short key, which is call for a command and in the new dollar, both we can set the width and height. So I'm just sticking with what we have already here. The Witte IHS set as 1200 the height is set to 800. And since we're not going to be using it for prints, so the so the resolution is set to 72 the color mode is RGB. Now click OK to have that document creative. The next step is to is to set the background. And I've already supplied the background that I'm going to use for this class. So if you want, you can download it from from the class of resources area or or you're just open to use whatever background you want to use for this pressure. Okay, so now I'm going up to the file menu one second, and but this time, click on open sled. The background that you want to open and this background can only be used for education purposes. Now click open. This will open up in a new tab in order to take it to do the document that you just created . We first need to come to the layers mental and I lock the layer by the clicking on this background layer and click. OK, now make sure that you have got moved Tool selected. If money, you can press we under Cuba to activate it. Now press anywhere arm on this background and click on it, drag it to the document that you just created and then just drop it there. All right, so if you want to add just the size, it is a position or so you can just press culture command t to activate the transformation tool and then adjust the position or size off the beggar. However you want now for me, I think this is a kind of a brighter one. So all this crate and new earlier by coming down to this this small icon and make sure my background color is set to black. And if I press Coulter command and back of space, it will fill the layer with the beggar on layer. Like so Now if I just drove down the opacity to somewhere, let's say maybe 50 person. So I think this looks pretty good and we actually need to stand the tax out on the beggar, and so we need to keep the background as dark as possible. All right, so now the next step is to write the text to activate the text tool. We we can press t on our keyboard or just come to the Tools bar and then press this T icon to activate it. So the thing that you need to keep in mind before writing any taxes that every word in that sentence should be on its own separate layers. So what do you mean by that? I will just show you. So let's say, um, I'll just keep the same sentence which we had already in our original PSD, which is creating animated gifs in financial. So let's move back to the working space that that we created and then start typing the text out. So the first word we have is creating make a left line and click on this check mark to come with the changes. Now, as you can see that this layer only convince one word. Likewise, we we need to create separate layers for each of the words we have. So else create one for creating the second text layer for animated. The third taxslayer for gift, the 4th 1 for in and out. Consider it Robbie. Further shop as a single word. So So I'll just keep the fifth layer with this at all. Beef Additional work, right? No, I think the text is a bit of smaller. So let me skillet up by activating my transformation tool, which is culture command t. And then make sure that you have court option and shift key press and this is kill it up. Now, once again, click on this check mark to come. But the change is now we need to duplicate this layer and there are two ways we can do that . The one way is to take that layer and then this. Drop it on the small icon to duplicated or if I just do the changes. There is another way. If I activate my move tool and then click on it, make sure my options are old is pressed and if I just drag it to words, the ride or any direction by keeping our our auction key or old key press and make sure that you also present shifty, just to keep it horizontally aligned so we can just duplicated this way as well right now. Change the text creating and he made it commit the changes. Now repeat the purses for the rest of the worst. All right, so now we're done with the text, as I mentioned earlier that we would need to create two separate layers. One is just kind of faded out and on top off there, we can have another layer off the tax. So if I just group them by keeping my shift key press and then slept the last word and press culture command G to group them and duplicate the group by person. Coulter Command J. If I rename the bottom group with favorite and the top one is or age no, if I just hide my original layer and dropped down the opacity to some very let's say maybe 40 person or 30 person. Yeah, this works maybe, And once I can activate my original group now, the next step is to apply the animations in the next readability how we can apply animation to this original top player. Thanks 3. Applying Animation: Hey, welcome back. And in this video, I look you through the process for applying animation to the text layers that we just created. So now that we have got to separate layers, Number one is the original one, and the 2nd 1 is the fitted out building to apply the animations to his original air. All right, so in order to start with the animation, we first need to go up to the window and click on this timeline to activate it. And this is the area where we're gonna play around with the innovations in the timeline. If you're seeing an option there, say it's create with your timeline. Where you need to do is to click on this drop down arrow and select great frame animation and then click on Create Frame Animation. Now the timeline has been created. Less is to the original file and see how this frame animation worries. So in a frame animation, we applaud animation in different stuffs. These stops are cold frame and each frame represses a conflagration off layer. We would need to play earn with the layer visibility option to create different animation frames. As you can see that This animation is comprised of six different friends starting from the 1st 1 where we have all the tax to fade it out. In the next frame we have, we have the word creating turned on and in the next frame we have the next word turned on, which is animated and and the 4th 1 we have give. And the 5th 1 We have an and finally we have the lobby finish up were turned on in the final frame. Underneath that, we have some numbers which are representing the delay time. If I just click on this small arrow, I should be able to see that we have got different delays. The 1st 1 say, is no delay and followed by 10.1 2nd all the way to to the 10. And if if you want to custom the link time, we can click on other end and sedately time. Another thing that I want to show before we move back to our working for oil is that this option that stays forever. This is the looping option. We've got three different types of looping option Number one is once the second is three times and the 3rd 1 is forever. I've chosen forever for this animation to play the animation we can press display icon. I hope everything makes sense. Let's go back to our vertical file and create animation frames in the first frame. We can just keep all of the layers hidden or invisible. Now set the time delay to, let's say, 45 seconds. And to duplicate this frame, we can click on that and click on this small icon Now in the second layer. Let's turn on the first word and once again click on this duplicate icon. Now turn on the second word and then repeat the process. Now the frames have been created. The final thing that we need to search is the animation loop, which is currently set s ones. Let's click on this and set it to forever. So our animation has been created. Never display the animation who it works. In the next video, we will see how we can export this animated GIF 4. Exporting GIF and Final Project: Hey, welcome back In the previous video, we applied animation to the text, and now in this radio we'll take a look at how we can export this animation as a gift match . If you're using the latest version of for the show, which is 2015 so you should find an option for a safe for Web under file export. And and here's an option that stays safe for Web took on that. So here, make sure that gift is selected and under the animation, make sure that you slept forever instead of ones. Once you very final the settings, then go ahead and press safe. Last year, the target folder that where you want to save this gifted this name it and you made it gift in Syria. So we're gonna be there. Let's go back to our best off and see how our animation looks like it's ready. The final party for this class is to create animated gift, and you can use whatever the text you want to use for for this project and feel free to share it in the class portrait area. I will be happy to review it and share my thoughts with you. So that's it for this clause and see you next time. Bye bye