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Create a fun 3D island with Cinema 4D

teacher avatar Paul Olusola, 3D Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 60m)
    • 1. 00 Course promo

    • 2. 01 Modeling (Blocking out the basic shapes)

    • 3. 02 modeling (details using box modeling method)

    • 4. 03 Modeling(creating details using voronoi fracture)

    • 5. 04 Modeling(finalizing modeling)

    • 6. 05 Adding trees using the hair generator

    • 7. 06 Lighting with cinema 4d native lights

    • 8. 07 material

    • 9. 08 fine tuning

    • 10. 09 Conclusion (Bonus animation)

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About This Class

Join 3D Artist Paul Olusola in this session where he will show you how to create a fun 3D island illustration using Cinema 4D, whether you already know how or want to learn. You will have a solid understanding of his process as well as suggestions for enhancing your 3D illustration.

This session does not require any prior knowledge of Cinema 4D! You will learn the following tips during the training:

- How to make a reference/sketch blockout
- Making use of cinema 4d modeling tools to add details
- Using Cinema 4D lights to illuminate your scene
- Rendering using both physical and standard renderers
- A brief explanation of the animation process


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paul Olusola

3D Artist


Hello, my name is Paul.

Solution-driven 3D artist and graphics designer with a creative flair for transforming complex ideas into a collection of useful visuals and related designs. I've worked with creative studios and am now a freelancer that shares my experience on skillshare.  Kindly follow me on instagram, LinkedIn and  Behance.




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1. 00 Course promo: Hi guys. Welcome to this course. Creating a phone 3D island using Cinema 4D. What makes these costs? One is that we are not going to be using any plug-in accepted tools provided by Cinema 4D and is going to be amazing. Now going to start with modelling, blocking out our illustration and using box modelling methods. In hiring details. We are gonna be lighting up our scene using Cinema 4D standard on fiscal rendering engine from Dell. So we're going to render our scene. These calls is a foreign cost to get on. And I don't want you to miss out on Dietrich switch. I'm going to be sharing these thoughts with no further ado. Let's get started. 2. 01 Modeling (Blocking out the basic shapes): Guys, without wasting our time, Let's get started. We're gonna be starting, we're going to put these polygon and also design a setup that is very, very simple. Just follow along. First, get started. We're going to start with a simple cylinder. We are going to reduce the moment we don't need. Any segment. Can be our first one. Increase the size of the tube. It wouldn't come through. New one. Increase the size. Control against create new on Christmas size, reduce the size. What we are doing is that we are trying to block out our view. Axel get close proportion to the reference. I do advise you watch any of my previous classes is that start with a reference. And if you don't start with the reference, at least make sure you get this issue. When you start, you start with something. You able to know what you want to do. Because if you don't do that, sometimes Cinema 4D or 3D generally can be for strictly using a little house on the model that you're unable be satisfied at the end of it because there's no exciting goals in getting started. Just follow along. These are the set of Salinas polygon. Quick things a little bit easier. Right? Phosphate. I think we can flow or this moment, just critically it flow or not. So I think it best forced to create a new camera. The focal length to one to five. Welcome to get the right proportion. I think. Just keep on block in. You're comfortable with these beautiful send-off body sometimes is that make it easier for you to size, scale your, your, your object in the object mode without nondestructive manner before you move to the internet. This is easy, this is simple. You can get creative with your own, those enough to look exactly like mine. Just find something you're comfortable. We love to use. Let's add by ordinary lift multiple in landscape. Rather than to reduce the cost, We just want to use it as a simple light drug. Lots of windows a little bit. You want to change the seed can come in your landscape company around which different one or two, few comfortable with. I think this one much outdoor reference to V2. Just for you to see if just clicked on dark control Hess on, you come to the file. You saved through yet. You can save yours to whatever you wanted to save it to. Wherever we call him mine. I'm going to save it. You can save yours to revert file. You want to save your stupid monkeys component to save because you cannot tell. Anything can happen. Boom. Let's continue our block out on the create the shape. Just keep on playing with your ship. You personality who can add different objects to yours doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like the one on the reference. And that's the beauty of you get any reference and we get a reference. You can easily play along with it without a problem of volcano. No particular goal to work with. Another new one. I think we are able to lock it out by following the reference. Now. I think I'm loving it. In the next episode we are going to be moving into the edit mode and we're going to continue with our model. We're gonna be adding a little bit more details. So see you in the next video. Thank you. 3. 02 modeling (details using box modeling method): Guys was to add more degree. We go South to click on the object on the table. By pressing C, you can click the boat in the table. Coat and coat. Hokey, which you can do the same with a lot of objects, unlike together and just make them edited. What was just come to the polygon section? To be too much to the editor. Click it to see that it is. You're comfortable with. If you select it as a loop. By the easiest way to select as a loop, just to use the shot clock you held. You would select a loop. Then you connect. Three. Check. You. Select Quick trillion. We could use the same thing. Doesn't necessarily that you get stuck with the camera. Can just leave it. At least you can easily make it easy to be quick so that wound, which are important. So you can just repeat the procedure which following the extrusion then needed to make sure we weren't born in Deep Blue Jay, I can just see editable polygon. Line year's. Click here and drag this downward. Just to ship it. We also did before, make it to the credit. Just going to be the top of the plunk Gladys. The chorale for you to avoid moving your camera, just add a tag. Can find it in the rigging. Even if we are using the wrist sensor for the alternate five, you're going to find it at rigging tags, protection, get inclusive. Thank you. It's time for us to walk on these faults. They select the all polygons to the left. Doing that symmetry. Wherever I set off for the mural, the order these objects to the other site. By going to Image anodyne. Able to easily create symmetric increases size. Depends on how you wanted to be like. It doesn't have to be same like mine. Think it's time for us too. I'm taught the ts, ts, ts. And the only thing we just need to just a simple cube. Delete. Watching these. You want to scaling Cinema 4D. Let me set the example and you add a new object. You come to scale. When you want to scale. The scale to 0, you get down to 0. You'll be unable to scale it the right proportion again. Just make sure that when you add a New Hope, you want to scale it down to the nearest one, then you kill it. Again. That at least you're able to get the right proportion you are looking for. I didn't put some of it was also working on that. The only able to read skill for tuition fees. Simple one. Let's leave it like that at the moment. It's important to start renaming up. To continue, welcome. Copy these three. March our reference. Just drop these. I think I'm 1.5. By going to think I'm working with these forced to create multiple drug in it both will be unable to get the exact skill. Sometimes the best introduce, just want this to be a long, these blood capillaries. The easiest way to select this args object on. Make sure you click hold shift, you can shift is going to make it blue. Now each side of the cube it out what is going to be along that axis. So we're just going to drag this inside. Cleaner, going to change it to 3131. Just going to reduce the size. It just sounds like you can drag downward symbol on it is I live fact that didn't want to unmute. This is gonna make our job a lot easier with an increase. These two are congruent. These call it the plank. You can call it the value you want to call it. I'm going to be blank. Belong, we can do the same also. Let's finish these details. Copy you went over the cube. Is okay. On it. We use the same method that we used earlier. You can just copy these clonal polygon, I mean, the Cuban drug, this one inside. We are going to switch it from these two just to 11. Just use the number that I use. And also can increase 31. Easily with just simple closed-box weekend, we were afraid. It doesn't ask to be exactly as I repeat yourself to something to work with. Nice to enforce to do now, fitting Boolean it up inside the post. To do that, you just have to use the boolean true cinema 4D. It is simple. But we have to create the ship. Ship on. Create cylinder. Again. Flip beat to the Xerox's grid. The first one just wouldn't need the segment. Also, we can increase the segments that since we are not going to be dividing our, our Ireland, it is portal false to use the highest segment. Bulky we did. The nesting do. Just to make it editable. Select, select the middle one. Then you click, you fill selected. You can easily delete. Delete these. When you click this last line, if yours is not being selected, control click on it. And shrewd along that oxygen. Just simple I that we are able to create symbol. These ship that we are going to be done. Now false to coat this ship out of the Boolean. Boolean is easily find if we click yeah, degenerate, those are going to be finding Boolean Odeon hot for the currently selected objects. When we dragged in this one inside. Flip it. Now if you notice, you notice that the object is only would be quit that ship out. The reason is because for you to get out, you make sure that these well, there is no speed on what I meant is that you do notice is there is this PCM. We need a polygon to afford it, unable to amend the Boolean, be able to see that complete or so for you to just fill these old congeals, right-click. You're going to find our closed polygon hold. Another exist. Just right-click, going to sit, close. Shot got his MD. We were able to actually review on switch, treat on the Boolean. You set out very easily. Also, this is easy, this is effective. This is the one way to introduce metadata much our friends. We'll notice that one on Mickey, particular change can do so easily. We doubt. 4. 03 Modeling(creating details using voronoi fracture): Welcome guys. Let's continue to add more details. Little island. Continue list. Create these rock falling. It is so simple mixture. You'll make file it could be 30 tibial fracture year on holding easily through our 40s, able to come onto all these croc compliment it will enable the cooling. And because it's a generator, we're able to add an effect to just simply hard parts effect by holding Alt Enter point. It would give us this beautiful Python defined think we can not the formal site. It depends if you notice that it will be visible just to create these run sheep farmer economic union that smoke. So both it is not the most for the drug these TSCA. Let's create these steps. Let's just add the cloner, make it linear. Just let us look at it from from the false aspect. You're only able to switch to your front perspective, can come over here and click from the display lines. For the query did teach to linear. Now 40 created dispose off the default. We need. We need these pieces into bit closer. I think we need four. I can make it like five. Make it, you will see this line. To move this along. This, along the y and the x-axis is just simple. This is just simple. We're gonna want to drag this little switch back to the boxplot to create that simple. Now let's create a column. That crack effect again. Simple access. Simple test for these simple, we just select the cube. Part of facto. Quickly reduce the strength. Minimum. I want us to quit ruled using supplying from the gun. Continue to lead to which forced to create that ruled like this. Font zeros. That is amazing tomb we'd yourself to use these blanks using the paint black. When you select this plane supplying, at best sometimes too. This is mixture you switch to the top view. Can also switch. Find something that you're able to work with. I'm going to be making the mile load from this place, then it's going to cost them. Over here. You can make yourself a little bit different. It doesn't matter, has to be the same. Similar protests can leave it as per share. So we'll click. Make sure you create As lead to possible, as lead to cause us possible. You may not see your home. I believe it's because of the low and the high land. On height. Both of these we would see clearly all we're using the mall mall. Different approach to create your own shape. Cannot hide the camera. Click on drug, doesn't matter, really sharp. Just want to get that dot that ship forced to more, more smooth and more like we want it to be. Pink. Click these sheep here. Select click and drag it up. One of the tibia, right? If it isn't Ohad, You continue to soft tissue to create that soft population will come like Photoshop. This is easy to drag these up. Looking at it from the camera. Come pick this drug does likewise. These also can be up to S1 down. You can click any of the displaying. Just adjust the slider. Think we're able to get the you don't want a particular supplying, you can just delete select and delete Dropbox. I think I'm going to be working with the ship to the spline can be used even when you're going to be animating these displaying very important to congeal colleague, the road supplying foster create that road. Road just in another spline. Because we are gonna be using concrete rectangle and make it smaller like m by two. I'm going to sweep it. When we're using shoot for a trip to walk you needed profile and other part will create is going to be our plot, is going to be our profile. It would do easily create road easily recalled. Probably. Still edit Spline so that you can get the right orientation you want to go. He's getting at least I can do later. I can even make it a little bit wider. We can quick same code, just repeating the same, the same process, come into Boolean. A shape. Make it without the Boolean. Drug, can just flip it. Having false too hard. Route truck. Monday marked with these. Also easier. Since we already had on these blind as new jaw, your profile being used on the short-term. Before we do that, I think we can call me I clicked is to use the shape to the extract only want model path. But Kelly, just change the injuries back toward orientation. Still can make it smaller. We got to write the proportion and extrude. This. Make it easier. So without converting is blind to mesh, can just play along with the desired chip. I think we are getting includes how to reference. 5. 04 Modeling(finalizing modeling): Welcome guys. Let's continue to add more details to Ireland. I think the next thing I'm going to be doing is just to create another layer of road. Just going to create Franklin. I'm just going to control drag that. To make this one. Just going to call it the piece. I'm going to be reducing. It. Still won't go on forever. Just rounded. To quit smoking. You can explain attorney-client going just increase the angle or reduce it to you, reduce the hunger on the outside. It's going to make it more smooth. We're going to reduce this to tempo. I'm liking this. The next thing is just to create these. The easiest way to do that too, just to create queue size, we wanted to be like three by three. This can be heard deterred leak. It doesn't have to be slice. These we're gonna be doing, we're going to be cloning this report. Create our cloner again. What we agreed to create, create an outfit stuff, what is going to act? So what we want to use to congest, easily drag these to explain the root, explain, introduce object. In a way unchecked, aligned. You can drag these. I think the best way sometimes to do DC's, make sure that you duplicate the road splint. The reason is because when you get the road, explain that we have now we want to use the axis of this root supplying. In the middle of this olive we tried to change eat. We are going to be moving our route along with also just, we'll create our own spline just by control clicking or control one, unclick it outside outside the pool by clonal on Luna just going to root supplying due to conflict Luna, root of spying on just this one downward fund to make it morphic, make it more fiddling. We can conduct group altogether. Just group, it. Rolled. And the lesson is just to increase the current. You can come over here. Are the optic glue not top, and just start increasing it. So beautiful thesis, this was really fun to do. Taps. Now when you just want to animate this, going to be so much easier, too hard. The truck can do it again using the cube, just making it 32 stop can see an increase in disease. I think they're going to be using the cloner again. Using the object, going to be using the spline for it. What we're going to be using the existing one to all of the root because the IND same location. Drug, former one. Sorry, I think I drag the wrong one. We can see it clearly. So you can click on the cloner and drag it along with the give them. Just on check. Check these. I'm going to be using the outline this time. Reducing easily. We are able to create the truck. We're going just smoothing up Christy, y-coordinate. Just make one it rename it to create more reason to do so. I'm going to be adding these detail also. Can be done with the island. I move to the next Boolean year. Select the line. Same thing with heat would explain what we're gonna be using the sweep we need to use. So I'm gonna be using this using this power profile just to Chris this arch. We're going to be using these posts to be able to do that easily. We need to make cinema 4D Tom this age to explain. It is simple thing that semaphore we can do for you just by right-clicking. And just to split synarthrotic, we create that for you easily. Get to the site. Just going to be using this as our estimate for us to just take this pattern created the profile. The profile is the rectangle. I just wanted to be closer to making these one by one. Let's go talk sweep, drug, switch it. Considered easily we can create these aren't easily. You can do the same for the other. To create that lead to details. Yeah, this moment we are done with modelling. I think we can also model our three starting from here. This can be a little bit easier and faster than Cinema 4D so that we can have that oxo. I think we can group all these and call it a landscape. It's important to name your object and organize. The reason is because when you're working on a large project, we would know what is what. You would get, the necessary objects, you need it on time. So you only waste time trying to figure out where what he is going to be creating the history, I think it was simple cylinder and the sphere. We create a simple cylinder. Let's drag it out yet. Clearly. I think one is okay because we are going to be tip during the top. We're going to create a sphere. Then also that it can print. C max is just a simple tree we are going to be using. But you can make yours a little bit complex. The model is what I'm going to be using these simple, simple result for you to eat. You can use a deformer. Simple simple deformer selected, just simple deform. Can see teapot, an old shift, both shift when you click on it. So that's at least it will present these as a child. We increase the strength. You can see that it uses to make depend kind of trees. Without tom printing would teach original shape. So I think we now make our query congruent, get NGOs choline. Going to increase the size to sometimes got two are gonna be using these tree, populate our sin. Dr. Mcdade, friend. You can work on your son, add more details on the flower. You can really make it your own whom see you in the next. 6. 05 Adding trees using the hair generator: Guys, I think it is time for us to populate our scene with our threes are not supposed to be able to do that. We'll first have to create an area where we want those trees to appear. This is very important because, for example, if you want to be doing it personally like moving the tree one after the other and on trying to place it randomly. It can walk part is going to be a lot of work. And so we are going to be using the year. We are going to be making the tree and x dots are supposed to do that. That means our object x to be one object. For example, being separated like this, you have to combine it as one by I think I'm going to remove it by now because I'm going to make sure that I solved divide these, my sphere to 24 or even 36. Lethal. I can duplicate this so that it is any arrow. I can go back to the theory. I can just make decided to select both objects. You can right-click and delete posts on objects. I can just remove it from these no colleague, our S3. Another thing you have to do is just to create the region where we want our trees to be projected. Based on this reference. We want it to be projected on top of someone talking of years, some deer muscle, yet so forth. To create that means we have to create the polygons. And the easiest way to go about this is just two. Go to the, to the object itself. Just select the region where you want it to be projected. I want this region or the total this region, but I don't want it to be another small island iso. First of all, I have to just separate this polygon from the original one. So it is possible also to just select it at once on target selection, both because we want to project it on different places to get, I think it is wise for us to separate the source, for us to separate each. Just have to press U. And you're going to see you. You learned. Again. If you want to select this region, I can just use UL, want to split it, you alter my 40 are separate. This polygon for force. This is it easily, so we won't do that to lots of duplicated. I want arm CD, the trip rejected upon I don't want it over there. I don't want it to just one. You'd beat. I think. I'm just going to be using these radian. So for me to do data, you again, it's best when you are depleted. Concretes, simple folder where you want it to be, maybe somewhere around there. Just group it on choline lung. I think that's gonna be gonna be okay. So just next one that we just have to be kept so that at least you make sure you now that I know which one I moved. So conduits for these areas. So make sure that you are indeed polygon mode. Just select the three region. Not necessary for you to celebrities because we are not going to be seeing several memory of your computer. It's best to just select the specific 0.1 so you drag it to our Freeland. Nice thing we'd go. Also, I just want to select some region. Converse. Get out of our camera. Welcome to see. I wanted to be solved, used to be earned. Is okay. You can practice one of these is our land will want to do a projected, you could see separate polygon. And on the nest and forth to is just that we need to subdivide it. Subdivision is important. Why? Because d here is going to identify how many polygons. And you see it is not enough polygons in each. So before we sub-divide it, I don't want, like I said, area. I don't want to be let me isolate the slide. You can see it better. I don't want my island. Yeah, I don't want to reproduce in-between the split. So wooded area just before we just invert it, then delete it up, pull it on there. Make sure that you polygons you want other one you selected. Unforced to sub-divide this conservatory polygon. Your suppress us. I'll see that Fourier ports to sort it by I think four times x. So for this, another call, combine these by right-clicking, then connect from plus delivered as a single object is very important that we make are three single object. We make. We wanted to be on a single object. Code in SF wants to do now is just do heartily. Welcome into Simulate. Go to the object and hot hair follicle. You have to create a object here. When you come to the hair. Think I can drag this one out so that when you come to the oranges on practice rendering, render here because you press down too hard, girls going to render out. Fine. We don't need that. We want it to be something else called degenerate. Uncheck this. When you check this here again, make sure you go to instance. For the whole object. You can use objects, which is the tree that you want to add that tree, the objects, but we won't able to see it yet. Why? Because the first we have to necessarily have to do is make sure that Cinema 4D, the ICT, just to necessary I want concurrently reduced to 1 thousand. See now that it forming both the size is not what we want. We want it to be more gun similar to that. So you'll notice that it's not an object from affording we create a material on this yellow area is what you're gonna be using to control your head size. Don't worry about the color because that doesn't matter. Because we're gonna be keeping the size of everything about the year we make. The object that we're going to keep everything. We're just going to keep the texture ear instead of rewarding ourselves with the color of the year. So we are going to come here to thickness. And if you'll notice here, it's stated yet at the root, funded it steadily at that is the root and you just have to increase the size to put it on too long. Because C dot tomorrow for the airport to create a lot of what we need to meet. Just make it procedural. Told you want to make any, you can read a book and just reduce the egg. Maybe unready spoke. See that each, throw it in every of the land that we select, we can even put out at least it can. One amazing things about it is that if we move the land, who can move the position? If you notice that we wanted to be in. That's the reason why it's important to just to separate the really amazing street edit collection come to degenerate. The guides. These are the guides, the numbers. These are not your scene. You can change it. You can change the root room from polygon two polygon area. The root of the dot, dot, dot is what you just need to keep in mind. You can just If you want, or even just make it. This doesn't really count like calm. Mean. That really controls. Use the right to control the eye. You can see. Not amazing things about this is that with material we can control the length. Also. Come to the material, you click the material, we can randomize it like a 100% those given towards 25. That variation. This is an eye for the, it needs random sizes. Dixie is amazing. Instead of worrying, you're saving, undoing it pastel, you'll save multiple is all around. Trying to get it all together semaphore to do all those artwork for you. And it is amazing because it can go back to it anytime and just flip on mechanic correction or to feel like making how you create your degenerate your trees using changed the CT. Find something that we love will reduce some of the trees that you see generated coming in plus three and our LAN to get congested. In some of the fees that you see that are intercepting the minimum spacing in-between, they're going to increase the space in the Tokyo. It's not what I want you to increase. The spacing between the hairs will look a little bit more spaced. Notice that song still have to configure your landing in. Important when you let me isolate increase though we notice that going from easy fix to do this, just make sure you come on New York, delete those polygons and we know that this is maybe your island. You can just delete it. You can see that it's not for multiple you update. Except I think the TAs are on the air and just gone from there. They reduce social reform. We just updated that. This is just an easy fix to think. We are ready to move to shorting, unlike in because we're gonna be doing this with only standard. We're not going to be using any thought about the rendering software for these. Nothing that really make it more pleasing. I think we can add more details. It depends on you. I cannot more deduced by by adding it before that to create this small, a beautiful soft edges, come in, can just click the B52. The pharma industry to make any correction. Because these editable, the reason why you use formulas is because the unknown disruptive video in the hedge mood after you exit cannot edit it again. That's why when you use the format, at least anytime you can come back and make the collection that you want. And you can even copy the former plus into this really great soft those dots. We can make sure to delete them. This is going to give it more. We ship, Let's calculate shape. It's going to just copy the bevel and just make it the tide of these lots and inner ear. Think I'm really liking the way things are really pointing out to be this creative experiment, the more you want, you can just play around with the hair that you also be able to rename it. I'm not going to make this editor widget because I still wanted to do play around with it. So I think we are done with the modelling and the thumb details that we need to show. I think in the next course we're going to start with material. The lighting industry is going to be very necessary. And the next thing we are going to be doing. So see you in the next one. 7. 06 Lighting with cinema 4d native lights: Guys, welcome back. In this episode we are going to be lightened the scene using Cinema 4D native. Lighten. It's an off-board rendering agent. The two types we have physical and we have standard. Both. Good, they did. They also can deliver an amazing result without using a third-party rendered Angelica Octane redshift or even viewing. Let's set up our light. We're gonna be using the sky object. This object is going to have post lighten up the scene. Altogether. I'm gonna be using a tree lighting setup also. Let's create a sky object, can create skier disguise already applied our sin if you see when we had our sky every day everywhere and we have to create this material that I wanted to use, the gradient material. I'm going to come over and create my simple semaphore, the new default material to the material Tabia. And I'm going to call it Sky. I wanted to make it a gradient. For that. I'm going to click come to the color and the texture. Boring. I'm going to be, I'm going to select gradient. So it is possible for me, yeah, I can just pick my color from here, create my gradients. Different sheets online and just increase. Sheets are the ones. Let me just differentiates. Use these unintuitive. Definitely what I wanted to use the gradient presets in the cinema 4D librarian to use that. Come to your content browser. Select preset. The easiest way is just to sort out because cities more bigger or Control N with drug D. So you can see, I'm going to search for gradient. Gradient is going to look into my folder. Every good then you're going to see ingredient. You go download the library, content browser library. You're gonna be seeing these. So I can look into different gradient. So there are different types of gradient here. We have the one over flame, we have the one over the full colors, the rainbow. We have the one dot simpler than this one comes along with Cinema 4D. But I'm going to be using these sky gradient and to use that mixture, you on the call load, your ingredient, drew OK. These on top of these probably easily identify that. If it is Another one is also going to identify it at once. So this is a lifesaver. I mean, this is just simple. Then we are going to change the gradient type from your different types onto the more radium won. Are you most circular on E2 is print. Another thing we can do is that we go flip it involved the gradient, if that's what you want. What are mucky with the one that I have? After these, we are going to apply these to our sky material. From there we can denote power, our lighting system. Again, you notice change the contents to 300. It was in before. I just change it to 300 and I resize my come out to fit it so that similar proportion like the reference that we're using. I think the next thing I'm going to be doing now is that I'm going to be adding my my life to do that. Come to the light and Angeles drug this one out. Consider different type of light I in Cinema 4D we up to the normal urea light, the area like the Omni light, the IES, you target this port and different to one. So I'm going to be using the light. I'm going to be using the Helio light only. So I need this one to lift up this scene from the buck to do data winter dragging. I think I'm gonna make it a little bit bigger. Follow along. This one is going to like objects in from the back or from the rim. Rim light. I'm going to drag another one we didn't control to create another light. This one I want it to light up the scene from the copier. I can easily just repeat it. I can just leave it and just creating a target is also important because when you create the target tab tag, you can drag any object. For example, if a drug a null by create a node in the center of my scene and I dragged out into the target tag. This null, I can just call it drug. Include it into the and you see that the light automatically target this. And I can easily move it by moving the denote. This is very important. You'll go back to my sin. I can pick these so that it won't be Cinco de camera, just routine. I think I, for the last slide I'm going to recreate the end is going to be from the plus to give it a little bit hollow. So it's going to be recording this one also. Leads, can also use the NOL for these libraries. I'm going to change the color of the lights. This one I wanted to be like the song. I can come here and use temperature if yours is not, to just make sure you check the temperature if you drag it chronicity slide from gonna make it a little bit like this. On this one I just wanted to be something like complete with something like these. What I'm going to reduce the intensity. We check our our senior, we just click Render record is going to use the automatic render. I mean the standard render. If you notice, we want to apply any certain materials so we cannot identify our balances in the middle is some major tricks. You can use this to create a standard materials to be applied to all of these things. One way to do that is that you can then apply the material. So it's like let's create the standard material and just call it the four. For three. We can just increase it more and just remove the specular. You can try to apply this one after the other book. That's gonna be a lot of time. Try to group your object and apply it at one. That is also possible. But I'm going to use another method. I'm going to come to the render settings just to just come back to the material variety and check it on. And somebody's going to ask you the default material that you want to apply to everything, the customer material going to apply to a bit. So we can drag these into the coastal material. Drag it to the cost of material. Do you don't see it, but it does apply each tube, all of the scene. It will click rendering, render again, you can see that it is different from the previous. We wanted to exclude some material like describe that we have already created. So you can just drag this to the excluded. When we drop this to exclude, Singapore is going to identify our sky material. Then we're going to just render this again. May not shown very well at the moment. There is another thing we need to create also. I also wanted to create another material is another base material. Just wanted to be like this illustration like the whole ocean. I'm just going to create a new, a new default material. Objects are many the color picker here, I'm just going to pick this. Maybe blue. I'm just going to drag it on. I'm going to drag it on the floor. That's what created. If we click on Render again, nothing has changed because we are yet to add these as ascriptive. So we're going to exclude this window to exclude these. You can see that these are a little bit added up. I don't want this shadow here, so I'm going to drop these backboard. Since this is area light, the big ideas, the software each Sharia is going to be. We'll see that is becoming more and more beautiful now. We can just make our lead to friction or just lucky like that. There is a ton that settings standard rhetoric can be useful to some extent. But if you want to work with results, you have to switch to physical. Physical do take lots of time and it takes it lots of load from your CPU. Load term. Kinetic grids more credit. Because some futures like death or feed motion blur, you cannot do that with standard. So you choose physical. You can see those options here. So we're gonna be using adoptive and we're just going to go with medium. We're going to click on global illumination. Global innovation is important because it's going to allow the light to bounce. Light bars is going to create more. Just put it as a default at the moment. So you see the difference now, when we click on the Global Illumination is good to calculate the light. You can see that T started making more, most saints dump before the light started reacting together. That's the beauty of using Luba illumination. Light up your scene. You can see it takes more time because they're using fiscal now. Since this is still the test range of new customers stick to standard. Consider standards work more phospho also on the previous one. Because these are starting to walk faster, physical. So this is how you lift up your scene in Cinema 4D using the standard we are going to, when we started creating our materials, are going to uncheck these material variety. Going to lots of similar materials to auto and sin. I think things getting wrapped up now. See on the next episode. 8. 07 material: Guys, we're going to be creating our materials now. We are going to be using a lot of materials, data in the public content library. Content browser. Because not only they are going to become more faster, they are going to oppose to walk from songs existing work because apart from it being easier, there's also make you to break down some materials and some existing material, not your own custom settings to eat. So we're going to be looking at, you're gonna be such materials from the Content Browser. Go to the browse over here on the object looks show you select the Content Browser, then you such for materials. And I'm going to be using this material for the grass. Also you can such different routes. Ready can just search for. Most. Tao also. Got a three ones are gonna be using the rest are going to create our sense to create your own material condition. Double-click, double-click on the material. Can just correct the degree for you to learn more about materials. I have another course that I did. I think introduction to 3D composition uses Cinema 4D. I think I explained about materials. They can check that out also. So you can just make more materials. Just add this one. You must note that when you are having materials, make sure you're holding it to the Boolean. Not sorry, I just edit via you're just adding it to a single element because this condition to middle element, the one we use as a prologue. So we have to add it up as the Boolean on top of the Boolean. So on also think it's like an island. Ids also on the grid. Our material default sound again, continues the gradient. We can pick our son just unable to have these. If we have the reference, can just drag it into the objective viewer here for two years and just look for it. Just drag it inside. You can drag it inside. Welcome. Pick your colors also. I have it already, please. Dso. I'm going to pick the color. I'm just going to make sure that I correct it to my own liking. This moment I can just put in some bump going to be adding the noise. So that at least to create these much continually noise seed, going to be adding these two for the trees. I'm going to be adding these material for the, for the branches, upward stem, which is going to be a simple Brown. Look for the trees. Remember that we hide our tree. We already told Cinema 4D materials plot degenerated that keep the materials so you have to make sure that we are applying that material to the retreat object that we are using. First two adult material. Just good to the object mode. Select polygons. We don't need this to get a reselect polygon year for the branded select. Select connected, UW, going to select our polygons that are connected. Get up. We're just going to add not career considered automatically. And also we can just put the edit again. You'd select. Then we're gonna be adding these displacements, the easterlies effect, so we can hide our main tree again. So now you had your material, you can be flexible. You create what, three or four different path. I can add these over yet. I can just create a more darker gray retract. I can just create the yellow column. Just drag it. I can just reuse some of the materials. Some of the materials. We are going to continue by just adding materials. You also can keep on doing yours. You can follow the way I'm doing. Over here. I think I'm gonna be adding that wood material. Just going to drag it on top of dots together. And also to create this light because it took us if different mycorrhiza are headed over here. So we are going to be, we're just going to select particular area. Look at the highlighted again, go to the Edit mode, select the highland. And we're just going to select region line here. I'm just going to add material to it. Apply. Going to make display this, this line different from your them. The reason why it leads to creating these different effect, the cost only the full before we do that to plan applied before. Then the material that was one way to go about it. To create that effect that we are gonna be written as the goal for this library. And just look for a gold material. Good material and specularities is cinema 4D gold matter because if you use another another software is not going to identify. It's not hard, it's not going to identify it as its own. Control. Click on these materials so that is concrete, the good materials. Then you can delete that object later. Well suited to increase the roughness. You increase the roughness. Going to reduce the reflection. I said ileal so that we can create that effect that just make sure that we can just delete these first. Make sure that we, we apply this bevel to ship. To do that is just simply just select the cylinder. Goes said the current state of the object. What is going to create? To create new copy? What would the applied one so we can hide this woman wants so that in case you wanted to go back and make any correction, Zach have something to work on. We are going to, another easiest way to make this really work. After you have applied it is that you come over to the, to the Boolean tool and you select UL for loop. You can even grow your selection by pressing you. Why you agree or selection? Selection, Greer selection. Like this is the place you want to apply that material you can then apply. This is the simple way to agree, but if you want to add the grass, it aggressing, go back to the selection. Select this area in the grass parameters here, we can just increase it. You can use a simple green door, but Moche using these node, these materials can just come over. Then. You can apply. As soon our body is going to apply the material. You can change the UV light like something a little bit more loose. We can see that gets started adding up fast. Repeat the same process for the other island which I'm doing right now. Guys, to continue. When we finish multiplying the materials to the grass here. On, if I click Render by click Render to make it faster, I'm not going to be using global elimination, so I click Render. You'll notice that it was too, I mean, cleaning. There's the lack of shadow here. We can do that by adding ambient occlusion both that is going to take the shot is going to be on almost everywhere it is, intersect and it can walk. If we increase the samples, what is going to take a lot of more time? So the easiest way to do it is a simple way is just our light as to have shadow. You come over here, you'll notice that there is a shadow again. In my own life, I can just add an area shadow. Room one I'm going to be adding is soft one to this one. I'm not going to be hard in any shadow on this important without even using a better solution. You can even see that the sense that I'm making more, most things on it is thread to make more and more phone. I think there is no one way to do these lightning. You just have to go back and forth who sit ins that really works for you. So time, go through it and find the lighting setup that really work for you. Reduce these, make these on more light. To see fy, dy again, global illumination on this time. Both global illumination, you can see that it's mixed the scene. Every light walks to get under get lit up as we want it to be. I think I'm going to change these, my wood material. I can create wrong wood texture personally. I can just copy these. Shudder. Going to copy this Sheena on all patients. This shadow. You can see that the front just continue to the top form. If you don't want to render it all. Again, Render can use the render region that is going to. Now, you can see that I think I loved the small things. These are the process you can go through back and forth just to make things that really works for your scene. The next episode we are going to be wrapping things up and see you there. 9. 08 fine tuning: Guys, in this episode we are gonna be adding some few details. Gonna be out in another model which we are not going to be modelling year because you're going to import it inside. Which is the color that you see. To do that is just simple file attached to your download. You're going to find the shortest simple and you can just import it in. When you import it into Cinema 4D. Ttn. False to make sure that it gets aligned. Chris blind, he tried to our main align it ourselves. We are going to find ourselves nots between the EU will reduce the size so that look a little bit closer to reference. It's going to be difficult aligning it to display. And so what we just have to do is just to use your language blank. When it comes to animation, you can just align to supply talk. We are going to be using the same spline that we use to create the road. So this is mine under the root. So I'm just going to go to these tags, click it and drag the app into year two displaying path. So it's not really as I dropped it in, I move the position you can see get automatically aligned to DES, can just click on the tangent. Because even if I wanted to animate this, it is easy to animate. I can just animate this coefficient. I can get very good result a little bit. So I can just reduce the size. Elite him can reduce the size. I also cannot moment like Elliot, you can just search for I can look for copying. Yes, I love this one. Can we use I can just drag this on inside. Apply this material. We'll create another one. This looks like a tire. I could play on material to want to eat. Do you want to apply this one to create another? Just to create these rally pipe material so I can even come by, you increase the transparency to reduce the color to something needs to be 2. Third, can just apply this to the glass. You can can you just go on and we call it broke. Your materials are to be so important. So you can just collect the materials. You can hardly to layer, create a new layer. So you create a new layer. Call it car. With these, we can make our editable. We can create variation. You can see here that we can duplicate it so that in case we really didn't need, go back again. So we can just make it editable. Store can select individual tree is really just to let everyone, isn't it? We can just select it, all ones. Just get selected connected. We use sunlit connected so that anyone that is intersecting select, you. Select Connect u w, u w. You have to create the ratio. Not going to make our senior little bit more more phone on. Mobility, the ability to lead. You can move some crease that you notice that crease, not what I'm doing. I just wanted to look a little bit deliverable to your copy. You also can duplicate the materials. The most material, some current settings, and tried to apply it only to some few trees. Like this one is wrong. The drug it, right? So it's going to create a little bit of variation. I'm going to make the senior little bit more interesting. We're gonna want to check out our leaves. Try different kinds of simple random. Again. I liked that cup for the exact moment, right? We use red board. I think I'm gonna be using these to easily replace the material. What you just have to do, just start new material on top of these four is going to replace that one is dumped lead. So I think we already get are saying we want to set up the rendering. We're going to just select the rendering sides. We are going to be going with 1920 by 12 on rate. And interesting please. My camera. My camera. Also I can switch to physical, but I'm okay with standard yet I just going to change the anti-aliasing best that they'll be sharp on the market hedge. I just have to do is just to make sure that BY select a path where I wanted to save these. And if you don't select the part to save these, you can do that later. Select the format. Because I want to do that later. So I don't need to save it again to just click render to picture viewer has been to pop up on. Now as you can see, the rendering is almost done. Who minute, 21 seconds. Just by using the standard rendered you can use. You can use the physical to get Markowitz result. What are Moche with the for you to save it, you just have to come over and just press Okay, and considerate anywhere that you want. And we are using more recent cinema 4D, x and L for 25. You can easily picture from. Now we are using more recent version of Cinema 4D. You can even go into Photoshop using the Cinema 4D magic bullet. This is an amazing way to even edit your free. I believe you have learned something from this. Real I'm gonna be adding the animation Bono's cost to distribute. You'll want to animate this. And now you can do these are simple and as fast as possible. Yes. Yes. Thank you. 10. 09 Conclusion (Bonus animation): Guys are, this is the bonus video we're gonna be talking about auto animates. This. Just going to be sharing some studying tips in creating the animation. To animate this all to create a similar animator like this. As you can see, the residuals get unraveled and zoom up to create this simple animation, I'm just going to show you certain things that you just need to automate. And to set a key frame on. It depends. You first have to decide on how long you want your animation to be. Most animations are usually the forefront per second and to change your project settings, primary is by pressing Control D to 24 default one is always you have to change, reform. And also here you have to make sure that your output is 24. Get started. Only just have to do is just to set different keyframes. Now the Fed different keyframes. It is easy, it's not 40. Just have to know that if we want to create a five seconds animation, just press four times five. That is 123, and that's what account is it 24 frames to do, make it easier? The first thing is that you have to decide on what aspect you want to animate them. Like I unlimited the islands. What I did was that I moved to move all of these in it apart from the last keep these all of these and I'm animating all of these could really increase. Total is going to be including all of these atoms mortgage done. Make sure that I set I can just animate them at once to get that boat. Didn't do it at once like that. I make sure that I do it individually. For example, I make sure that I grew up every of these trees that I deem into one group, this ONE also into one group. It's this into one group, into one group. So when I went to admit I knew that individual is animated on itself. So let's quickly do this one. The top one here, because we have this island. The first one is the tallest one. Select. Ungroup it with one. Concrete island, one. You want to include this. Also, we can even include the trees. Since we are already make the trees editable, could just select it all at once. Can just easily select only those trees here. Holly are put to select those trees congruent. I think you'd select this guy and the like to get that one out. I never wanted to even include route truck by merely selecting everything at once. Can just drag the rest out. One. I'll start grouping this one. I know you've been on Edit disease one block to the camera. I think I've moved the camera. That's why you have to click on it. Go back to the camera. Animated like from frame 0, because I don't want it to show for it in print 0. So I wanted to already be reviewed from a to form. I can just come back to the island. Just keyframe or the disposition to coordinate, position of the coordinate. Then I'll go back to frame 0. Make sure that I drag it down. Perimeter again. So if I started at play and this consists slowly rising, slowly, slowly. Yeah, exactly. That is it. So we don't want to edit the keyframe. I can easily just go to the F copes. Just wanted to be, be abrupt when it wanted to start even I can edit the keyframe to like, okay, you can drug dot t2. I can just see it rising. Those are indeed the island. The rotation for these, I just keep frame rotation. So for example, if I wanted to frame AT, I wanted to keep on rolling. I can thanks. Five claims, 1800 times. So we just keep on rolling even after. You can see it is emitted one after the holder. For this real, this road. It is easy because it is, It's still degenerate or steel horns yet to be applied to it. All I did was I came, I animate the start Group growth. These are because I want it all to be at a 100 by by each frame so I can just make it started with today. And so I'll go back my hair. I can make it make it a 100. If I play my unlimited again, you can see that it started. Another same thing that I did for The Bridge also does just the simple breakdown of the animation. The same, the same procedure is useful. This is one's plugged. Let me, let me do that again so that you can see how simple this does. Make sure that these keyframe, the position, the coordinate on this time. So I just dragged this. I'm only using the web is not necessary for me to even keyframe the rest. Okay, let me do that again. So I can uncheck this one. So I keyframe the y position. Then I come over here to the 0. Can everyone let just want to start by the stream yet I drag this one up. Like keyframe it. When it's enough body, everything just started unraveling. It is only just everything comes together. These three are so Kong's download. And I did also for the linear, the car was unlimited easily by just using these position of display. I wanted to be at 0 position by this key frame. At a startup, these I can let it thoughts on emission. 100. Bleed. The animation again. Everything started moving to each place. And the council is something that is simple. And you also can do an IV, you're done with it. Make sure you come to the power option here to output. I make sure that you select all three. When you want to. Make sure that you'll see you've already created file seven parts to your file so that semaphore, we can save it. You can save it as an image sequence or can it will save it as a video. This is very simple. I see that you have already learned something. If you have any questions, please let me know. We boot my best to explain it in details. Thank you very much. See you later. Before I finish everything. I want to talk a little bit about the class project. Your class project may be doing the exact same things that I do here. Or you can do something different like in the high land, you may include some awesome houses are some simple things that you want to create on your phone. Just leave it to your imagination and make sure you practice. Because remember, practice, make Spofford through. When you keep practicing, you get to know everything one, study. So thank you very much for watching this course and see you later.