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Create a digital planner with your iPad step by step

teacher avatar Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Setting up our planner pages

    • 4. Adding our links

    • 5. Finalizing and Exporting

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn all the basic steps to create your very own digital planner using an iPad. 


We will use the application Keynote. From there, we will review our planner using goodnotes. But, you are also welcomed to try it out using the free application called XODO or any other of your preference.

Keep in mind that this course is for those looking to start with a basic project. Once we get this portion done we will then move our class to more advanced projects.

Stay tuned for that! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to visit our renewed social media pages by searching @productiveplanning

Take a few minutes to learn what else is new. We are continuously working on providing free resources to help those willing to plan a productive life and career. 

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Daisy Marie Productivity Geek



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1. Intro: Hi. My name is Daisy. And welcome to journals. Donkey. I am here to teach you how to create your own digital Lennar. Using the software called Keynote on your apple device. I'm gonna be teaching you how to do this in my head, and I might be using my apple pencil. You do not need it to create people, but I'm sure you might want to use it. When it's time for you to actually get to the front part of actually using the planner on your device. Why are we creating a digital planner? I'm sure you know about the popularity of the bullet journal system and the bullet journals and having having a physical journal it is so special has something about having that physical journal. But you can kind of flicked through the pages in C Memories in plan and do everything in just one place. However, he can't become cluttered, especially if you're like me and like to jump down nodes journal at pictures and kind of plant all in one place. You get to feel of that journal quicker. So by the time the year ends, you might end up with a few planners that you might not have the place to store. So having the ability to do the same thing digitally and saving all those miners more plays in your digital device. It's just the convenience. You have everything the any in this one place you have all your markers, your pens, your layouts, your covers, everything in. You might need to download a separate application to actually use the planner and be able to take advantage of the functionality of the digital digital pain. We're gonna talk about that further on before we get started. Holder to invite you to visitor logs at journals junkie dot com, where we share our own experience with digital learning and journaling our experience in in our ventures with our planner way, share tips and freebies all the time. 2. Getting Started: Hello and welcome. We're gonna go ahead and start creating our basic digital planner using the application Keynote. Let's just go ahead and jump in. So we opened our aid Tarquino application. And you Price spawned a plus sign to start the new presentation. Tap on the white presentation, which is the one that has the lest items to delete. So you can have a clear background to begin your work. Half owned attacks delete. And now you have eight clear blank background. Camba to start working and designing your planner, I'm gonna teach you how to do it as a landscape kind of design. Just keep in mind that you can apply the same methods to other designs. Well, we have our blank background. We are going to add color to our background to begin with. So on the top right side, you will see your tools press on your brush tool, and that's gonna give you the background option. And there you can select your color, and I'm gonna go with pink or softer, kind of think that it's gonna be the This is gonna act as the cover of our planner and the reason I'm doing it like this is because I want it to be a landscape planner that uses the entire screen off my tablet. And it's gonna make sense once we started working on it and designing the whole thing. But basically once would finish this one. This is gonna be the entire cover of the planner. So when you open it in whatever application you're gonna be using it in, it's going to cover the entire screen. All right, so this is gonna be the cover of a planner. We can go ahead and designs the cover portion of it, or you can go ahead and add the pages, and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna add all the pages that we're going to need. We're gonna need 12 for the months and then additional ones for separate tax to do that and to do it the easier way, I think I will use the plus sign under here and school all the way down and use the blank background. And I'm gonna do this 12 times for the moans and then three more times for the of additional tabs. I know we have. All of our taps are pages for the planner to change the background. All that loans you can tapping this option up here. This is the view option. It gives you the slide view, option or delight table option, which is kind of like a thumbnail. That's what we're gonna go for. So we can go ahead and change the backgrounds. You gonna go on the bottom right side, select, then select Paul, and then you can keep the 1st 1 selected. You can just also like that because you already have the coloring there. But I will keep all of them, just in case. It's select a different shade. And I'm actually going to use this. Yeah, different shade. We're gonna use a lighter shape. So it is good that we sell it, all of them then. So, like, done and go back to your sleight of you. Now, all of your slides are the same color. And again, this is acting as the background or the cover of our planner 3. Setting up our planner pages: for the purpose of this tutorial, I'm gonna go with a very simple design just to kind of show you how to do it. So this is the cover of our planner. We do want to make sure that we have a weight both opening the planner. And since this is an interactive planner, we're gonna be working with links. So what I'm gonna do is to create the illusion that we're working with the real planner. I'm gonna add in elastic band to the side, and that's gonna become my linked band to open the planners. So to do that, I clicked on the plus sign and I under the's Shapes I still like the line shape. Then I'm gonna move this one to the desire space. And I always like to put it on tours kind of the right of the planner to again simulate the band that you used to open and close a planner to make it look like a band. I make sure that I select the lying. Then I go to the brush tool and under style. You can arrange the West. I go all the way up to 25 points in that way kind of make it look like it's a band. I can change the color as well. When I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna put I'm gonna make the color, um, a different kind of shade, a different shade of pink. So I'm gonna go with a darker shade and I'm also gonna add a shadow. And to do that, you also do that under style, Go to shadows, turn it on. And so like to shadow of your preference, and that's going to give it a look a three d kind of effect. Then this selected event again you're gonna add the link so touched on it, click a link and select its light that you want this band to take it to. And I'm the one this band to take me to slide number two, Which is gonna be when I open my planner. So I go to linked to slide and the press and number two. So that's what's gonna happen. You'll see this bull a rope up. That means that disk item right here it's linked to something. Right now we're linked. This want to slight number three mean number two now all number two click on your sleight to and right here is gonna be the very first page. When do you open your planner? You can put whatever you want in here. You can start your month right here, or you can just add an index kind of page. And that's what I'm gonna go for. I'm gonna add a page right here. You can select a shape, and then you can obviously make that shape of the page however you want it to. I want square. So it's were in stress. Shit. You want to leave a bit of space on the right side? If you want to put your months in here, two taps to take you to the months and then a bit of the space on the top is, Well, if you want to add some taps on the top. All right, so this is gonna be my page. I wouldn't change my pain. My page colder to white. Go to colors, press white and this is gonna be your page. Then, to add your tabs, press plus and select your tab shape. I'm gonna add a round edges square, whatever this is called and I'll make it small because I'm only gonna put the initials for the month in here. You're gonna cop. You do going to do this four times and arrange it as you want it. And then copy those for three more two more times so you can have a set of 12. Change the culture to whatever you want. And at this shadow, if you like, as well copy, then paste and again, you're gonna lose four times. Um, before you did this four times I'm sorry. Do the arrange price on the tab. Arrange. Move it down a little bit. What that's going to do. It's moved the second tab underneath the 1st 1 And you want to do that for the complete set of four. All right, now you have four. Select all of them by tapping the 1st 1 and then tapping on the other ones. Group them and copy. Then you can paste so you can see there's another set of four. You can arrange it towards the back of swell, and you can't move it face one more time and put it underneath, all right. And now select all of them. Group them and arranged empty size. You need to for the side. Now I'm going to keep him closer to the edges of the page. Can actually make page a bit bigger. You do not want to take it all the way to the right because then that's going to be too close to the edge of your planner. And then you will lose the edge of the cover of the finer to kind of the view off the planner. All right. I think that should be good. Now, you do want to own group all of these again, Then make your page larger. Bring it to the forward all the way forward. Now you have your page on top of your tabs. You can copy this tap one more time and use the same side, the same style to put the to add more taps to the top if you want to. I'm just gonna add two more here just for the purpose of showing you and I made this one big reaches for the look. No reason in particular. And I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna copy this one and paste. Just want to make sure that I'm doing the same size that I have. Two of the same sides. And these two, you can arrange them. You can make it larger if you want to make sure your pages on top of all of the tabs. Now you're ready to add all the links to this page before you copy the entire thing to the risk. 4. Adding our links: So we're going to start by linking this first step, which is gonna be for are generally and in my case, I'm just going to add generally and taboo number three or I'm slide three. So I'm going to start by 345 all the way down, and then the rest The last two will be the taps on the top link for links live for, then link to slide five and continue on like that until you're done with all of your links . All right, So before we go ahead and copy this the delay out to the rest of a planner, we want to make sure that we plead as much as progress is possible. So I'm going to do on this third slide, which is gonna be the month layout. I am gonna go ahead and designed a month, and then I can copy that to the rest off the other months since I'm not using any dates or anything. So to do that, I like to use the table grid and table grids can be found on the plus side, and then towards the left, you can find a variety of grids that you can select from. And once you post paste that in the plate in the page, you can add or delete greats, as you know. So to do that, you can select on the side just like a few Lawrence that you're gonna see. They're just topping. But and it's gonna ask you how many rows and how many Collins you're gonna need. I'm gonna need fight Rose for the weeks to have enough space for the weeks of the month. And then how many columns I'm gonna add, seven for the days of the week. And then you can arrange to size as well by tapping on it on the circle on the edge of it and then using the guides to arrange for decisive All right, I am going to leave it us STIs and just leave it in the middle. That way I can just go ahead and use stickers for the title of the moms and to decorate the pages I please. And I think that could be good for now. Then, once I'm ready over here, you can then so like the entire thing and pasted to the rest off the pages of four months. So was already unhappy with your layout, you can select the entire page and coffee to the rest of the hate. Those lights. You can go ahead of here in at text to your months. You cannot entitled to your tabs. And when we leave it like this because we want to keep the tutorial short, so tap on it, select all of it and copy and then go ahead and paste it to the rest of your sides. You can go ahead and in, paste it on the other two as well, because since we didn't had as much detail to the page, you can just have on the grid and delete it if you need to. All right, So just to recap, this is the month and then this is the General Re February. All of these are gonna be the months and you might not be able to see it on the screen because the Greeks are very light in color. But they are this grid right here that you can just use for the overview of a few months. So I'm gonna go ahead and the last two I gonna use them for the weak and the daily or the week in the blank page. So that would be the 15 slide, the 15 slide. I don't need all of this. About 30 days for a calendar, Anything this is gonna be from my week. So I'm gonna delete this columns to justice. I'm gonna add, actually, yeah, I'm just gonna do just one right here and then right here. I keep the seven because it's seven days of the week, and then I'm when I arrange it, I'm gonna enlarge it and place it and move it around in the page. I'm actually gonna use one more year I'm gonna add it to And then the 1st 1 I'm gonna make it small for the day of the week, All right? And I'm okay with that. And then for the blank page, I'm just going to delete this one and leave the page work. And then for the first once I opened the planner. Once you open your planner, you're gonna have this first page. You can go ahead and at some design here if you like. You could be blankets. Well, if you like to go ahead and add this design right here, and I am going to delete the color. So to do that just happened. Shade, go to style, go to feel, and then you're gonna select no feel and then go back to style in select your border. I'm gonna use the same dark pink and right here. What? I'm gonna do one side start using my final working at the year or my name or whatever I want, and that is pretty much it. Now you have you covered down your first page and then your month layouts. Then we have the week layout as well in a blank page to design as we need. 5. Finalizing and Exporting: All right, So we are ready to export the planner to the application of our toys. I want exported to get notes just to show you how it looks and the functionality of the links. He will be about the same thing on any other application that you use. I recommend to start with Sodo. If you're not looking into investing into an application, I'm gonna add a link to that application also to the description, just in case you want to take a look at it. So to export it to the application of your choice, you're going to go to the upper side in select under the little three docks and go to export. You're going to export it as a pdf file and then and it is going to allow you to select the application you want to send it to. So we're gonna go ahead and select our good notes. It is gonna ask you a few questions just to where you want to store the pdf file and we are going to open it right here, and that's it. So now, just to show you the functionality of the links that we just created, remember we just created Thies, this elastic band. If you tack on it, it's gonna open the blender for you. If you tap on it again, it's gonna close it. So that is the functionality we added as well as the other links to the lungs on the side and to the additional taps. Alright. And just like this, you can add so many more functionality to your blender us? Well, that will be a morning dip course this one specifically just to show you how to set it up in how to get started with it. So hopefully does. It has been very helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Stay tuned for additional tutorials coming soon.