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Create a Stunning Facebook Page for your Business

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Facebook Page Trailer

    • 2. Creating the Page

    • 3. Adding the cover image

    • 4. Customizing your top menu

    • 5. Creating a Stunning Facebook Cover

    • 6. Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images

    • 7. Final Project

    • 8. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Facebook Page for Business.

Every Day, more than 1 BILLION people are active on Facebook. Spending hours and hours browsing on profiles, groups, and Facebook Pages.

It’s a proven fact that Facebook Pages can revolutionize the way that you interact with your followers and can help you to exponentially grow your audience reaching thousand of people every day.


But, How do you create a super optimized Facebook page?
How can you reach thousand of people every day?
What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?
Not having an optimized facebook page will cause you to lose potential facebook followers.
A good Facebook page will engage your followers and inspire them to take action and buy your products or services.

In this course, you will learn how to create a Professional facebook page for you or your business.

And you will learn, how to reach more people with a super optimized page.

You will also learn How to create stunning Facebook page cover images that your followers will love! 

And as a Bonus, I´ll show you how to get unlimited high-quality images and photos to use on Instagram, facebook, on your website or in any project that you have, and the good thing is that they are royalty free, and you can use even commercially.

So join me inside the course and let's start taking your Facebook presence to the next level!

Also, here is the Complete Collection of my Best Sellers Skillshare Courses, you can enroll in all the courses you want!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Facebook Page Trailer: every day. More than one billion people are active on Facebook, spending hours and hours, browsing profiles, groups and Facebook pages. It's a proven fact that Facebook pages can revolutionize the way you interact with your followers and can help you exponentially grow. Your RD's reaching thousands of people every day. But how do you create a super optimized Facebook beach? How can you reach thousands of people every day? What are the things you need to do on the things you need to avoid not having an optimized Facebook Page will counsel to lose potential Facebook followers. A good Facebook page will engage your followers and inspired them to take action by your products and services. In this course, you'll learn how to create a professional Facebook page for you or for your business on Mueller. How to reach more people with Super Off the Mice page. You will also learn how to create stunning Facebook page cover images that your followers will love on a Sabbar's. I'll show you how to get unlimited high quality images and for us to use on your instagram , your Facebook on your website or in any project that you have on the Best East that all these images are royalty free and you can use it even commercially. So join me inside the cars on. Let's start taking your Facebook presence to the next level. 2. Creating the Page: okay, it's time to create your Facebook business page. To do that, we come here to the facebook dot com website and you log in with your user name and password. The good thing is that you don't need another rug information for your business bait. You can use just irregular Facebook logging. With that, you will have access toe all your fix, your business pages and your beast, your business groups, and I'll show you how to do that in the scores first step, we come here to the car in the top, right. I sigh corner and click on the arrow, pointing down and go to create page. And here we have six options on it is very important to take Take your time and choose the right option here because inside each off this option, we have different categories on. The categories are very important in order to find the right people for your business page and to increase the number off likes and the number of people that are talking about your page, your business and your brother. So, for example, if we take a look on local business or place, you have a different some categories here, which are different off all these ones on. Also, it's asking you for the business name on the the address, and the address is important because we're creating here local business, page or place, right? If you choose our company organization again, you have different categories, and for the other options, it looks the same. The categories change on. They ask you for the company name on each case. So here, youth you have the same thing is asking for the product or brand name, artist, brand or public victor. So if you want to create a page about you about your brand or if you're an artist, you can You can use this option entertainment are or cows on community. For these demonstration. I'll use the second option, which is company, organisation or institution. So I'll create one business page here with you showing you step by step, how to do it for my own line education company. Okay, so in this case, if we take a look here, we find education on the category and take the time to read all the categories and speak the one that much your business on Enter the Beast, his name here. So Internet Revolution courses and click on get started. Okay, Now Facebook is asking us more details about the page we're creating, but the most important he here. Guys on this box you need to describe your page on your business on you need to keep in mind to use keywords that are related with your business. If you don't know what keywords are, key words are words specific works that your be your target audience is looking for. For example, if I am teaching social media marketing, the phrase social media marketing is a key word on Also, marketing is secure and social media a secure. So so their cures are different phrases or words that identify your business on what your target outings is looking for. To put it in an easier way. Imagine if your target audience is going to go for searching for a solution that you provide. What are they writing on the search box? So that's mainly the key word you want to use here on. I recommend you to use the keyword two or three times in this case, I'll describe my interim revolution course of speech. Okay, this is my descriptions you see here that I use some keywords that I related with my page Internal Revolution courses, this case, the war courses marketing online. So these are all keywords that are for my target audience. So create a year year of your page description here on after that. Here you enter your what page if you have one. If you don't have, you can just skip here. But it's highly recommended to enter your website here because this will help to read direct. Most of the people are distant. Your page that that, like your page, do your website where you can sell. You dip your product to that and they can enter a new email east. Or you can do any other marketing strategy to convert. This leads in a client. So let's enter my what beach here. Avila dot com. Click on Safe in four and we go to the next step. Okay, I forgot one X trust last year. Excellent. So next step step number two East to find to create year toe Ablow Your profile picture. In this case, I recommend you to adhere your logo or any images that are related with your business with your page to do that, you can imperfecta website where you can upload from your computer. In my case, I upload for my computer and I have my longer here. If you don't have a knee match on these sides, I recommend you to use 200 by 200 pixels. So this is a square 200 by 200 you will have the perfect match for your Facebook page. Click our necks and now you are. You can add your page to your favorites. So if we click here, we will be adding this page toe my favorites. Here you see favorites, so you'll have the option to access very fast here on the many off the left I Let's keep this for now. And now we have to prefer page audience on these ease Very important guys, because you here at our defining. And if you don't know, you will know now because we will need to do these. These very important you will find your target audience. So basically, you will define the kind of people that visit your page, the kind of people that actually like your business, this case we click on everyone in this location. You can select people in specific cities, specific countries. And also let's say you have a travel a travel block and you have your grain of travel peach so you can adhere. Spain, for example. If you have this kind off goals, let's delete this for now on. Let's go toe everyone in this location. So this is the option I recommend you on. I recommend you can be leave this open like these, but I recommend it to target specific cancers because in my experience, you will have mobile result if you have one specific target. So in this case, just for this example, I'll at United States, um, I'll at Canada, Australia hopes. Okay, I'll strays good on. I'll add UK. Wonderful. Also, you can exclude people. So let's say you don't want people from UK to connect to your to your page. You can say is closed and you can add the country here that you want. OK, so you can't you have. You can set here the age off the people that are your target audience. In this case, let's say 25 to 60 men, women or all if you have a specific page about products for women or for men you can select here. In this case, I sell it all on Dhere. We have the interest on this is very important because here is the main place where you are filter in your audience and you are targeting specific people to visit your website. Okay. And this I invite you to come here and spend some time. You can click on browse to have an option on open each off these categories and you can go deep on their results. If you want, you can also type here like education. In my case, for example, let's see if I have higher education. So you see that as I type Facebook, show me some Some possible match for my search here aren't. For example, if I point here on education Scholar Gee, you see that Facebook is saying that 54 million more than 54 million people are interested on these specific are in the specific subject. So I am reaching. I have a potential to reach more than 54 million people. This guy here is 561 million on education, 100 and 84 millions. So let's select education technology here. Also, I can goto marketing because I teach marketing. Let's see marketing any other categories or marketing, promotion, marketing. So let's select this one. Digital marketing. This is the one that won 40 million. OK, you can keep adding here other interest if you want to really narrow you audience I live in like these for knowledge is for this example, and here you have the language. So in my case, my page is in English and I'll say English all so it includes English from UK and us. You can answer other languages if you want, but in my case is just English safe. And now we are in the page for the first time. The next video. We'll continue customizing very important things here on the page to make sure your page looks amazing. On when people visit here, they click. Unlike on, you are increasing every day. The number of followers see you in the next video 3. Adding the cover image: now is the time toe. Make your Facebook page beautiful. This case, the first thing we're doing here is adding the Facebook cover on in every Facebook cover is important to have two main ideas which are your company or your page name on also your website. Most people don't add their website toe the cover on east. Very important because the first time he every time your visitor come here to your page, they will see your website. So at any time, if they have any questions about anything, they can just go directly to your website. And this is that the cover I created in these cars? I'll add a Sabonis, a complete video showing how you can create amazing Facebook page Cover standing fig Facebook page cover for free on also how you can get unlimited royalty free images like these that you can use on your projects you can use on your website and also on your Facebook color. You will have access to that later here on the course. For now, let's add these Facebook cover here on your page. So to do that, very simple weekly can add cover here at the top. You can upload a photo on us like my cover here it sees Are bloating here? Yes. Wonderful safe changes. You can move a little bit here if you want. Looks great. Looks amazing. So now you see here, every time you come to my page, you see these wonderful image. You see my website here at the top Eastern access. Very simple. Very visible. You see the company name or my in this case, my Facebook page name on Inter Revolution courses and that these are two elements you need to have on your page In the next video, we'll continue improving your page so it looks professional on Amazing. See there. 4. Customizing your top menu: in this section will investigate. We'll tweak more on your Facebook page to make sure you have more engagement for your followers. So when they are here on your page, one of the first thing that they always have access here at the top East year may new these menu at the top. You hear you see here Timeline about forest event on more So what happened? If you don't like this option for your business, let's say for your kind of business is not important to have faras here or advance because you don't do advance. So you are losing one's very important space here on the top off your menu. How you can change these and how you can customize all these ideas on the menu Well, to do that, you click and more, and you can see manage taps so you have all the taps here, and I'll show you in a minute how to add or remove taps on. You can just drag these and move to whatever you want. Off course they about is mandatory, and you cannot move it because these people need to know about the peach if they want more information. But Let's say you don't have events, so you can just move Advance to the back to the bottom here when you are ready, customizing here, take on safe. And now let's add a new bottom. So click on add button here this option and you see here how he looks like this is a preview and she's the bottom. So you have some options. Contract ass. So in contact, ask. You can enter again. Year website which is very important to have book Now, In case you knew your customer scanned books are meeting with you our consultation or anything like that. Call now cinemas such use app or watch a video. I like this one. The watch a video, One sign up If you have an email, least that they want. You wanted to sign up for something on this case and the example I used to watch a video. I'll add one of my videos here teaching how to create a website in eight minutes. So copies from YouTube come here and just based and you see here on the right the preview watch video, how looks like on the mobile on and right so we can create when you're ready. A. No, you have a bottom here at the top saying What video? So this is great because the call to action at the very top off your page. So if I click, click on here on go to test button toe, take a look and see what they are looking when they click on here. So when they click on here, what happen is the Facebook will automatically open these YouTube video. So that's great. Also, if you have a video that is not on YouTube, but it's on your Facebook page, actually, you can use that to so come to edit button, uncheck the send people to app or website on. Basically, you can Ablow the new video, or you can browse your library, your library, ease where your library. You will find all the videos you already post here on the page, or you can just upload a new one. But for now, I just leave the YouTube option because I like that By doing that, people are actually going to YouTube and they are visiting all My father, they're clicking like here and there visiting all seen all my other videos, so that's great. This is how you add a new bottom. This is how you customize the top menu. Now I invite you to take that take some time here and customize your your bottom, your watch the video button or contact us or call ass any option, any. Take any call to action that you need for your customers. For your visitors, you can customize with this button here. I also remember on photos, likes and videos will show all the photos that you already upload on your page. In this case, I have my lager and my cover Ondas Video. I is empty right now because I didn't absolute any videos. But you will have all the options here and now you have official Facebook page for your business for your company or for your brand here on Facebook, Ready for the world to see your next steps right now are to get the 25 likes that you need to create your user name. So when you get the tune, if I likes, you will create your user name on. That means your address here will be facebook dot com slash on your user name instead off all these that is showing here right now. Okay. In the next video, you will access the bonus lectures off these cars, showing you how to great amazing cover images for your Facebook page like this one that you are seeing here on the screen on also how to get unlimited how to access for free and unlimited royalty free, high quality for US photography and images to use on your project on your book, on your website or on your Facebook cover, as we did here on this training. Let's take a look in that rhino. 5. Creating a Stunning Facebook Cover: Let's start creating your Facebook cover image. First, you open your browser and type can va dot com Can va is an amazing website that will help you toe easily create the Facebook cover for free, and I'll show you that step by step. First we click on more on the top right hand side to see all the options, all the template that can offer us right now so you can see the popular the signs. We have social media at the bottom. Who here We have the size presentation poster Facebook covered. This is the one that will be using today. Facebook posts. So if you are posting something on Facebook when you want to great the great graphic, you can use cover to do that to also let me show you really quick and other options that you have. You have Twitter, social media, Pinterest, Facebook Again East program. You can design on able cover. You can assign a Kindle cover That's the wallpaper so you can see here that you have a lot of options. Infographics The stool is really amazing eyes. So for now, let's create a Facebook cover for your page. Click on Facebook cover. Okay, now we have a template open here, which is blank. And you see this picture will be your profile picture on Facebook. So when we if we go back to Facebook here, you can see that that picture, this picture here is exactly these space. So basically this system already knows where the victories going in their left side. We have all the templates you see here for Facebook. We have all these templates ready to use. The only problem is that they are not free. We have a few that are free. You see, the ones are set free here on the born right hand side. This is free. This is free. Okay, so we have a few options that are totally free, but most of them are not. But don't worry about that. I'll show you in this class how you can use one off the premium template removed the copyrighted content on add your own content so you don't need to pay. But see, this page here is about an organic market. So we need to look for something fresh and organic like these. This is a great, great option. You can see here that the background image is showing the canvas watermark because he's a premium template, and if we take a local, we need to take a look on what Which are the premium items on these? The signs. So we need to remove these islands in order to use their remaining off this off the template that is free and he's very easy. Let me show you here, go to download here the top click on high quality image PNG. And here you see that basically the picture off the blueberries is the one that is charging you $1 which is the premium part. The tax on the line is free. So if we remove these, picture off the blueberries and we load the sign with ER with your own picture, you we don't need to pay anything, so click on the on the background, resigned and click on the trash to the lead on. We still have here the text, but it's not showing because it's white. So he's get confused with the background, and I have here two pictures off blueberries that I want to use for my design. I'll show you in the next video how you can get for free on limited, high quality professional pictures and photos on images for your design, and you can use thes. Fourth is the sign or you can use on your website or any other project that you have. I'll show that in the next video. For now, let's concentrate on this assign. So all I need to do is grab on. Drop my my picture here on the canvas interface, and it's uploading. You can see here on the left that the first ISS layouts elements text background on upload . So I I am right now on upload because I've allowed him a picture on. All I need to do is drag and drop here. Expand the picture on when you cover the whole image the tax will show for you. Let's see. Okay, that Texas Year, beautiful background on this story free. So we're using basically a premium template removing the paid stuff and we're using for free. So now I will renamed these. You can rename these four year for your goals if you have a company. If you have a Facebook page about a business, you can rename and create your the sign here. So in this case, I'll write organic. Let's see. Let's do all caps. Organic market. Let's delete thes unchanged the market. Teoh, let remove the balls. So in the world okay on this motives here the bottom. I'll remove these and I'll right in here by local. Perfect. In here. You can change when you select the text. You see that you have a new option to change here. You can change the font we have. They have a lot off phones. Here. You can change the size. The color now is white. You have few colors to choose. If you want more color, just click on the plus sign here and you have all the colors here and you can also use the color code. Let's see what we Maher. What half you can if you you have more options here, you can do uppercase lease and all these options for now. Let's keep it like this. Also, let me show you in the left side. Here we have the option elements. Basically, in here you have icons chart illustrations. So you have all types off icons on tools that will help you toe get a beautiful the sign. So let's see. Let's see, I want Let's say I want these so I can change the side. Put decide. See another thing. This is what I like. It's exploring or category lines. So in lines always all free, all the items are free. You can see free here on the bottom so you can add these kind off lines for now. Let's delete these on. Let's keep it simple. So this is a beautiful Facebook cover for my organic market. All I need to do now East go here to download and click on high quality P and G. This will download the high quality PNG version off my design on. After that, we're ready to upload to Facebook. Okay, well, then always complete. Let me move these to the death stock, so it's easier for me to do it. Let's take a look on it. Great. Okay, we go to Facebook, click on add cover. We can choose for him for us. If you have photos on your Facebook account, you can choose from that or you can Ablow a new photo, which is our case. Organic market. Wonderful. So you can hear even reposition if you want, but it's perfect for me, so I'll just save the changes. That's it. We have a brand new, very nice looking, impressive, stunning cover for or Facebook page. I hope you create one for years and see you in the next lecture, where I'll show you where you can get amazing pictures for free. 6. Getting Unlimited Royalty Free Images: well in this course will talk about free, really free images, how you can get the images on where you could get the images and we will talk a little bit about the license so you can have peace of mind when you use these images on your project on your website or anywhere online were you need images. Okay, So the first website we are looking today is call unspool ash dot com on this website east . Great. They have great high quality images on is totally free so you can download the high resolution photos on. You can use it for whatever you want. Also, they have a subscribe option so you can click here and subscribe on. You will receive 10 farmers every 10 day. So basically, these website works. People send photographers and people that love taking pictures. They send all the pictures to these guys to the un splash dot com team and they publish here for free nobody hours money. Here. They're just helping you to have amazing pictures on your side. So if you want to describe you, click unsubscribe here on enter your information. So basically you will receive on your inbox 10 for us every every 10 days. So that's great. You can have. You can download the forest and you can have an online library. You can put store all the photos on your hard drive on. Use whatever you want, you know. So if we click here on, do whatever you want, you see the license. The license is saying that all the forests are published on unspool. Ashar lies and under the creative Commons zero, which means that you can copy, modify this tree with and use of force for free, including for commercial purposes without asking permission, or prevent providing attributions with a total for or in spots. So that's why we want, you know, sometimes people spend I spend hours and hours on the Internet looking for pictures when I need to use for my website and this is a great solution. So you see all the pictures here. Basically, what you can do is you can have for these are the Fichter Fichter Pictures. You can go to new to see the new ones on also collection. They have a great collection of fathers. The penny off day off every single category. You can load more here on Also, you can use the search box. Let's say I want pictures with laptops, so I type laptop. And here I see all the pictures were laptop. And when I When I find one that I like let's just one here Let's say, Well, like this one, we just click on it on you Click on download. So by doing that, did you see that the browser open a new tab. And in here you click on the image to expand its high quality image. Right? Click and save. As so you can save us with the name that you that you like, Let's say your laptop. And now the picture is here on my desktop so I can open, and I can use these for wherever I want. So this is the first option. Guys, let's see if there is anything else that I need to show you here. So I invite you. I invite you to look for, use the search option here and look for the picture you want. You can choose the view that you want Here we have three columns off pictures is faster and easier to find. The one that you like, or you can use the first option here, which is showing one picture at the time so you can see the patron a bigger size. But do you see that takes more time to find a picture you want, But that's up to you. So this is the first option. The second option is called pixels Pack cells dot com On This is Great. I work. I use a lot off technology pictures or laptops, networks, cables stuff like that on these website have lot off these pictures, and I love it. So, basically, is the same. The same functionality. Let's take a look on the license first, so we click on license here and you can read the whole agreement. But the main point here is that all the pictures are under the Creative Commons zero license. This means the picture are completely free to use for any legal purposes. The pictures Freeport for personal and even commercial use. You can modify. I've copy the street with the photos, all without asking permission or setting the link to a source. So that's why that's great. No attributions require okay on. You can feel free to read the whole license before you use the pictures just to be safe on here. How they use the website is similar. Toe on splash. You have the search box here on also you can see here the popular searches. So you see Summer, Beezus, Abstract sunset art on all these options. So let's take a look on nature, for example. So in nature we have great pictures off off landscapes, nature, animals. So you can use all these for your website. Imagine how Look how great your waas your website will look with these pictures. You have unlimited pictures here and you can download for free. So this is one option. Let's take a look again on the laptop option Some pictures you will find in all the websites. For example this picture here who s on splash dot com to so but that's that's fine. You can just go here. I'm fine. The picture you want for your business for your project. So this is back sauce. You can also Ablow picture. So I invite you if you are a photographer or you If you have great pictures to share with the world on, you want to do it for free you and you want to contribute with these guys. All you need to do is go to upload on. You can become part off pixels. Basically, they explain. You hear how it works, They have a challenge. You see here the winners off the challenge of November 2015 on It's great. I think if you are using the pictures, if you're using the photos on pixel or any other website that we're talking here, I recommend you off course toe, contribute with them the next option. Ease snapped. Stocks nap. Io Okay. Stocks, not I Oh, this is the website. Same. Same thing. You can search here, search for the Forest year. But first, let's take a look on the copyright restriction. Okay, just to make sure we're safe. So I click here on free from copyright restrictions on its opening. So basically, cco license all for us in stocks that four under the creative common C c O licence. That means that you can copy, modify, distribute any forest on this website even commercially, even for commercial purpose, all without ask information. So basically, we we have the same license for all the three website that we investigate until now on. What you need to do here is check out the full license just to make sure you agree with all before you use any pictures. So in here you can search or you can go down. Look for the picture you want on what I like here is these at the top. When you have the search option on, you can sort the forest by date. Trending views, download off favorites. I like these because sometimes the trending is cute for you to find the best picture. That picture there are there are trending right now. The penny off, what you search for. OK, so these are Let's take a look on a laptop again laptop. So it's no certainty is sort for by a relevance, but let's sort but by trending. So this is the trend in the results for laptop on basically here all you need to do is click on the picture you like. You can see here the photographer, the view click. You have the photographer profile. You have the dimensions of the picture size. The date added on some tax. So basically you can say you can search said this as a favorite so you can download later. Sometimes you are looking for picture, and you find pictures you will like to download later so you can at us favorite. But if you want to download, all you need to do is click on download. High resolution on the download starts automatically, so that's it. Very simple. If I click here, I'll open the picture. That's it. You can modify. You can attacks here or useful wherever you want. On the last option here, East picks obey dot com. This is a very famous website. They have free images and video that you can use anywhere a game. Here. All images are under this creative cone CC or CC zero Okay, that you can download if modify and distribute. Even for commercial applications. North Division requires always a recommended to quicken Larmore and read the whole license just to be safe. Okay, so here you have photos, illustration, vector graphics or videos. Sigalert on the far is because we're focusing seen here on images. But of course, if you need videos for your websites, royalty for Devious, you can also click on videos here or instructional graphics. So let's say well, like these blueberry for here, So click on the blueberry and in here again. You can read the cco public domain free for commercial use, nor tradition. Require something I always recommended to check these because I found in these website picks. Obey some pictures that are not allow for commercial use just for free use. So always unpick survey when you can take a picture, take a look here on the right and just confirmed that is free for commercial use and have no attribution require again to download these all you need to do is click on from free download and here you have options so you can download small size median, large or original. You see, the original is huge is almost 1000 by 5000 and it has 18 megabytes. So it's a great high resolution picture that you can use for everything that you want. Here you have related images. So this is good because if you are looking for blueberry for us, you confined here or other related images. For example, this is a great blueberry forum on. This is also a great for so you you have these options on Big Subait when you say the size , when each is the size you want, remember, if you are using in your website in war in a war press website, for example, I don't recommend you toe down a very big image because the website will be slow and the the page with low slower depending on the speed of the connection off the visitor. But that's fine. That's your decision. So I'll download the small size. All I need to do is click on down low here and that's it. Sometimes when you clean doll Oh, it will ask you to enter some characters here to make sure you're you're a human and you are not a computer least downloading the the images in high quantity. Okay, so all these websites you can use for free I hope you like this option. I hope this website help you and save you time because the most important things saved saving time here. I spent hours and hours on the Internet and I I think YouTube looking for the perfect image . And now you have four websites that are great tools to help you on your daily work. 7. Final Project: and now is your term. I invite you to come here to Canada dot com. Create your stunning Facebook cover image like these, following all the steps here on the cars on. Also, I invite you to come here to your Facebook and copy your Facebook doing This is your Facebook link at the top copies on Paste the link on the project area here on the skills and why that's important. Well, that's very important, because you need the 1st 25 likes on your page in order to get your personalized use. Earning on the user is great because with the user name you can you can have a personalized address here. That means instead of being facebook dot com slash internet revolution courses 16 blah, blah blah. You will have something like facebook dot com slash internet revolution. You know you can set up the use running as you are, right? No, but for that you needed 25 1st likes. So I invite you to post your link on the projects are here in sculpture, so I can like your page on all the students here on the course under the community will also like your page on that will give you the the initial 25 like that. You need to finish these Facebook page. Okay. I hope to see your project here on the projects are also your e match your Facebook image on See you in the next video. 8. Congratulations!: Congratulations and happy to see you here at the end of the class. I hope you like this class this training on. I hope to see you in the other classes I have here on skill share. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact me on Diego Davila dot com. I love to receive your emails and to have conversation with my students. And I promise you that if you send me a memo, I will reply to you. I also appreciate your thumbs up here on the sculpture and I hope to see you in the next class.