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Create a Profitable T-Shirt Website in Under an Hour: Crash Course on Printful

teacher avatar Douglas Butner, Artist and Maker of

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Make Your Printful Site

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About This Class

Welcome to this crash course on creating one of the most profitable t-shirt businesses it is possible to make, using Printful. I am designer Sir Douglas Fresh, and I have opened at least a dozen types of T-shirt shops in the past three years, selling thousands of shirts around the world. This is one business model I that I love, and the sublimation products are top-notch. I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish of getting your website online, all you need beforehand is a purchased domain and hosting account.

Here is exactly what we will do:

Install Wordpress

Install Woocommerce

Select Woocommerce compatible theme

Integrate Woocommerce with Printful

Upload 5 pieces of art

Create 5 Sublimation Products for each piece of art, socks and shirts, 25 total

And all in under an hour!! I filmed this entire course in one 42 minute take!!

I picked out the method which I think is the easiest, most profitable, and most professional way to create your T-shirt business. We will be using Wordpress with Woocommerce, and Printful to print and ship products.

Remember, this is a crash course. We do not stop or hold hands along the way. We are getting the website up as quickly as possible. It took me 42 minutes to go from a blank domain to a live shop with 25 products that is ready to take orders. I know with some enthusiasm you will be able to launch a shop in under an hour as well!!!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Douglas Butner

Artist and Maker of


I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator, and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for over three years. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without paid advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently slow traveling the world thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to... See full profile

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1. Make Your Printful Site: Hello, everybody. My name is Sir Douglas Fresh. I'm a world renowned T shirt designer as well as teacher on how you could be a T shirt designer and T shirt entrepreneur. In this course, I'm going to take you through, start to finish how we can create one of the most profitable online T shirt stores using WordPress Woo commerce and print full. Why did I choose this method to take you start to finish? Well, there's a lot of ways to create T shirt shops on the Internet, as you may have seen in my course how to start an online T shirt business at zero cost. But this one has the highest margins available and has some of the greatest customizable stuff, including shirts like this, which are called sublimation shirts. Now this is a construction one that I had designed and made overseas. But you can get very good quality sublimation shirts made in the United States on American apparel fabric from print full, and they'll even fulfill the orders without you having to print anything, ship anything or even take money from the customer or talk to the customer in any meaningful way. Also, because we're using WordPress. We get the added benefits of all the plug ins that developers around the world have made, so let's go ahead and dive in and get started. First of all, we're going to need a domain name. Now. I'm just going to show you that we're really starting from the bottom. This is nothing. This is future life fashion dot com, and right now it's just getting an index of the files and folders that air in this directory. So let's go over to this directory now. Depending on what hosting account that you have, it's going to be different. But there's always the same basic stuff. So what I already did was I uploaded the latest version of WordPress in a sip and then extracted it. And when you do that, you'll get a folder called WordPress with all of WordPress within it. Now we actually want this a directory above, so we're just going to select everything, move it and then delete this last part so it gets into the correct directory. All right, Now, if we go back up, we can delete this empty folder called Wordpress. And now we've got and wordpress install ready to go. And if we were fresh over here, were taken to the initial WordPress started page. Now we need to create a database to so I just actually deleted the data base so I could show you what we're doing. You should get something similar to this. There's plenty of different ways to make a database usually see panel. You just go through the Wizard nowadays, if you're old school, you can do it yourself with my SQL where you could do something like PHP my admin. But let's be eyes were probably just going to do something like this, so let's just type in the database name. So we just added a database name F l f. Next, we've gotta add a user to this database. We've got to give this user all privileges, and then we're ready to set up WordPress. So we're going to choose the language that we wish to install, and then we're going Teoh type in the information that we just made up. And hopefully if we did everything correct will get in. All right, Sparky. Newt. And we did it. Hey, and literally in just a couple minutes, we are installing WordPress. So we need a little bit more information as we go on. So we're gonna do future life fashion. We're just gonna go ahead and make the admin admin for now. Give it a password. Confirmed the use of weak password if you need to and do some information. And once we fill this out, we're going to go ahead and install WordPress, all right? And now we have a success message showing us that WordPress has been successfully installed . Now, let's go ahead and log in. Okay? Now we're at a blank WordPress site. So what do we need to do to get started? I'm not going to go in installing the huge, souped up RV of WordPress sites. We're just going to do the Chevy Corvette and just install a couple of plug ins to get us up and running. So we're going to go right over to plug ins and add new, And I'm gonna click this a couple of times because I'm going to search for what we need and then move on and we look forward. Commerce. We're gonna wanna s CEO, plug in. I like to use used personally, but there's plenty of other ones available. And then we're also going to need a print full integration plug in for the shipping. So that's the three things that you need. You need the wu commerce plug in. You should don't necessarily need but should have s e o plug in. And you do need the print ful plugging so that you can sink shipping information so that your customer always pays the correct amount for shipping. So there's the Wouk Homers plug in. We're just gonna go ahead and install that, and then we'll go and activate all these plug ins at the same time. So still looking for the print full plug in and this is it. Print full integration for mu commerce. Now there are other plug ins that you may choose to install and things like Who? Commerce Image Zoom. There's also other image related woo commerce plug ins that you might want to check out. Make sure that your products are being displayed the way that you want them on your site, But that's a little bit outside the scope of this course. So we're just going to go with the basics and move on. Now we've got the plug ins, and we didn't quite install him yet. We just, uh we didn't activate them. We just installed him. So we're gonna activate them real quick and why we're doing that. I'm gonna jump over quickly to appearance themes, and we're going to install a theme. So let's go toe add new themes. And while there's you're alluding, that's jump back over to the plug ins, Click the used S E o blue commerce and print. Full integration and then activity apply bottom. Being about a bank, that's the only actual plug ins that we should really have to do this. Oh, at least to get started. So now we're back over in themes and we're just going toe search for it. Wu commerce with the faith that the developers have labelled their theme Wu commerce compatible. If it is scrolling down, we can see there are a ton of really truly great free themes and thank you for to the development community for making these available for people who don't want to or don't know how to develop these sites. So we're just going to pick one that is, um, acceptable for us and then move on, feel free to do some Googling and try to find more advanced themes. Okay, so I've picked a theme called Free Store. You can always change this later, but it's a good idea. Have one that's at least decent. So whenever you're building your site, you're a little bit inspired. So we're going to go ahead, Activate this now, and we should be good to go. Let's take a look at our new website and now we have Really It's just a basic game. But if you remember a couple minutes ago, we just had a directory. So we're doing something right now. We're not gonna go too far into customizing this theme. What we are going to do is get to the nitty and gritty and get our stuff actually materialized in our shop. So I'm over here and print full. Now I'm locked into my print full account. So if you don't have a print full count, you need to get one. Once we're in the stores tab, we get the options to create a new store, connect to a platform and e commerce platform, or use something called ship station. Well, what we're going to do is connect to an e commerce platform. So we're going to do this year and we're going to connect to woo commerce. And when we do that, we get some instructions of what we need to do first. And it's going to tell you you need to enable rest AP eyes. You need to change your prom, a lynx, and then you can move forward. So let's go ahead and do that. I already know to do so we're not going to spend time reading that. Let's go over here to settings Permal ICS, and you can do this from your dashboard. And WordPress should be right there. Now we're going to just under here common settings. We're gonna go down to post me now. You can use a different one, but I prefer post name because it looks the best. And if it looks the best to you, it probably looks the best to search engines. So we're going to use that also, we can change our product Perma links, so you can do a custom base if you choose, or you can pick one of these options and I'm going to go ahead and do okay, so I made it raise, and we're gonna go ahead and save that. And next, we've got to go to woo commerce settings and we've got to play around with a couple things in order to connect. We've got to make sure that under the A P I tab, we have this enable rest AP I checked. So let's go ahead and save changes and there is a set up wizard that you could go through. Let's go ahead and do it. Actually, we can go through the settings ourself, but you're probably going to end about to set up wizard, so might as well. So go ahead, let's go. And it's going to give you the opportunity to basically set, um, this is pages that just sit up and you need to do that, um, or you can set up your own and then direct the plug into those pages, but it's easier just toe have them created. Next. We've got a little bit of shop information, so I'm in Maryland and this looks good. Continue and shipping were going to do this later. So I'm gonna skip this shut step, and it's going to ask you about payments. Really. Papal standard is all that I've ever used, and I really like it because PayPal everyone uses that everyone trusts it. There's also this through Braintree. Now. I'm not quite sure what the benefit is because I knew that you can use a credit card with PayPal standard, So I recommend it. Unless you already have a Braintree account or a strive account, just keep it simple and use PayPal standard. So let's go ahead and we're ready to go and we can choose to send diagnostics or not. I'm gonna hit No, but if you want to be a good person, you can hit yes, and next we're good to go. So it says, create your first product and we can go ahead and click that or just going to click away because we're gonna be creating our products through print full itself. So now we've got our settings pretty much ready to go to jump over to go back to Wu commerce, or at least to connect. We're ready to go to do that, but I want to do one more thing while we're over here on the website, and that is to set up the automatic shipping Now. We did install that plug in that was called Print Full Shipping. So we're gonna go ahead and see what that's all about. Let's go to Lou. Calmer settings and the integration. Well, im sorry, shipping. And then under shipping, we're going to go to print full shipping and then under print full shipping. You just gotta click, enable this shipping method and then make sure that disabled commerce rates for this and this just ensures that you're going to be using the ship print full shipping instead of the well, calmer shipping. So let's go ahead and hit. Save changes If we want the integrated shipping to work properly, we do have to put in the A p I key under integration, and we get that, like going back to the stores tab and then going to the store that we have now created and clicking, edit under settings and then going to a P I enable AP I access and will be given an A p I t . Key. Then we just got to take the a P I key back over to woo commerce. Put it in and we are ready to go here. We're down it step for connect your store or connect the store to your print full account. And we know that were set up and ready to go. So hopefully everything should work to connect together. Type in your domain name with the http colon slash slash and then just the domain name than the t o. D. So then do that and then hit Connect. And if the gods are in your favor, you will get a page that says print ful would like to connect to your store. So we've got to approve, read and write access for painful. All right, now we get the option to connect to a different account if we need to. I'm just going to connect to the current account that I'm logged into. All right, guys and our guys. Now we are basically done. We have connected a website that we just built to 1/3 party service print ful, which is going to fulfill our orders. But we're not done yet. We have toe actually make the products materialize through putting up our art. So I've got five pieces of art that I want to get uploaded today and I've got him in a folder right here now. The art that we're going to use is very, very big. I'm going to show you how to do sublimation shirts, but you can do a lot of different products through print full using this method. So let's get started. First off, you can go ahead right here and you can click add product to store. Or you can go to print files and get your print files ready ahead of time. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to go to future life fashion and then upload these five files. As soon as we start to see our images pop up, we can go ahead and start adding products to our store, and this is really how easy it ISS. Now I'm gonna go ahead and get my titles ready before I get going, and the reason for that is we can actually add products so quickly that is going to hold us back if we need to think of the product names. So I've got a document over here and I'm just going to use it to keep the names of my artwork. So we're going to start out with electric see total so Now I've got the titles all typed out, ready to go. I can just copy and paste them. And I've typed to pipe characters at the end with the space to separate the title of the artwork from the name of the product which is going on. So this will make a lot more sense in a couple of seconds. So we're all done here and I'm just gonna drag this over here so I can copy and paste it. Now I'm gonna go through adding five or six different products for each one, depending on if they fit on leggings, You can see I've already went ahead of myself and I went to all categories and I just want to sublimated socks, socks a great So we're gonna do some sublimated sucks. We're gonna choose the graphics here, and we've already got our images loaded. Now, I'm not sure how much I stretched this earlier, but you want really, really big images. This is a general practice in all of your online digital art, but especially for sublimation shirts and stuff like that, which I have shown you. But don't let me get you in the mind state that you can't design other products using the same method. I'm just going into the sublimation products aspect. So if you want to do other products, no, your dimension requirements for that. But moving on all we've got to do is choose the folder, which we've done, and then it will put it on here and weaken size it again if we want Teoh. But usually it does a pretty good job, So we're just gonna go ahead and proceed to pricing. Now, this is where this comes in. So I already know, um, that this is the title of the work, and it's going to be the title of the work for the next five or six products. So I'm just going to copy and paste it on there. We also have the option to do a J peg or a PNG image. Personally, I prefer PNG images, even if they are a little bit bigger. Um, they're more applicable to different things. And what? When I say that, I mean, because it's got a transparent background, we could take it and use it in a different context. We could use it for a poster. We could use it for to put over top of a background, even to put on a model, I don't know, but it's better, so I choose that next you can see at the bottom you've got the profit, which you can put up or down for the products that you can sell. You could see that the prophet is pretty high, and that's a good thing. If you want to make money, if you want to make it a little bit cheaper to make it cheaper on your consumers, that's your choice. But personally, I think if we all sell it at the same price, then the artists will get paid well and the consumer will have a equal playing field or equal choosing power with their money. So I always choose to just do the defaults that print full suggest. So that's it, and we're going to submit the store, and once that's processed, we will have made our very first item ban. We made a website tonight. We made a product tonight and you can buy it tonight. That's crazy. Okay, Next, we're going to do a pair of leggings and we're going to see if it looks good. I don't really like it. So I'm just going to exit out and we're going to do a pair of sublimation shirts or a simple mission. Sure, so you'll see that when we do this, we have a front print and a back print. So don't forget to select your back print. You also can design slightly different images for these shirts. Another thing that I've done in my career is a T shirt designer is simply flip the image. And what that will do is it will make it seamless on the edges so that the shirt just wraps around and you can see that on this shirt that I'm wearing right here, it just kind of makes it look a little bit better. But we didn't do that here, so let's just move on. And basically we're just going to do the same thing for whatever products that we want to put on. Now you can see I chose tanks, and it's already got the art on their thank you and that saves us so much work. So we just got a hit, proceed to pricing and we've already got the copied title. So we just hit Control V and then do it all over again. So let's go down. The women's now we're going to pick women's tank. We're all ready to go. Control V. The title picked the PNG. Submit the store. Now we're back, including an apparel. Women's create the other kind of women's shirt. Bam, bam! There you go. Now we already have five products with our original image. We're going to go through and do this again, just changing the artwork until we have all of our products on the website. All right, I just added the last of 25 items to the store. Now that's five items for each design that we did. We could have done a lot more, but I wanted to keep it just sublimation products. And another benefit of this model is that we can even do that. Guys, it's pretty amazing that we can get crazy shirts like this just from an image that we design and we don't have to print anything. And it's even better that it's this simple. So I hope that you don't take this opportunity for granted and you make some awesome stuff . Now let's look at what we just it now keep in mind that we didn't go into making anything look super good. Also, keep in mind that some of these things were still processing. But let's go ahead and check out what we did. If we go to future life fashion dot com slash shop, which is the default euro that would commerce uses, we can see that we already have an online store. Yes, and we've got great looking images and it's got the prices on there, and it's got selectable options. Everything is already there. And how awesome is that, Guys In the last maybe hour or so, we made something from just a domain name, and that's beautiful because we can share art and get paid off it. So let's look at this beautiful shirt that we just did with a piece of fractal art that was made from nothing, you know, and we created something from nothing. I hope you guys excited about that desire, so let's look at what we can do. We've got the size options here, and we can go ahead and add it to the cart, and it's fully functional Already, guys, we can actually view the cart purchased this. Pay the money put in our shipping address and we will get this shirt. It's no B s. This is all rial, all ready to go and all done so quickly. So once again, guys, this is Sir Douglas fresh. I hope that I have inspired you to inspire yourself and inspire others that we can create things out of nothing that we can share artistic abilities in a way that helps us helps our family through monetary gain and feeling good about ourselves by getting our stuff out there. That's about all I have to say. I wanted to keep this nice and brief. Nice, right to the point if you have any questions. If maybe I glossed over something a little bit too quickly, Don't be afraid to ask me. I'm sure there are other students with that same question. I had an amazing time teaching this course. I hope you had a great time watching it. Peace