Create a 2D game tileset with Inkscape! | István Szép | Skillshare

Create a 2D game tileset with Inkscape!

István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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9 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Wellcome to the Inkscape tileset design class!

    • 2. Creating the first tile!

    • 3. Adding more grass tiles

    • 4. Final grass tiles and assembly

    • 5. Starting designing the water tiles

    • 6. Adding the final water tiles

    • 7. Creating the road tiles

    • 8. Additional road tiles for junctions

    • 9. Design unique tiles to make it more alive!


About This Class

Do you know how to build 2D game worlds effectively?

Not by hand for sure!


Tile sets are around since the dawn of gaming and they are here to stay!



  • Because with a little planning the variations are endless

  • Because they are easy to use

  • And because they are saving resources (not just GPU and memory, but time and money too!)

My name is István, and I am a design teacher. And an indie game developer like you! During the class I will show you how to create seamlessly matching tiles for your game with Inkscape!

Starting from a sketch, we create a blueprint for the tiles, than design them one by one!


We will create:

  • a tile set for grass
  • a tile set for water
  • tiles to build roads
  • and individual tiles for rocks and bushes

During the class you will learn

  • to create tiles with clipping mask
  • to create seamless patterns
  • to think with tiles
  • to use some intermediate level Inkscape tools! 

And when all the tiles are finished, you will be able to build your very own 2D game map like this!


Come and join me now, let's create this awesome tile set together!


Want to take this further? Want to create even better tiles the super effective way? This course is very closely related to my Modular design course, make sure to follow that too!