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Create Animated GIFs Onilne from Videos for FREE

teacher avatar Talha Khan

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Create Animated GIFs Onilne

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About This Class

Hello guys.. Welcome to my first class on skillshare..

In this class you will learn the easiest and the fastest way to create GIFs from videos. Videos can be from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites or even if you have a video on your computer that you would like to create a GIF from then this class will guide you how you can do that...


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Talha Khan


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1. Create Animated GIFs Onilne: Hello. Hi, everybody. Welcome to my claws. On a scale share, I am the Luhan. And in this loss, we will take a look at how we can create any made gifts all night without any special for to anything so fair without any special gift creations off here. So all you need is is an Internet connection and your Web browser, and then we're good to go. So we don't any further deal. Let's get it straight into this clause and see how we can create those any more gifts online. Okay, so the West Side for for a purpose is called as your feet, which is G R. Sorry. Um, let me a career G i b itch right dot com. So once again, it is g r b a Shrider. Come. So tap it out and click into Okay, So this is a website and this is the largest website for for finding gives. And this is basically a search engine for for all the gifts that you're looking for so you can say forgives if you want to use it on their project. If you want to. You if If you want to share it on social media or do whatever you want to do with it all. You can create our own gifts with the help of this website. So and for that purpose, you don't need to create create an account. And if you can do so, if you want do that, you can simply sign up from here. But But we're not going to be signing all right now because because we can create gives for free without creating our camp. So here to create on the next pitch. As you can see that we have got different. Perhaps this is a gift. Rancor. This is a slight show. This is a guess. Caption is the gift editor. So we want to start off with a with a gift maker. So the point is, is racism both. So you need to look for the radios that you want to convert to gift. Or if you have your video already in your computer, you can use that. You can upload that. So but for teaching purposes that I'm just going to grab some links from maybe you to from dream you or from any video hosting website. So go ahead and go to YouTube dot call and look for any link. Let's say, um, this is the link that that we may use here. Just click on that copy through euro and then paste it here. It's the automatically evidently the euro and then little do video for us and any that we have courts timeline, we can set our starting time and and the overall duration for the gifts. So I'm just giving it from the beginning off the radio and make it for three seconds. So the overall duration, as you can see that this is three second and this is it. This is the starting time on this toe and we can exist these pores to set the starting point. And, uh and we can also set the oral do duration from from this part and again, just or simply right, simply edited and time, whatever. The very day of court for this purpose underneath there, you've gotta blocks to insert captions became, um, right. Any captions on this boss? Let's say I'm just freaking out army from, And as soon as I start typing it out, I can see there's another these and other blocks show him out. So this is these are these styles for for this takes, let's say I want to choose this style. I can take that and it is a kind of subtitle. So let me stick with the second with the with the 2nd 1 And if I just click click here I can adjust their positions of this takes or if I come to thievery bottom right corner I can edges the size and make it a smaller or bigger. So let me keep it somewhere here and then take it to the bottom. Regal also player on with different corruptions and currently it is white. Let me I continued Teoh, black or regular or whatever clear I think, would be fit here so we can just simply print here. So let me stick with the Wakeland. And now, as soon as we have seen hold all the sittings, leave the next and the final step is to go ahead and click on this button. That's say's great gift. Wait for it to create that gift for you. All right, so now that our gift has been created, So as you can see that this this is the gift that we just created and in the box below. We have got different options. First start is for the share we can simply directly shade from from right here on Facebook , on Twitter and on Pinterest on arm or on. Different. So should we declare forms and Amy Advanced time? Or is it? And there's also and I frame for If you want to use this gift on your website, you can see P grab this link and then embedded on your left side. In the advanced of however, we have got give feeling which will open something like that. If you want a darkling, you can cooperate this link. Let's say I want to cooperate out and then based on my new them, so it will simply show the gift only without any background without anything. All right, And if I want to download it and see if it on my computer again to be submit only from here or the interruption. If if I want to short in the U Earl for maybe trader or for other websites, I can take that your l face it right here and click on shorting. It will give me a short version for our I like Dark Euro and we can face it. We can use it on Twitter on Facebook maybe, or anybody want one more thing that we have on? Sure, top is. If I click on more options, I should be able to see that this is the terror, its rhythm betting. This is another option that we have. And these are These are the options for embedding this GIF on our website. Like Like if I If I want to stop the older play, I can click it up, clicking on off. If I won to deactivate social media icons again, simply press here, or if I choose to make it a loop, a continuous loop, I can keep it out of play. These are the dimensions for the gates and the neuroscience. So if I if I wanted download it on my computer, I can so once again in my trance tab and the third thing was saved. Gift our load. Let me go ahead and download it on my computer and then share you heart loose. Oh my compare. So they say for every day I'm using when there's 10. So as you can see that this this gift is is working perfectly. Hurry. So I think this enough for this gift. Christian radio. So if you've got any questions or if you want to learn more about the gifts began some to go to this website and there and there are thousands of gifts you can choose from If and if you want to use it on your part, it on social media, you can city take that. Take that gift from from here and use it how however you want. All right, I have that you like this video and feel free to review my cloth and let me know if you have any questions. So if I so finally the cross party for this class is too is to create a gift from any video on but redoing. Maybe it can me from from YouTube from Vimeo or from from anywhere. And you will need to just follow the step that I just showed you in this cloth and then create a gave, downloaded and uploaded in the class sports it area. Right, So So I hope that you like this class and also you in my next lot. Thank you