Craft Your Own House In The Meadow Textile Wall Art

Lilach Tzudkevich, Textile artist

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro: The Who What and Why

    • 2. Material List

    • 3. Composing Your Sketch

    • 4. Turning Your Sketch to Pattern

    • 5. Choosing Fabrics & Applying Patterns

    • 6. Joining Elements and Background

    • 7. Sewing Everything Together

    • 8. Adding Details: The Heart and Soul of Your Project

    • 9. Show Your work and Stay in Touch

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About This Class


Craft Your Own House In The Meadow Textile Wall Art is an intermediate to advanced detailed explanatory class in textile art. From the first step of planning to the last stitch, demonstrated by the artist Lilach Tzudkevich. Lilach provides a guided footage of the process of Crafting Your Own House In The Meadow Textile Wall Art.

Students will be guided through a creative process involving sketching, pattern making, sewing, patching and embroidering in a unique whimsy style. Engaging with fabrics, threads, sewing, composition, and embroidery in a variety of ways. 

This class is for skilled crafters, sewers, painters, illustrators, and anyone who would like to expand their creative tools by engaging and experimenting with textile and the romantic notions of hand stitches.  

Give the fabric stash you have been saving a good use while getting crafty and enjoy creating your House In The Meadow Wall Art.

*Basic knowledge of running stitch is required to complete the project, while other stitches will be taught through the class.