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Cover Letter Master Class: How to Write an Astounding Cover Letter

teacher avatar Flo & Felipe, Co-Founders of The Way Factory

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Your cover's letter form


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      Your cover's letter content


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About This Class

This class is the 4th installment of our Masterclass series on purpose-driven job search. You can find our previous classes here:

  1. Mindset Masterclass: How To Cultivate Everlasting Growth
  2. Introspection Masterclass: Know Yourself and your Purpose
  3. Resume Masterclass: How to Create a Job-Winning Resume

Let's talk cover letters!

In this class, you'll learn how to craft the most compelling and outstanding cover letter, which will turbocharge your job application and get you closer to your job search goals.

After this class, you'll be able to clearly articulate your motivation, showcase your skills and create a connection with recruiters, helping stand from the crowd and increasing your chances of moving forward with your application.

Before you get started: Head to the Projects of this class to download The Way Factory Playbook, as it'll be referenced throughout our lessons!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Flo & Felipe

Co-Founders of The Way Factory


Hello, we are Florence and Felipe! We are the Co-Founders of The Way Factory.

 We help you build purpose-driven lives by sharing tools and knowledge in the areas of self-development and professional growth. We are neither psychologists, nor therapists. 

 We are in search of well-being, wisdom, peace, and serenity. We are curious about everything that relates to becoming a better version of ourselves and living our lives intentionally.

 We are authentic, spontaneous, empathetic, and in love with discovering new restaurants!  


Our personal path has led us to listen to tens of podcasts, read hundreds of books, and watch thousands of videos on personal development, life philosophy, and psycholog... See full profile

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1. Introduction: And now that your resume is ready, it's time to talk about the cover letter. A cover letter is a one page document that introduce your professional skills and interests in applying for a job. Your cover letter is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. It's time to sell yourself, uses dedicated space to demonstrate your skills, motivation, and achievements. In this section, we provide the best advice to craft the best, most compelling cover letter and give you the ultimate templates to make the writing as easy and smooth as possible. By following these guidelines, you will get closer to finding the job you deserve. Let's talk about its form and then about its contents. Ready? Let's go. 2. Your cover's letter form: Of the letter is important because it's the first impression recruiter's will have and that will encourage them to read further, therefore, makes sure it's a good one. Create a well-formatted letter with an easy to read, lay out the matches with your resume. A cover letter that is formatted incorrectly with no space, difficult to read can prevent you from being called. So it's critical to pay attention to the formatting of your letter. It is to the content. So he was to keep in mind when crafting your cover letter. First, keep each shirt. A recruiter's time is limited. Therefore, your letter should concisely mentioned your most relevant qualification and what you can bring to the company. Please do not do not include your entire life and resume and your cover letter. Your goal is to write a short, punchy, impactful cover letter by selectively choosing elements that are relevant to the job. Privileged quality over quantity. Stick to one page with three to four paragraph max. On average, a cover letter is between 250 to 400 words long, but don't really worry about it. Focus only on making it fit within one page or less with a readable font, which lead me towards come next. Second, watch your font when it comes to the form, keep it simple and professional to facilitate reading, Uses same easy to read font as a one used in your resume. To the font size of ten to 12 points. If your letters as a headline, such as heading with your name and contact information, you might choose to make the healing font slightly larger, 14 or 16. Third, have enough white-space. Good spacing is essential for your cover letter that will prevent it from looking overload and those difficult to read. Aisle space between each section and paragraph. Contact information, salutation, first paragraph, second paragraph, third paragraph, and causing forced savings to PDF. As for your resume, make sure you save your document in a compatible file format. I advise you to save it in PDF. Five, probably rename your cover letter. Follow the format of FirstName, LastName, cover letter, exemple, James Bond cover letter, Point PDF. As it will be easier for the reader to find you within the ETAs application tracking system in case they have one end to remember you. That being said, let's now have a closer look at the content of your cover letter. 3. Your cover's letter content: Litter contains different parts, your contact information, the recruiter's contact information, a greeting, the body of the correlator, which is divided in approximately four paragraph and opening line. An explanation of why you are the right fit, an explanation of why you want to work for that company. A closing with a call to action, a signature. Here's how to go about each year convex information include your contact details at the top of your cover letter. By contact details, I mean your name, your address, phone number, professional email address. Don't use your work e-mail, of course. The recruiter's contact information under your own name usually include the name of the person you are writing to, the position of the person you are writing to the name of the company, the address of the company. Salutation. The most relevant way to address a cover letter is to use a person first and last name and to include the title Mr. or Mrs. for example, Dear Mrs. Jenna bone or Dear Mrs. John. If you are applying for a company whose culture is where more informal, you can drop the title and last name and only write Dear John. Try to address the cover letter to the dedicated person. Why? Because when you personalize a greeting with a dedicated name, you will raise the attention of the hiring manager. You will see You didn't send a random cover letter, but you actually did your research which shows your interests. If you don't find a specific name, you can use Dear Hiring Manager or addressee or cover letter to the head of the department for the role you are playing to avoid as much as you can generate salutation should has to whom it may concern or Dear Sir or Madam is a rook. Ito's name is not stated on the offer. Please use your best friend. Linkedin, cover letter body. The cover letter combined with your resume, is your first introduction to the rock eater. Therefore, it has to be valuable. The body of your corollary is aimed to convince the recruiter that you are the right fit for the position. After reading your letter, the recruiter's to have a clear idea of who your work experience meet job requirements. How your skills meets job requirements. Why do we want to work as this specific company? Don't add your old car into the cover letter, you have to choose selective experienced that describe best. You can meet the specific job requirements and how you can add value to the company. I encourage you to select offered you are actually interested in and take time to tailor each cover letter rather than sending the same resume and cover letter. The body of a successful cover letter is composed of a memorable opening line. Explanation of why you are the right fit. Specific examples that demonstrate your skill and work achievement. Explanation of why you want to work for that company spatially and why you are a grid much. And then a call to action. First paragraph. First impressions matter. The first sentence or two of your cover letter are the most important ones. The purpose of this paragraph is to capture the readers attention immediately and encourage them to read the rest of the letter. You can do so following two steps. First, being explicitly stating the position you are applying for, entering excitement. Indeed, recruiters are looking for candidates for several position and therefore receive cover letter for different positions. By fitting the job, you make your intent clear and therefore they work easier. Express your excitement about the job as unto thee is always appreciate. For example, I'm excited to read to you regarding the position for business analyst. Advertise on your website, signal stating an accomplishment. After stating the position you're applying for, follow with a poor sentence. Instead, one of your top accomplishment that can be a valuable asset for the job was to grab the recruiter's attention. Actions, speak louder than words. So don't just tell the reader what you are proving it. For example, don't think after graduating from college in 2018, I decide to work in marketing, where the analytic and interpersonal skill, instead save, I'm a result driven professional with strong interpersonal and analytical skills. I successfully draws a lunch of an online sales funnel, increasing coercion 5% within a year and helped boost leads by 56 percent within three years. See the difference. So first sentence is too generic and doesn't show anything tangible. The sudden example, elaborate on why you are the right fit for the job. Second paragraph, it's all about you. This part of your cover letter is your chance to really explain what you have to offer by providing details of your experience. You need to develop and peer's thread, the recruiter about why you are the perfect person for the job. This is where you show off your skills. You can do so using practical examples, key number, and sharing real event details. You need to scan what's the most critical requirement for the role and how you fulfill these requirements. Connect that with your qualification and the job requirements. How is your experience of great asset to feed the job requirements? Whoa, you're prevents experience has allowed you to develop expertise, qualities, and skills useful for a specific job. If you can't use any work experience, focus on your skilled volunteer activity and academic achievement. We will talk about it further, in further details later on. Third paragraph, it's all about them. Finally, in the third paragraph, you need to explain why you are applying to that company, especially. While you are a good match for the company, how your values and provisional ambition are a great much work. You need to know that you are the right fit for the job, but also for the company culture. They also need to ensure that you have done some research and that you are not applying randomly, but with a real motivation behind it. How do you do this? Do some research about the company and find one or two key element that speaks to you and that you like. Then include them in your cover letter. It can be their values, business model, key difference, UTR, so on. Example, beyond the interests I have for what the job entailed, I'm particularly inspired in working for some company, given that its existence rely on the basis of integrity, respect, and investigate. These values, drive my personal decision. Summer company is also constantly striving to improve social initiative. As shown by the lunch of your recent program, rows, which aims to attribute 5% of your revenue for homeless shelters. With this in mind, I believe that my career aspiration, I in-line with such a people oriented culture that my professional ambitions are great fit for the appealing required position. Closing funnily is time to end your cover letter on a high note. In the final paragraph, you're going to do the following. Finish with a call to action. What do I mean by a call to action? I mean, suggesting the next step. You can ask the employer to read your resume or compact you sing the recruiter or hiring manager for their time and consideration. Example, my resumes in cause. So you can have a better insight into my educational background, skill set, and work experience. I look forward to discussing my application with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration. A cover letter is a professional correspondence. So once you are done with the final paragraph, it's time to close with a formal and polite goodbyes. It's up to you to choose between the following. Best regards. Can regards regards. Sincerely, yours truly. And here we are. You are finally done. I mean, almost. You still need to prove, read. If to avoid any mistake, you can use software like Grammarly or maybe ask your mom or friend to remove it for you to support your correlator process. We have prepared to two. You can use. First, cover letter checklist. Refer to these checklists available in the playbook to make sure that your cover letter contains all essential elements. Second, cover letter templates. Use the correlator templates available with this course to apply your learning in this section are templates for all guidelines discuss here. Simply adjust to your case.