Costume design for comics: Your first Character | Laurie aka Cetriya Thomas | Skillshare

Costume design for comics: Your first Character

Laurie aka Cetriya Thomas

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction: What you will learn

    • 2. Who is your character

    • 3. Develop your Styleboard

    • 4. Bonus Tip: Don't fall into a hole

    • 5. Design Tips

    • 6. Colors

    • 7. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Black t-shirts and jeans are not the only things your characters have to wear. Don't know how to come up with designs? I'm sure you don't only wear tees and pants (If you do, well I"m sure you hang out with other people that don't) so think of your characters the same way. You don't need a fashionista to design the wardrobe for your comic. 

Follow along to create your first character in your comic. This class will cover:

  • Deciding a design direction or theme of your comic
  • Why your character dress the way they do
  • Collecting and how to best use reference
  • Quick sketching your design

By then end, you'll have a finished character designed and be ready to work on the next one. This class is not about making pretty pictures but about having a good base to use for planning out your comic. 

So this class is good for artists at any level. Beginners will gain a great place to start and more experienced artists will have new methods for designing for their world. The method used here is also good for those creating characters in others areas such as games and animation. 

See more examples of my work:









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Lover of Fashion, Space Opera, spicy food, Brooklyn born, Orlando native, Ringling Graduate.

By day I work as a CAD design for outdoor home decor and used to work for women's and children's wear.

By night and weekends, I try to do as much of my own personal projects like drawing comics, making illustrations, creating new work for my online shops, writing books (learning to write) and just maybe learn a bit of Japanese.

Interested in following me as a I create my comic? ...

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