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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Doing it together

    • 3. The kids are busy

    • 4. Squeeeezing out the little jobs

    • 5. Tidying up

    • 6. Sharing


About This Class

We are passionate about cooking savoury food, from scratch, with kids, and we want to get you cooking too!

In this course we want to teach you some basics about cooking with kids. How to make it safe and fun, no matter whether you’re looking for meal inspiration, a way to spend quality time with kids, or just something a bit different to do as a group.

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1. Introduction : the way. Kids Kitchen Collective charts If you've got this far, you're looking for a fun activity to do with your kids. It might be just in your own child or with a group, but perhaps you need to dinner. Idea of inspiration. Those three meals a day. You need to conjure up, maybe spend a little bit less money. Food Considering taking a bit more from scratch. We like to know ways hanging out with a child with grand tiled. You feel happy kids Kitchen have been family cooking for nearly 10 years. We started to to love food. Had a lot about two toddlers. We wanted to do something fun. Also wear for our kids. So we started kicking from scratch ingredients. We learned an awful lot about cooking kids food. I'm still learning, which is kids. Kitchen Collective is now a network. Parents, friends, Graham child minders away cooking with kids from zero to find Wave your so this course we're gonna show you our top tips for doing all this yourself. We learned a lot. Check the hard way trial never practice, but also be sharing with each other and showing others. So whether you've got an afternoon to fill with your friends, toddler or inertia that needs feeding or three meals to prepare for your own child every day. I hope you'll find inspiration. So here's a quick one now will be using a simple pizza has examples throughout the best of what we talk about doing it together. Then we'll talk about kids being busy squeezing out the next jobs. Honey sherry. So if you'd like a bit more time, didn't more from your child sign up. If you're after a bit more, head to kids Kitchen Door U K To check out our live online accredited course comes with a network of other people really excited to share their ideas and successes. And you can sign up Thio more about different Mexican videos. It will be sharing, See 2. Doing it together : we've had really young babies come to our sessions on Get asked, What is the youngest? Ain't we don't think there is. Youngest age babies pick up a lot when they're just sitting, watching the world go by. They can watch the world go by kitchen just as well as they can watch it anywhere else. For toddlers, a few things in the way of toddlers helping and something from doing things. One of them is how high up things are. So if you have a totally up in the kitchen service, you can keep an eye on them. And they can also be getting on with their project off, killing up or our tasks tasks later so you could get your toddler on a really solid chair. It's back to counter table. You could come down to the level of your loving stable on all the items could hang out on their knees. Remember, you need to be comfortable to, because if you're a couple, you can actually get stuff done beside. You talk, then after morning feels like it's been useful Anybody. So in the making Peter your total. It could have a very small piece of dough on the play dough in their location. When you actually make the base that you're going to use? Well, if you will agree, have some of them are rolling on, other than others, prepping schools at the same time. Often enjoyment is linked. Another had UPS and enjoy your child Children. On what? So finding ways of cooking with others around to take you on a walk in a park or whichever way it seems to work is a really great idea as well. After a bit more head to kids, get your dog U K to check out our live online accredited course. It comes with a network of other people really excited to share their ideas and successes. And you can sign up Teoh to hear more about differently recipe videos and sharing see 3. The kids are busy: kids are busy, so there are lots of things that kids could do to prepare food. Sometimes it will take a lot longer. But if cooking is also your activity in the afternoon in the morning, and time is s a problem. That's why sniffing, for example, becomes an excellent cabbage lettuce peppers. It might take a long time, but that's a chance for you to do another job nearby. Next, your child if you don't have cities ripping age of her. Great idea. So just to use our pizza example again, you might know cheese to pick. Spin it on top of a pizza you might to put spinach you might not, but on you might never consider it for your talk pizza. But it's an excellent ingredient for praying, so you could prep huge, spin it and a tiny bit on top with pizza and then use arrested something else. So it's the same. Pulling in with Arabs can take a huge amount of time and a lot of enjoyment for your toddler. Always use in another recipe, so the safest of kids NYSE will often cut mushroom or other really soft vegetable on. It's a brilliant way to start on the left can feel really important about I would actually get you much. So So There are lots of people that come to our sessions that say that their kids a wide variety of vegetables when they cooked themselves so I don't find this at all. So it's no magic bullet, but it's certainly true for some. I was in one session what kids did way of kicking use incredibly helpful is really great. And he looked me in the eye and he told me for absolute certain he was never going to eat it and he didn't. So, uh, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you're playing a much bigger game. If you're after a bit more, head to kids, get to the door u K to check out our live online accredited course. It comes with a network of other people really excited to share their ideas and successes, and you can sign up Thio more about different recipes videos. It will be sharing 4. Squeeeezing out the little jobs: way smooth little jobs. So there are many, many jobs that pop up in the kitchen. Tiny tasks. Teoh. Huge tasks, Often something you know you can consider it. A job is a great one to keep total occupied. Did you cutting something? They might want to put it into a bowl. They might want to take it out again, too. So sometimes you need to keep a hawk. I just have a great finish. One busy task before they start to get back on under The whole thing watching you or someone else is also a great job for us. This is all turbine. When we used a food processing in a session, kids watch the chickpeas, racing around, rushing into her most, or watching Chris Kiss go from dry to put in a glass bowl. There's not an awful lot of watching in a Picturesque is so unbelievably, because rolling could be done by kids that much. A source of my kids about chopping down my kids if you were to add garlic sometimes that garlic press peeling garlic, really, so you get what you do that after a bit more, head to kids, get to the door U K to check out our live online accredited course. It comes with a network of other people really excited to share their ideas and successes. And you can sign up Thio more about different recipes videos. It will be sharing, see? 5. Tidying up : one of my best memories of kids get concession is mine then two year old running on the back of our community center to take compost around the compost bins at the back didn't feel like particularly amazing job at the time, but the kids really, really loved it. It's difficult to know what kind of tidying up jobs young kids enjoy on also what kinds of tightening adults enjoy reading different things. So sharing their tasked with your young child, other people as well. It's really helpful where making sure that this cooking activity doesn't become really, really need to know tightening up in itself. It's tightening up part of activity. You already won half the battle off the cleaning, and if you are lucky enough to have an outside space on, the weather is good. A lot of the washing up can happen as part off to play activities so kids can spend a huge amount of time. Just enjoy. If you're after a bit more, head to Kids Kitchen Door U K to check out our live online accredited course. It comes with a network of other people really excited to share their ideas and successes, and you can sign up Thio more about difficult recipe videos. It will be sharing. See 6. Sharing: so like we said in the first segment, sharing experiences great for both adult and child. I've learned so much from the conversations I've had across tables, and kids get concessions from how to make pastry to the best kind of pizza. Sores on also have to get a kid to sleep or just what's going on in my area. So here's a challenge. Who can you share with? If you'd like to do more, good cooking gets on adults. Please go to Kids Kitchen Door K to find out about our credited course, which covers recipe ideas. Have to tell your amazing recipe. So they work with kids, have others involved on how to defuse them specific activities, different ages and have to keep everything safe and happy. We've got community membership to support you to set up your own sessions. Resources friendly community, much more to inspire w w w dot kids kicked in door UK. Was he