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Connect Your Arduino to Cloud with Ethernet Shield

CS Pro, Learn Simple

Connect Your Arduino to Cloud with Ethernet Shield

CS Pro, Learn Simple

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11 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction to Arduino

    • 2. 1.Introduction and Why Arduino for IoT

    • 3. 2.What is DSN and How IoT and DSN are Linked

    • 4. 3.Devices We are Going to Use and Connections

    • 5. 4.Connecting Devices and Circuits Together

    • 6. 5.Writing the Sketch Code for Initial Testing

    • 7. 6.Extending the Sketch Code for Interfacing

    • 8. 7.Completing the messaging Integration for Publishing and Subscribing - Part 1

    • 9. 8.Completing the messaging Integration for Publishing and Subscribing - Part 2

    • 10. 9.Integration of API Key in the PubNub Dashboard

    • 11. 10.Passing Sensor Data Over Network and Verifying

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About This Class

With the advancement of technology, Internet of Things(IoT) is gaining a lot of popularity. Soon working on both hardware and software would be a major requirement. The complexity involved in working with hardware is a lot as it is very little to no scope of making errors here. In addition to that concept


like Analog and Digital Signal Processing plays a very important role here. While building this IoT course, we have kept all these factors in mind and are ready to take you from a basic programmer to professional designer, who will be able to work on industry standards and build POC's for them too.

This course is designed to take you through this learning experience one step at a time and every part of the step is hands-on, from blinking of an LED to rotating stepper motor, from designing your own Arduino on a breadboard to designing an autonomous line follower bot. All the lessons are simple to follow and engaging at the same time.

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CS Pro

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Hello, I'm CS.

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1. Introduction to Arduino: in this course V are going to focus our attention on Audrey. No, there are multiple courses off. Audrey. Know how to work with Audrey? Know how you will be writing your court with Audrey? No. But in the scores, we are going to start from the beginning to the end. And in the end, I process. It will be not only learning the details about Padrino, but also learning about how the interfacing is done. How to use Audrey? No. In your circuit. What are different? Connective? The option provided with Audrey? No. And also how to connect your padrino over Internet to your DS and cloud fittest data streaming network cloud To be able to send your sensor No data to the cloud. Once the data is in the cloud, you can do multiple things for that. But how to achieve that? How You can write the sketch program and deployed in the Audrina, um, and also configure the eternity interface, allow it to connect it to the Internet and pushed the data through the Internet. All the steps we will be achieving fed the Internet into facing, so join us in the scores and learn the basics the advance side off Audrey. No interfacing and connecting to Internet for your own Io to use case. So join us in his courts and learn our dream. No interfacing connecting Ordina to the Internet and publishing your data out to the decent cloud and I will be seeing in this course 2. 1.Introduction and Why Arduino for IoT: so hello and welcome back. My name is I don't like Onda with me. We have people cut down so is in a Hyoty export. And this is going to be a lot off hardware, really onto the hard Well, this time And from now onwards, we will try to keep it more hardware on. I would different with machine learning which were becoming later on, as we are going to see how to connect your padrino which is this device here to cloud on. And this is going to be a hands on session off with people on report is going toe start from scratch and do everything and show you how to do it. So people just before starting this topic, I want to understand scenario why he has so much focus on our dream. Yeah, this is actually a really good question. You asked, Like why we focus on agree? No way. We are trying to connect the things to the Internet and we are talking about Iot devices eso the very 1st 2 and the most important thing is ID renal is readily available in the market. It is very means very easy to handle device like you can easily get it in the market on day . You can corded in a really good way in a really easy way, and it is very efficient device. So this is the first thing by we are focusing on agree? No second thing is like it provides computational power. It provides competition power toe the sensor. And I suppose you have connected like a very complex sensor, which is having, say, 34 access. Yeah, let's talk about accelerator. Yeah, let's talk about some Garrow meter. So result the rial sensors which someone will encounter in production. You will not be actually only getting ladies to bling. You have to actually take it off. The different types of center can be also loggers and digital sensor like the different types of sensors. So I think when we make those interfaces with Arduino, it's much simple to really create a circuit diagram. Yes, as adrenal support all those kind of interface. Yeah, so you can connect complex devices, the complex and devices to agree No on. From there, you can directly published that guitar to the Internet. So means it provides the competition power as the less analog and digital tenses you can connect and it provides other interfaces also so that you can connect any sensor, any sensor to the adrenal and you can publish that data from their tender. So yeah, exactly. I think also, when we talk about or dream no here, it's actually a development environment. Then we are going toe hook up padrino circuit on going toe. Test out all this circuit on ah production level. I think it will be a very different scenario. Venue talk about development environment. The developers should have all the capabilities to be about to change the cord on experiment on the Iraqi circuit itself. For that case are greenoe also has a very rich community. But you will find a lot off helps on how to find those drivers. Just maybe, even when we were making this use case or any other products which we were making on i o T . We found a lot more difficulty on finding the connectivity. Are drivers for the software because they are hardware devices? You don't have any operating system running on them. So unlike New York up BC world, you don't get a software and you breast next next next on things that's happened, you have to do everything manually. You have to go in tow. Toys. I Layer network earlier in the little things. So what we are suggesting here is when we try to create our I OD. Use cases with ordinary No, then the community itself. It's so washed enrich that there are already off solutions out there which have kind off showcase. How fix certain problems, which you will be in country except while developing that. So this is a more realistic you'll in cracked with the hardware in a realistic manner here so and libraries are also very rich, as DACA libraries, which I do know provides are very rich. So it's always suggestions always better. So start with the every No, if you want to do something, 19 out of things on dazzles. I like this is and Northern Os is running on this hardware, so this is really fast. Devise also because event some west kind of things cancer, so it means unnecessarily, it adds some identity toe the execution part of the hardware. So this is the core hardware. The courting way are going and we are dealing toe with the core thinking we will get the data from the same time Republican later to the Yeah, I think it would be much fun if you actually get acquainted in a way off Thinking off. How could the little wolf it is hardware, the vocally much easier. So the mind church should be setting a such a way that you coming out from its afterward, where you have to just write the code and it's working. But in the hardware world, you have to actually take it off all the details because you are sometimes working the physical layer. If I remember the always island sometimes working the physical layer, then you have to actually said the market personal, and then this. This is all the things which will be opened to, you know, changes. And at the same time you have to find out the best scenario which can actually go into production. 3. 2.What is DSN and How IoT and DSN are Linked: so moving on the next question, which comes in like why we needed a stream network. Like whenever we're talking about a cloud or Internet What you mentioned here. So why we need an Internet or the data stream network Pearson Onda specifically in the scenario we're going with bubbling up problem is one of the best that are actually lawful donated. But we found that problem is one of the best platform for data streaming capability. Why? Why? Basically, because it's provides, like, you flexibility to put that they're trying to get the data from the cloud. So I realize the first thing they do is the first thing. Secondly, it provides invigoration like you can integrate so many devices to your particular channel or you can subscribe from that particular channel. So it provides integration with the different different sensor. Nords are different. Different? Actually, the nodes you can say after that, like you can scale up. Also, it provides the flexibility like you can scale up your devices like, yeah, I know you have reacted with some a number off things. Now you want to increase it to some. Why no model things, so it provides scalability after that, the the end doing the general, which you can say we just created between the incense and Lord and the problem. That channel is in cripple, and that channel is fully secure. So it provides security also because it is very much necessary. You are putting some data you are putting some information on about your information should be secure. Yeah, because at the network level, someone can actually get access to those sensor devices on. Then they can either enter into a network or they can read those sensory it up. Sometimes this inside data can be sensitive if you're working for enterprise or maybe opera , your customers, military, our Department of Defense off certain countries and then they will require the necessity toe have a layer which takes care of security, which is utmost importance for them. And even if for a normal customer vendor which we're solving diet to use case having a security, it's like coming at the top of their priority because now the cybercrime is speaking up the fast, and everyone wants a network infrastructure which is secure from outside into include intruders who can like harm the network on Maybe they control of the sensors and maybe do a home. So basically, security is a primary concern. And also, when we talk about architectural level, what is actually most important as you should have a loose coupling? Architectures, for example, are this entire I. O D management system. It should be like a layer, so we don't want to really build it from the scratch because there are already excellent and wonderful blood comes out there. So this entire things off our data integration, security scale and one more thing I think we are living here is, I think, false. If so, if certain sensors fall down like no day, something happened like it's very common, that sense of faith. For example, you have the intelligence like it can react like this, particular in order some things this particle actuators fall so young and Santa mortification and young. We can go and fix it before actual production goes often and valued goes, Yeah, so, like we're going to do more predictive maintenance here. But even if, like the small sensor is kind off falled off, or maybe it's not responding as it should be, So the management layers should be that capable enough to identify that something bad has happened to censor No. So this is some of the few off minimalistic requirement from a woody management platform on which is and our business is going to rely on. And as we are now in an era off loose coupling architecture, when all the layers should be independent and complete in itself and they talk to each other, are maybe inform off FBI's Muslim from the FBI and he had the protocol is coming to priority. So we're goingto little depth or theoretical partof it. Let's come back toe core part off the hands on things. And now we will understand how we have divided this two part one and part two for 11 on the part one is going to be this way. Have divided. This means connecting your, you know, to the cloud to be everywhere. I did go to parts, as you have. One will be the you can say fired one, as we are using the eternal connection toe, actually connect the and center nor beverages center, which is connected to the I do not do that cloud. In another part, we will do it. The violas Lee means we will use some violence interfaces. For example, we can use WiFi interface to actually connect the hardware or the sensor. Nordea toe eso, despite one, is about it Internet and adrenal and putting the sensor data to the cloud using the eternity interface. Yeah, exactly. So when we talk about real production scenario, when you are implementing this in your landscape on the production landscape, so the network requirement will be completely dependent upon like water architecture or the set of your customers having. And mostly it is much better to go with the WiFi because then it will be much easier to install sensors. You don't have to get a wired connection are that's a heat sensor on, then. This is a little complicated because we're going to use the SB 266 Yeah, in violence connectivity, use expressive a double six to connect the Arduino Toda Club on. Here we are using the lieutenant shoes. You're connected to the club. Yeah, I just want to make it like it's always suggested. It's always good to know the system from Angwin like if you want to connect it to the Internet, although you should know like how How you can deal with the protocols. All those D C v i p on your baby protocols. How, actually the Internet will be communicating to your angry? No. And I do know is communicating to this internal and how actually the data will be put onto the club. As you can see in right now, the scenario in the corporate's they are having their own land. Yeah, they are having their own network inside the corporate. So the if you talk about if we take the example of the cooperate, then it will be good. Like if you can connect your sensor nodes with the eternity. Yeah, and if you have some, like a factor kind off set up there a lot. Many wires can mass up the thing, and you can really put some means. It's really very exactly so. In that scenario, we can go with the violence interface, so it's always Baghdad language. So the suggested you should know the system and win your exact 4. 3.Devices We are Going to Use and Connections: So basically, when we talk about if active floor, if you have kind of a personal example, you're actually right, because when we were there in the factory floor, the one thing which we found like there are so many machines already there and you don't have to really connect one sensor to one machine, you have to connect like five or six sensors and the amount off like no wires, which are going to go through it. Sensor connecting violet and it's not going to be just a small decision has a big impact Togo wirelessly or wired, because then you have to take care off what devices to be used. One of the courts which are going to be written there, and how the connectivity looked like what will happen if the WiFi goes down or how the network like they're the connectivity, should be. It's actually complicated problems, so it's much advisable for Go, go with WiFi. If you have. I think that what would you think like that? Actually, I prefer most mostly the answer lies upon. It depends upon your use case scenario, how basically customers are having the landscape or the factory floor. Maybe the set up where you are installing then that I would be scenario Eso this is totally dependent upon them. And like Ethan, it is much easier to work with. Can I say that easier? I think both unequally. Please, Year. Or you can say, Hey, girl in tow each other. You have to take care of old upper the golden Internet also and older portables in why you're using the I specifically my less mobile also. Yeah. So I think when we talk about now, how how the circuit is going to be connected, let's let's go into the circuit. I see how we have actually like know what is. Maybe some of them are wondering, Logan, I have never seen an ordinary know I have seen in order. No, but never in order. You know, it's on the chief us style. Dismantle this sector in connected for Yeah, So a j uh, here, we ever I can say 14. So one is this, uh, well known you know, no more. Yeah. So I'm using I don't know, You know, you know, So the this is actual board which is gonna be connected to the internet and do provide the Internet interfacing? Yeah, using eater. Naturally. So this is the heat energy, which will be connected by land to one network and which will publish their data from the sensor, nor from the, you know, the club. Yeah, and every year, Putin's for small allergy. This can be represented as actuator as in amber. It system majorly helped ratings. If you talk about values, your input one is your processing on the third Bannister. Our book? Yeah, so that in boots are will be get either wires keys or some import devices or from sensors. So very I can show this device is one more time. So this is basically I can this kindof leaning. So this is the Internet shield, which will be coming on top of the artery, which will provide the capability toe connect it with. And this is basically the order, you know, itself and it will be something I think most of you might have it or you might be using it . It's a pretty cheap device and available every very sorry. I said cheaper price is affordable level C. But it's a very powerful, affordable in reach on and really easy and really capable device s Oh, yeah. I thought I was talking about that. The Amber Alert system and I was talking about three ingredients off hamburgers. This thanhvan is involved the de processing and out. So input can be some input devices, skis or keypad or something like that. Or the sensors. Sensors also used to give input to the processing unit. Or you can say the actual process. So yeah, using this idea sensor? Yeah. So this is e. I think you can have to do is go little. Yeah, So I think they can see. So this is like a possessed Andrea system. Like, if you can really see the law flights falling into place and, like, maybe you can just Yeah, this is kind of basic is a light sensor, And is that is the stupidest kind of connected? Yeah. It is going to be a little so yes, Maybe we are. This is the light dependent register on the property of this material is like whenever the light rays falls on this directly, publisher toe the resistance off this device off this, you can say the from Cambone. So, like, I have connected this idea in Siris without engage own resistance. So this nor will provide the analog greater and one. And I connected the five or another and I'll connect Oda grown. So this is really very simple connections which we are going to make. So this is the sensor device which we are using here, from which we are getting the data and we'll publish that data to the cloud. So this is about that in provide from which I'm getting the importa. No, this agreement, you know, board is the processing unit. You can say it is actually processing the data and publishing into the cloud using this internet she now we can use led. Also, you're just to represent our put devices, as in our port devices. In retention, Argos, baby may and need to control some more towels or some A C appliances or just toe trigger something or power or for power on. So that think they can represent with small aladi as it is out for devices. So, basically, which has some kind of lord maybe what? I'm guessing, Uh, Lord maybe, can I say use the word Lord? Exactly. You cannot say it is Ah, it is our actual Lord, But it will represent the actual state at which the Lord, actually Lord in the real time will be okay. Let's assume you you need done on some light cereal at the A. C. C. Lights are any bulb foreseeable? Okay, so do only don't religion. It's, um, five worlds at the edge, you know, with which we can amplify it and put it to the land relabel actually make the connections. So this is the representation of the actual thing. In the real time scenario, if the palate it blows, we can easily lit up about Balbo's here, Yeah. 5. 4.Connecting Devices and Circuits Together: So, like in the nipple scenario, we have to anyway zoom that there will be some devices which is going to correct it or replacing the lady. In this case exactly exactly. There's ah means North single us. You can say interconnection off things like a few amplifies when you dues relays we need to use on actual connection. We need to you make with the but actually all those things I explained in this car because exactly so far you go through the equals also like very detailed level explanation. But even if you are kind of new, I think this is enough. You can see the second I go with that, this is the diagram. And this is the easiest means, everybody, anybody can make it easily running off the alley are you need to connect to the Five World another end of the year. You need to connect with the resistance. I understand will go basically if I hold off if I went to the shares thing. So I think what we can actually see here is there you might not be able to see, but there are actually is, you know, pains toe 19. If I've been behalf and then we do have Ah, five board ground andare you have? Yes, All the spins are available on and you know and they are mom properly. It is really easy to find out the pens on the A green aboard, you know, you know, board. So let's go ahead and connect that. She's No, this is really simple to connect the intern, actually, with the do you know, you know, board there provided the headers. You just simply need toe connect it on top of that on top of the external border. So are now I'm going to connect it, so it's kind of should fix properly, So I think it will provide a capability off Gordon Oto. Talk to Internet? Yes. Now this shield will be connected to the Internet report which will provide the Internet connectivity to the Are you know, now, here we can talk a little bit about like how this fellow is communicating means how this eternal chill is communicating with the adrenal board. So I tell you, this intern actually contains one controller. So this controller, if you can see the black color device, the black color chip actually on this eternal, actually. Dis cip. This is the Internet controller. We can say on this. Control is taking care off all those protocols. He turned it related for the bulls. The black hole of this chip. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You got this one? Yeah, exactly. So I think there's a brain off the like. This shoot like this is the This is the controller. So this internet controller is talking to the adrenal controller via spy interface. Okay. Spear. Yeah, serial berry federal interface. You mean serially We are connecting the peripheral device. OK, so the adrenal board year will be the master. Yeah, on the this eternity will be the slave for them. It's a nurtured control I'll specifically mentioned. Okay, So as we all know that the on I'd Reno the be number 10 11 12 and 13 are dedicated for spy communication. So if you are using it on a chilled, then you have to make sure you cannot use those and also used those four pins for other purposes as they are already occupied for that despite communication. So I think now, despite the scare, how this international is communicating to them. I didn't aboard. You know I think you can imagine the entire picture. How? The things How the system is working. The sensor Nord, that's an actual sensor is connected to the A zero pin off Adriano. Now I know Controller is communicating through the Internet shit wire spying their face with those four pins. Be number 10 11 12 and 13 on. And then that Peter, next year that Internet controller is actually connected. Tota Ethernet port, which is providing the Internet interface. So I think now this entire picture is Here s so I woke up this Internet show with the with once We kind of just finished this circuit ago way have kind of hook up the Internet cable And then we will, I think, as part of a circuit were just kind of connecting it. It's a very simplistic So could you don't need that bed board. Also, what I'm seeing here is like one led and sensor. It is connecting. It does so it seems like easy open. Yeah, I think this is Reuben. I've connected the sensor on dhere dough, some adopting like bean let stepping Do I connected this allergy and another and will goto Yeah, so we'll be having without censor discipline input, part processing part is actually, you know, I'm just it out. So this is a sector that really easy set up for that connecting our reno to the club. You just need support. Put Ethan. Children drop off it. Just connect. The important are put. No, it's very simplistic. I think this is kind off something which, if you have Arduino a connection like the price of these devices are, ah, 40 11. So you can actually buy it. And, like, tried out because we actually have kept it too minimalistic because hardware is something like people will say I have a can I buy? You have to buy a lot of hardware. Snow. This is a minimalistic board set up for a second set up, which we have. And let's go into the Arduino sketch partof it very well, actually. Now right in the court off writer Corby to connect it to the serial port. Right. Exactly. So this is the U. S B cable, which I've already connected to my PC. Now I just connect this USB cable. Duda had to know, you know, bore. So now you can see their new connections to the you know, board one is the U. S B. Cable to the board. Another one is the Internet cable Duda. It's an actual Yeah, that's it. So So now we have our basic hardware startup Lord, we know that it and a chill and there's a photo since, and sister and it is a sterling and a lady s, but I was circuit back up. Now go. Let's go into the sketch and start writing the cold. So the communication off the sensor devices start toe push in, cloud on in this case, we're using from the cloud, so we're going to start with problems, so 6. 5.Writing the Sketch Code for Initial Testing: so Yeah. So basically, we have sketched out. This is you know, so you can download this. I d of it. I think you know Website. So this is the idea to write chords on order? No. And this The Syntex is actually see what I guess. Yeah, yes, it's a means. It's really simple to write core using that. You know, I d so as, like, whatever I don't you know, the interfaces off die tentative died. You know, it has real significance as because I am writing the court and you will find okay at this part is also pulling this part is also needs to be taken care otherwise the communication will not established. Yeah, so the in the very beginning I include the spy others by so spy enter files is for cereal Okay for Internet and directly I don't Everything is having significant. I don't agonize communicating to the internet via via spy communication. So those libraries it is to be assumed that those libraries those header finds you to be added So far I don't have a fight. Then we need to go that either negative Groza on. We need doing too Button up your head up. If you are not able to find out this header file, you just need toe goto the sketch on bond In sketch, you can see a group library. So in Gordon Blue Library and then click manage libraries. So in manage libraries, you can just simply type but number you and you find that particular hadrt. If I You just go on and install that one because we are going toe publish our data on pop up. So the communication protocol needs to be taken care. So pop numbers provided ahead. If I which will take care that publishing data subscribing they target in the history Andi publishing to the particular channel. Okay, closer. So we need then. Good. Don't know about you. So this is part number next year. Now we need to define the Mac address off eatin achieved because every device we just connected to the Internet should have the Mac address. Yeah, exactly. So And this magadha should be ah, rail bites any off six bites. And so So I take some random numbers. You can We can all tell me Oh, Ariel six bite Any random number. So basically what we're writing here is hex code. So six X courts to build in. Yes. Yeah. Represent a six bite CIA. You told group Six Annex courts. So this will be the president of the Mac. I d. I guess. Yeah. Is so you can see that you're doing with hardware. We have to take care of, like on physical labor. Layer things on a very deep level. So sometime decisions doesn't only involves Julian application layer. So now we have the market edges. The next thing which will be next thing will be like for publishing. And it's dark in the public cloud. We need to have the problem of publish key and the subscribe to So right now, I just don't define array of characters for that one. After that, we'll look into the pub number and we can get those trees. So So inside this, you can give that particular stream. So if you have seen the previous weapons were working with problem at this, publishing and subscribing keys are required for someone to communicate to a certain channel and, like we will show now how to get those cookies. It's very simple to really connect to your I would be? No, I only have a noto cloud once you have these two keys. Okay, so now you take a look first when you do set up our eternal interface. Yeah. So before that, I think if it is backed, like if you can see some messages, no one of us either control. So we'll start the serial control first. So for that one, we need toe start. The serial begin to start the seal. Controlling is start detector ninth. Acceptable zero. Bordick. So this is the frequency thistles the border with which it will sign that guitar toe. This report on we can see the things on the serial control off. You know, I d, uh, we can train something like way have started. The seeded pork Nextlink is so it was just representational cobia started is using. Yeah. So basically, this is going to be printed in the consultative off, like the single party. Yes. So now we need, though, start the actual eternity. So there's a function defined intact that the internet or tighter, we have improved. So there's a function defined or begin with which we can actually begin that in Internet interface with that Internet that should. So with check now whether in that Internet interfaces getting established norms for will put it in our right so fight If time that north begin then it could bring some matters. So here there's one important thing which we need toe Take care See this eternity or beginning the function has a Syntex like we can give it a Mac I d we can give it up I be address also. 7. 6.Extending the Sketch Code for Interfacing: Yeah. So I was talking about this Internet or begin on a zoo, Are saying like it has a syntax like we can provide the Mac address. Only insider function we can provide. I'd be address as well A DNS gateway and subject. So the important thing which we need to take care here is if we are using Internet would begin on. We're only providing the Mac address. Then it will go and use the the exit version of that one s. O. D s version is something like you. Just not need toe give any i p address. It will automatically take the I B address in that particular network on it will establish that Internet connection. Yeah, Or if you are giving that I p address, then it will go and step. Is the connection with that particular I peered just But in this particular function, if you're using only Mac address than it will return, I indigent either say the same one or zero as I'm putting it in tight of I s o If the beginning successful. So it will be one. Yeah. So I think what I'm seeking is normally intermission activities. We take offered by D it city, which is kind of you are dynamically getting the eyepiece. But in this case, even in the production, tsunami just also depends. You know, if you're having a gateway which is assigning the eyepiece automatically, or you are actually assigning the eyepiece based on their location on the the most challenging part is to really assign it manually to each one. Normally, you will be actually having a DNC server, which will be assigning diaper to the entire. I would be our interfaces in this case, I think we are going with assigning is single I p address to the device, I guess. Yeah, exactly. You got the point again. And this is, uh, does the full means. The main reason by BR means they're giving their DTP and all those each other. If you could have hard coded up here, Yeah, so a means I'm just spending, if eternal attacked about some adults or no, if it is successfully creative, then we can wait for sometime, Can actually establish the connection so we can put our delay off some 2000 really second and again it will try toe, create the connection in first attempt it failed. Okay, so now we can No, we can print. No, we can actually establish that problem. Okay. Yeah. Pop knob communication communication we have to establish. So we need to begin that bomb number of it. That the publish keys and subscription. Yeah. So basically, we're going to use the object off is provided by pumping up here. Maybe sod off functions which are present in the problem. Yes, that in the article apartment abhorred header file, which heaven? That library contends that the conscience We're calling that one. And we are giving that particular keys so that it can actually go and established a connection with that problem. A B s. Yeah. So we can, dear, Old like so they can actually find all this. Maybe Syntex. For example, if I'm new to our greenoe Or maybe even I want to know what the function of visible in bob itself, the very first thing you can do. You can subscribe to that particular coyote cause find out on bond. There's a means a big community which is working on I don't know, tell with a really big community. I can say Onda on the official website of, I don't know. You can find the same text off that particular thing on do you can easily understand you can use. Additionally partner is also means providing the information regarding the use off those publish and subscribe keys and functions so you can browse toe. So although we will see in coming few minutes that how we will be getting those keys from the bombing of upside Exactly. Okay, so let's let's continue. So at this point, we are opening the seal boat. Ah, so we have returned bomb number begin with the Bob Publishing kids subscribing key. And then we have kind off rhythm sealed. So yes, I sort of know what we have. We have included that spire there for communication toe the international to the engine aboard. I don't either do actually take care of Internet portables, a partner protester to actually start the communication to the So now no will start writing the actual court. So foster, as we are initiating the internet connection as a d a typical line. So we need to make sure that the connection is maintained because in the S a P, it can means break over the certain people off time, if for no responsible commands on exchange between. So we need to make sure that the connection is maintained. Your inside. Look, we will define that. Check to Jack every time. Whether the connections we don't know. So the function Risk your greasy, tender department. Inundate this look will be what will be a kind off continuously running in ordering. Yes, exactly. So whatever I ever defined inside this set up, you can see there are do bodies. One is set up another MINUSTAH. Look, we also insect up when I actually power up the Internet board. Or you can say when I hardly started the eternal board. First, it will go and check the book loader. If there is nothing on the book order and nothing on the serial port, then it will go good. Uh uh could avoid turned up. It will run that set up ones, and then it will start executing the Lupin financially. Okay, So is check that eternal Don't maintain in financially because every time we need to check that connection is there are no, because without any connection, we cannot publish 8. 7.Completing the messaging Integration for Publishing and Subscribing - Part 1: No, we will create the object or why? So you can see inside eternal good plane. So this is going to be a pointed for which is going to be used. Yes. Yeah, this point that will be used by problem. Okay, because now we are making this device as a plant. So it will point that particular memory location so the public can use and give the letter to the client and clank and push that retired toe. You okay? Okay. Okay. So this plan will be actually responsible for the communication. Yes. Yeah, No, we will publish the message. So this is just going to be a simple yeah for our bubbles, like in the Sierra, continue like messages getting so major offensive. So no, actually, all that particular function inside the problem are published, in essence, so in partner or publish in this function, we need to give coatings. One is the channel Toby Channel Village to publish that particular message. And another thing is the message. So it's pretty simple, It seems like so I think the only thing this channel is something which we will get from the keys, I guess on No, actually. Why we log in tow the they really find putting subscription key. And you can be covered that the here is William. Yes, it's will cover. And really, this journalist means you can say a kind off my deviated we can identify. Oh, this message with gold, That particular channel. So we can use any name off the channel. You can use an interview, but publicly and subscription key has should be correct, which has It hasn't provided by the Gambia. Okay, so you're began. Write any message? Let's say message only friend. Come. So this also needs to follow this particular thanks. I was checker. If what the publishing is done correctly, you nor so this is really done. This particular function will return the success or failure. So we check their particular thing. If it isn't our success, then we can retrain. Okay. I was in the you can say foolish. Okay, So if there's like client is not there, that means the communication link has not been established. Yes. On what? We can be there for some time here and we can have been trying. Okay. Okay, So you're getting a really off one second Giving this isn't microsecond, So problem microsecond will be going toe check your correct. So in hardware level, I think those speeds can believe pushed very high. Yes. Exactly. And if we have connected, I know if we're connected, Van No will We can get like, whatever that particular somebody is responding to us. So it be a clinic to ask the pointer. So we are using the arrow. Pretoria? Yes. - Who she disconnected on? The client is available. So which is the sensor? I think for the club. Yes. Then we will be ok. Ok, lead the particular come message and we will try to print. So the port is actually what this hardware put right? 9. 8.Completing the messaging Integration for Publishing and Subscribing - Part 2: This is actually the means on the serial boarded for something is less. You're checking your because all dysfunctions. Yeah. See, read If you can bring whatever be every year. So basically I just kind of bringing a message here in this scenario, Like about this phones, the airport. We're just printing. Now we have to stop that particular. Thank you. So that once we have actually read Yes. Yeah. So basically, now it seems like we cord Ah ah, Message also. And, uh yeah. So what next? I think now what we have been We have published a message. You know, we can subscribe global particular channel and we can get the message. Do that means if I say, let's it. We have a number of center notes on and all the notes are connected to the same channel. Okay. Some modern order is publishing some data with particular North Onda. Our device needs to be triggered after that, certain certain values are level. So our North our and no needs to be subscribed to that particular channel so that it can get all the messages which is published by other North guy. So now we will subscribe to a general, and also we can make it complicated by having our own architectures here as well. You can have a master slaver. One device is controlling actually, a lot of other hardware. That's exactly exactly, and that that is a real fun actually. Hardware A. J. Because you just need to set state, then spend us toe who make the architect and are working. But it's it's really good and really interesting one. When you make something working on a real time basis, here are real time things. You so now will publish the message. So for that we need some busy lined like whatever we're publishing, we need to see your you don't over serial console. So we'll make one basic line here so that we can get that. Now We have to get the message from the problem. Murder in publishers are publishing the message to the so you're simply like cereal playing in the next lane on That is, as we are waiting for the message. So for message and subscription message after that, you start the particular function so supply and I get blamed. So it's a pretty find, like is so we are going todo toe Anything kind on And this was start no more substrate. Now we have to give the Channeling Hui channel We have to subscribe in this function. Yeah, on being we check whether the subscription is successful in north. So we will. He put his condition year because the PC claim is not peace and praying for over reference like substance and being begin big for some time For here We're also waiting for again One second Yes. 10. 9.Integration of API Key in the PubNub Dashboard: Now we have to actually, Really, That particular team job so quiet PC plank is waiting for the data. So the basic link is actually our hardware. It seems like PC client is no actual hardware you can say means it is a kind off object we're creating with which we can actually get the data from the from the club cloud on we can storied in our machine or somewhere. Oh, we can process that. They know we can do something with that needful with particular later. So we are creating a local object yet oversight at the pieces that at the northern you can see So we are waiting for the day and whatever we come Bill story, you know, and it does. Who says See on whatever that is. So whatever is available detector really on story, Anything character see on. And we are just drinking that one. This character in the consoler in the serial port? Yes, actually, you can go Lord Lord off interesting things with the coming webinars, we'll be showcasing them as example again, did you to stop that particular basically and that envy is just kind of adding a enter is true like that. So the next message will have Spezia. Yeah. So this is that diarrhea cord? Yeah, we are done with the court. I think Now we have to do the integration off the bike. Now we have to go in the problem and see how to get those keys. Exactly a thing. A lot off research and development. Really? So Libya. So if you open the problematically, Yeah, so? So let's go to the dashboards here. So I wouldn't be looking into my my ideals. If you don't have these early in problem, you can. Usually a female. It is really very easy toe create idea problem and get those demo remedies, you can say, because the Minotaur Kennedy for the demo purpose. So you can easily get those number keys by you. Logan, you find something like Daniel Project I'll take on this on here? Yeah. So maybe now you can see how, like you love loss of Soviet looking. So we, Logan. And here you can see the monkey side. I take on this. So here you will find these these important things. The publish key subscription key on the secret key. Now we need publishing and subscription give because we're publishing the message and yes, subscribing. So maybe the encryption part begins. So show showcase the consecutive webinars. Maybe for this one more important thing which we which you need to take and we need to take a is like a minuto enable this storage and play back. Then only it will be able to go means publish because you have a fishing trip stored so that you can get the history. Or you can subscribe to some figures things joins, just enable this extreme controller and enable every time analytics also on just save all those settings. Now we can get those publishing keep you can go pee from here, and we can directly pasted to over over a character in which we have already defined here. So in fact, this we can insert this string on and this is the subscription key. So these tokens are really important. When you do have this took is to do subscription and publish to the governor. So I know I can save sketch something hacking here. We just kind off that torto because this is kind of a very simplistic use case which we have part one like go B dawg either. So the court actually covers a lot of things. The hacked our drain on this is the beginning part of it. We would be going into security. Yes, be. And so now come, Bilis catcher will upload this. So hopefully it might have been thinking. Yes, I think while you're working only off. So this is an area. So maybe I think the bracket is closed. Spelling spelling. It is the most common. If you're writing the program is it should be cereal before it was also in black. Not in orange. Yes. So let's hope this time I'll turn it again. Fingers crossed him again. So we have Ah, delay is defined. Some team. It is really no. Yes. So I think this time so far superstitious than like because that I would be set up like sometime. It works. And sometimes doing until you get to level off experience where you are pretty sure what is happening there because we're touching a lot of different layers and layers. More thing I need to mention. Your idea is like as the transistor is the smallest and you can say a building bloke. Yeah, I don't like now come by the way. But the one thing you should take here is, like, violent. You're fabricating transistor. Yeah. You know, you cannot even fabricate two identical transistors. Okay, Means toe equally identical transistor. So, yes, there is always some something with the hardware. You You should be really careful. You should ability patients, sounds a little patient 100 on and grab a few developer and doing system understanding. Then you can easily find out the but where the actual buggy parties and you can. The result is it. So let's see our serial potency. Effete, ableto get those messages a same toe pumped up. And I think we will be using the dashboard toe. Monitor those as well. Yes. 11. 10.Passing Sensor Data Over Network and Verifying: so I'm bringing Seen applauding this care so you can see a lot of action happening here. If I can accrue my maybe circuit level, you can see that there are a lot of action happening. Blinking a felony is happening yet lording is done. I'm opened the serial port and hopefully if everything initially decorated time can take I think the second so I can see a lot of action happening within this order yourself. Rough lights have been blinking Going up? Yes, there's ah, they will do. Publish. So let's go in the program and find out. Can you see that dashboard problem? Dashboard hardest. Yes. Sophie eagled on Riddick's area. So analytics as we honored ever do publish the house. No, I do not get anything. Yeah, so fast. Check what is the issue? So I think the first thing we need to check is maybe if we have the keys properly or the message strings. Gee, you admitting the channel? Okay? Because you don't, okay? We just gave that publishing and subscribing keep it Really didn't meant to the channel neighborhood. So since the Nord, I'd say this and, uh yeah, so let's go ahead and check that Thank to upload the court. So when we're pushing it to a production Marvin well, our devices are there and, like, how can really push one chord thousands or hundreds of devices in production? If here we're only dealing with only one eso is the reveal. Actually, there's always better interest. You really like you d find some ideas to do it To honor lords on the rest of the board will be will be same, I think. Andi, you can use that particular ting Onda give the i d I d toe older devices so that even easily differentiate between anyways in your area so that the so we have pushed. So yes, so that that is a problem actually, as we are giving the publish key behind subscription keys. But we are not giving any channel, do we channel? It has toe means published that particular message. We need to find the channels. So that way. So So now we can go to the partner dashboard and see the real key like a total of 64 messages we have published, you know, on. And if you go down, we can see like the pope channels from which that day is coming is the center known on this is actually the same name. Yoga. Remember the name which we have been just know given toe the court previously it was blank . So it was not giving in or giving, not publishing not able to publish because there's no channel open between. Yeah, So I think this is, uh this comes toe. This is the time where we have kind of set up the basic coyote. We will be sending out the cord or the sketch cord, the circuit diagram which be used and also the steps which are involved in the parliament. So if you are trying toe build your own, I would use case, so it would be much nicer. No, again see, side by side like this is that I don't know on and this is the problem control. So we are publishing the messages. There's so and we are getting the whole the spring severe we ever given a According So now we are able to publish the message on the guy subscribe toe. Any particular channel know what we can do now is like instead off giving this message. And as I know we're giving this message. And so this message we can read that particular been okay on. We can send that particular as a strength. Now that will be going to the particular channel, U S. So basically, the string will be sent from our order nor device. I did notify you. Load up of Yar. So as you can see, like here, I'm giving the message and another seal control. What? Um, publishing is sent as a message. That string is a message so we can send the actual later in straight off messaging message here on another, things like why were subscribing to a particular channel? Like you can say, Here we are subscribing. This is the substrate subscribing to a particular channel on We are reading and the renting that the character. So I go to the Syrian control so I'll visible or does cool So publishing message on then after that, we are subscribing message, subscribing message, Whatever. We're printing their character. We can check that character. We can reject that character and match that character with our desire thing. And we can actually trigger something at the northern means. We can turn on the light or we can turn off the light so you can control the hardware itself. Found outside the face alike are so many movil abs which you condone off the on on and off the lights Think those can be built here as well Within this kind of maybe set up Israel? Yes, on then I think the other end off partner will be a mobile lab. Then you are actually pushing 010 on that can be also done. If you have the same use case and you're gonna anything mobile app, it can be a website also. Yeah, pretty good. Pretty good Here you can see like it is waiting for that waiting for sub message and sub subscription messages, messages. And because whatever we're putting on the channel were subscribing to the channel were subscribing to censor north. And what all we're putting to that religion, we are putting message. So we are getting message in return. Okay, So, like this, if I say if I say I send Etch Capital Edge done something high, let's a light will burn on high so we can define it here like the character which is coming from that the subscribed channel. If it is because toe I we can turn on something. So this is the way we can. Really? Yeah. So I think No, this we have come toe head on. And next time we are going to use the SB WiFi model, that will be very much excited. I'm sure that will be much more exciting and fun as well. And this time I think you had a good time. We're sending you more details. If those pictures off connected in second, I am a little bloody will turn out all the details within this video Webinar on YouTube and also in our channel within few minutes on you. See you and catch up in the next week. Thank you. Thank you very much for watching.