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Computer Basics - How to make the most out of your device

teacher avatar Connor Look, Tech Guide, Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Opening files

    • 3. Renaming files

    • 4. Deleting files

    • 5. Restoring files

    • 6. Creating folders

    • 7. Moving files or folders

    • 8. Searching for files

    • 9. Changing how files are displayed in folders

    • 10. Pinning/unpinning programs to the task-bar

    • 11. Creating shortcuts

    • 12. Changing volume

    • 13. Uninstalling programs

    • 14. Searching the web

    • 15. Opening web pages

    • 16. Reloading web pages

    • 17. Going back or forward pages

    • 18. Bookmarking pages

    • 19. Creating bookmarks folder

    • 20. Downloading images

    • 21. Finding downloaded images

    • 22. Setting desktop background

    • 23. Taking screenshots

    • 24. Using Snipping Tool

    • 25. Creating a word document

    • 26. Changing text properties in word

    • 27. Saving a word document

    • 28. Copy and pasting

    • 29. Using the calculator

    • 30. Using the calendar

    • 31. Project - Applying your knowledge

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About This Class

Continue your learning: Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide

Welcome! In this course you will learn the basics of how to use laptops and computers. 

You will gain knowledge on how to: 

  • Open files
  • Rename files
  • Delete files
  • Restore files
  • Create folders
  • Move files
  • Search for files/folders
  • Change display of files in folders
  • Pin/unpin apps to the task-bar
  • Create shortcuts
  • Change volume
  • Uninstall programs
  • Search the web
  • Open web pages
  • Reload pages
  • Go back/forward pages
  • Bookmark pages
  • Create bookmark folders and organise bookmarks
  • Download images
  • Find downloaded images
  • Set desktop background
  • Take screenshots
  • Use snipping tool
  • Create a word document
  • Change text properties in word
  • Save a word document
  • Copy and paste
  • Use the calculator
  • Use the calendar

I'll see you on the inside!

This computing basics course is ideal for those new to computers, such as seniors, or those who just want to gain some extra knowledge.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Connor Look

Tech Guide, Entrepreneur


Hello, I'm Connor.

I am a tech enthusiast, problem-solver and entrepreneur.

I taught myself to code after getting a taster for it in secondary school; I then went on to take Computer Science and IT for GCSE. 

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my course. I'm teaching you the basics of computing. By the end of this course, you will know how to open files, rename files, delete files, restore files, create folders, move files. Search for files and folders. Change the display. The files in folders pin on un pin APS to the task bomb. Create short cuts. Change the volume uninstall programs. Search the Web. Open Web pages, reload pages. Go back or forward pages, bookmarked pages, create bookmark folders and organized bookmarks. Download images. Find downloaded images. Set desktop background. Take screenshots use snipping. Tool creates a word document Change text properties in words. Save a word document copy and paste. Used the calculator and use the calendar knowledgeable game from this course or have you to utilize your computers. Be sure to complete the project at the end of this course to consolidate your understanding . So let's begin 2. Opening files: toe open a file. We even double click on it with the left mouse bottom. All we right, click on it and select open. 3. Renaming files: to rename file. We first selected by clicking on it once with the left mouse button and then we click on the name. This will highlight it and allow us to change the name. Now the way we can do this is by right clicking on it and going down to the bottom where it says rename. If we click on this, there were allows to rename it and now you could change the name toward if you like. 4. Deleting files: to delete a file. We can right click on it and go down to where it says delete. Select this and it will come up with a pop up, confirming that we do want to delete this file. We can also do this by selecting the file on impressing the delete key. If we press, yes and then this will disappear from here and I will go to the recycling bin. 5. Restoring files: to restore file. We compress control. Zed. This will restore the file because it un does the previous action that we took. Alternatively, if we delete this again, we can go to the recycling them and then find the file that we just deleted. It was called laptop. So here it is. If we right click weakens press stool. And when we go back to where it waas, you can see that it is returned. 6. Creating folders: to create a new folder we could write to click on an empty space of evil or our desktop or inside of another folder. After we right click we can see That will give us a load of options we want to go down on hover over the new as you can see here, it gives us the option to create a new folder. If we select this, it will automatically allow us to name this folder. I'm going to leave it named New folder. Now we can open this by double clicking on it. 7. Moving files or folders: to move a folder, we first select it and then click and drag it with the left mouse Boston to where we wanted to go. Once we've released the left left mouse bottom, they will drop to that location if we want to move a file or folder inside over folder, and then we click and drag it and hovered over that photo, and when we release, it will move inside of that. So if we go side downloads, we can see the folder named New Folder is now inside of downloads. This allows us to organize our desktop Andi, our computer, allowing us to easily locate files and folders that we need. 8. Searching for files: to search for a file or folder. If it's inside of a folder, we go up to the top right where there is a search ball inside. Here we click on it and then enter what we want to find. So if I'm going to try and find the new folder folder and then I'm going to search for you and as you can see, it has found the new folder. Now we can open this in the location. Another way of doing this is by going down to a Windows Explorer and searching in here to you. Food as you see it, has found the folder, and we can open its location on our computer. 9. Changing how files are displayed in folders: to change how files and folders are displayed within folders we can right click on a hover overview. You can see here that we have the option to make it details, which will give us details about the files and folders. We can make them large icons so we can see what the files and folders are. Yeah, we can make it contents, which will give us down with a very small preview image, but also with details. 10. Pinning/unpinning programs to the task-bar: the task bar is the bar that is automatically at the bottom of the screen. It is designed to be a short cut to the programs and places on our computer that we used the most to pin a program to the task bar. We right click on it and select pin to task Ball. Now, if we close this, you can see that that program is easily accessible from the task ball. If we don't want to have that program pin to the task bar, we can unp in it by right clicking and selecting UN pin from task ball. As you could see, it has been removed. 11. Creating shortcuts: to create a short cut to a file, folder or program on our computer. We right click on it and select Create short Cut. We can now put this in a convenient place, such as not desktop, so that we can easily access this folder by simply opening it. This will bring us to the location off that file, folder or program, and it allows to easily access them. 12. Changing volume: to change the volume of our computer. We go down to the bottom right hand side of our screen. There is a little speaker icon which, when we click on, will come up with a bar which, when we slide, will change the volume on our computer. The higher up the ball, the loungers will be on the lower down the bar. The quieter is will be. 13. Uninstalling programs: to run installer programme. We need to go to the control panel. To do this, we can search for it via the Windows Explorer. So if we search control panel, as you can see it has come up, we can select this and then go to under programs where it says it's uninstall a program. When we open this, you can see that will come over page showing us all of the programs currently installed on our computer to uninstall one of them. We simply press on it and click the uninstall bottom. This can also allow you to do change, which may allow you to fix or update a program if it is not working. 14. Searching the web: to search the Web. We first need to open our browser. We can do this by selecting it if it is pinto a task ball or by opening it using a short cut on our desktop. Or if neither of those apply searching for it in our Windows Explorer. As I have my browser pin to my task bar, I'm going to open it that way. By default, it will open a new tamp. Now we can enter what we want to search on the web. I'm going to search for corner look, Skill ship. As you can see, a couple of results have come up and right here is my account on skill ship. 15. Opening web pages: we can openness simply by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and it would load the page. We can also open it by right clicking on it and selecting open link in new tab. This will open the link in a new tab. Instead of progressing the car temp, we can switch to this tab by going to the top and in selecting on it. As you can see, this is still my profile on skill share. 16. Reloading web pages: to reload a Web page regard to the top left hand corner, where there is an almost completed circle and selected. This will refresh the page and load it again. 17. Going back or forward pages: to go back a page. We go up to the top left hand corner with the back was facing our and selected with the left mouse. Boston. As you can see, it has returned to the previous page and to go forward a page we go to the other hour, which points forward. By selecting this, it will load the page, which is most recent. 18. Bookmarking pages: book marking a page creates a short cut to it, which allows us to access it easily. Bookmark a page. We go up to the top right hand side of the screen. Around the end of the search bar. There will be a stall or a heart, which, when you select, we'll bring up the option to add this to your bookmarks. If we selected to the bookmarks ball impressed, done, you can see that is now added on the end of my bookmarks. 19. Creating bookmarks folder: to create a bookmarks folder. We right click on an empty space of the bookmarks bar and select that folder. I'm going to name this folder Skill Shop. And now we do the same as moving a file into a folder by clicking and dragging it into that fola. And you could see this bookmark is now inside this bookmark folder. This allows us to keep our bookmarks organized and easily find the website that we want to get to. 20. Downloading images: to download an image, we first need to find an image that we want to download. We can do this by searching the Web for images. I'm going to search for cats. Once the result comes up, we go to images on. There will be the images off the relevant search. Come up. I'm going to get an image off of pixels dot com, which is a royalty free website, which means that the images on this site are not copyrighted. We can search for images in the same way, and we can find an image that we want to download once we find when we want to download, we can right click impress Seif image as on some websites, such as pixels. There will be a specific free download button, but in most cases you will need to right click and select save image as we can now choose where on our computer. We want to save this, too. I'm going to save it to downloads has put this inside of the new folder on Rename It to Cat Image. As you can see, it has shown that this download is now complete 21. Finding downloaded images: to find the image we have just downloaded. We go to downloads on the Internet, which for me on opera is up here and I compress the folder and it will show in folder for Chrome. It will be a downloads bar along the bottom. There will be a little arrow that you compress, and it will pop up with one of the options saying Show folder. This will bring you to the same display, allowing you to find where you save the image. Another way of doing this is by simply opening the folder that you set it to download to. So I said it to download to downloads. If we opened downloads and then go into new folder, you can see that the image is now here. We can open this on view the image that we have downloaded 22. Setting desktop background: two sent an image as desktop background. We right click on it and go to set as desktop background. If we select this, you will see that it is now set it as the desktop background. We can adjust this by right clicking and going to personalize. This will now allows to choose Phil or fit, as you could see, because this is a portrait image, which means it goes vertically. It does not fit on our landscape screen. We can select stretch 01 of the other options. If we keep it us, Phil, it will fill the whole screen with that image. Now would close this, and as you could see, it has remained as Phil. 23. Taking screenshots: to take a screenshot, we press the key on a keyboard, which has written print screen. Sometimes this will be surrounded by a box, which means it requires you toe hold down the F N key, which is also surrounded in a box, and then press the print screen key for the keyboard. I have I just press print screen. After we've done this, it has essentially copied that Prince Green to our clipboard on the computer, which means not toe access. This we need to paste it. We can do this in a software such as paint, which we can find by searching in the Windows Explorer. After opening it, you can see that we can go to paste Andi. The screenshot has been printed to make it work in paint. You may need to resize the canvas smaller than the image, then paste it again to make it the exact dimensions. Now, to save this, we got to save, and then I'm going to save this to my desktop as cat screenshot. Now that it has saved, we can close this, And as you could see, it is down here under the name of cat screenshot. Now to keep my desktop organized. I'm going to drag on this into the new fota, and when we open it, you could see that we have the cat image on the cat screenshot. 24. Using Snipping Tool: the snipping tool is essentially a more specific screenshot. If you don't already have it, pin two your task bar, and then we want to find it by searching for it in our windows Explorer. To do this, we just search snipping toe. We opened the application. When we select new, it will allow us to select an area that we want to take a screenshot off. As you see it is faded the background and now it is only displaying the area that we have selected. We can now go to file and save us. I'm also going to save this to you folder, and that's cool. This caps snip. If we save this and now we can close snipping tool. We open the new folder shortcuts. And as you could see, that's Snip has been saved to the folder. 25. Creating a word document: to create a Microsoft Word document. We can search for Word and the Windows Explorer and open it. We can right click and go to New and Microsoft Word document. 26. Changing text properties in word: to change the properties of text in word, we first need to make sure that the text that we want to change is highlighted. We do this by clicking, dragging with our left mouse button. Now that it is highlighted, we can make it bold by pressing the capital B, bring it back to normal by pressing it again. We can make it slanted by pressing on the slanted eye. This is called italic Andi. Press it again to deactivate it. We can underline it by pressing on the underlying capital you and that will leave it with an underlined. There are different designs. If you click the IRA and go down to de select it, press it again and remove it. If we want to change the text size, we go to the number and go to the error and there will be different options of text size. If we want to change the front, we go next to the name the word, which is the name of the front. Now we can go down and select the different fonts that we want to use. If we want to change the text color, we go to a with color underneath and now we select the color we want to use. If we want to change the highlight in the background, we dio to the market and changed color to make it blank. We go to no color, making sure that it is highlighted. 27. Saving a word document: to save a word document, you go up to the top left and select the icon that is floppy disk. When we pressed this, it will save it. If you opened a word document by finding it through the program, then it will ask you where you want to save it to you. Just do it the same as with the image. 28. Copy and pasting: to copy for selected and then pressed control. See, then we go to where we want to paste it on press control. V. We can also do this by selecting it and right clicking and selecting copy and then right clicking and selecting paste. 29. Using the calculator: to use the calculator on our computer, we first need to find it. Simplest way of doing this is by searching for it in the Windows Explorer. So if we search for calculator on, then we can open this by clicking on it. This will now allow us to do all the calculations that we need via the in, built up on our computer. 30. Using the calendar: on most versions of Windows. We can access the calendar by selecting the date in the bottom right hand corner of our screen. This will bring up along the days of the current month and slight preview of the previous on next month's to access ALS, the mumps. We can select the current moment. This will show us all the mumps in the current year to view all of the years we select the current year. And it was zoom out, showing us all of the years. We can add reminders and events by selecting Kloss and then adding an event if we save it and then you can see that it is added the event and we can also find this here when we select on the day. 31. Project - Applying your knowledge: for the project. I want you to go through the sites that you commonly use on. Bookmark them after you've bookmarked more, make some bookmark folders on organize your bookmarks by putting them into those folders. Then use print, screen or snipping tour to get an image of your organized bookmarks and submit them. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your project. It would be greatly appreciated if you left a review, completed this project to consolidate your understanding, shared this course with some friends, checked out my have a courses and followed me all skill share. So you get notified when I upload a new course. Thank you for watching.